Explanations by Nancy B. Detweiler


Excerpts from A.D.K. Luk’s


       Earth’s spiritual evolution takes place within a framework of numerous cycles, one of which is the 2000 years cycle dominated by one of the seven Rays as it expresses through a particular zodiac sign energy.  For the past 2000 years, Earth has evolved under the influence of the 6th Ray, with Ascended Master Jesus serving as Chohan.  The 6th Ray has ruled during the Piscean Age and is characterized by devotion to religious creeds and idealism as it is portrayed by becoming a martyr.  All forms of self-annihilation, suicide, terrorism have characterized humanity’s  misunderstanding of the 6th Ray energy.

Jesus, as Chohan of the 6th Ray, incarnated at the beginning of the Piscean Age to demonstrate the soul level expression of this Ray.  He taught:  “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these because I am going to the Father.”  (John 14:12)  Jesus wanted humanity to follow his example, not worship him as the one who will save us from our lower selves and its mistakes.  He sought to teach us how to prepare for ascension to a higher level of consciousness so that we would be ready for life characterized by the 7th Ray and the New Aquarian Age.  (See the article entitled “Ascension” at:


The 6th Ray manifests on the soul level as the devotion that holds family together, stimulates humanitarian endeavors, and produces dedicated individuals like Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi.  It is the inspiring force behind the principles of love, goodness, purity of heart, and selfless service.  To integrate the 6th Ray means to work for the good of all by transforming exclusion into inclusion through acts based on love and wisdom.

The symbol for the Piscean Age has been The Fish.  Jesus demonstrated the Piscean Age with his feeding of fish to the multitudes.  He called his disciples fishers of men.

Piscean Fish

       Now, it is time for humanity to begin functioning on the 7th Ray as it expresses through the energy of Aquarius.  Ascended Master St. Germain and his Twin Flame, Portia (Goddess of Justice) serve together in the Office of Chohan of the 7th Ray.


                              St. Germain

               Lady Portia – Goddess of Justice


The 7th Ray function during this New Aquarian Age is to bring forth the Spirit in all matter … that humanity awaken to the fact that Spirit indwells all of creation … to work with all things in recognition that we are working with Spirit.  For example:  humanity’s awakening to the healing properties of crystals and that as we use them, we are working with Spirit.  The 7th Ray is the Ray of the Alchemist—the process of changes that turn lead into gold.  We function on the 7th Ray as we seek to re-unite our personality with our Soul and fulfill the life mission of the Soul.

The 7th Ray works to change those forms, both mental and physical, that no longer serve the Divine Plan for Earth’s evolution.  The Soul level response to the 7th Ray is to work to transform our earthly society—to create heaven on Earth.  Jesus taught us to pray “Thy Will be done on Earth as It is in heaven.”  In this New Aquarian Age, we are to ascend to 5th dimensional consciousness … to work on the Soul level with the purpose of bringing all things on Earth into alignment with the Divine Will and Plan.  Humanity will be re-united with our Twin Flames and work together on the ascension mission.

The symbol for Aquarius is The Waterbearer who pours out to the planet water that quenches all thirst.  Jesus foretold the Aquarian Age when he instructed his disciples: “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him.”  (Mark 14:13)  Jesus’ disciples were all Jewish; they knew that men did not carry water.  Jesus had described a scene they would not see during the Piscean Age.  Jesus came to teach humanity (apart from all religions) how to prepare for ascension in the Aquarian Age.

Aquarian Waterbearer

       It is informative to know of the Coronation of St. Germain that took place on May 1, 1954, for it illustrates life on higher dimensions—the type of life we will experience once we ascend and are working cooperatively with the Ascended Masters and our Galactic Family.




A.D.K. Luk

Ascended Master Morya – April 1954

“You will be privileged to join in an activity through your service.  It occurs once in every 2,000 years.  It is the actual Coronation and investment of the Chohan of the Seventh Ray as active Director of the Cosmic current for the new dispensation which will flow now in increasing intensity as His ceremonial Ray takes hold in the consciousness of mankind.  This ceremony will take place in a Cosmic outpouring on the first of May.  The first of May is the anniversary of the Ascension of beloved Saint Germain, and it was chosen at His request because of the sweet memories of May Day which He has known in many ages, not only in Europe but in Asia and in earlier continental experiences as well.  The public Coronation at inner levels of a Chohan brings Visitors from every galaxy belonging to this entire universal scheme.  Even now the doors are opened and These tremendous Beings are entering into the atmosphere of Earth.”


Ascended Master St. Germain – April 1954

“I Am privileged among all the Sons and Daughters of Heaven to have the opportunity of bringing to fruition the full harvest of all the ages of spiritual service in which millions of lifestreams engaged.  The individual who places the final harvest of an evolution upon the screen of life receives undue homage, for many do not think back to the countless numbers of consciousnesses that contributed to the final Victory.  I Am merely the capstone placed at the apex of the spiritual pyramid.  This pyramid was built out of the energies and vital life of countless men and women who served the cause of God through the centuries and who gave themselves without reservation to fulfilling His Divine Plan.

On the eve of this great Ceremony, which will engage the attention and energies of all the Members of Our Spiritual Hierarchy, My heart is filled with gratitude and humility for the honor of accepting the Crown of Authority as Directing Consciousness for the incoming cycle.  The diversity of activity connected with the investment of certain powers in a lifestream, even in the world of form, wise investment of more than ordinary powers requires a deep understanding and an illumined consciousness that those powers may be used always to expand the sphere of influence of God-good and in every manner aid the evolution of the planet and its people.

Although I have been the Chohan of the Seventh Ray for many years, I had not yet become the Cosmic Representative of the new cycle, because the final vibrations of the Sixth Ray were still active in the atmosphere of the planet Earth.

For almost 100 years after the Ascension of My physical body, I prepared to be invested with the power and authority as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray.  I prepared to be invested with the Cosmic Authority as the directing Consciousness of the new cycle of time.  All progress is in graded radiation, graded application and preparation of consciousness.

During My last earth life, I was privileged to come into contact with many Masters, some of Whom were already Ascended, others of Whom were highly developed and evolved.  Through Their assistance I was able to use the applications given and prepare Myself to be free from the necessity of rebirth.  At the close of that earth life, I went into Transylvania and there on the 1st of May, passed into the Ascended Master Realm.  My personal Ascension was completed in 1684, but the assumption of My Office as Chohan of the Seventh Ray was completed late in the 18th century, after My service to the Cause of Freedom in America and at the Court of France.  When I assumed office as a Chohan, it was no longer possible for Me to use My vital energy in the visitations, such as I had made to the crowned heads of Europe.  Until this time, I had certain liberty to utilize My energies in endeavoring to form a United States of Europe and to persuade certain students of the occult and metaphysical laws that if they would cooperate with the Hierarchy, a universal brotherhood could be established without bloodshed.  With the exception of My endeavors through Napoleon Bonaparte, I no longer gave any personal service to the European governmental circles and My service to mankind became Cosmic.”



Nancy’s Note: Many have been taught to fear the occultOccult means hidden from view, supernatural.  In truth, knowledge of the occult or metaphysical laws allows each human being to realize his/her sovereignty as a Son/Daughter of God.  Jesus taught:  “So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.”  (Matthew 10:26)  As we make this transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, we are witnessing the truth of Jesus’ statement—at all levels of life.  The occult is no longer hidden.  Instead the occult reveals the means whereby humanity once more comprehends his/her individual sovereignty as a Son/Daughter of God.


Ascended Master St. Germain continues:

“It was at the time when beloved Kwan Yin turned over to Me the authority as Chohan that I retired from active service in the world of form.

During the Theosophical era, beloved Brothers Morya and Kuthumi invested Their energies instead and I built those energies so that when I came forth and My energy again began to flow, My more personal association with mankind would begin again in a renewed and powerful activity.  (That was in the I AM Activity in the 1930’s.)

I shall always remember the Ceremony in which I received the Crown as Chohan of the Seventh Ray from the beloved Kwan Yin.  I considered in My heart if I could ever hope to embody the mercy, the compassion and the love of such a Being as Kwan Yin, half hoping that I might not have to assume that responsibility after so short a preparation at inner levels.

In regard to the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation, one of the major impressions which have differentiated Her activity from Mine seems to be that She taught the use of the Flame of Mercy as a power of transmutation in the changing of the quality of energy; whereas the presentation of the Violet Flame as brought forth more recently emphasized the consuming of discord.  This is apt to bring into the consciousness and the mind of many a feeling of a vacuum and a lack.  I Am hoping that through the pressure of Kwan Yin’s interest, We can in some way convey to the consciousness of new people particularly, that this Flame is not only a consuming activity of impurity, but it is also a transmuting and changing of the quality of energy into perfection.  This process leaves them with the same energy which previously distressed them, but now constructively vibrating at a rate which becomes a store of merit within their hands and use.  Much of the fear that enters the consciousness of new students with regard to the use of the Violet Flame, rises from the word consuming.  Often as I sat with Kwan Yin, She used the words mercy, compassion, and transmutation giving the emphasis to the purification in the aspect of the Flame and in the change of the actual quality of the energy.

It is now again the time to assume another vestment.  I assumed the vestment as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, and now I assume the Cosmic Vestment as the Director of this great incoming cycle of 2,000 years, which closes the major cycle of 14,000 years as well.  I have lived but to serve life.  I have lived but to set it free.  Now is the hour of My opportunity.

Centuries ago I hoped and wished for an earthly crown [as Francis Bacon, secret son of the Queen of England].  I had a vision of a united brotherhood of Europe.  Through circumstance, mercy and the wisdom of the law I did not receive that crown.  Now I Am about to receive a Cosmic Crown and in the greater wisdom and maturity of My consciousness, I find that even now I feel I Am not ready.  One does not lightly assume the responsibility for the evolution of an entire planet, all its peoples, all the Angels and all the Elementals.  I stand in that position today.  I stand requiring the love and the friendship of embodied spirits.  I certainly have the love, companionship, friendship and support in Heaven of the most exquisite Beings of Light and perfection, for which I Am eternally grateful.

They are weaving the garlands for the great Temples.  The Coronation train of this exquisite vestment will be over 40 feet in length.  The Crown I will receive from the beloved Jesus, because as Prince of Peace of the sixth dispensation it has been in His keeping for the past 2,000 years.  The Scepter of Authority I will receive from Sanat Kumara.  It will truly be a day to remember, a day when I shall offer Myself again to Life and to Freedom.

I thank you for your interest in the Cause of Freedom, for investing your energies in that Freedom through the centuries, not only in this embodiment, but you have rallied around that banner of Freedom in almost every era and every age that you have lived.  Now as we enter the door of a new day, I shall remember those of you who have stood by Me, and you shall be part of that Spiritual Court that lives forever.  There are memories woven deep into My heart for the personal and universal associations.  Those memories are sweet.  They are the bonds that bind Heaven and Earth.  They are the ties that keep the God-free yet hovering around the planet reluctant to enjoy Heaven’s bliss while any portion of life is in shadow.”


Ascended Master Morya – May 1, 1954

“The Sixth Ray completed its service January 1, 1954, and allowing for a certain time of overlapping energies, the Seventh Ray officially began its Cosmic outpouring on May 1, 1954.  The activity from 1930 to 1954 was a period of preparatory activity.

The Crown which symbolizes this Authority came to Earth with the first mankind to embody, upon the head of Archangel Michael, and every 2,000 years since then it has been transferred to the authority of the succeeding Ray.  Thus, in 14,000 years, the seven presiding Chohans would wear it 2,000 years.

