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Zodiac Sun Signs & Cell Salts

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Excerpts taken from Omar Garrison’s Medical Astrology

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Western societies, particularly American, are extremely money oriented. I can think of no area of life that does not focus on money, in one way or another. Americans are constantly subjected to marketing mind control. Merchandise of all sizes—from a home to a watch—was, decades ago, constructed to last for long periods. Now, this same merchandise is deliberately constructed to wear out or break soon after purchasing, necessitating a new purchase.

Some of the most sinister mind control techniques are daily used to deliberately create an obese, sick society. Following the money trail, who profits from obesity and illness? Certainly not individual Americans!

The Diet Industry in America is a $40 Billion a year business. (

In order to get people to go on a weight loss diet, they must first be fattened up. Marketing techniques are geared to convince people that substances they call food are just what we need for a variety of reasons. This food may include all kinds of substances to give it a long shelf-life and a multitude of additional non-essential ingredients, such as adding several liquids then having to add a variety of gums to thicken the liquids. Many foods actually have very little, if any, nutritional value; but will cause weight gain. A body that is fed mostly low nutritional food will remain hungry and crave more of the same foods. America has suffered an obesity epidemic for years and the Diet Industry has thrived!

As a result of Americans’ obesity, the Diet Industry makes billions each year. That’s just one money trail … there are others! Poor nutrition results in multiple physical illnesses.

Ah, there’s three more money trails: the pharmaceutical trail … the allopathic medical trail … and the health insurance trail!

Illnesses must be treated with drugs … or, so Americans are told daily via TV advertisements blaring the need for one pharmaceutical miracle cure after the other. Of course all of these allopathic drugs have side effects. That’s normal and to be expected, we are told. After all, how can a drug mask or suppress a bodily symptom of dis-ease without interfering with the normal functions of other processes within the body? Look at the money trail … we take one drug, which then creates the necessity of additional drugs. We must have a doctor’s diagnosis and prescription in order to purchase the drug needed to suppress/mask the symptoms of the side effects the first drug’s side effects caused. We have to pay the doctor for a diagnosis and the pharmacy for the drug. This can be very expensive, so we carry health insurance to cover the cost of medical needs.

As we discover the money trails, we are sadly reminded of just how enslaved—by mind control—Americans are. As we climb the obesity mountain, consider the rocks we encounter along the trail.

rocky trail

Foods manipulated and processed to reduce or eliminate any nutritional value. These foods are most often cheaper than nutritious foods. Thus, many are forced to eat them due to lack of money.

Due to lack of nutritious foods, many eat and gain weight, while still feeling hungry … so they eat some more.

Weight gain results in a variety of physical ailments that demand medical attention.

Allopathic doctors are trained to prescribe allopathic drugs that will suppress the symptoms, not cure them.

Allopathic drugs have side effects, many of which can be very serious.  Hence, more drugs are needed to mask the new symptoms.

Americans are taught that this is normal, by the manipulative statements within the advertisement, such as “be sure to tell your doctor about all the prescriptions you are taking” – translated as – “it is normal to be taking any number of allopathic drugs.”

Translated, “it is normal for your doctor to have no record of your drug history.”

Translated, “it is normal for your doctor to forget to ask for your medical history—he doesn’t have time.” Time = money.


The sicker Americans are, the more money we—the pharmaceutical, medical, and insurance industries—make!


I am aware that many in the medical profession sincerely want to help people.

The system of enslavement that has been firmly established in America is deliberately created to make perceiving the bigger picture next to impossible.


 With the above information in mind, I suggest taking responsibility for ensuring your own good health. The internet is an excellent resource for gaining information about natural health maintenance and healing information. During this ascension to higher consciousness transition period, it can be confusing to know exactly which symptoms are actual physical symptoms and which are temporary ascension symptoms. Our bodies are becoming crystalline, which also means changes are taking place regarding our DNA. If symptoms continue over a period of time, they are most likely actual physical symptoms. Ascension symptoms will be here one day or week and gone the next.

