September 9, 2016 = a 999 Day

September 9, 2016 = a 999 Day

“Cosmic and personal completion, The end of a cycle! Entering the next level of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into the unknown comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have.” (…/)




As Jupiter enters Libra in September for his once in 12-year visit, the global scene has rarely been in such a state of ‘high tension’!  ,,,,  Consider the implications of the year ahead from September 2016, as Jupiter’s ‘job’ is to expand & enlarge the theme of which ever sign he triggers, & Libra is all about relationships personally & collectively. And right now there are a whole lot of international relationships that are about to morph & change. Typically Jupiter is considered a ‘good guy’ as he opens and expands new territory for growth in our lives. But he also has a tricky feature as his expansion urge highlights extreme positions and amplifies issues. So hang onto your hats people we’re in for some big global shifts between Sept 16 & Oct 17.

Libra’s highest ideal is PEACE by seeking the BALANCE between polarized energies to achieve HARMONY & resolution to the inner & outer conflicts that arise from fear & insecurity. CO-OPERATION is the key!….

The underpinning forces driving the dramatic crescendo in human affairs over of the past 5 years are the cycles of revolutionary Uranus in Aries, challenging transformer Pluto in Capricorn, to break down old forms and make way for new ones.  And there’s also the little matter of the completion of a Great 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a new one in 2012. We are birthing a new collective consciousness as we ‘remember’ we exist in a ‘unified field’ of energies where we must all be responsible for our individual freedom, PLUS being part of the radical changes needed for our planet, regardless of apparent external restrictions & controls….

The key is to remain objective & to know that our personal consciousness actually holds the key to the revolution in time & space that is birthing our new era.”  (