Because of the fact that the consciousness of many embodied lifestreams blocks out at too high levels, just as you yourselves go to sleep if the atmosphere becomes too highly charged, or you would perhaps faint were you to have a tremendous visitation from a Member of the Hierarchy.  Because of this it was requested that the Coronation of St. Germain should be at the lowest of the perfected levels; so that as many people in the etheric bodies as possible could witness this activity and bring it back into their outer world, and retain it in the awakened consciousness of participating in the choruses, hallelujahs and some in the vow.  What an individual receives in the etheric consciousness is much more a part of his outer world than that which he would receive in his Christ Self, Causal Body or his Electronic Body.  That is why the ceremony is not performed in the heart of the Sun….  We are endeavoring to lower the perfection of the higher Realms as much as We can, from Sphere to Sphere.  That is My particular service in the universe.  Bringing it down into the Seventh Realm is comparatively easy.  It is the responsibility of Our beloved Chohan, Our beloved Master Whom We honor tonight, to lower it from the Seventh Realm into the world of form.  That will require the assistance of every One of Us willing to put Our shoulders to the wheel, for the resistance only comes when We reach contact with the human consciousness.  But the enacting of this Coronation in the etheric realm and then the added tremendous opportunity which you have made possible of re-enacting it in the physical appearance world at the same time, will anchor the truth, anchor the acceptance of this Master, His Love and His Light and His works into the physical substance of Earth, into the mental and emotional bodies of the people as well as into their etheric envelope [body].  That is the importance of having unascended lifestreams willing to participate in Cosmic Pageantry and Cosmic Drama.  It is the fulfilling of the decree that you have said for centuries within the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy will be done on Earth as it is being done in heaven.”  Tonight in heaven the great Master St. Germain is receiving the Authority to proceed through the next 2,000 year period as the Cosmic activity of the Ceremonial Ray of Transmutation.  Tonight in the city of Philadelphia, through the physical bodies of unascended beings, the Master St. Germain is being given the Authority to proceed in the physical appearance world in like manner.  It is a magnificent thing!  How We watch, how kindly, how carefully We watch all of your preparation.  How many of Us stood by your side as you earnestly endeavored to prepare this room, to prepare this throne, to prepare this crown, to secure this scepter and this sword, to bring forth these floral tributes, to bring forth these crosses representative of the Electronic Pattern of the Master We honor.  To bring forth on your persons as much of beauty as possible to honor this blessed Friend of Light.  Sometimes you think because in the world of form commendation is not always forthcoming, that which you do is not seen, and yet that which you do, these little simple things done in love are the things that build for you crowns for eternity.

It seems that the days are filled with ideas and new endeavors in Heaven and on Earth, forming opportunities that arise from spontaneous souls, enthusiasms that come out of blessed hearts and provide occasions when We can merge spiritual and human energies to the furthering of Cosmic Causes.  Today We are again blessed and benefited by such a Cosmic merger; not for 14,000 years has a ceremony of Cosmic Coronation in Heaven been celebrated at the same instant by embodied lifestreams; not for 14,000 years has the veil of maya been thin enough for the outer consciousness of individuals yet in garments of flesh, to perceive the truths of the inner and mystic ceremonies with sufficient clarity, faith, confidence and trust to put into action in the physical appearance world the necessary activities to complement the inner occasion.  When men and women yet a part of the earth life are able to join consciously in the activities of the Kingdom, shows how thin the veil of maya has become, you see then what the Violet Flame and Ray and your activities over this past 20-year period has done; also the Transmission Flame activities.  To make an atmosphere in which lifestreams could even conceive of the possibility of entering into a conscious service and communion with Those of Us Who are now in the Light of Heaven.

In Shamballa tonight, One of the greatest Friends of Earth is receiving His due reward.  An individual Who has had such faith, such confidence in mankind for so many centuries, that even the Karmic Board stands in amazement at His constancy, His trust and His belief of the ultimate goodness of His brothers and sisters and those whom He lived to serve.  Tonight every heart in Heaven, every Angel, every Elemental, every Cosmic Being and Devic Lord, is happy beyond words to give honor to the new King, to the great Being Who is Freedom to this Earth and all upon it.  Ah, hearts are happy for the personal happiness.  For Those of Us Who stood by His side, Who have seen His successes and His failures, Who have seen the earnestness and the sweetness of His personal presence, Who have looked into the beautiful softness of His eyes and Who have known the dreams and the visions that He endeavored to share with mankind often so beautifully, We are truly grateful tonight that He shall receive cosmically this Crown.

We are truly grateful, for Our life energies, that in any small measure may have made possible the sustaining of this endeavor, the achievement of which seemed due to failure, to the point where it could be crowned with success.  We are grateful indeed that you, the handful within this room, have responded to His heart, who have followed the vibrations of His very Self and who have walked the waters not in vain.  For all of you, We are so eternally grateful.

Beloved Kwan Yin, 14,000 years ago, received a similar Coronation, received a similar Crown, and acted in the capacity of the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, through all those long ages until the beloved St. Germain was ready.  At that time in Peking, seven individuals were conscious of the Coronation.  Tonight in Peking again that great Retreat is opened (for the month) and the Transmission Flame is honored there.  You in Philadelphia pick up the vibration of that early age and you now, many more in number, re-enact the Coronation of the new and beautiful King.  He Who will reign in the full authority is vested within the Violet Ray to change the quality of energy to make all things right.  In the age which is past, in the age which is now closing, people were for the most part able to adore and love God, worship Him and receive a certain amount of mastery and peace in such worship.  But the day into which We enter, man comes to maturity and works with the Source, each one wielding that Flame of Transmutation, in the authority which this night begins to pulsate through the Earth.  It naturally finds its mutual pulsation through the student body.”


Ascended Master Morya – May 1, 1954

“The procession started over the bridge at 6:00 P.M. E.S.T., into the glorious Golden City of Shamballa.  The Seven mighty Elohim began the procession, followed by Sanat Kumara Himself as the presiding Hierarch and Lord of the World.  Sanat Kumara wearing all of the garments of authority, The Bishop miter upon His Head and the Staff of Authority in His hand; followed by the beloved Gautama Buddha, who will, of course, in the coming ages succeed Him.  Then followed beloved Lord Maitreya, also in the Office of the Cosmic Christ and carrying the Scepter of Dominion and Power which will be given into the hands of St. Germain as a symbol of the transfer of the Authority from the Sixth Ray to the Seventh.  Following then came the mighty Archangels with Their beloved Complements [Twin Flames] and the Members of Their Court.  Following Them came the Members of the various Kingdoms, the beloved Mahan Chohan and the Elemental kingdom, the Great Beings Who represent the four elements to the planet Earth.  Lord Zadkiel preceding St. Germain with Holy Amethyst, His Complement upon His arm.  Beloved Master Jesus, Who will transfer from His own consciousness and from His own hands the Crown of Light and Authority, wears the golden robe of His Office encrusted with the beautiful white Dove which was prepared for Him by the Ladies of Mary, which is exquisitely beautiful and which matches the highlights of His beautiful shining hair.  With Him walked the beloved Mary, and many of the visitors from other galaxies.  Those Who have come from other stars and planets, representatives from the Great Central Sun, the superior Suns of our system, Helios and Vesta Themselves coming in Persons, and many Individuals, Consciousnesses, Beings, Devas and Cosmic Lords, Whose Names would mean nothing to you in the outer, but Whose exquisite brilliance, beauty and Light are definitely adding to the atmosphere of the Earth in which you live and move.  The music accompanying that exquisite procession is beyond words to describe.  Some of the exquisite choruses of Handel’s Messiah sung in the beauty of their own natural expression in higher Realms are carried by the Celestial Choirs, by the Archangels, by the Seraphic Choir which has exquisite overtones, and the entire City is surrounded by millions and millions of Angelic Beings Who are drawn like bees to the flower, by the radiation, by the incense which is the Light and happiness of the gathering and by the desire to participate in anything which is worship of God.

The disembodied lifestreams who are applying for the opportunity to re-embody have been drawn all together and they are standing in the atmosphere over the central Temple in the hope that at the crowning of the beloved St. Germain, when He gives opportunity for the granting of special requests as the initial pulsation of His mighty Ray flows forth, that they presenting themselves through a spokesman may receive the permission to bring into embodiment from their ranks those who will serve this great Court, this great King, this great St. Germain and this great new era.  The lifetimes of those who have turned their attention to the Retreat at Peking which is close enough to the Gobi to be within the magnetic pull of Shamballa, have also joined the group of silent witnesses.  Every soul whose body is asleep this moment is within the atmosphere as well.  Some in a rather somnambulistic state, some not even knowing that they are blessed in the comparative safety of their own rooms and homes.  But through their bodies is passing just like water those beautiful iridescent rays of light that look like mother of pearl; they change in color as each group of the procession reaches the heart of the Temple, because the predominant characteristic of the group of worshipers as they enter the Temple and take their places, forms the atmosphere around the entire City.  It is arranged that beloved St. Germain and the Goddess of Justice, Who wears a soft lilac similar to your chiffon or georgette and Who walks on the arm of St. Germain, it is the wish and desire that They come last so that the great central Hall is completely occupied.  Sanat Kumara is upon the High Throne, at the back of the Altar, which no one ever takes but Himself.  Below and right in front of Him is the raised dais, the Throne for the Master St. Germain and by his side the chair for His beloved Complement the Goddess of Justice.  Standing at the right is the beloved Master Jesus, in the most exquisite gold cloth smiling graciously waiting with an exquisite Angelic Being by His side holding the Crown of Authority.  At the other side is the beloved Maha Chohan, so happy, so proud of His precious Son, holding within His hand the Sword, symbolic of action, and which He himself will give.  The Holy Spirit representing action and Light vitalizing whichever Ray is going forth at any given time.  The Scepter is within the hand of the beloved Lord Maitreya Who will at the time of the ceremony pass it into the hand of beloved St. Germain.

The beloved St. Germain looks so exquisite with a magnificent train carried by the beautiful Angelic Host.  He has entered the doorway of Shamballa proper.  The music ceases for a moment and the entire group of Masters including beloved Sanat Kumara rise.  As They stand, it is a beautiful picture.  Beloved St. Germain and beloved Goddess of Justice, arm in arm stand in the doorway at the threshold of a new era.  An era of Freedom, an era when all His hopes, all His Visions will be fulfilled.  Then as they begin the long and solemn march down the center of that exquisite Temple, upon the large and beautifully designed purple carpet, the beloved Master Jesus, Sanat Kumara and the Maha Chohan are preparing to receive Him to that Throne from whence He will govern well the planet Earth and all peoples, all Elementals and Angels for 2,000 years.  The Throne to which He will receive you, each one, when your work is done, when you lay down these garments of flesh and return Home.

As He receives first His Crown, the great Choir sings the anthem (the spiritual words to the tune God Save the King), you too join in that anthem of love to St. Germain, and in the physical appearance world the same great activities will be manifest through the hearts of faith and love in Philadelphia.

As you sang that song, beloved Master Jesus placed the Crown upon the head of the Master St. Germain, and with it conferred the Power and Authority for the next 2,000 years to the Master, the Friend of eternal Freedom.  Then Sanat Kumara, stepping to the front of the Throne of Light, and from Him He received into His hands the Scepter of Dominion and Power (Rod of Power).  Then the magnetic power flowing through each succeeding Ray during the 2,000 years of Cosmic action, Lord Maitreya takes that activity and places It in the hand of the Master, so that all of the Powers and Ecstacies of the Sun, of the Archangels, of the Devas, of the Cosmos are focused from this moment henceforth through the Violet Ray, through the Ray of Freedom and through the beloved St. Germain and His representatives.  His Cosmic King, Lord Sanat Kumara, then stepping back, makes a place for St. Germain and the Maha Chohan Who is garbed in all the glorious majesty and dignity of those robes of an oriental potentate, with the golden topas on the turban and on the forefinger.  He gives to Him the symbolic Sword (representing the power of the Holy Spirit to activate the particular Ray blessing the Earth with all the life at His command).  All the energy that comes to this planet passes through His Body and is then diversified through every channel.  This energy of the Holy Spirit, He gives into the keeping of the Master St. Germain to energize and vitalize the era of Freedom.  First through those who represent Him in the world of form and then through those who will come and join Him in the New Day.

As this is completed, beloved St. Germain Himself stands and He receives the first acclamation of all the Hosts of heaven, the acclamation of absolute silence, and His head is bowed in prayer to the God that made all.  Then the Choir again sings the exquisite anthem of praise to the new Authority in St. Germain.  (Students sang America.)

Your song did truly rise and join with that of Those privileged to stand in the visible presence of this great Friend of yours and of Mine.  The first Official act which He performed after acknowledgment of God and the Hierarchy is the raising of the Crown and placing it upon the head of His own beloved Goddess, even as you have presented Her so kindly here.  Then begins the procession and the offering of feality, of every Member of the Brotherhood in ordered rank, before the new King.  The Beings that represent the three Kingdoms, each One giving a gift of Himself, a gift of some particular energy that has not previously been used or drawn forth.  As you, the first group of unascended beings, are so privileged to stand before the Throne in homage, will you remember silently to make a gift of some action or restraint of action in your personal life and make of that a permanent trust between you and St. Germain as your goal to Him.  At the completion of your allegiance and dedication, as you send your voices forth asking for service for mankind, so will Those above make the petition for the mercies that the Seventh Ray alone can give.  (The procession of homage at inner levels took 12 hours.  Some unascended beings also participated in their inner bodies.)”