I have used good nutrition as my health insurance all my life. Although my state jobs included health insurance, I used mine on only one occasion for myself and that was for a cosmetic reason. Medicare was automatic when I turned 65, but I have never used it and have no intention of doing so. Even though there have been times in my life when I had very little to eat, I knew what to eat and never got sick. As a 77 year old, in excellent health, I am living proof that good nutrition can be our health insurance.

One way to ensure good nutrition is to know the cell salt for your zodiac Sun Sign and the foods that supply it most abundantly. Ensuring that you get your cell salt on a regular basis through the food you eat will allow your body to assimilate it well.

My intuitive feeling is that regularly getting adequate amounts of your cell salt through your food is also one of the best means to avoid being overweight. I also suggest eating for good health, not simply because you like it. Also don’t refuse to eat an item of food containing your cell salt because you don’t like it. Instead, strive to develop a taste for that food. Remember you are eating for your own good health! Always listen to your body. It will let you know its needs.

I offer the following information in hopes each reader will incorporate your own cell salt foods, and that of your family’s, into your regular meal planning.

***If you know your Ascendant Sign, I would also be sure to include foods that supply that sign’s cell salt. I find that my Ascendant’s Sign is also very relevant to my physical well-being.***

CAUTION: Research regarding the benefits of specific foods and oils is ongoing, so varying information may occur. What doesn’t change is your Zodiac Sun Sign Cell Salt. I recommend staying current with what Natural Health Practitioners are saying regarding specific foods. The internet offers plentiful information. For example: vegetable oils were once considered safe. Modern researchers do not agree.




ARIES – Date of birth falls between March 21 – April 19 Aries2


Your cell salt – potassium phosphate. The foods you need to eat on a regular basis are: beets, celery, lettuce, cauliflower, watercress, spinach, onion, mustard [I suspect the author meant mustard greens here since he is listing foods, not condiments], radishes, carrots, cucumber, dates, apples, walnuts, and lemons.

You need to include an adequate amount of organic iron and muscle-building proteins, found in legumes and lean meat. Avoid a diet too heavy in fats. Although digestive troubles are not common to Aries, there is a more than an even chance that your body will be deficient in your cell salt, potassium phosphate, which is needed because it helps to rebuild brain cells and nerve tissue and to restore some of the mental vigor so prodigally expended by Arians.

A deficiency of your cell salt will result in irritability, headaches, nervous dyspepsia, and a general feeling of exhaustion. Aries has a predisposition towards strokes.


 TAURUS – Date of birth falls between April 20 – May 20 Taurus


Your cell salt – Sulphate of soda, is needed to control the amount of water retained by your body. A deficiency of this cell salt will result in swelling of tissues owing to accumulation of water in the body.

The foods you need to eat regularly are: spinach, beets, Swiss chard, cucumbers, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, pumpkin, and radishes. Vitamins A and E are important to your overall health, especially after the age of 45.

Be sure your diet provides an adequate supply of iodine to ensure proper functioning of your thyroid gland, thus preventing goiter, to which Taureans are sometimes prone. Best sources of iodine are: most salt water fish and sea food, and iodized salt – [Too much table salt can lead to physical problems. Seaweed is an excellent source of iodine; however sugar is usually added to seaweed products so be alert to how much you eat. The best seaweed chips—meaning that they contain the most seaweed–I’ve found are:]

Taureans may have a deep-seated fear of disease and are very susceptible to negative suggestions regarding your health, often preferring to believe the worst about your condition. You may need to cultivate a more optimistic outlook, bearing in mind that Taureans usually exhibit a formidable resistance to most diseases.

The health problems you are most likely to encounter are: throat infections, diseases involving the larynx, neck, ears, sex glands, diphtheria, goiter, quinsy, asthma, sinusitis, and disabilities stemming from over indulgence in rich foods. Common complaints, such as colds and sore throats, may prove more serious for you than most because they affect the areas of your greatest sensitivity and weakness. For that reason, you should not neglect early treatment.

