Prime Creator and ONE – Our Predictions for 2015

NOTE BY NANCY:  Be sure to scroll down the page to ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE:  Reagan-Mitterand-Wanta Fund and the Federal Reserve, recently revealed to the American public by Veterans Today.  Also URL to History of NESARA.  Some sites have been created by the cabal to cause confusion by changing the name.  The correct name for NESARA is National Economic Security & Reformation Act.

Prime Creator and ONE – Our Predictions for 2015

Prime Creator
Prime Creator:

I am delighted to speak with you about what we see for all of you in the coming Earth year, for it is an exciting, historic time for all the Cosmos, and your beloved Terra is at the center of it all.

First let me explain to you who I am. There is some confusion in the channeling community about who Father and Mother God are, and what my relationship is to you and to One, the Source of All Things. I will tell you. I have been mostly in the background for the past few years because we wanted to gradually introduce you to the Ascended Masters, the Animal and Elemental Kingdom, and your Galactic brothers and sisters so that you would develop a wider knowledge of your part in the Life of the Universe all around you.

Recently you have been taught by your Lightworkers, including our beloved channel who brings my words now, that you are Masters yourselves – an integral part of the unfolding drama which is the Ascension of Planet Earth. I take a great interest in your well-being and your growth, because I am the one who is the Creator of your Universe which I have called Nebadiah, and all it contains.

Within your Universe, the many galaxies and star systems have been created by me and my twin, Omara, together with the great Masters who also became Creators in their own right. For instance, Ra and Isis (also known as Alcyone and Mother Sekmedt) are the creators of your Milky Way galaxy, with my cooperation and support. Because of our very loving and close relationship, for they are my soul children, they sometimes take the role of Mother and Father God in order to speak with you – with my complete agreement – as the voice of God.

The creation of souls, as well as the creation of the human race, has been our job description, you might say. I am known in the Higher Realms as Ohara, or by the amusing nickname, PC. I am not the only Prime Creator, since there are many Universes, but we are among the oldest of the children of One, whom we all see as our Great Creator, the father of All. One will speak with you as well about his/her vision for All along the present timeline you inhabit.

Predictions for 2015 from Ohara, Prime Creator

Now I will give you some predictions about what you are likely to see on your planet in the coming year, but I would like to include the present season in those predictions, since you will likely read this before the year is done. The first dramatic shift in the way life is lived on Earth will begin in October of 2014 and will continue in quick sequence to revamp the way all social, political, educational, medical and scientific institutions operate.

The first phase will involve the release of billions of dollars of the St. Germain Trust which will be used to pay off all war debts for all countries on the planet. This will release financially strapped countries from the terrible psychological and economic burden of continuing to carry the ravages of war on their balance sheets. The next phase, with help from the Reagan-Mitterand-Wanta Fund will help to pay off the national debt of the U.S., making the already defunct IRS completely unnecessary and obsolete. The Federal Reserve is already being dismantled and sold off to the Chinese, so all economic and legal systems will evolve naturally to be replaced by NESARA.

I will not spend time here to describe in detail what NESARA is, because you can learn all about it on various internet sites. I suggest you learn about the history of this new developing system that will change everything about daily life in the U.S and then across the planet. Nearly two hundred countries have signed on to adopt the new systems as of this writing in mid-October.

As it unfolds in a step-by-step process, many will be astonished by the swift demise of the U.S. Corporation and return to Constitutional law which will emerge into being as if by magic. Of course, it has been many years of behind-the-scenes work by dedicated Lightworkers who will become known to all in the coming months. You have heroes among you, Dear Ones, and their identities will amaze and delight you.

Enormous amounts of money will be available from the St. Germain Trusts to pay off all personal debt, including credit cards, mortgages, car loans and college loans, to free all individuals from the yoke of debt that has enslaved humanity. No one will be excluded from the prosperity packages; our talented hackers (laughter) have already determined the account numbers and names of every bank account in the world, and will be funding all of them. Remote villages and indigenous populations will be reached by special arrangement, to provide for their needs.