St. Germain – May 15, 1954

“At the moment when that Crown of Light was placed upon My head, at the moment that Cosmic Coronation took place, from the mighty consciousness of the Silent Watcher Herself there was poured into My consciousness (symbolized by the crown), the fullness of the Divine Pattern, Plan and Vision for the next 2,000 year period which it is My privilege to develop.  For one instant I saw the beauty of the Temple worship, the beauty of the land where sickness, disease and death would be unknown, the beauty of continents that have yet not risen from the sea, the beauty of each of you, and many others who still sleep, their souls resting in a temporary inertia, the beauty of a planet where men and women in Freedom’s robe each one a king or a queen in his or her own right, and children princesses and princes of the Sacred Fire developed and matured without knowing age or sorrow, where such a thing as tears is no longer known.

I saw the seventh root race and its sub-races growing and developing, the bodies of each looking like Lord Maitreya or the Master Jesus in mighty perfection, the women looking like Goddesses.  All of this flashing before My vision and then having to restrain My energies, seeing the slow course of human events, the heavy Earth groaning on its axis, My blessed chelas, the hope of the world, each of them holding yet so tightly within his feelings the karma and the chains of the ages, and having in patience to know one day this shall not be.  My heart would rush forward, I would like to say to the men and women of Earth:  “Courage!  Freedom come.  Courage for Freedom shall not leave you until you are the fullness of your God design.”  Instead I speak through the hearts of you (the students) and you in turn through feeling, through lips, through radiation shall be My message, through you in Freedom’s robes, for I have no others.  In all the world the new crowned King has yet no subjects but yourselves.  Yet rich I Am beyond all the reckoning that even one, even one on this sad star should lift the consciousness and sense the vision of Freedom and share it, share it while yet the shoulders carry the burden of personal karma.”






January 15, 2011

Matthew – Matthew speaks from higher spiritual dimensions through his mother in his most recent incarnation on Earth, Suzy Ward

Tucson, AZ shooting; mass deaths of birds, fish; manmade weather; Wikileaks’ effect; Haiti; pole shift; human cloning; soul contracts, multiple lifetimes; 2012/Golden Age misconceptions, reality

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about happenings in your world as observed from our vantage point. By far the most requests for our comments are two matters of great concern to many, thus we begin by addressing those.

2. The shooting in Tucson, Arizona, was as reported, a mentally unstable young man’s attempt to kill Congresswoman Giffords and as many of her supporters as he could, but it was not the “senseless act” as often described.  The shooter was acting under mind control and all who were killed or wounded either followed original soul contracts wherein they had chosen to participate in an event with “a higher purpose” or just prior to the shooting, they amended their contracts to include that incident for that same purpose.

3. While it was unquestionably traumatic on a conscious level for those who were wounded and their families, and a tragedy for all who loved the persons who were killed, at soul level the participants willingly served to force attention on the inevitable results of increasingly vitriolic rhetoric in a society that has become inured to that kind of speech as well as violence. This pervasive conditioning had to be brought to the forefront of national, international, awareness so the outcry for an end to incivility and violence can change the collective consciousness of your civilization, which in large part has accepted that kind of behavior as an innate aspect of human nature.

4. That behavior is NOT an innate aspect of human nature—it is taught! The makeup of souls is pure light, which is the same as love, and it is the most powerful force in the universe. Violence, divisiveness and hatred are deliberately introduced through the many influences that impact life on Earth.  And because whatever constitutes your collective consciousness is what creates your world, it is essential that those influences be brought to light so healing and unified spirit can be the legacy not only of the lives affected by the shooting in Tucson, but the lives of all souls who have helped to cleanse your world of darkness. Not punishment or revenge or retaliation will ever bring peace and harmony—only LOVE can end the illusion of separateness and let the innocence and purity of infants reenter hearts and minds.

5. Light beings throughout the universe honor the souls who agreed to be “victims” in Tucson. Those who died were lovingly, gratefully greeted in Nirvana, light is being intensely beamed to their grieving families and friends, and those who are recovering from wounds have angelic helpers assisting the medical teams. However, do not for a moment underestimate the relevancy and power of untold numbers of prayers and heartfelt sentiments in those respects!

6. US President Obama’s memorial address was transmitted to us from Earth’s monitors in Nirvana.  We know the soul of this man, thus better than he knows himself, yet without his conscious awareness that he willingly left his spiritually advanced civilization to serve in the vanguard of the Golden Age master plan, his words on that memorial occasion were from his heart and soul in concert with all the heavenly hosts.

7. As much as we wish we could tell you that that assassination attempt is the last incident of its kind, we cannot know that—with Creator’s exception of nuclear detonations in space, Its law of free will must be honored by God and all of His emissaries. What we do know is that the shooting’s effects, the shock, horror and prayerful sentiments in its aftermath, have given the energy of reconciliation an enormous thrust forward. Although in the weeks and months ahead, other acts of violence will occur and warring and stubborn political partisanship will continue as the duality in humankind runs out its course, the energy momentum toward peaceful coexistence is far too strong to be derailed and the stage is set for the emergence of long-hidden truths. Regardless of individuals’ choices to accept or reject these truths, the forthcoming revelations and ensuing changes will propel Earth into her era of love, peace and harmony.

8. The other concern in many minds is the mysterious sudden deaths of millions of birds and fish in various locations around the globe. This was not from a single cause, but a “last straw.” The small bodies of those animals are more vulnerable than human bodies to the many forms of toxic pollutants in your air, water and soil, so their immune systems were seriously weakened before they were hit by a blast of low vibrations from manmade electromagnetic grids.

9. If you are wondering why our space family did not use their technology to prevent such a blast, it is because doing so exceeds their authority. They are, however, permitted to deflect or neutralize harmful radio waves aimed at the peoples, and they did so; without their intervention, there would have been many human bodies sickened or killed along with the mass exodus of birds and fish.

10. To address other inquiries, it is completely understandable that you would like to have “forecasts”: When the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations will be officially announced; when spacecrafts will land; when the economy will get straightened out and the new system running smoothly; when chemtrails and genetically altered foodstuffs will stop; when the truths about “9/11” and religions will be disclosed; when suppression of free energy sources and natural health therapies will end. Those are some of the primary questions in your thoughts, which we see as clearly as we see your light that sparkles as brilliantly as a field of diamonds in the sunlight.

11. If we could give estimated times for those and other developments of interest to many, we would do so joyfully. Earth’s energy field of potential is in such commotion, with the dark ones fighting bitterly in desperate last stands, that it would be folly to offer even “best guesses.” So we tell you what we DO know with absolute certainty—your patience and steadfastness in the light will be rewarded beyond your grandest imagining.

12. Yes, the unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of your world, including heavy snowfalls, flooding and temperature extremes, are man’s handiwork. It is not necessary for the scientists who are doing the Illuminati’s bidding to initiate each incident anew—once elements in the atmosphere have been strongly set in motion, the domino effect takes over. When conditions start to ease as the energy within them dissipates, weather control technologists set off another disruption, and the same is so with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Your off-planet brotherhood reduces to the extent possible the intended harmful results of all the manipulated happenings while still enabling their full release of negativity. Why is the Illuminati controlling weather and creating ‘natural’ disasters? To produce the negativity that arises out of high death toll, grief, fear, chaos, widespread destruction, disease, economic disasters and hopelessness.

13. It is not within our province to assess as light-filled or dark the reason underlying the dissemination of secret documents via Wikileaks, but we can say that the overall effect is beneficial. Even though the previously suppressed information has been released only in minimal amount, it can lessen the shock of that country’s citizenry when evidence shows the extent to which their government has betrayed them through the workings of its members in the Illuminati and those who succumbed to that international group’s threats or payoffs.

14. With so much money donated for the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake a year ago, why is that country still a disaster zone? Because those funds were stolen by the Illuminati after their technology caused the quake—that stealth is why former US presidents Clinton and Bush rushed to Haiti so quickly after the quake.

15. Concerns about a shift in Earth’s magnetic pole and where this may be leading are needless. The shift underway is a corrective measure that began over 60 years ago, when Earth’s planetary body was so deeply entrenched in third density that it was on the brink of flying out of orbit into certain destruction. God authorized powerful distant sources to beam massive amounts of light to stabilize the planet’s orbit, and that stabilization process will continue until Earth is within fourth density.

16. When a clone commits a crime, how does that affect the real person’s karma and lifeprint review? It doesn’t affect karma at all, and in the lifeprint review, it is simply a factual happening during the physical lifetime. On Earth persons are cloned to keep their powerful positions intact in case of natural death or assassination, and since it usually is individuals high in the ranks of the Illuminati who are cloned, it is done voluntarily.

17. Since the cloning process “downloads” all the person’s character traits, behavior patterns and knowledge to that point, the clone continues the person’s own ruthlessness and deception that resulted in criminal activities prior to the clone’s production.  It is the same with successive clones; however, mental and physical deterioration occurs with each downloading into a replacement clone, and if a person is cloned after a chronic disease has set in or after years of ingesting drugs or alcohol, even the first clone’s condition is compromised and replacements are frequent. An example is former US President George W. Bush— that is why the cloned vice president, Cheney, actually was running the presidency.

18. Souls may choose to enter clones with the intention of changing negative character traits and behavior patterns into positive, but rarely is this successful. Most often souls enter clones of persons who resisted and were killed, such as Pope John Paul and former US President Jimmy Carter. The souls that entered their clones succeeded in their intention to not succumb to Illuminati demands and they became the respected individuals you know of.

19. No, Barack Obama has not been cloned, nor will he be.

20. Please do not be dismayed because attempts to manifest strong healthy bodies or high energy levels haven’t produced desired results. Third density powers of manifestation are not sufficiently developed so that a weak body can be transformed into glowing health or a low energy level raised to high in the twinkling of an eye. But by all means, continue to “see” yourselves in those prime states—positive thoughts about well being attract the energy of similar thought forms in the universal soup and enhance your chances of success. As Earth’s ascension journey continues, the higher vibrations will improve health conditions and strengthen your abilities to manifest along with your belief that you do indeed have that power.

21. We make soul contracts to evolve spiritually but we can’t remember what’s in them, and that doesn’t make any sense.  If we knew what our missions are, life would be a lot easier. No more making big mistakes and wasting lifetimes trying to get it right.

22. If you remembered all your contract provisions, what purpose would the physical lifetime serve?  What advancement could there be in spiritual clarity, application of universal laws and use of free will if you simply followed decisions you made before knowing what circumstances you would encounter during the lifetime?

23. Forgetfulness of soul contracts, which cover the foundation and major players that fit the soul’s chosen experiencing and let the personage fill in the details as life keeps unfolding, isn’t meant to drown anyone in a lifelong sea of confusion, and it doesn’t if folks pay attention to their soul level guidance that is as unmistakable as gigantic flashing arrows.  Following those bright blinkers that are conscience, inspiration, instinct and so forth, aligns conscious decisions with contract choices.

24. However, that does not negate your free will to deviate from the contract when other opportunities for growth arise. Contracts aren’t rigid, but rather allow for flexibility as different kinds of situations can offer the same measure of learning—actually, it isn’t learning, it is remembering what your soul knows. Spiritual growth is a series of self-discoveries that get passed on from lifetime to lifetime, and each contract is designed to provide opportunities for the soul to keep evolving.

25. Awareness of a “mission”—a term that denotes a soul’s primary purpose for embodying—doesn’t pop up as an Aha! moment, it comes as meaningful accomplishments that impart a sense of fulfillment. And no lifetime ever is wasted!  What you consider “mistakes” because they lead to situations that are very difficult to handle are not a waste if you learn from them. Furthermore, they may be part of your contract—not all lifetimes can be on Easy Street or there could be no advancement for the soul. Evolvement requires balance, and attaining balance requires dealing with stressful situations as well as enjoying ideal circumstances.  Incarnating offers myriad possibilities and probabilities, but no certainties that would preclude your making the many choices that let each lifetime become a unique learning adventure.

