Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!

Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!

Geoffrey West

Cosmic Vision News


 For most, if not all of our lives, we have heard our leaders declare that they ‘want peace.’ Some have even declared that they will ‘impose peace.’ Selected individuals are sent to a particular place to ‘negotiate peace.’ Researchers are asked to ‘measure and quantify peace.’ Academics claim to ‘study peace’ and institutions claim to ‘teach peace.’ Yet, for most, if not all of our lives, we have lived in a world that has never known ‘peace.’

Almost everyone claims to want to have the experience of ‘peace;’ and yet, virtually all of these same people cannot define this experience they are claiming to want. Even more than this, people are unable to identify precisely where and when peace will manifest upon Earth.

Here is the challenge: there currently does not exist a holistic, broadly-accepted definition for this word ‘peace.’ I know this, as I researched it for my Masters degree in Peace Education. Since that time, I have discovered that this ‘University for Peace’ is not interested in peace at all, but only in the ‘business of peace.’ The same can be said for almost all governments, institutions, or corporations operating and existing within the current geoeconomic/geopolitical paradigm.

How can I make this claim? Considering that we all have been living in fear, debt, separation and varied degrees of enslavement all our lives, it stands to reason that there must be something FAR more profitable than peace. You can be sure that IF peace was profitable, our world would have manifested it by now.

To understand the whole story about why this experience of ‘peace’ has not manifested upon our planet would take too long. However, IF it could be explained simply, it might go something like this: Our planet has been hijacked and enslaved by individuals and groups seeking to profit from fear, debt and control of humans while destroying our planet for profit, power and greed. The reason they have gotten away with it is because the rest of us allowed it to happen. We have been sold numerous messages that we blindly accepted and never questioned because of how we were conditioned to think. We have been denied the opportunity to know who and what we truly are!

We never considered that the global banking system creates money out of thin air; we never considered that our legal/judicial systems are systems of commercial law, and that humans have been turned into

commercial/corporate entities who have blindly given consent to rules that were given the force of law—rules that were created without the informed, democratic consent of the mainstream populations in countries.

We have never considered how controlled the media is, especially in North America, and how it dumbs down people. We have never considered how our medical systems, food systems, transportation structures, entertainment structures, environmental structures, religious structures and educational structures, among many others, have been designed to keep people uninformed, disempowered, in debt, in sickness, in fear, and therefore easy to be manipulated and controlled.

Science has now demonstrated that on a profound energetic level, every aspect of LIFE is connected in Oneness. Religious traditions have taught a Divine Creator/Source as being the ALL THAT IS. In Oneness, there is nothing, therefore, that is outside of this Oneness, except within an illusion of separation from this Oneness.

To manifest the experience of ‘peace’ that most are claiming to want to experience, it would be meaningful for each one to explore and understand one’s connection to LIFE. What is ‘LIFE’? I choose to define LIFE (capitalized) as being “an ever-evolving process, encompassing the ALL THAT IS. It includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that serve to support and sustain everything, not only on Earth, but also beyond.”

In removing all the barriers of separation, and truly stepping into serving LIFE and not some cabal-created structures of enslavement, debt and fear, each human seeks to be in service to all other humans, animals, and our planet as a living entity. When a conscious choice is made in every moment of ‘now’ to serve and to love unconditionally without expectation flows outwardly from one, it manifests the experience of ‘peace.’

PEACE, as a holistic definition I presented as part of my Masters thesis, is: “An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one’s uniquely different, equally beautiful connection and relationship to LIFE in each moment of ‘now.'”

In accepting that every human and every aspect of LIFE is uniquely different and yet equally beautiful within the Oneness, one may begin to feel that whatever one does to another, one is ultimately doing to oneself. “Treat others as you would have others treat you.” When each moment becomes a choice to serve without expectation and with unconditional love, one no longer exists in separation and therefore, no longer in fear, one begins to experience peace. Even more importantly, one’s choice to BE the peace that one wants to see in the world, plants the seeds, and shines the light for others to find their own BE-ing of love, compassion, forgiveness and perhaps peace also.

As we break free from the controls and fears that have been placed upon us, can we begin to embrace all that we are and therefore, create that which we are claiming to want—the experience of peace from within a paradigm of living where peace can thrive because all the individuals, groups and entities of a negative, controlling vibration have been transformed or removed from their power.

Manifesting peace will not come from spending money, time, energy and resources trying to put out all the fires in our world. This is a distraction.

Manifesting peace requires people to see, feel and know who they are, and what their relationship is to LIFE; and then, choose to address the ROOT sources of all the debt, hatred, harm, violence, control and enslavement. These root sources are within the governments, the business/corporate entities, and with the religious faiths of the world. By empowering people to serve honorably in these areas, and holding them accountable to their service, the dominoes begin to fall, removing all the other problems in the world one by one. It is also done more cheaply.

Therefore, where does peace begin? It begins in the only place it really can begin – WITHIN YOU!

When will you, and therefore the world, begin to have this experience of ‘peace’ that you are claiming to want? It will happen when you choose to know your relationship to LIFE, and make conscious choices to serve courageously and lovingly in service to LIFE without attachment or condition.

Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!


Geoff states his preferred lyrics are:

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

Let there be peace on Earth, a peace that was meant to be.

With Love as our anchor, all in One are we.

Let me walk with all others, in perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.

With every breath I take, let this be my joyful vow:

To take each moment, and live each moment, in peace eternally.

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

(Lyric word change by an unknown author)


Geoffrey West is the journalist/anchor for Cosmic Vision News, a weekly internet newscast of geopolitics, finance, and general – science – and health news. CVN is also a newscast that is arguably the first of its kind to promote and support the disclosure of our galactic families to the people of Earth, and the release of technologies that can clean the air, water and land of our planet and help restore health and vitality not only to our planet but to all humans worldwide, and free humans from the enslavement of the global cabal.

Geoffrey is also a visionary consultant on galactic, global and inner peace/healing. He has developed models that have the potential to assist individuals in connecting to one’s LIFE purpose. He has also developed a model that may assist individuals and businesses in developing strategies for moving in more LIFE-honoring directions to achieve the overall goal of global peace and also business success.

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