The waves of prosperity will wash across the planet like a warm bath, allowing poverty-ridden areas of the globe to be lifted by providing clean water, food and decent lodging for those in need. People from all walks of life will join in this effort, putting their energy and time into the selfless work of helping their fellow man, just because they can. The personal wealth which will result from the currency revaluations will be used with openhearted generosity in creative and original ways, resulting in a dramatic rise in the feelings of trust and camaraderie across borders.

The so-called Ebola pandemic will be stopped in its tracks by the use of two simple and effective treatments – nano silver, developed by Dr. Rima Laibow, and MMS, a solution of chlorine dioxide developed by Jim Humble. Both are effective anti-microbial treatments that will eliminate the U.S. patented disease, which will be exposed as the cabal-inspired false flag “disaster” that was intended to restore the power of those who would benefit from marshall law and greater restrictions on personal freedoms. It will not succeed because of all of you who will help provide the treatments, and because of the reach of your internet information networks.

A second “global threat,” the murderous rampage of ISIS (whose name is designed to cast aspersions on our dear Isis) will also be stopped in its tracks – first by the revelation that it is not a home-grown radical religious group at all, but a psy-ops intrigue, funded and managed by the U.S. CIA, Israeli Mossad and Saudi intelligence factions.

The rabid religious attitudes of some of the group are a product of sophisticated brainwashing techniques and training as assassins. The controllers have preyed on unemployed, desperate young men who were lured into their ranks by the promise of high pay and recognition. Once the funding for these death groups is shut off, (with the demise of the Federal Reserve and similar bankroll operations) the “rebellion” will die a quick death and their Black Ops leaders will be prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity.

During the first six months of the year, you will see dramatic changes in agricultural methods and food production as people shift quickly from a meat-protein diet to organically grown vegetables and fruits. The arrogant GMO companies will be bankrupted by global refusal to use their products, and family farms will make an enormous resurgence as funding becomes available for education and scientific help for farmers who wish to “go organic.”

All the above improvements will be speeded by the development of free energy technology. It will not be necessary to invent or develop new technologies. They are already fully operational, ready to be adapted to single-household or skyscraper-capacity units. The technology itself was used in the destruction which took place on 9/11. See Judy Wood’s carefully researched book, “Where Did the Towers Go?” for the proof that this technology is available just around the corner, in the hidden depths of secret government research centers, beyond the reach of your elected officials. The doors will be broken down and the technologies, originally traded by the Galactic dark ones to your secret cabal, will be released for the good of humanity.

So you see, Dear Ones, the world you will live in one year from now will be unrecognizable to you, even in your fondest dreams. You have made it possible by raising your vibrations to the 5th dimensional levels necessary to accomplish your Ascension. You are already there, and your beloved Mother Terra is lifting you gently into ever higher dimensions as she too heals and rises to become the Paradise Planet which was her promised destiny since her creation.

And now I will turn over this discussion to our Great One, the Source of All Things, The Eternal One, with appreciation for having been given the privilege of bringing this news of triumph and celebration to you.
Predictions for 2015 from ONE:

Thank you, dear Ohara. Yes, I am here to speak with you, our beloved children of Planet Earth, because of the momentous shifts occurring on your planet. You, Beloved Ones, who had so long thought of yourselves as alone in the Universe, are now learning just how much company you really have in this teeming cosmos. You have learned to listen to the voices of your trees; you see the loving gestures of the cetaceans who have cared for you over the eons, and you feel a sense of connection and community with one another across the planet as you have never done before.

Differences melt away in the high vibration of the energies I am sending you to lift you out of the heavy 3rd dimension, to the new configuration as crystalline bodies which will allow you to thrive in higher dimensions. We send you these Love vibrations with great pleasure and joy, watching your individual responses with interest. Some of you complain and hold your heads with puzzlement as your brain throbs with the high vibrations. Others have become accustomed enough to shrug and move on to your daily meditations, searching for new sensations to ponder and absorb. This is a good policy, because the roller-coaster effects of these high energies will continue into the new year, as your beloved Terra lifts herself every higher.