As a Taurean, the most important thing for you to remember is to never treat lightly an infection of the throat or of the trachea. Such a condition could become chronic.

Getting adequate physical exercise is of utmost importance for Taurus, if you are to avoid circulatory problems which plague those Taureans who lead sedentary lives.

Most of the health problems commonly associated with Taurus can be prevented or corrected by proper diet. Your natural fondness for starchy foods, sweets, and pastries may give you an early start on overweight, a trend you’ll find difficult to reverse in middle age.


 GEMINI – Date of birth falls between May 22 – June 21



Your cell salt – Potassium Chloride    Be sure your diet includes foods that will nourish exhausted nerves, increase vitality, and regulate fibrin [a fibrous, non-globular protein involved in the clotting of blood] in the blood.   This means you should favor a protein diet that includes lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, and soybeans.

Almost without exception, Geminians seem to be constantly wide-awake and mentally in overdrive. The outpouring of nervous energy and the ever-shifting focus of your attention stems from a finely balanced sensitivity, which in the esoteric astrology of India is described by a term which means open to knowing. This incessant state of super-awareness is understandably very exhausting to the nervous system. For that reason, Gemini requires more sleep than the average person, as well as daily outdoor exercise to stimulate circulation and to strengthen the lungs (one of the potentially weak parts of the Geminian physique).

Geminians are often careless about their health and for that reason, more tubercular patients are Gemini than any of the other 11 zodiac signs. Other diseases to which Geminians are more than ordinarily susceptible include: bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, neuritis, sluggish liver, abcesses in the lungs, skin ailments, and mental disorders.

Many of your health problems have their origin in the mental depression which results when you are suppressed in your desire for intellectual expression, or subjected to the monotony of unchanging daily routine. Gemini should seek employment which will provide variety and frequent change of scene. Change is as necessary for Gemini as the air he/she breathes. You need adequate sunshine, rest, plenty of light and air, and a constantly revolving landscape—mental as well as physical.

Calcium foods are also especially important for Geminians, because calcium helps to calm jumpy nerves. Yogurt, milk, turnip greens, and kale are common sources of this mineral. If it appears you are not assimilating enough calcium [Unsweetened Silk Coconut milk has 50% more calcium than diary milk and is a good source of vitamin D—needed to help absorption of calcium.]

Your cell salt is provided by these foods: green beans, asparagus, beets, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn, celery, apricots, peaches, plums, and pineapple.


 CANCER – Date of birth falls between June 22 – July 21 cancer

Cancer1Your cell salt – Calcium fluoride (also called Fluoride of lime)   There can be a tendency to overeat, particularly rich pastries. Mental and/or emotional stress can trigger an eating binge. The stomach and alimentary system are the weakest parts of your physical make-up. Don’t overtax them.

Avoid an over-abundance of sugar, starchy foods, and fat in your diet. Many Cancerians began to put on weight fairly early in life – a predisposition that often leads to an imbalance in the essential metabolism of the body, as well as to edema (swelling of the tissues due to water retention).

Your basic diet should lean heavily toward proteins, and should include a certain amount of seafood to ensure an adequate intake of iodine. In addition you require a variety of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. The following foods are the best sources of your Cancerian cell salt: milk, cheese or yogurt, kale, watercress, savoy and red cabbage, pumpkin, onions, oranges, lemons, egg yolks, raisins, and rye bread.

Be sure to include foods that supply Vitamin E and the B-complex.

A deficiency of calcium fluoride can cause varicose veins, prolapsed muscles, tooth decay, and weakened eyesight.

For an excellent noonday sandwich for Cancerians who are on a weight-reducing diet, mix finely grated onion with cottage cheese, sprinkle with celery seed, and spread on a piece of rye bread or rye wafer.