26. God explained this more succinctly in His reply to my mother when she asked why people can’t know everything that their souls know:

If all were absolutely known, if nothing required any independent thinking or decisions or activity, then why would there be any need for multiple experiencing?  What would there be to learn?  Why would life itself be necessary?  We could just fast forward to The End, which is The Beginning, and let all lives of all times reside at that initial point of Being.

27. Now that holiday observances are over and your thoughts are back into routine tasks, various misconceptions about the year 2012 also are back. Beliefs that the major reforms required to usher in Earth’s Golden Age cannot be accomplished in the two short years remaining are paralleling beliefs that darkness will continue right up until the end of 2012, then abruptly disappear. Beliefs that three days of darkness or some other dramatic occurrence will herald the beginning of the Golden Age. Beliefs that profound geographic changes will precede Earth’s entry into fourth density. Beliefs that two Earths will emerge out of the ascension process.  Beliefs that going along with Earth into the Golden Age is the pinnacle of spiritual growth. Beliefs that after 2012, your world will be unchanged henceforth.

28. Because your beliefs create your reality and collectively those beliefs create your world, you need to know the universal reality of what is happening and what is ahead.  To dispel beliefs born of misconceptions, we start by assuring you that all essential reforms to rid your world of darkness will be completed in good time and in stages, not in one fell swoop at the end of calendar year 2012.

29. Nothing profound will happen immediately prior to Earth’s entry into her Golden Age; the last days of 2012 will be similar to the first days of 2013.

30. While some seacoasts will gradually move a short ways inland and some low lying islands will slowly become submerged, there will be no drastic changes in land mass or seas.

31. Earth is a soul residing in a planetary body and she has no need for a second such body.

32. Souls will continue evolving until once again they are within the Cosmic Oneness of Creator, thus “the immortal soul” and “the eternal life of the soul.”

33. And nothing in this universe is static—changelessness is contrary to the scientific laws that govern all life in this universe.

34. Let us speak a bit more about what is ahead.  It is so that relatively little linear time remains prior to Earth’s total exit from third density—that is why the transitional phase you are entering will be tumultuous, with changes coming thick and fast. You will be in the midst of people who are fearful because all the systems familiar to them are in chaos and collapse.  You know that this is part of world transformation and you are there to assist in the process; by calmly dealing with forthcoming circumstances, you can ease the grave concerns of those who don’t understand that the turmoil is leading to the “better world” they want.

35. As for the onset of the Golden Age, not all of its glories are sitting on its doorstep, so to say. Yes, everything born of dark intent will have ceased with the advent of that Age—so no more warring or other violence, no more impoverishment or disease, no more polluting or mind control or corruption. All necessary truths will have been revealed and there will be reformed governments and economic, legal and judicial, energy, educational, communication and transportation systems. That is but a partial list of great changes underway, and at the end of 2012, none of them can be considered as perfected. Refinements will continue in all of those areas and other advancements too, and as you keep growing spiritually and intellectually, you will greet all forward strides with rejoicing. [To all who sent questions about specific aspects of life in the Golden Age, please read “Essay on 2012,” dated December 31, 2007, in Matthew’s Messages on

36. Now we say Farewell in this message only, as never are we away from you in spirit. We are with you every step along your journey into the Golden Age even as we see you already joyously living in that magnificent world.


Suzanne Ward









NOTE BY NANCY:  Earth and all its inhabitants, as well as our entire solar system, are presently undergoing major changes.  For this reason, I am re-posting this “Coping With Change” article.  Earth is suffering and needs our love, caring, and Light.  Many of us are, consciously or unconsciously, empathically feeling Earth’s pain as evidenced in various emotional and physical symptoms, such as depression or extreme physical fatigue for which there appears to be no real basis.  We need to recognize and understand the normal steps that occur with major change.

Because I am sensitive to the often frightening concepts of our loving Mother/Father God displayed in portions of our edited spiritual text–the Bible–I would like to add that it is the Universal Law that “we reap what we sow,” that reaps curses on self when we curse others, not God cursing those who curse Abraham.  We, not God, create our own life experiences by the way we treat others.  One of the major changes we are encountering is that we are the ones responsible for the events in our life.  We cannot live in Truth and continue to blame God.  Our Mother/Father God is Absolute Love and views each of us as a beloved “god-child” who is learning, often by trial and error, to follow our God-Parents’ example of BEING LOVE!



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 “Now the Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’ So Abram went, as the Lord had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran. Abram took his wife Sarai and his brother’s son Lot, and all the possessions that they had gathered, and the persons whom they had acquired in Haran; and they set forth to go to the land of Canaan.” Genesis 12:1-5a

Change always occurs on multiple levels. On the physical plane level, Abram’s divine guidance has requested that he leave all that is familiar and travel to a strange country. It is at this level that we tend to experience the most fear and disruption. Abram is seventy-five years old, wealthy, and well established in the land of his ancestors. His family is gathered around him. He feels no need to make a change in order to better his physical plane life. But, resting within the bosom of his comfortable surroundings is no longer within divine order. It is time for a change … so that divine order can unfold. Abram’s soul did not incarnate simply to be happy and comfortable. His is a much grander destiny.

Abram is faced with a challenge. He can listen and obey – or – he can ignore his intuitive guidance. To make the journey will be disruptive to life as he has known it. Traveling is extremely dangerous because bands of robbers hide in the rocky cliffs, water is scarce, and the desert heat can be merciless. He will be moving into the unknown. On the other hand, if he ignores his intuitive guidance, he will fail to complete his role within the divine plan. In Abram’s case, the result of ignoring his guidance could have altered the path of the three world religions that consider him father: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

On the inner level, Abram is challenged to make a shift in consciousness. According to Unity’s metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, Abram represents faith in God and the knowledge that he can intuitively communicate with the Source of all being.

In the story, Abram departs from Haran. Haran signifies an exalted state of consciousness that strengthens and grants the determination to move toward an even greater level of spiritual enlightenment. We attain spiritual enlightenment by integrating into our daily lifestyles this exalted consciousness of Truth.

Abram takes with him Sarai, his wife. Sarai symbolizes our soul struggling for its rightful place in our consciousness. That Abram takes Sarai with him reveals that Abram has attained awareness of his Soul and the recognition that his essence is divine. However, Abram also takes with him his nephew, Lot. Lot represents that part of our consciousness that is still in darkness, that part of ourselves that is egocentric.  Abram, like many of us, must continue in the lessons of overcoming his ego—that part of self that creates stumbling blocks on our path to enlightenment.

Abram travels to Canaan. Canaan indicates our subconscious and the world in which we live. Any time we make an inner change while living on the physical plane, we must learn how to transform our egocentric self and to be more closely aligned with our divine essence, or Soul. The goal of all spiritual growth is that we learn to integrate, into our daily lifestyles, our faith in God and our willingness to follow divine guidance. Spiritual enlightenment is not complete until our physical plane lives are transformed and lived from the level of Soul-consciousness. At that point, the land of Canaan becomes the Promised Land.

So what has God asked of Abram? What does God ask of you and me? God asks that we allow change to unfold within our lives, not only in our physical plane environment, but—more importantly—within our conscious awareness.

We are living in a time unlike any that has occurred on our planet during the history of humankind. Planet Earth entered recently a new century and embarked on another approximately 2000 years cycle called the New Aquarian Age.  We are nearing the end of a 5,125 years cycle called A World Age and preparing to enter a New World Age.  In addition, our solar system’s Sun is completing a 26,000 year cycle and our galaxy is completing a 230,000,000 year cycle. Momentous change is occurring on every level of our personal … planetary … solar system … and galaxy’s existence!

As change occurs, it often feels more like turmoil, as evidenced in the climatic disasters and the increase in angry, violent behavior. Relationships are more difficult because we are all compelled to change. We no longer know ourselves, much less someone else. We can feel confused, agitated, and disoriented. All of our traditional societal structures are undergoing tremendous change. It is no wonder that we, as individuals, feel uprooted and tossed about. The unexpected is becoming the norm. All of us are being asked to leave the familiar and move out into the unknown. A new world is being created. You and I are being re-created.

Abram, signifying our faith in divine guidance, sets the example for us. He has established himself well in Haran, a place of exalted consciousness. Daily meditating and listening to our own I AM PRESENCE (God within us) will give us the strength and determination to move forward on our spiritual path and to allow divine order to unfold in our lives.

As we pass through life’s changes, we—like Abram—take Sarai and Lot with us. Sarai, our Soul, and Lot, our ego self, struggle for dominance. The goal is to live life united with Sarai, our Soul. Later in the biblical story, Lot leaves Abram; Sarai remains with him.   In other words, Abram learns to live within the God consciousness of his Soul; his egocentric self no longer plays a role. By integrating Soul consciousness into his daily lifestyle, Abram transforms his life in Canaan (or the physical plane) into the glorious life of living in the Promised Land of his Enlightened Consciousness. Geographically, Canaan and the biblical Promised Land are the same. The difference, in Abram’s story, is in his achievement of a heightened level of conscious awareness.

We, too, can experience the Promised Land—the kingdom of God within—while living in Canaan, or on planet Earth. In order to do so, coping with change is an essential ingredient.

There are at least four major stages in coping with change. The first step is to accept its inevitable presence in our lives … to be grateful for the fact that life is ever-evolving. The challenges, which change introduces into our lives, can be frightening and sometimes overwhelming. By becoming well-established in Haran—in God consciousness—we can learn to look through the dark unknown to the ever-present Light leading us through the wilderness. God did not promise Abram a trouble-free trip. However, God did promise to make him a blessing to many—after he took the journey. The challenges presented by change proclaim: It is time to grow … time to stretch our understanding of Truth … time to try our wings at a greater height. Accepting and being grateful for the opportunities granted by change frees us to enjoy the journey, even when it is painful.

The second step in coping with change will be our strong tendency to resist. Change can result in feelings of loss and bewilderment. We may ask, “Now where do I fit in? … What do I believe? … What do I do?” We feel vulnerable. We want to cling to the familiar, even when we intuitively know it is time to let go. Even as our being cries out for more meaning in life, more personal satisfaction in our work, more fulfilling relationships, we tend to respond to the possibility of change by resisting. At least our pain is familiar. It is easy to get stuck in our resistance. As a result, we may miss out on marvelous opportunities to experience the joy of allowing divine order to unfold in our lives. God’s will for each of us is Good beyond our wildest dreams.

The third step in coping with change is our commitment to accepting and learning from the challenges presented to us. Whatever the challenges, there are lessons to be learned; there are experiences to be cherished for the soul growth they stimulate, and there is a resulting enhanced knowledge of ourselves and of God’s activity in our lives. Even in the most difficult of challenges, we have moments of heavenly insight … moments of feeling God’s loving presence in our lives … and moments of knowing that God is truly in charge. As God promised Abram, “I will show you the way … I will do the real work (make of you a great nation) … I will bless you … I will make your name great … through your commitment to my call, all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

As we make the commitment to allow divine order to direct our lives, we move into the fourth step of coping with change—the awakening to new joys in life! As we increasingly awaken to the joy of allowing divine order—with all its potential changes—to unfold in our lives, we transform Canaan (our earth plane existence) into the Promised Land. We come to know God as the Love that enfolds us at all times … God as the Light that shows us the Way … God as the Shield that protects us from all harm … God as the Power to do all things. That the kingdom of God dwells within us becomes gut-level knowledge. There is no greater joy!

We, as Light Workers, incarnated on this planet in order to assist humanity through this time of upheaval and tremendous change. The way by which we strive to cope with change in our own lives can serve as examples for others. We, like Abram, are to leave Haran, the exalted state of consciousness to be found in meditation, and travel into Canaan, the physical plane daily experiences. We are to act as grounding rods for Spirit; we are to integrate Spirit into all that we think, feel, and do. As a result of fulfilling this commitment, God will bless us and countless others.

We will be messengers of Light … Love … and Peace … for our starving, desperate world!

Unity’s Prayer of Protection

The Light of God surrounds me/us

The Love of God enfolds me/us

The Power of God protects me/us

The Presence of God watches over me/us.

Wherever I/we are … God is!

And all is well!

NOTE: The above metaphysical interpretations of names and places are taken from Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.





Nancy Detweiler

NOTE:  Much has happened since the original work on NESARA.  Thousands of Lightworkers throughout the world have worked to establish NESARA or “laws like NESARA” in their own countries.  Photos of NESARA workers in Europe may be seen at: The publicity resulting from demonstrating in front of the Peace Palace, Hague, Netherlands spread over the world with groups forming to work for such laws in their own country.