The coming year will be one of new adventures, new friends, expanding expectations, and an evolving, changing inner experience of yourselves. The You you thought you were is already opening, like the lotus flower you are fond of using as your illustration of growth and blossoming. So too will you grow in new and exciting ways. You are learning to take command of every thought, feeling and action, to reach deeply into your once-hidden unconscious mind to uncover all secrets, renovate all dark corners, and celebrate as you do so.

The coming year will bring a new attitude in all the minds and hearts of humankind, in which you will at last truly learn the meaning of forgiveness and unconditional Love. Most of you have applied these understandings in an old way – by forcing yourselves to accept things you did not like or which gave you pain, because you did not want to object and seem “judgmental.” Well, Beloveds, you are now ready for a new level of discernment in which you can stand by your principles while seeing that THIS IS the most loving approach to life.

When you refuse to accept uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions, you are raising the bar, inviting others to join you in a higher vibration. Being unconditional in your love does not mean you approve or condone destructive or mean behavior. It means that you know the difference, you do not partake in the destruction yourself – either as accomplice or victim – and that you SEND the energies of unconditional love to the offender, from a safe distance.

I do not ask you, Beloved Ones, to sacrifice yourselves in the name of Love. Never would I ask you to remain in a relationship or a partnership that causes you pain or suffering. This is not my way. The struggles and unpleasantness on the planet are the result of lingering dark thought forms, the remnants of thousands of years of teachings from the dark ones who have controlled you psychologically, physically and economically. This time is done.

All contracts which bound you to living a life amongst the dark ones have been fulfilled. No karma, no past lives, no agreements having to do with your lifetime here require ANY gratuitous or unrequested suffering. Your guides and angels will be working hard to insure that no difficulties other than those you have specifically requested for your own growth be allowed to enter your lives. This means that any difficulty you encounter in your lives in the coming year is designed to your own specifications to help you resolve a bit of remaining stuckness. Your Higher Self is working with your Guides to provide those lessons now, as gently and effectively as possible.

The adventure you have chosen – to raise yourselves within the space of one lifetime – is unprecedented in the history of this Universe or any other. Your beloved Sananda is with you every step, as are your other loving Ascended Masters, many of whom you have learned to love and relate to with great closeness.

We are offering you every possible assistance now, but there is still an element of this process that many of you have not yet fully grasped. YOU MUST DO THE WORK of delving deeply – Deep-Self Diving, as Ohara has called it, if you are to shake off the deeply ingrained shadows of belief, opinion, conviction, and attitude that were bequeathed to you by the dark ones.

You see, this will be The Year of Revelation in every way, but for each of you the most crucial element of those revelations will be the ones between you and yourself, and between you and me. We are one, you and I, and I am Pure Love. It is your destiny to grow, day by day, to reach the place within yourself where you too are Pure Love, and to live there, every moment of every day.

I embrace you, I breathe the breath of Love into your being. You are my Beloved, and I am yours. We will never be parted, for I will remain in love with you no matter where you go or what you do. I welcome your love, but even if you forget me or ignore my presence, I continue to love you without end. Our joyful experience of Unity depends only upon your acceptance of our Pure Love. Turn to me, Beloved One, and we will bask in endless Light together. We are One.

I am yours eternally,

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 16, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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ONE: Pennies From Heaven



Pennies from heaven

Dearest Ones, you know, every time it rains, it rains pennies from Heaven. Don’t you know each cloud contains pennies from Heaven? Yes, many of you remember that lovable song, an old standard, as you might call it. The song is true. Do you know what it means? Let me tell you.