The typical Cancerian rarely finds the private world of his/her own making a satisfactory one. The result is inner conflict and unfounded suspicions, which cause tension and the physical disorders brought on by tension: nervous indigestion, ulcers, gastritis, stomach disorders, and poor elimination. Cancerians may need to develop trust instead of worry and apprehension; optimism and cheerfulness instead of grudges; a spirit of forgiveness.

Being creative has a direct positive effect on Cancerian’s health. Lunar cycles are likely to have noticeable physical impact on Cancer.

Cancerians may tend to drown their emotions in overindulgence.

Cancerians are very susceptible to psychic influences. [Thus, a part of your mental and/or emotional stress may come from your environment and not actually relate to you.]


LEO – Birth date falls between July 22 – August 21 Leo symbol


Your cell salt – magnesium phosphate   Leo should adopt a nutritional regimen which is high in protein and fairly low in sugar and starches.

Leo is predisposed to heart disease and related disorders, it is prudent to avoid contributing factors such as overweight, stress, and improper diet. [The heart is the chakra of Love … exercising it thru loving acts is beneficial.]

Signals that you need to improve your living habits include shortness of breath, a sharp, short pain under the breastbone, dizziness, or nausea.

The principal diseases of Leo are ailments related to the heart and its function. They include among others: arteriosclerosis and degenerative heart disease, angina pectoris, carditis, aneurysms, and tachycardia. Leos may experience brief illnesses characterized by high fever; or be plagued with back pains, spinal troubles, and locomotor ataxia. Leo is not usually subject to chronic, lingering illnesses, but to acute disorders which strike suddenly and are of short duration.

The basic rule for Leo to observe in order to maintain good health is moderation; insofar as moderation is possible for the exuberant Leo.

Your cell salt is essential for restoration of nervous energy. Foods which suppy adequate protein and help correct poor circulation include lean meat, game, fowl, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and soybeans.

Valuable sources of magnesium phosphate are: almonds, rye, lettuce, apples, plums, figs, lemons, coconut, cucumbers. blueberries, walnuts, and onions. Red wine with meals can be beneficial.

Vitamins C and E are important to Leo and are best supplied through food. Vitamin C is supplied by citrus fruits, tomatoes, rose hips, watercress, cantaloupe, and strawberries. In normal circumstances, your body’s need for Vitamin E can be met if you include in your daily diet: wheat germ, lettuce, and vegetable oils (especially soybean oil). [I suggest researching the various oils to determine the best for you. More recent research seems to have changed opinions about both wheat germ and the various oils.] [Foods high in vitamin E are tofu, spinach, almonds, avocado, roasted sunflower seeds, shrimp, rainbow trout, olive oil, broccoli, squash, and pumpkin.]


 VIRGO – Date of birth falls between August 22 – September 22. virgo2


 Your Cell Salt – Potassium Sulphate. There can be an inborn fear of disease, a tendency toward hypochondria. It is vitally important for Virgo, early in life, to learn to think of your body in terms of health and well-being rather than as a potential victim of disease.

Attending the sick is not a good occupation for Virgo because they have a tendency to empathize too strongly with the patient. [With a Virgo Ascendant, my life experiences verify this. I had to drop my college major in Pre-nursing because I would faint whenever a patient was in pain or I saw blood. During my daughter’s first pregnancy, I had morning sickness along with her.]

Virgo’s bowels and intestines are more than ordinarily sensitive to medicines for acid indigestion and harsh laxatives. Habitual use of these drugs could cause serious harm.

Virgos should bear in mind that that a great many of your physical ailments are the result of slowly built-up nervous tensions which find release via the bowels and intestines. Your over-all health will improve if you will learn to “let go,” to cultivate an inner sense of detachment. [Here’s a video that I find inspirational:

Ailments to which Virgo may be prone are: digestive disorders and diarrhea, obstructions in the bowels , peritonitis, tapeworm, typhoid, colitis, appendicitis, and hernia. Virgo should guard against heavy physical exertion which will put a strain on your abdominal muscles. On the other hand, any exercise or activity which will tend to strengthen or relax those same muscles can be highly beneficial.