The resistance to NESARA from the power elite has been fierce.  So instead of one major law—NESARA—being implemented, efforts have been made to accomplish the same thing in separate acts.  (In presenting the following examples, I am not saying that any one person knows of NESARA … they may not because it was never formally announced.)

For example:  Dennis Kucinich proposed a cabinet level Dept. of Peace, first introduced to Congress in July 2001: This bill has been repeatedly introduced to Congress.

Recently Kucinich proposed his Landmark Legislation for Monetary Reform:

President Obama’s establishment of a Consumer Protection Agency, and his appointment of Elizabeth Warren to head it, is another example:

We all know of the recent efforts to control the fraudulent behavior of banks in regard to foreclosures and to Wall Street regarding its schemes.


With the US Congress reconvening on January 5, 2011, we need to take a close look at The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  With this in mind, I share my article on The Declaration of Independence, written several years ago.

It is imperative that every American citizen read and honor our Declaration of Independence.  For it points the way to create a thriving nation filled with happy, personally fulfilled citizens!


In 1776, the thirteen colonies in America declared their independence from Great Britain. The reasons enumerated for their bloody revolution can assist us in understanding our present day peaceful revolution, NESARA (National Economic Security & Reformation Act).

Why a revolution? The U.S. Declaration of Independence reveals the answer.

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Great Britain financially backed much of the exploration that resulted in the English settlements on American soil. For decades, the relationship between Great Britain and these colonies was mutually beneficial. The colonies were dependent upon Great Britain for a system of laws, shipments of supplies, and the few luxuries they enjoyed while building a new nation. As the colonies grew in population, professional expertise, and the ability to govern themselves, they began to resent the interference of a foreign government.

Why this resentment? The U.S. Declaration of Independence explains.

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Legal documents are required to pass a vagueness test, meaning that in order to be valid, they must be written in clearly stated terms. For this reason, it is important to look closely at the words used, for most often these words are loaded with meaning. The above statement is, indeed, pregnant.

“We hold these Truths.” The word “Truths” refers to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God as stated in the first paragraph of the Declaration. It signifies Truth that cannot be disputed or changed—thus, Universal Law. These Truths may be denied temporarily, but they cannot be altered. The original thirteen colonies based their rationale for declaring independence from Great Britain upon universal law, which far exceeds the power of laws devised by human beings.

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident.” Truth that is self-evident is truth beyond question. It is within the natural order of creation.

“… that all Men are created equal.” These Truths state Nature’s God created all human beings equal. In accordance with this unalterable universal law, no human being, nation, or government possesses the right to dominate others or to enact laws that pertain to one segment of the population only. No human characteristic, such as race or creed, justifies enforcing laws that affect some while eliminating others.

“… that they are endowed by their Creator.” To be endowed by their Creator is to be granted a natural capacity or power as a part of the creation process, to have life enriched via the gifts given.

What are these gifts?  “… with certain unalienable Rights.” Unalienable (often seen spelled inalienable) rights are inherent, natural rights that cannot be altered by manmade law. Unalienable rights can neither be given or taken away nor transferred to another person. We may choose not to insist upon our unalienable rights, but that does not dissolve the right itself. Rights are those privileges to which every human being is justly entitled.   Nature’s God enriched every human life with privileges that are inborn.

“… that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The quality of Life privilege granted to all persons by Nature’s God is predestined to be one of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A Life characterized by Liberty is one that is free: free to do as one pleases, free from tyranny, free to follow one’s dream. A Life enriched by the Pursuit of Happiness is based upon personal fulfillment and the knowledge of our true identity as one whose innate right is happiness.

“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.” A life characterized by the freedom to do as we please, while pursuing happiness, requires self-discipline and the ability to perceive how our actions will impact the rights of others. Our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot adversely affect the rights of others to this same liberty and pursuit of happiness. Once our actions result in negative repercussions for one or more persons, we have broken Universal Law, i.e. Common Law. Our nation’s founding documents are based on Common Law, meaning we are free to pursue our rights as long as we do not interfere with the right of others to do the same. Because self-discipline is an advanced spiritual art in which few of us are proficient, human beings established governments to secure our unalienable rights and to ensure justice for all persons.

“… deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Government is not to be an entity unto itself. Instead, it is to ensure the unalienable rights of its citizens—the one and only reason we establish a government. Any power the government may possess is to be the power granted by the governed. No government can justly govern in a manner that deprives or adversely impacts the unalienable rights of the human beings who grant it the power to oversee and secure these privileges.

In the eyes of this nation’s founding fathers, Great Britain had abused the power granted to it. Thus, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Our founding fathers emphasized that government exists for the people, not the people for the government. If our government persists in violating the unalienable rights of its citizens, we possess the Right, and the responsibility, to alter or abolish that governing body. We have been granted the privilege of creating a new government that will concentrate upon ensuring the safety and happiness of the people.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future.” Human beings are not predestined to be subservient to those who choose to govern in ways that do not ensure the safety and happiness of its citizens. The inclusion of pursuit of happiness, as one of humanity’s unalienable rights, is an extremely important factor to keep in mind. It is, however, the first to be omitted in the mindset of those persons who govern and who are governed. Great Britain forgot. Our American government has forgotten. We, the people, have forgotten.

Although, the U.S. Declaration of Independence reminds us not to take lightly the abolishing of those forms of government that have become despotic, it also declares it our duty to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for our future. Most human beings tend to suffer in silence; however, there is a limit to the amount of suffering any government can be allowed to inflict. In order to be responsible citizens, we must remember that government exists to ensure its citizens their unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our founding fathers revolted against the despotism of Great Britain, taking pains to state their reasons for doing so.

The King of Great Britain had refused to assent to laws that were wholesome and necessary for the public Good. He had forbidden the governors of the colonies to pass laws that were of immediate and pressing importance until approved by him, then neglected to attend to them. He imposed taxes on the American colonies without their consent, maintained standing armies in times of peace, and rendered the military independent of and superior to the civil power. The King made judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries. He deprived us, in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury. He transported us beyond the seas to be tried for pretended offenses. He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us. He has constrained our fellow citizens taken captive on the high seas to bear arms against their country. He has excited domestic insurrection amongst us. (For the entire list of abuses, see the document.)

Our founding fathers informed the King, the Legislature, and the British people of their grievances. “In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Nor have we been wanting in attentions to our British Brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their Legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us…. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and consanguinity [or close relations].”

The 1776 Declaration of Independence climaxed our founding fathers’ efforts “to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” During the ensuing years, the thirteen colonies created the Constitution of the united States of America (“united” was not capitalized originally). The ratification process was completed on June 21, 1788.  Cognizant of the need for Americans to trust their government, the founding fathers provided the first ten amendments to the Constitution—called the Bill of Rights. They were ratified on December 15, 1791.

A little more than two centuries later, the need to throw off such government and to provide new guards for [our] future security became apparent. In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that banks, in collusion with the U.S. government, were foreclosing fraudulently on farm mortgages. During the court process, additional frauds on the American people were uncovered. A committee of five Supreme Court Justices was charged with the Herculean task of developing the means to implement the required government and banking reforms. Experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, constitutional governments/law, and many related areas were consulted. Following years of detailed planning, the resulting legislation—the National Economic Security & Reformation Act—was created.

NESARA—America’s peaceful revolution—will greatly enrich the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness of every American and peoples around the world. Four major principles constitute the foundation for the NESARA:

The principle of fairness to all persons.
The principle of justice for all persons.
The principle of happy, personally satisfying lives for all persons.
The principle of a just world peace.

Once more, Americans must fulfill their duty and responsibility to provide a government that, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, is “of the people, by the people, for the people.” (Gettysburg Address)

Only the people count; only the people possess the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  NESARA is the inspired structure for a new government and a new Golden Age of world peace, justice, and prosperity for all of Earth’s inhabitants.


We live in extremely chaotic times during which our world is being transformed, even if that transformation is not evident within the news.  It is a time during which each one of us needs to discern how to walk the Way of Love.

We may get caught up in supporting one facet of the political arena that sounds reasonable on the surface, but forget to consider what happens to human beings when that policy is implemented..   If we choose to walk the Way of Love, we must also choose to think in terms of every member of our planetary society.  In Truth, we are One Planetary Family.

I share with you the following videos as illustrations.   Laws that sound practical on the written page can end up being extremely destructive when implemented in daily lives.

Living with a balanced budget is a good thing.  But how we go about balancing that budget determines whether or not we walk the Way of Love or the path of destruction.

Keith Olbermann on Death Panels in Arizona

UPDATE:  11/23/2010

If you would like to contribute towards transplants for these two men, you may do so at:  As of 11/23/2010, $56,000 has been donated and the contributions continue to overwhelm the workers at NTAFund and are yet to be counted.



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

God n Zodiac 2God Painting the Zodiac

NOTE:  I wrote this article a few days after 9/11.  Now, a few days after the November 2010 mid-term elections, it is once again extremely relevant.

The twelve tribes of Israel … Jesus’ twelve disciples … the twelve powers of humanity … the twelve zodiac signs.  The significance of the number vibration “twelve” is evident throughout the Bible and cosmos.  It is indicative of the twelve avenues through which the Soul makes its pilgrimage and offers the service that leads to the birth of the Christ Consciousness within each of us—the consciousness anointed with the energy of Divine Love.  According to Corinne Heline, who based her teachings on those of Pythagoras, twelve forces encircling the One and thereby forming a Unity, vibrates to 13.  Within this formula of 13 lies the secret of plenty, peace, and empowerment for all of humankind.  Within this holy vibration of 13, all things are possible.

America stands within this vibration of 13.  According to Heline, in her “Sacred Science of Numbers,” America’s destiny is based on the number vibration of 13.  The Seal of the United States of America exhibits repeated use of 13.  The designers of the Seal were knowledgeable of cosmic law.

With a destiny number of 13, America’s mission is wrought with responsibility.  Resonating to the choices we make, the energies involved in the number 13 will manifest as “death through failure and degeneration”—or—the attainment of regeneration as a nation of enlightened democracy living in a world of peace and goodwill for all.  There are no halfway measures with the number 13.  The vibration of 13 demands all or nothing.

America was created by our Founding Fathers in response to a high calling—a call from the Ascended Masters in compliance with the overall Divine Plan for Earth humans.  The Ascended Master St. Germain worked closely with the Founding Fathers, assisting in the preparation of what was to be a shining example of an enlightened democracy.  America, under the vibration of 13, is to inaugurate fresh beginnings for all inhabitants on this planet.

On this 4th day of November 2010 (as on the 15th day of September 2001), America stands at a crossroads.  Once more, the entire world is watching … waiting.  Which way will we go?  Will we take the path of additional death and destruction—or—will we accept our destiny as a nation of 13 and set an example of enlightenment for our planet?

Every American represents 1 of the 12.  Will we together encircle the One God and create a Unity of 13, with the power to do all things, including re-creating our world into one of peace and justice for all?  Or, will we add to the destruction already rampant on our planet?

As 1 of the 12, every American has a role to play—a role that is unique and in accordance with the zodiac energy in which his/her Soul is incarnated.  Each of the zodiac energies signifies a major thread in the tapestry of our nation.  The zodiac energies do not differentiate between race, religion, political party, or economic status.  All parts are equally vital within the whole of the tapestry.  Even though all 12 zodiac energies seek to express according to their unique qualities, we are to come together as the 12 in Unity with the One.  In order to do so, we must know and appreciate the energies involved.  We must leave no one out.  We must remember that it is from the ashes of sorrow and pain that we may arise into newness of life.  America has an unprecedented opportunity to rise from the ashes and to transform our nation and world by the choices we make at this very moment.

As 1 of the 12, every American must re-evaluate our present cry for retaliation and punishment.  Presently, we are choosing the path of destruction.  Violence begets violence.  We must re-consider and notify our national leaders that we choose to be 1 of the 12 in the circle of Unity with the One God.

Let us rise from the ashes and assume our role in the re-creation of our nation and planet.  Let us understand and honor the unique qualities of each of the 12 zodiac energies.  Because we are a nation and planet of 12, our reactions will vary.  We feel the urge toward active, physical participation with varying degrees of intensity.  All of the 12 are needed.