Your lives are filled with events that could be seen as terrible, or they could be seen as an inconvenience, or they could be seen as just a part of the bigger picture. The song tells the truth of how Earth’s weather interacts with humans, how it interacts with Nature, and it encourages you to consider that, globally speaking, it is really a good thing when it rains, because it allows for wonderful things to follow.

Now about the pennies. We were whispering in the ear of the songwriter with that one. We wanted everyone to understand that prosperity on the planet is as intertwined with one’s attitudes and feelings as the weather is. Yes, indeed, all events on the Earth are affected by your internal weather. If you are glum, frustrated and discouraged, you will not prosper. You will look for unpleasant things to happen, and the unpleasant things will be drawn to you energetically. If you are pessimistic – which many of you would inaccurately call “realistic” or “practical” – you will see the world in a negative way, and your world will be unpleasant. You will not be prepared to see goodness when it presents itself, because you will be too busy hiding from danger and “protecting” yourself.

Now, we suggest to you: Make sure that your umbrella is upside down! If you are protecting yourself from what comes to you from above, you will miss your share of “pennies.” You will be so busy avoiding the rain showers you will completely miss the fun. Besides, a little rain is a very exhilarating thing if you shake yourself out of the popular notion that rain spoils things. It doesn’t. It fills the rivers and lakes and streams with life-giving water. It provides sustenance to every plant on the planet, including your food plants and the grazing animals who eat them.

Come out from under your umbrella, Dear Ones! Revel in the cleansing, refreshing rain. It is a gift to you, to provide the food and water and beautiful scenery that enriches and sustains all life on Terra. In the back of your mind you know this, but still you persist in copying the mindless chatter of the weather people on your television, who talk about rain as if it were a tragedy of life. Does no one own a nice raincoat and rain hat?

Now, about the pennies part. Can you imagine how long ago we devised the plan you are seeing unfold now? It began when the dark ones invented ways to enslave others, but of course it really goes all the way back, in essence, to the beginning of the creation of the dark ones themselves. We have always provided Light to counteract the effect of the dark, but you have not always paid attention or really availed yourself of our help. We have had to remind you constantly that we are here, we are providing for you in many ways you cannot possibly anticipate or understand at this moment, but we are.

We are most interested in your soul growth. It is this you get the most help with. We are dedicated to helping you experience the things you came here to feel and learn. This is paramount in our eyes, and if you were not behind the Veil, you would congratulate us on how intricately we manage to create the scenarios that will offer you perfect opportunities for growth. Perhaps one of those would be the opportunity to experience poverty, or even starvation. Think of what an expansion of awareness that will provide as a basis for future incarnations! Perhaps you wish to experience verbal or physical abuse, to build into your consciousness the awareness of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of cruelty. There is no better way to develop great empathy.

Yes, my Beloved Children, I am asking you to turn everything upside down, to look at all the things you have considered as negative, and convert them into blessings. Now I have a difficult one for you. What good can you find in the suffering you see when your beloved Mother Terra is poisoned with toxic chemicals, or when an engineered drought causes death to massive numbers of animals and plants? How will you manage to make peace with this, especially given that much of it has been caused by the dark ones who deliberately spread death and destruction?

Let us look together at this age-old problem, for as you can imagine, it is one I have looked at from every possible angle. First of all, the dark ones sprang up out of the creativity and good intentions of my Creator children, as one of the quadrillions of possibilities we have unleashed in the process of giving free rein to all they found compelling and interesting. You see, I have not controlled every detail of Creation. I have created the Universal Laws within which all comes into fruition, and there are parameters beyond which none can go, but within that range, the potential is infinite for every kind of experience you can imagine. This is as it should be.

Now, given that it is every soul’s drive to investigate and experience all things, and given that it is not possible for one soul to ever experience All That Is, could you not consider this the most magical playground, or the most unbelievably fascinating wonderland anyone could possibly desire? Yes, I am asking you to lump all of it together, warts, mud puddles, birth, death and everything in between, for it is all part of the magnificent culture within which to grow and from which you will learn to express greatness.