To maintain good health, Virgo has to exercise caution in selecting the food he/she eats. Most Virgos are aware of this, some to the point of becoming what is known as a health nut. Your delicate digestive system and your well-being are at stake. A rule to follow is simply to avoid those foods and beverages which require a hardy digestion or tend to irritate the intestinal wall because of roughage.

Aside from that, Virgo can and should enjoy a wide variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables. Place the greatest emphasis on protein foods which can be quickly digested and which provide increased metabolism with its resulting production of energy. A high-protein breakfast is desirable, and might well include a lean ground beef pattie and cottage cheese. English tea is preferable to coffee as a morning beverage.

The worst way for Virgo to start the day is with a breakfast high in carbohydrates, which your system finds difficult to assimilate.

Your cell salt—potassium sulphate—regulates the supply and distribution of oils in the body, and aids in carrying oxygen to cells of the skin. A deficiency of this cell salt results in oils becoming viscous, causing pores in the skin to become clogged. As a result, Virgo may experience skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and dandruff.

Food sources for Virgo’s cell salt are: chicery, endive, whole wheat, oats, rye, cheese, almonds, and lean beef. Yogurt is very beneficial to Virgo because it promotes desirable intestinal bacteria. It also provides the body with predigested protein and B vitamins. Additional foods to meet your nutritional requirements are: spinach, summer squash, zucchini, celery, okra, citrus fruits, plums, apples, peaches, dates, almonds, and walnuts.

For Virgo, the key to good health is not just careful selection of what you eat, but also your state of mind when you eat it. Unless you relax at the table, your digestion and assimulation of meals will be poor.

The most healthful climate for you is a temperate, but slightly cold, one.


LIBRA – Birth date falls between September 23 – October 22. libra2

LibraLibra’s cell salt – sodium phosphate, which helps maintain an acid-alkaline balance in your body and facilities the elimination of wastes. Foods that supply your cell salt are: carrots, asparagus, beets, yellow corn [non-GMO], brown rice, figs, apples, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, almonds, and raisins. Getting adequate amounts of Vitamin E is especially important because it is an excellent detoxifying agent, helping the liver to maintain its normal function. It also plays a vital role in treatment of skin disorders and venous troubles such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. May also help regulate the menstral cycle and prevent sterility in men and women. Natural sources of Vitamin E are: wheat germ, soybean oil, malt, and alfalfa.

Iodine is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, whose hormone—thyroxin, influences the body’s basal metabolism. Adequate supplies of iodine can be found in: seafood, ocean kelp, radishes, and squash. [Health food stores are now carrying seaweed chips, which vary in the amount of iodine supplied in them. My favorite are Ocean’s Halo seaweed chips: because they are basically seaweed, not another substance like rice.]

 ibra’s daily intake of copper is also important. It aids in the production of red blood cells and in the formation of enzymes necessary for proper functioning of the nervous system. Foods that supply copper in the diet are: radishes, oysters, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Libra tends to indulge in gourmet foods that require rich seasoning, sauces, and desserts. Best to save the gourmet dishes for special occasions. If possible, it is important for Libra to dine amid pleasant and peaceful surroundings and companions. Soothing mood music can be helpful. The inherent desire in Libra is for harmony. Uncertainty and disharmony can cause a build-up in emotional pressure which will adversely affect the function of your kidneys and bladder.

Libra tends to attempt to resolve indecision through association and partnership with others; but if these human alliances are discordant, your health suffers. The kidneys are the most vulnerable point in your physical make-up. Prolonged emotional disturbances place an added work load on the kidneys in the form of toxins generated by the psychological events.

Libra’s sweet tooth can lead to diabetes, particularly for those Librans born between September 14 and September 23.