I list below the characteristics of each zodiac sign that are most needed during this crucial point in the assumption of our national destiny of 13—to work as the 12 in unity with the One.  According to the extent the zodiac energy is represented in the natal chart, we may witness the strength and goodness of these characteristics within each of the 12.

ARIES:  although Aries will tend to react initially with the desire to “fight back,” this energy may be transformed by asserting self in positive ways that inspire and lead others to something better.  Aries can lead in ways that pioneer into new vistas of life and that lead us into an expansion of possibilities.

TAURUS:  although Taurus will resist change, its fixed quality and groundedness to the Earth play a positive role in the life of our nation.  Taurus offers the stability needed in the face of tremendous change.  Taurus can lead the way in adopting new values, especially as these values relate to money and material possessions.

GEMINI:  although Gemini can lack definitive direction, its conscious awareness of duality can offer valuable insights pertaining to all sides.  Gemini is a channel for the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  Gemini can hold the energy of love and provide intuitive insights, while the more practical zodiac energies work to express this Love/Wisdom in concrete ways within our nation and world.

CANCER:  although Cancer will tend to be overly attached to the individual family unit, its urge toward nurturing others can manifest thru very creative avenues of expression.  Cancer can become the Universal Parent, with talent for bringing forth the creativity of others.  Cancer possesses an excellent sense of business and can easily discern the needs of the public.

It is important to know that America’s zodiac sign is Cancer.  Thus, its destiny reflects the characteristics of Cancer energy.  America’s destiny is to nurture every citizen into his/her unique avenue of creative expression.  America’s destiny is to be a Universal Parent.

LEO:  although Leo may view the world in terms of self, it is one of the political energies that also carries an outstanding talent for leadership.  As Leo learns to think of others, it can easily assume the leadership of service-oriented groups or organizations.  Leo’s optimism and flair for the dramatic can add spice to life.  Leo shares eagerly the Sun’s warmth and generosity.

VIRGO:  although Virgo will lean toward perfectionism and being overly critical, its talent for details serves well in organizing projects, documents, and research.  Virgo is the primary channel for the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  With its earthy practicality, Virgo is skilled in serving others via expressing Love/Wisdom in tangible forms.  Virgo will often be the follower who serves well the leader of an organization.

LIBRA:  although Libra will tend to hide its unique identity behind that of others, it is talented in diplomacy.  A Libra who also carries the Leo influence will possess excellent skills in politics.  Libra’s need for balance between opposites allows it to perceive the dynamics of all sides of an issue.  Libra is socially adept and can be counted on to add a sense of refinement and culture to any event.

SCORPIO:  although Scorpio’s initial reaction will be to fight and seek victory over all adversaries, it can be counted on for an in-depth perception into the behavior of others.  Scorpio’s energy is that of transformation and regeneration.  Scorpio is the primary channel of the highly artistic 4th Ray of Harmony thru Conflict.  Scorpio is capable of tremendous self-sacrifice.  With the word “sacrifice” coming from the Latin root word meaning “to make holy,” Scorpio is capable of extraordinary transformation of the lower into the higher.

SAGITTARIUS:  although Sagittarius may procrastinate and want to be in control, it possesses an innate sense of the Spirit within all things.  Sagittarius aspires to lofty heights of pure ideas and wisdom.  It is the minister and teacher of humankind.  Sagittarius offers, to all nationalities, its optimism and its ability to inspire others to greater heights.  Once Sagittarius knows the Good, it can easily lead others into the Truth of All Good.

CAPRICORN:  although Capricorn may be overly concerned with personal prestige and gaining the respect of others, it is the Builder of Form.  Capricorn is at home with structuring building blocks or ideas into a meaningful whole.  It is a natural administrator of large corporations, with an innate sense of the type organization needed to stimulate the greatest benefits.  Capricorn can be the Universal Father, while its polarity (Cancer) can be the Universal Mother.  Capricorn can provide the structure needed; Cancer can provide the nurturance needed to allow all to unfold according to their fullest potential.

AQUARIUS:  although Aquarius can be overly persistent in propagating its own ideas, it is also a very intuitive, inventive energy.  Aquarius seeks to provide the water that quenches the thirst of humankind.  It is universally oriented, impersonal energy that seeks to provide on a large scale.  Its goal is a better world for all of humanity.  Aquarius thinks outside the box and can be counted on to provide innovative solutions to the problems of humanity.

PISCES:  although tempted to hide its talents in substance abuse, Pisces is extremely sensitive, creative energy with a love of drama.  Pisces is the energy of selfless service to others.  It is mystical, with a direct link to the invisible realms of existence.  Music and healing talents are usually present.  The high calling of Pisces is to be Servant Savior of the World.  Mother Theresa was Pisces.


As you study the 12 zodiac energies, visualize Americans—representing each sign—standing hand-in-hand in a circle, with the One standing in the center.  Note the 12 avenues of service, all focused upon serving the One God.  Feel the unity … the beauty … the variety … the peace of this Circle of 13 ……………

Would you not much rather experience the coming years within this Circle of 13 than within the destruction that responding to violence with violence will cause?

All that the world needs may be found within the planetary Circle of 13.  All of the talents and skills needed to re-create a world, without terrorists and political bickering, exists within this Planetary Circle of 13.  Violence will shatter this Circle of Unity.  Our beautiful planet will be marred with even more devastation.


America, the nation whose destiny vibration is 13, must choose.  Will we stand within a loving Circle of 13—or—will we wreak havoc on our planet?  Will America fulfill its role in the Divine Plan for Earth humans—or—will we choose death and destruction instead?

Please contact our president and congressional representatives and let them know you choose to stand within America’s highest destiny:  as a member of the loving Circle of 13 … as a member of an enlightened democracy … as a citizen of our world and galaxy, abiding in peace and justice for all.

Within the power of this sacred 13, all the forces for Good within the cosmos are available to America.

May God bless America with the courage to stand within the Circle of 13!



Quotes from Barbara Marciniak’s “PATH OF EMPOWERMENT:  Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos”

With Comments by Nancy B. Detweiler

Angelic Lord of the Trees

Taken from:  Geoffrey Hodson’s KINGDOM OF THE GODS

“Your ancestors in both the distant and recent past were capable of navigating reality with ways and means that are forgotten to most people in the modern world.  Nearly all of written history has been purged of the fascinating aspects of life involving experience with paranormal versions of reality.  Over the ages human beings have been led to believe that they are less than who they really are….  People could travel the cosmos and explore their greater reality….”

“Your ancestors knew their senses were for interacting with nature, and when they wanted someone to watch their children, they were able to create an energy vortex around a favorite tree.  They could then walk into the forests and fields and maintain communication with the tree, and the tree would use its own energy, in cooperation with the mother and father, to watch their children.  People once knew that the system of nature was a necessity of life, and they used the knowledge to empower themselves to survive and thrive in cooperation with the natural world.”

“One of the most subversive battles for control of the human mind began thousands of years ago as organized religions sought to draw people away from their sacred connection with nature by convincing them to ‘worship the gods’ in buildings designed to mimic nature’s majesty.  Much later … the Industrial Revolution … created a drastic increase in people leaving the countryside to seek urban living.  Insanity and poor health became more common as people lost their connection to nature and then, too, lost the ability to tell the difference between one stream of time and another.”

“An accumulation of rigid social and cultural beliefs, limiting the confines of time and space, have disconnected you from the experience of direct learning from nature.  The resulting systemic confusion within your cellular circuit board has become detrimental to humanity’s spiritual growth….  By claiming your inherent abilities to move your conscious awareness around the field of existence, you will experience direct knowledge and be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit.”

“Even though the political management of your planet appears to be racing out of control; from a higher perspective, the flamboyant scourge of lies and deceit stimulates your growing awareness to awaken to your true spiritual identity, while you occupy a human form during these times of tumultuous transformation.  As spiritual common sense prevails, an agenda of fear-based entrainment has no hold on an awakened mind.  Conscious awareness, dear friend, is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the multiverse.”

Angelic Mountain God

Taken from Geoffrey Hodson’s KINGDOM OF THE GODS

COMMENTS BY NANCY:  During my 11 years as a State-employed Social Worker and Rehabilitation Counselor, I spent my career in the inner city slums—before urban renewal.  Try to imagine a child growing up in the slums almost totally deprived of the beauty of nature, invigorating fragrances, and the joy of creating beautiful forms such as in art and music.  Only then can you begin to walk in the shoes of the child, and later the adult, growing up deprived of God’s beauty.

At one point, I worked as a rehabilitation counselor in a high school for the mentally challenged.   At lunch time, I would take several of my depressed students for a run around the school grounds.  They were outdoors—exerting their bodies and breathing fresh air.  Because they were out of breath from running, they had to breathe deeply.  We could smell the freshly mown grass.  They loved it and we found that is hard to remain depressed while outside running on green grass, with trees swaying in the breeze, and fresh air filling our lungs.

One day I, and several of the counselors, took a busload of students on a field trip to Hanging Rock State Park, near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Most of the students had never been outside their small world consisting of the slums and the bus ride to their school.

They had never seen cows and horses grazing in an open field.  They had never seen the bubbling water of a creek or the little fish and bugs swimming in it.  They had never seen a colorful leaf floating like a boat downstream, maneuvering its way around the rocks.  They had never felt the joy of wading in the cool water.  They had never seen a mountain grow higher as we approached it.

When we reached Hanging Rock, we enjoyed a picnic lunch prepared by the school cafeteria.  They had never been on a picnic.  They had never sat at a picnic table amidst the trees and watched to be sure the ants and flies did not join in on the feast.  They had never walked on a nature trail … never climbed down the rocks to a waterfall … never sat on a rock and felt the spray from the falls leave droplets of water on their cheeks.  They had never experienced the challenge of hiking to the top of a mountain to see a breathtaking view that extended for miles.  They had never felt the closeness of white fluffy clouds hovering overhead, as if heaven was communing with them.  They had never called out their names and listened for the echo.  They had never seen the glorious variety of wild flowers growing along the mountain trail.

Their senses had become deadened from the lack of experiencing nature’s stimulants that energize and nourish the soul.  Forty years later, I remember that day as one of the most marvelous of my life.  I saw first hand what nature, including the vivid colors, can do for the starved spirit.  I understand why children growing up with senses deadened by the lack of stimulation, by the lack of hope, by the lack of adventure, often end up with deprived adult lives.

These children were so excited many reported not being able to sleep that night.  I saw genuine smiles of inner joy.  One girl with cerebral palsy would not stop until she had reached the top of the mountain and seen the world from a high peak.  That was the fulfillment of her dream.  She was sick for a week afterwards from the unusual exertion, but her smile never left her face—because, “she had been on a mountain top.”










Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

For the past couple of months, I have frequently driven to a nearby location where I can view the sunset.  Awe-inspiring … breathtaking … beautiful beyond words … are feeble attempts at describing the loveliness displayed.  Looking up, the sky becomes God’s cathedral enfolding our planet … the indigo, white, rose pink, and gray clouds are transformed into heavenly stained glass windows, shimmering in the light of the Sun.  Looking up, I am aware of our planet nestled within a universe of planets, stars, and Suns.  Looking up, I pray the Lord’s Prayer for our planet.

On the other hand, I observe drivers speeding past a lovely sunset … people walking along the roadside … church members parking their cars nearby and going inside … few, if any, look up long enough to behold the heavenly vision surrounding them.  All are engrossed in the tasks at hand … tasks that seem, to us, to be vital to our earth plane lives.  Yet, these very tasks tend to separate us from the much more comprehensive drama of God’s unfolding plan for our planet.  They cause us to look down … to forget that our lives are taking place on a planet … within a solar system … within a galaxy … within a cosmos.

I find that praying the Lord’s Prayer … while conscious of standing on planet Earth … looking up to the Sun of our solar system … magnifies the prayer into one for the planet.  I invite all of you to do likewise.   Praying thus lifts our perspective from one focused on our individual lives and immediate surroundings to remembrance of our entire human family.  We can, then, seek to live out this prayer by extending our life’s orientation to one that includes our brothers and sisters throughout this planet.  We shift to a new life paradigm … one that seeks to share with all who inhabit our planet.