Your Mother Terra is one of you as well. She is a powerful and resilient soul, a facet of my Light and a beacon of Love in her own right. This experience of having to struggle against the destruction that has been wrought on her surface and within her body has required her to reach into the depths of her heart, to connect ever more deeply with me, and to call on her brothers and sisters to help her steady herself, heal over and over again from explosions, drilling, poisoning, burning and depleting of the rich resources she continues to provide as your abundant and welcoming source of life.

Over these eons, she has had to exercise forgiveness, patience and forbearance, and still, when it became clear that she could not continue even a few years longer to sustain the level of intense healing she had to accomplish, still, she has always pleaded for the protection and survival of her beloved human children who have been in her care for so long. Even for her, the challenge of having to stay in her heart, to love without end, to nurture and care for you without question has elevated her, by the strength of her own great Heart, to higher and higher levels.

This drive to care, to love and to bring Light and comfort to her charges has raised her up, making her own ascension inevitable. She has calmly maintained her equilibrium in spite of the dangers to her own survival as an incarnated entity. She could have chosen to transition out of the planet/body she inhabits, just as you do. It is an option for an ailing planet, just as it is for a human being, but she fought on, offering all she could to sustain the ecosystem which is to her what your own bodies are to you.

She called on us for help when she knew she could no longer carry on, but she did not want to take the measures that would have insured her survival. She could have shaken off all the offending beings, the way a dog shakes water off its back, with cleansing storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the pole shift that is due for her now. Instead, she decided to slow her own ascension enough to give her human children the opportunity to awaken and complete the Great Plan with her. Help from the Galactic community came from every quarter, and continues to provide assistance which has allowed her to survive, and you with her.

Many on the surface of Terra have seen the devastation and have begun to feel the pain of their dear Mother. Their prayers and focused meditations to provide energetic help for her have increased daily, shifting the balance, creating waves of loving energy to nurture and support her. What a difference it is, to see the colorful, expanding, undulating ripples of Love and Light flowing across her body, offered to her in gratitude for her unwavering service. It has tipped the balance, Beloved Ones, and it is far more complex than you can imagine.

The balance of which I speak involves the overcoming of all dark energies, and the expansion of Light across the entire planet. The effect is to weaken any dark person, project or thoughtform and to increase the power of the Light Ones exponentially. Now, every organized meditation, every concerted effort to send healing energy to Terra and to each other raises the potential for the quickening of the unfolding of all the blessings, material and spiritual, which have been promised you, and the pennies are just the beginning.

Look how this impending disaster, as devastating as it has been for many, has brought forth the best of what Terra, the Galactics and humankind can offer. Loving as you do, even now at the eleventh hour, has lifted you from the depths of the third dimension, and once you began moving, you have felt the inevitable excitement that there is more yet for you to experience! With each ripple of exhilaration and hope comes another step up the ladder of ascension. This is the way the Universe works, Dear Ones. Love really does make the world go ’round!

You are in motion. You can feel it, can you not? Everything is changing. Do you know what everything means in the scope of the Multiverse? You have glimpsed only a tiny fragment of the wondrous movement occurring all around you in the Heavens. You will soon have access to greater understanding of the enormous expansion of Love energy you are helping to bring about. We look forward to the look of wonder you will have on your beautiful faces when you learn just how Cosmic is the stage you are acting upon.

We have enormous love and respect for you, and by we, I mean the infinite numbers of beings who are helping, observing and learning from your steep upward curve which began in earnest around December, 2012. In cosmic terms, Beloved Ones, this is lightening speed! You experience yourselves like Sisyphus, pushing the boulder uphill, and you are behind the boulder, so you don’t see that you are just a millimeter, just one more nudge, from the tipping point that will bring the most “sudden” and exciting shift you have never imagined. Who will be the one who will execute that last nudge? You all will, for no one being ever acts alone.