The most effective therapy for almost all Libran complaints is complete rest and relaxation in peaceful, pleasant surroundings attended by affectionate, sympathetic friends. Libra responds to the healing vibrations of music and should experiment with various compositions to determine which have the strongest meditative, relaxing effect on you. For Libra, there is also great restorative power in the beauty of flowers, great works of art, and quiet conversations with persons possessing a spiritual or artistic nature.


 SCORPIO – Birth date falls between October 23 – November 21. scorpio2

Scorpio Scorpio’s Cell Salt – Calcium Sulphate. Your cell salt is supplied through: onions, asparagus, kale, garlic, watercress, mustard greens, cauliflower, leeks, radishes, figs, black cherries, prunes, gooseberries, and coconut. Scorpio needs to be sure to eat foods supplying Vitamin C, B-complex, E and the mineral iron.

Illnesses in early childhood are often the result of maladjustment or unhappiness in childhood. Such emotional traumas seem especially to incline Scorpio to nervous disorders that sometimes approach hysteria.

Scorpio seems to have an affinity to infections and contagious diseases. This is especially true in regard to germs which invade the body through the nose and throat, and those that attack the genitals, urinary tract, and excretory system.

They principal danger areas for you to watch are the reproductive organs, lower bowel, appendix, urethra, coccyx, and sacral plexus. You may also need to protect yourself against chronic sore throat.

Other diseases that tend to affect Scorpio are hepatitis, bladder disorders, and petit mal. Scorpio men may tend to have prostate troubles, inguinal hernia, injuries to the sex organs. Women may be prone to menstral irregularities.

In the treatment of any illness, Scorpios recuperate faster if they are not fussed over or constantly called upon to discuss the state of their health. Left to themselves, they can draw upon an amazing secret reserve of energy and make a prompt recovery. But absolute rest and a hopeful, optimistic outlook are essential.

Your health may suffer from your tendency to be self-repressive and to keep your problems to yourself.

Since Scorpios more often than not have blood with high lipid levels, you should avoid a diet that is too rich in fats. In any case, a fairly low-fat diet is beneficial to you in that it will help you to keep your weight down, something that Scorpios often find difficult in their mature years. Saturated fats are the chief offenders.

A certain amount of essential fatty acids is required to promote the production of bile and for the body to function properly, so that a too severe restricted diet is not wise. Paradoxically, eating too little fat can cause you to put on weight, not take it off. [Meg Davis recommends eating lots of avocados and olives to supply the good fats you need. Meg has a practice in Integrative Chinese Medicine and Nutrition Healthcare. Her facebook page is:]

Scorpio’s Cell Salt—Calcium Sulphate—is necessary for rebuilding epithelial tissue and maintaining the body’s natural resistance to disease by preventing the accumulation of organic wastes.

Often, the first signs that your body is lacking in this essential cell salt will be the onset of nasal congestion, sinusitis, and respiratory infections. A serious deficiency can result in boils, pleurisy, kidney disorders, and liver complaints.

To provide a more adequate amount of calcium sulphate, you must include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The commercial form of your cell salt cannot be absorbed by your system.

It is best that Scorpio avoid advertised laxatives sold in drugstores. These can be irritating and, at best, give only symptomatic relief. A better way to attack the problem of constipation is through diet: more protein, a daily cup of yogurt, or a teaspoon or two of blackstrap molasses.


 SAGITTARIUS – Birth date falls between November 22 – December 21. sagittarius1


Sagittarius Cell Salt – Silica, occurring naturally in crystallized form as common quartz.

 The pancreas contains a substantial amount of silica, and normal muscle tissue requires it. This cell salt is also present in the bones, the connective tissue of the brain, and in the sheaths covering the nerves. It is a good insulator, and helps retain its heat during cold weather.

Silica also causes disintegrating matter, such as pus from boils and pimples, to rise to the surface of the skin, and acts as a healing agent at the place of eruption.