Our Father becomes the Source of life for all that is … the Sun … stars … planets … and the inhabitants thereon.  Our Father is the life force manifesting through the myriad forms of creation as they express on many dimensions of consciousness.  We are increasingly hearing of encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials.  Most of us readily accept the existence of angels and the Ascended Masters.  Our Father is their father as well.  Many visitors from throughout the cosmos are present with us … they are members of our galactic family and have come to assist and to observe Planet Earth’s shift into the New Golden Age.  As we stand before our Sun, praying the Lord’s Prayer, let us include our cosmic brothers and sisters.  Let us begin to live with the realization that we are not alone on this planet … that many loving beings are present with us.  They yearn to assist us in creating a home planet characterized by world peace and unconditional love.

Our Father, who art in heaven is the river of life through which flows our capacity to create world peace and familial love between all of Earth’s inhabitants.  Our Father, who art in heaven individualizes as our I AM PRESENCE.  From this dimension of heaven within us, we catch a glimpse of the prosperity and individual soul wellness/fulfillment that are available to all.  Through contact with our I AM PRESENCE, or the God indwelling each of us, we can live in constant communication with the heavenly realms.  Herein is the fountain for all our Good.  Extraterrestrials, angels, and Ascended Masters drink from this same Fountain of Good.  Through our Father, who art in heaven, all are members of one cosmic family.  We live the Lord’s Prayer for planet Earth as we remember our interconnectedness.

Hallowed be thy name! Harper’s Bible Dictionary states that to hallow something is to set it apart, with great reverence, for a sacred purpose.  Every name possesses a numerical vibration indicating the qualities through which all function.  To pray, Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name is to recognize, with deep reverence, the qualities of God … omnipresence within us as the I AM PRESENCE … the Source of all wisdom, love, and prosperity.  Standing before a sunset provides the perfect setting for hallowing God’s name … the majestic loveliness, painted across the skies, easily fills us with awe.  Then, our sacred purpose—stemming from this awe—is to assist in bringing forth God’s love and wisdom upon the Earth.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth. With these words, we affirm:  It is possible to establish a Golden Age on planet Earth.  God’s Kingdom is one in which all live in peace with one another … all—extraterrestrials, angels, ascended masters, and the inhabitants of Earth—work together and share the bounties of living in harmonious relationship.  Thy kingdom come means that all are free to pursue their talents … to spend their time in tasks that are fulfilling and that enhance the overall Good.  All are free to live out the numerical vibration within their name.  Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth is a call to God for divine intervention into our lives … intervention that allows divine order to unfold on Earth as it does on the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The cosmic divine plan is that Earth is to ascend into the 5th dimension.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth affirms this truth.  At this very moment, we stand at the threshold of the new heaven and the new Earth.  Tremendous transformative events are taking place on the inner planes and will soon manifest on the physical.  Then we will know—beyond doubt—that we are not alone … that we are loved beyond words … that God’s divine plan for each of us, and for planet Earth, is flowing forth in ways that are presently beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Thy will be done is our surrender to the arrival of heaven on earth—the Golden Age of Aquarius!

Give us this day our daily breadOur Father, give us all that we need to allow your divine plan to unfold in our lives and that of our planet.  Grant to us an open mind with the capacity to receive abundance, intuitive guidance, and the acceptance that with God all things are possible.  When God chooses to intervene in our lives … in the life of America … in the life of our planet … all things are possible.  We have arrived at such a portal of divine intervention.  Our daily bread becomes more than the food, shelter, and work we need in order to live on the 3rd dimensional, physical plane.  Now, the daily bread we need is an open mind … a mind that allows for all possibilities … a mind that recognizes our intellect cannot lead us to truth.  Our daily bread becomes attunement to our intuitive minds … the willingness to listen to the inner Self … to be an open channel for God’s love and wisdom to manifest in our lives.  Insisting on physical proof slams shut the inner door.  Our daily bread becomes the courage and persistence to live out our intuitive feelings, even though what we feel makes no common sense.  We cannot move forward in God’s plan if we insist upon things remaining the same.  Our planet is ready to move forward into a world of peace and love.  Give us this day our daily bread is our affirmation that we surrender to the changes involved in Earth’s transformation.

And forgive us our offenses, as we have forgiven those who offend us. For at least the past year, many have felt compelled to make right their relationships with others … to seek to forgive others … to ask for forgiveness … to forgive ourselves … and to release the unhappy memories.  We have felt the need to clean out our lives … our homes … the way we relate to others.  This urge toward cleaning out, forgiving, and releasing signifies the unfolding of divine order … in preparation for the magnificent Light that is coming into our world.

Light shatters darkness.  We may experience this shattering as trauma and the destruction of a belief system that, heretofore, has been the foundation for our lives.  We are already reading and hearing on the news about cover-ups in our government.  Light brings forth all that is not truth … in every structure of our planetary society.  Give us this day our daily bread; forgive us our offenses as we have forgiven those who offend us.  The Lord’s Prayer can become the foundation on which we base our responses to the coming days.  Forgiveness will play a major role.  Our daily bread is to be our willingness to forgive … to discern truth … and to be open to loving all persons while rejecting their behaviors.  God has nothing to forgive because we are already perfect in the eyes of Our FatherForgive us our offenses is a prayer to our own I AM PRESENCE:  “Give me the wisdom to forgive myself for falling short in my discernment of truth.”

And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. As the Light tears asunder the curtain of darkness and illusions that characterize the 3rd dimension, we are likely to experience anger that so much has been hidden from us by those in power positions within every structure of our planetary society.  We have been taught in our schools, churches, and governmental structures to think inside the box of traditional beliefs.  Those who have refused this robotic mode of thinking have been persecuted, often severely.  As the Light exposes the non-truths to which we have adhered, we may be tempted to react with anger and frustration.  Do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil holds the secret to responding with forgiveness and love.  Know that Light dispels the darkness.  Light delivers us from evil.  Evil—defined as living with our backs to God—can assume all sorts of horrific forms.  Praying:  Do not let us enter into temptation is our affirmation that we will strive to forgive and extend unconditional love to those who have lived with their backs to God.  As the Light delivers us from evil, we are surrounded by a multitude of beings from the higher spiritual dimensions.  These beings enfold us with love; they gladly instruct and help us in creating a new Earth.  It is up to us to enter not into the temptation of continuing to think within the box of the former status quo.  Much that preceded this time in our planetary history has been laced with darkness or non-truth.  The Golden Age of Truth and Light lies before us.  We are in the transition period … from darkness into the Light of a New Age.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever. The kingdom of God on Earth, for which we have prayed for thousands of years, stretches before us.  The Golden Age is an Age in which we live in God’s kingdom … in full knowledge of God’s power … and stand in the glory of God forever.  The Golden Age is an Age in which we come to know and to experience daily the truth about ourselves:  We are One with God and all of creation.  In this kingdom, we stand in the Light of our own I AM PRESENCE, demonstrating the power that is ours to transform our world … We stand in the glory that is ours as child gods and we will do so for ever and ever.  Once we know Truth, it cannot be taken from us.

AMEN! As we close the Lord’s Prayer and every prayer with the word Amen, we are affirming certainty that our prayer is present reality.  Prayer is a means of co-creating with God; Amen commands, “So be it!”  Amen affirms our knowledge that the Golden Age … the new heaven and new Earth … are our rightful inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God.  Amen affirms our intention to henceforth live within the kingdom, the power, and the glory of God and our own I AM PRESENCE for ever and ever.

In doing so, we live the Lord’s Prayer for Planet Earth.    


Know Thyself:  The Pathway To Peace

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

“I lift up mine eyes to the mountain from whence comes my help.  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1)

I lift up my eyes to the mountain of my I AM PRESENCE … and look out over our planet.  Hovering close to the surface, dark clouds of fear and violence appear to engulf our home planet.  But wait!  Just above the dense clouds, ready to scatter the darkness, a matrix of shimmering, white light enfolds the entire planet.  It reminds me of riding in an airplane as it climbs upward through thick rain clouds.  For a few moments, I perceive my surroundings as dreary and gray.  Suddenly, the airplane emerges from darkness into brilliant sunlight.  I gasp.  My world is, instead, radiantly beautiful!  Dreary gray is transformed into sparkling, white clouds, opulent in their fullness and sprinkled with varying shades of rose pink.  Life is not as it appears to be.

From the physical plane, I behold a world that appears to grow more violent with every passing day.  Some try to ignore the potential repercussions of violence and go on with our lives.  Others openly pursue courses of action that will inevitably lead to violence.  Still others, out of fear for what might happen if we do not pursue the violent path, offer their support to those actions that sow the seeds of violence.  At this point in time, the heroic few take a stand for peace and for demonstrating compassion for all of humanity.  What would happen if we all sought to “Know Thyself”—to know the Truth about who we are?

The chaos so vividly evident on our planet is the result of humanity’s lack of comprehension of who we are.  We perceive ourselves to be a physical being that did not ask to be born … that will live this one lifetime … that will eventually die.  Those who believe in life after death tend to view it as taking place in either heaven or hell.  These misconceptions about who we are form the basis for all of life’s decisions from the personal level to the planetary level.  At present, our planetary culture is founded on non-truth.  To “Know Thyself” holds the capacity to transform our world.

Who are we?  “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ….’  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:26-27)  To be created in the image of God means that we began our individual journeys as gods.  Jesus quoted Psalm 82:6  when he taught the crowds in Jerusalem, “Is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods?’” (John 10:34)  According to the Cayce Readings, Jesus wrote Psalm 82 during his lifetime as Asaph, the Temple musician.  It is interesting to note that Jesus is responding to an angry crowd who believe problems are solved by violence.  They pick up stones in order to stone Jesus because he recognizes his true identity as a god.  Yet, Jesus responds to their anger by telling them that they, too, are gods.  Jesus reveals that the way to peace is to “Know Thyself” as god.

During the eons of living life as individual entities, we have forgotten who we truly are.  All sorts of non-truths dominate our belief systems.  We have taken the world’s sacred scriptures and interpreted them via the surface words only.  In most of these scriptures, the prevailing allegory for our life’s journey is that of a soldier entering battle under the protective arms of a Warrior God who fights against some warriors, while favoring others.  These misinterpretations have resulted in the non-truths upon which we are basing our present battle plans.

In order to “Know Thyself,” we must seek the Truth about ourselves and our entire human family.  Jesus taught, “You are gods.” We must come to know ourselves as the gods that we are.

One of the most helpful meditative tools I know of is Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “The Divine Self Chart.”

Copies of this chart may be ordered from the Summit Lighthouse.  I encourage you to order a copy and to meditate upon it daily.  Doing so will transform your life!       The Divine Self Chart reveals we are far more than we think.  It depicts the truth about humanity.  We are gods!  We have simply forgotten who we are.  Through the eons of incarnating on planet Earth, our conscious awareness has decreased to such an extent that we believe ourselves to be separated from God … to be solely the physical body we can see and touch … to be powerless.  We have come to believe in lack, deprivation, illness, evil, and death.  We are afraid because we believe ourselves to be helpless victims in the face of evil.  We are willing to resort to violence because we believe in death and therefore, that we must kill before we are killed.  We perceive our world as a dangerous place as a result of believing in death.  In truth, no one can hold the power of death over us.  We experience the loss of life only because we are so limited in our conscious awareness.

Recall the Divine Self Chart … the physical body stands on the physical plane.  For most of us, the physical body, emotions, and intellectual mind are the only parts of ourselves of which we are consciously aware.  This is why we feel so vulnerable to deprivation and harm.  The physical heart is depicted as a threefold flame, reminding us that we are gods.  The heart is the life center; it is this divine spark dwelling within the physical heart that grants us life.

The physical body stands surrounded by a purple flame.  This purple flame can be used to transmute negativity.  When we call to the Flame to remove all negativity from the energy field that surrounds our lower bodies (meaning physical, etheric, emotional, and intellect), we shield ourselves from any harm coming to us.  Like attracts like.  When our energy field is freed of hate, prejudice, resentment, lack of forgiveness, and fear – and – instead filled with love, compassion, and the recognition that we are One Human Family, we attract love not hate … abundance not lack … peace not violence.  We, as gods, assume the responsibility for the type energies we attract to ourselves.  We, as gods, choose and create the qualities that are present within our environment.  In doing so, we attune to the tremendous power dwelling within us.  We use God-power, not human-power.