I see your marvelous successes at clearing away your inner shadows, as we have been instructing you to do over these past months. You have studied well, with determination and honor, and you have continued along your path, one step after another, becoming more and more aware of each other as you climb, your higher dimensional group consciousness forming and growing like a golden network between and among you. With every step you come closer to me, as I await with open arms to embrace you.

Feel my presence around you, my Dear Ones, and know that only Love flows down upon you now. Open your hearts and your minds without fear, for there is nothing that can stop you now.

I love you without end.

Bing Crosby – Pennies From Heaven (1936)

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 3, 11pm, New York

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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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ONE Love – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

ONE Love


This is One.

On this historic day, approaching the September, 2014 equinox on Planet Earth, I am going to give you a written message to follow up on the personal talk we had on Wednesday, Sept. 17 on BlogTalkRadio.* You have now heard my spoken words through this channel, and today, a message you can copy and keep on your bedside table to remind you that I am always with you.

My heart is brimming over with Love for all of you, my precious children of Planet Earth. I will tell you how I see you so that you can learn to see yourselves as I do. When I look at you, which I take great pleasure in doing, I see you in a way that you might call multi-layered. Of course I see your bodies, your physical systems moving and pumping, as you are used to seeing with your X-rays and MRI machines, but I see it all, in real time, as you call it. I know you inside out, you might say. This is of interest to me because I was the One who supervised your creation and your evolution into the bodies you now inhabit.

But your bodies are not what interests me most. It is the intricate connection you are working to achieve between body, mind, soul and spirit that I wish to help you with today. Let me explain. In the category of body, I include your brain, the handy computer where you store your fund of knowledge. Your mind is not in your brain, but is your personal connection to the great wisdom of the Universe, including the Akashic Record which is the stored knowledge of all the soul paths of all who have ever incarnated on Earth.

Your soul as I refer to it today is, of course, that part of your Greater Soul which has been dedicated to inhabit this body for this lifetime. You might think of it as the ray of your Greater Soul that shines always into the body, an active partner whose deepest connections flow through your Higher Self – the intermediary between your Greater Soul and you, here on the ground, and on through higher dimensions, directly to me.

Your Greater Soul is a convenient name, but not a clear description of what I think of as your Spirit. You see, your Spirit is the energy, the original entity that is You. It is the entirety of your soul energy, which may be divided, allotted to enter into various bodies over time, in a fluid ebb and flow which allows you to be present in many incarnations, in many locations and timelines, simultaneously or sequentially. This energy, the element from which your spirit is created is Me. This is why we say that you are all One with your Source – because you are indeed an emanation of my substance.

Now do you believe me when I say WE ARE ONE? You, Beloved Ones, are a part of me in an even more profound way than you are a part of your parents. Your parents only contribute their DNA to form your physical body, where I contribute the Light energy which forms your soul.

Now I will tell you of my great hopes and plans for all of humankind, and especially for those of you incarnated on Earth at this time. The Ascended Masters whom we call The Company of Heaven are what you might term my right-hand team, the great spirits who have dedicated themselves to assisting at this time with the Ascension of Planet Earth. They have other interests and sometimes other duties across the Multiverse, but their special concentration has been to assist you and me, the one you call Prime Creator, and of course each other, in manifesting The Great Plan.

You are familiar by now with what we mean by The Great Plan, are you not? Let me be specific. Your beloved Terra, and the Solar System which is your home, was created especially for the purpose of helping us to manage, control, and eventually rehabilitate the dark ones you know only too well. Humankind was also part of that plan, to mingle with and influence those dark ones who had separated from me and from all Creation. You see, what has come to be called the Lucifer Project was a relatively recent response, not the cause of the problem of dark invaders, which Creator explained to you in his/her previous message, “How Our Universe Began, and The Invasion from Omarrhan.”

We are now at a crucial turning point in the Great Plan. It is an exhilarating time, a time of hope and celebration in the Higher Realms, and soon it will be a multi-dimensional, multi-species event which will encompass all who inhabit our great Multiverse. You are at the center of the action, Dearest Ones, because you are the spark that has ignited the transition from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional experience on Terra.

Many of you have already experienced the shift in mind and soul, as your channel has done in recent years. You are now prepared for the next phase of your evolution, which for many of you is well underway. That is the transition from the lower dimensional carbon base to crystalline-based physical bodies. You have felt the rising energies as your planet travels through the great photon belt which is there for the purpose of acting upon your entire make-up. For some it is acting on the physical body first. For those who have been “asleep” – that is, oblivious to their spiritual presence and need for connection with me – it will be the first symptoms of change.

For those of you reading these messages, it is probably not a surprise to learn that you are undergoing a complete change spiritually, mentally and physically. The part of the news that is more recently being brought to you in detail is the knowledge of your place as the carriers of Light who will soon be taken to your well-earned position as teachers and guides for all the Multiverse. Your experience of living with the dark ones, striving to maintain your balance and your connection to the Light in spite of the Veil has given you the status of experts in managing yourselves in spite of the difficulties you have faced.

Of course there have been those who lost their way, who were seduced into believing in the dark teachings. The wondrous thing is how many of you were able to maintain a connection to your hearts in spite of the most difficult set-up, your voluntary blindness. These conditions – having been given free will behind the Veil – were the greatest test, and the most comprehensive challenge possible, and yet so many of you have kept your balance, remained in service to your fellow man, and sustained a sense of genuine Love toward yourselves and your planet. It has not been easy, and to you there on the ground, it may seem a rather strange notion, that you truly volunteered for this, but I assure you, you helped to design it, and it has succeeded.

Let me tell you why we developed the Great Plan in this way, and why we see it, finally, as a great success. I use the term “we” for two reasons. First, because I feel myself to be a Unity of energies which cannot be correctly described as I, or the simple number, one. I am known as One because of the cohesiveness of my connection to All That Is – all of you and all the Multiverses encompass what you would call “me.” That is difficult to grasp for you, I understand. You will see more and more of the bigger picture as you raise yourselves to higher dimensions. Secondly, I did not do this as an arbitrary or unilaterally imposed plan. I always consult with my children who are affected by the decisions to be made, and often they are able to offer unique and interesting ways of approaching the things we are to create.

The Great Plan, as we are calling it, was to encompass All That Is, and it has many facets. There are no time limits or restrictions to the Plan, rather, it is an open-ended Vision of what is possible and desirable for the Multiverse. You might say that humanity and Planet Earth are a primary cog in the wheel of change in this part of the cosmos. As you have been taught, every flicker of Light, every movement of a being of consciousness ripples throughout the Multiverse.

As your scientists have discovered, the Universe is expanding. I can tell you now, I am the Big Bang, or I should say, my energies created the Big Bang, and things have been expanding ever since. The basic Plan also calls for trillions and trillions of heavenly bodies, or planets, stars, asteroids, comets, gaseous bodies, races of beings and so on, inter-reacting in a constant and never ending waltz. It gives me great pleasure to see the Love between the beautiful beings I see as my children, and seeing them acting on their own volition, creating new and exciting experiences through their own interactions.

It is a magnificent tapestry, one I could not begin to describe accurately to you, but I will try as much as I can. I hide nothing from my beloved humankind, but I have relied on the intermediaries who are your Ascended Masters to teach you the things that relate to your life on the surface of Terra. Now you are entering a phase that will put you directly into relationship with the rest of your Universe.

First, you will become aware of your changing position in your galaxy. As you know, you are now on the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Your solar system, with the addition of Maldek, who will be joining you in the position between Earth and Mars, will move first to the center of your galaxy, and then to the center of your Universe and eventually to the center of the Multiverse. When I say eventually, I do not mean billions of years. These changes will occur more quickly than the process of Creation, because it involves only the shifting of positions, something like the movement of pieces on a chessboard. It is not a difficult task for me to accomplish, but it did require that all the pieces be in place, you might say.