Recall the stream of light extending upward from the top of our heads to the Christed, or Higher Self.  This bridge of Light is an open channel through which we can make contact with our Intuitive Self … with our Soul … with the part of ourselves that knows the divine plan for this physical incarnation.  This part of ourselves beholds the physical challenges we confront.  The more we attune to our Higher Self, the more intuitive guidance we will receive.  If we listen and obey, we will know when danger to the physical body is present and know how to avoid possible harm.  This is the part of ourselves that knows the Way.  It is the part of ourselves that recognizes soul brothers and sisters, meaning those with whom we have shared many physical incarnations and played a variety of roles.  It is the part of ourselves that will recognize our twin flames when the time for reuniting arrives.  The Higher Self grants access to knowledge that is not available through the intellect; it is the source of inspiration and invention.  Conscious attunement to the Higher Self/Soul allows us to experience life on multi-dimensions.  We come to know that we are not alone on this planet.  Many beings in spirit are present to assist us in transforming our planetary chaos into the Garden of Eden through which we, as gods, entered the physical dimension.  Via attuning to the Higher Self, we—as gods—can receive the inspiration and guidance to develop peaceful solutions to all planetary difficulties.  We—as gods—possess the capacity to solve all problems with compassion and justice for all.

Recall the stream of Light extending upward from the Higher Self to the dove.  This dove signifies the Holy Spirit.  The stream of Light continues to be an open channel through which we can receive instruction from the Holy Spirit.  The Greek word Christed means anointed by the Holy Spirit.  To be anointed by the Holy Spirit is to become enlightened.  We behold life on multi-dimensions … we work cooperatively with those beings inhabiting the higher dimensions.  We have an example of this in Jesus’ transfiguration initiation.  While meditating on a mountain-top (signifying his I AM PRESENCE), Jesus beheld and talked with the Ascended Masters Moses and Elijah.  His disciples (Peter, James, and John) could observe Moses and Elijah discussing Jesus’ forthcoming crucifixion initiation.

Once more, recall the stream of Light extending upward from the dove to our I AM PRESENCE.  The channel of Light remains open and awaits our attunement to the part of ourselves that is the I AM—God individualized as you and me.  Our I AM PRESENCE is the all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent part of ourselves.  Attunement to our I AM PRESENCE allows us to see through the Eye of God … to live our physical plane lives as God manifesting through us.

Attunement to our I AM PRESENCE offers the opportunity to behold our One Human Family from an elevated level of consciousness.  From the perspective of our I AM PRESENCE, divine order is unfolding.  We can perceive the matrix of light enfolding our planet.  As we watch, we can see the pockets of darkness dissipating.  Darkness can suddenly evaporate through a seemingly random event or decision.  The surprising destruction of the Berlin Wall is an example.

Looking at life through the Eye of God affords a depth of understanding that can not otherwise be acquired.  The external appearance of evil can be transformed into Good when viewed from higher dimensions.  From this level, we intuit the overall plan, not just the physical plane appearances.  Thus, the events—regardless of how horrible they may seem on the physical plane—can be the very events that bring our human family together in compassion and peace.  From the level of our I AM PRESENCE, we can intuit how “all things work together for good.” (Romans 8:28)  Attunement to our I AM PRESENCE allows us to so powerfully manifest the Light that all darkness disappears.  Then the One Human Family will “beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war any more; but they shall all sit under their own vines and under their own fig trees, and no one shall make them afraid; for the mouth of [their I AM PRESENCE] has spoken.” (Micah 4:3b-4)

World peace … no more fear … abundance for all … are the fruits of attuning to our I AM PRESENCE and solving all challenges from this level of expanded consciousness.

“Know Thyself” becomes the pathway to peace!


Creativity in a Time of Crisis

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Essayist Ann Taylor Fleming once shared her means of coping with the present planetary crisis.  Instead of focusing on the turmoil, she visits museums of art.  She feasts upon the beauty humankind has created.  Surrounded by the extraordinary, Ann finds hope.  Humanity is capable of creating a world of splendor!

We are all artists.  We all sculpt our world.  Our paint brushes and chisel are the thoughts upon which we dwell.  Our emotions are the paint and fervor with which we create.  Let’s evaluate the quality of the painting or sculpture we are creating during this time of planetary crisis.

Humanity has many terms by which to refer to our Creator God.  Among them are the Divine Mind and creative ethers.  Our every thought is registered in the creative ethers and is felt, at some level, throughout the cosmos.  Thoughts are energy waves.  We literally paint our thoughts on a cosmic canvas.  Then, with our emotional energy, we sculpt them into forms that are visible to the clairvoyant.  These thoughtforms assume the shape of our emotions.  A predominantly fearful emotion will sculpt a form that is jagged and menacing.  We want to escape fear thoughtforms.  Feelings of love will create a soft, flowing energy that is often a shimmering rose pink mingled with glowing white.  We desire to merge, to experience the ecstasy of love thoughtforms.

In times of planetary crisis, humanity tends to cover our planetary canvas with the dark, ugly colors of fear thoughtforms.  Horrifying black thoughtforms of fear, hate, prejudice, and revenge pepper the canvas.  We behold this frightening scene and cry out to our leaders, “Do something … anything!  Make it go away.”  Our leaders, upon whose shoulders humanity attempts to place the responsibility for removing this painting, tend to respond in like manner.  “We must make it go away!”  They, too, react with fear.  Policies are devised based upon panic.  Our freedoms are snatched away.  Since our leaders do not know who can be trusted, all of us are suspect.  We consent to give up our freedoms because we, too, are unable to identify the trustworthy.  The appalling gray paint of fear is splashed thicker and thicker across our planetary canvas.  Our planet dwells in fear … is overcome with fear.  We search in vain for those glowing strokes of rose pink and white that feel so comforting to our exhausted minds.  Our world is spinning out of control.  The more we fear, the more numerous are the frightening events that pierce the fabric of our lives.  For in Truth, we are the artists painting a very scary scenario.  With our thoughts—nourished by the powerful emotions of fear, revenge, and hate—we are creating our world.  We scream, “We must do something!”  But, we know not what to do.  Or do we?

Why not change our brush strokes?  Why not use the lovely rose pink paint instead of the heinous gray?  We are in control of our actions.  We are free to paint the emotion of love rather than that of fear.  Humanity possesses the capacity to paint over the gray of fear with the pink of love.  We can make fear disappear.  Why do we not use our skills to create a more loving environment in which to live and move and have our being?  How can we do so?

1.  The first step is Intention.  We, as a human family, must say, “Enough fear! … Enough revenge! … Enough hate!”  This monstrous gray painting sickens us!   It saps the life force from us!  It begets more fearful events!  Instead, we intend to use strokes of rose pink in painting our canvas.  We intend an environment of love!

The word intention is synonymous with purpose, goal, and design.  To intend is to persist in bringing forth, into physical manifestation, a definitive design or objective.  It means to have a goal and to set out toward it.  We can dream of a loving world; but, in order to have it, we must set out to paint our canvas rose pink mingled with white.  We must pick up a new paint brush … a new chisel … and set out to re-create our world one brush stroke at a time.  To intend involves steady progress forward, while our eyes remain fixed on the goal.

2.   Intention requires the thoughtform of what is to be.  We must consider what a loving world would look like and establish that goal in mind.  When we travel to a specific destination, such as Seattle, we set out toward it with arrival there as our goal.  We would never reach Seattle, if we continually questioned the wisdom of going.  We would never get there if we repeatedly allowed fear, inconvenience, distractions, or mishap to cause us to turn around and return to the seclusion of our homes.  Intention is our motivating force; holding Seattle in mind is our thoughtform of what is to be.

So, what would a loving world look like?  The number one characteristic would be a recognition that humanity is One Family living in One Home—planet Earth.  Our new painting would, therefore, contain black, brown, yellow, red, and white faces scattered across a background of shimmering rose pink and white.  All would reside in an atmosphere of love.  Wherever we behold a pocket of odious gray, we would center our thoughts on that area and ask, “What does this gray area need in order to be transformed into rose pink?”  Once we have determined the root cause for the gray, we would set out to re-create the situation.  For example:  A gray area exists because children have been orphaned and have never known the bliss of a mother’s loving hand caressing them.  They have not experienced the security of a home in which they are cherished for their own individual, unique qualities of personhood.  We convert this gray area into one of love by joining forces with organizations that work to bring about loving change, such as Church World Service, Habitat for Humanity, Waters Edge Ministry, and Child Fund International.

Additional gray areas may be the result of no schools and no work.  There are a growing list of organizations whose goal is to lift the educational and economic status of all our human family.  Opportunity International, Women to Women International, Waters Edge Ministry, and Church World Service are just a few of the many examples.  We can paint these gray areas rose pink by volunteering to work with these organizations, raising money that would allow them to expand their services, and providing publicity for them.  We can travel with the research tours that many organizations offer enabling us to see firsthand the problems that await innovative and loving solutions.

A loving world would include the knowledge that every human being is extremely valuable and has a role to play within the Divine Plan that no other individual can fulfill.  We would work to insure that every child receive the guidance needed to allow him/her to perform his/her role as an integral Part of the Whole Family of God.  We would recognize a child turns to crime and terrorism only when he/she cannot see a better way to be acknowledged for the priceless beings he/she is.  We would use paint strokes of rose pink as we guide every child in weaving his/her distinctive thread into the fabric of a loving world.

Our Creator God fashioned the Earth, then proclaimed that creation to be Good in all its forms.  We use rose pink paint when we remember and take action based on the knowledge that at the core of our being, every human being is Good.  We know this to be Truth because God indwells all of humanity and God is Good.  Thus, when we interact with another human being, we are interacting with a Part of God.  Remembering this Truth, we can begin to paint a loving world by looking behind the facades most of us wear to the Good residing within.  We can learn to tap into that spark of divinity … to magnetize it outward … to relate to the inner being of every person.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to reciprocate genuine love and respect with mischief and indifference.  The more we consistently and sincerely love the inner core of all persons, the more they will learn to trust and to respond with love—even those who demonstrate outwardly all the signs of being completely unlovable.  We come to realize that those who appear unlovable have never experienced unconditional love.  Love overcomes fear.  Love is the transformative energy of the universe.  All else withers and dies in the face of authentic love.

3.   We paint with rose pink as we transform cooperatively our planetary structures and do so with the highest good of all humanity as our goal.  Our Creator God designed a world in which every individual (God) Part of our human Family lives in abundance.  At present the canvas of our planet is covered in sickening gray because we believe there is not enough to go around.  We are desperately afraid that someone or something will take away what we have.  Because we believe in lack, we have instituted all sorts of laws and behaviors that supposedly protect us.  The end result is lack, simply because we used gray paint in formulating human laws.  We lack a sense of security.  We approach life from the stance of:   “I’ve got to do whatever it takes to grab my share before someone else does.”  On very subtle—and not so subtle—levels, every other human being becomes our potential enemy.

We can exchange this repulsive gray paint for the tranquility of the rose pink by learning to approach every facet of our lives with an intention to create structures that bring forth the Good in all of humanity.  We can hasten the journey to our destination of a loving world via giving attention to those persons and organizations that are creating the Good.  At present, we are permitting our world leaders, our entertainment industries, our news media, and even our religious organizations to fixate on the negative.  For every moment we concentrate on the negative, we paint another brush stroke of gray on our planetary canvas.  Why are we so fascinated with the grotesque?  Why do we not dedicate our lives to solving, with love and creativity, the problems of the world?  Have we completely lost touch with the core of our being?

Humankind is Good.  We can create splendid structures that allow all persons to thrive.  We were created with the capacity to walk the path of love … of peace … of justice for all … of plenty … of joy!  Why do we fail to do so?  Why have we stifled these marvelous parts of ourselves in exchange for fear, insecurity, lack, sickness, violence, and death—on both the psychological and physical levels?  What holds us back from reclaiming the richness of our inner being?  What prevents the flow of the creative urges that swell within us?  Why do we accept our world as it is … even grow complacent with a world of gray?  Each one of us possesses the God-given capacity to create a new world for ourselves and our human family.  Why do we paint a gray world when we could, just as easily, paint a world of love and plenty for all?  Why do we forfeit the tremendous power for Good, harbored within each of us, in exchange for that external power that negates the rights of all our human family to thrive in the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey?

It seems we all need to browse through an art museum and to be reminded of the splendor of which humanity is capable.  We all need to recall our true identities as beloved Sons and Daughters of our Mother/Father God.

Why settle for a dreadful world of gray when we can have a heavenly rose pink world of love and peace?  Humanity is capable of establishing heaven on Earth.

Let us join hands and hearts and do so together!