The pivotal piece in this Plan was for you to accomplish the energetic shift from darkness to Light on your planet, and therefore in your solar system. The “defeat” of the dark ones does not involve a defeat in 3 dimensional terms. It means convincing all the beings on Earth that Love is the only Truth, and that everything else is illusion. For instance, murder is not real, because only the body dies. Poverty is not real, because Earth is tremendously abundant; it is only greed that prevents the fair distribution of her resources. Human feelings of anger, depression, jealousy and anxiety (the dark spectrum) are not real, because they are based entirely upon a misunderstanding of the truths behind why you are here and who you really are.

Once you accept how powerful you are and how completely you are loved, the dark feelings melt away, do they not? They only thrive in the psychological atmosphere of want, lack of love, and the anger that results from having felt those things. Anger, even in response to poverty, hunger and illness, ignores the higher level truth that even if you were to starve to death or die of cancer, you will immediately resume your place beside your beloved ancestors and guides in a glorious and joyful Homecoming.

Now, the conclusion of these apparently separate Truths: All is well, Beloved Ones, all is evolving as it was planned. Your planet is rising in vibration, and you are making the mighty effort to rise with her. You are beginning to see that you are indeed your brothers’ keeper, and that it is up to you to help awaken the sleeping ones, even if they do growl and roll over to go back to sleep. Why should you care if they approve of your great Love for me or not? If you understand how much I truly love you, it would not matter to you if any other human being on the planet sees your worth or agrees with you, for the energy of my love is enough to sustain you in joy for eternity. You require nothing more to heal and to thrive as a soul. Of course it is exciting and fun to have the company of your fellow travelers, but it is not necessary, not at all. We have each other.

It is the foundation of the Great Plan, you see, that every living being is capable of sustaining themselves in the Light of my great Love. Above and beyond that, you have the close and constant care of your guides and Masters, who adore you beyond measure, in addition to my love. You see? If you are able to awaken a few of your friends and neighbors, you will be awakening them to join the greatest celebration ever devised – the Ascension of humankind. Look at it this way: If you were asleep and the band was playing, all the world was dancing and singing and embracing one another, would you want your friends to leave you sleeping through it? It would be worse than sleeping through your own wedding, your long-anticipated graduation and your surprise birthday party all at once.

Take your place next to me, as your dear planet will be doing soon, Beloved Children of my Heart. Have no fear, for it is the illusion of darkness, remember? As you evolve onward (to the Center of the Universe) and upward (to higher dimensions) at the same time, shout the news and join the march! Send my message, instilled with unending Love, to the ones you care for, whether you know them or not, for you are the teachers and guides who will be instructing the rest of the Multiverse in the lessons you have learned here on Terra.

Take notes! Tell your story! Join in the making of the cosmic revolution that is the source of the many kinds of revolution you see happening on your planet right now. The forays into darkness and violence are not an accident, they are laying the groundwork for all of you to turn away, once and for all, from violence, greed and selfishness. Notice that this week, nearly every incidence of domestic violence goes viral, and the perpetrators are left in disgrace? This is not because violence is on the rise. It is because you no longer look away, in the belief that it is inevitable, or none of your business. Feel your reactions! You are more intolerant of abuse and more tolerant of individual uniqueness than ever before.

You will now begin the adventure of being the shepherds of the flocks of other humans who have been unaware of the dramatic changes taking place all around them, the animals who are ready to move into the new world, and the beautiful Mother Terra who has sustained and nurtured you faithfully through all. You, Dear Ones, are the leaders of the New Golden Age. I embrace you, I honor you, and I love you without end.



Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 20, 2014, New York
Kathryn E. May, PsyD
60 Lower 27 Knolls Road
High Falls, New York, NY 12440

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Channel Panel with Dr. Kathryn May, Meg Davis and ONE!!!!

Channel Panel with Dr. Kathryn May, Meg Davis and ONE!!!!