You may well suspect a deficiency in your zodiacal cell-salt if your hair lacks a healthy luster, your fingernails are weak and brittle, your eyelids are inflamed and gums sore or abscessed.

Dietary sources of assimilable silica are the edible skins of fruits and vegetables, figs, strawberries, prunes, Scotch oats, parsnips, unpolished [or brown] rice, and ripe cherries. It is also found in herbs such as marjoram, mallows, agrimony, and sage.

The principal rule that should govern the Sagittarian dietary regimen is: Exercise restraint in the consumption of rich foods and condiments. Exotic dishes and gourmet desserts have an almost irresistible appeal to the typical Sagittarian. However, they give the bloodstream an excess of acid-forming elements, including the fatty acid, cholesterol, which may become embedded in the arterial walls, with the result that circulation to the legs and feet is restricted. Leg cramps then occur, sometimes so severe that they prevent sleep.   Similarly, occlusion of coronary arteries feeding the heart, or of blood vessels in the brain, may cause heart attacks and strokes, especially later in life.

In order to know that your liver is performing the scores of tasks assigned to it, you must make certain that it is adequately supplied with several nutrients, the most important of which are vitamin C and B-complex. One of the B-vitamins, choline, plays an especially vital role in maintaining good health. It is needed to assist the body in utilizing fats. Research studies have shown that a severe deficiency of choline causes degenerative changes in and death of live cells. Choline is found in wheat germ, calf’s liver, egg yolks, and soybean lecithin.

Your liver also needs a consistent, ample supply of Vitamin C to combat chemical poisons that find their way into the bloodstream from a number of sources, including food which has been treated with toxic additives. Vitamin C will help to prevent the breakdown of capillary veins.

The feeling that Sagittarius is shackled by circumstances or tied down by emotional attachment reacts sooner or later on his/her health. The different forms of nervous disability and the circulatory disorders which afflict Sagittarius very often have a psychogenic origin.

When injuries occur, they usually involve the pelvis, legs, sacral bones, buttocks, and muscles of the hips and thighs. With advancing years, there can be increasing risks of falls, so it would be prudent to avoid wet or icy pavements, steep stairs, etc.

 Generally, Sagittarius enjoys good health most, if not all of his/her life, unless he/she consistently undermines it by dietary indiscretions, overindulgence in alcohol, or overexertion. [Note: In researching Sagittarius, I have found what seems to be a unexpected contradiction in various sources: the Sagittarian Athlete’s health can be adversely impacted by overindulgence in overexertion. Sagittarius always wants to have another goal to meet and my intuitive sense is that this constant striving to meet an ever-higher goal results in harmful overexertion. Sagittarians need to be aware of this tendency. I have seen at least one natal chart that indicated overexertion was connected to the onset of diabetes.]   If your planetary ruler [Jupiter] has challenging aspects in your natal chart, the production of the Jupiter hormone—insulin—may be interfered with, particularly if those aspects involve Saturn. An adversely affected Jupiter should alert Sagittarius to exercise care in the amount of sugar and fats consumed, [plus your tendency to overexert].

The complaints he/she does have usually originate in the liver, the arterial system, or with nervous strain. Challenging aspects to Jupiter may also be associated with sciatica, rheumatism in hips and thighs, enteric disorders [affecting the intestines], fistula, respiratory troubles, fatty degeneration of the liver, and locomotive ataxia.

[The goal in knowing the above is not to expect these disorders, but to prevent them! Good nutrition can make a huge difference! Self-knowledge is always a good preventive measure. I strongly suggest getting a computer print-out of your natal chart and studying it. I have provided information to assist you at:]


 CAPRICORN – Birth date falls between December 22 – January 20. Capricorn-98


Capricorn’s Cell Salt – Calcium Phosphate.    Foods that supply calcium phosphate are: cabbage, asparagus, spinach, lentils, brown beans, celery, almonds, cucumbers, barley, egg yolk, lean meats, whole wheat, strawberries, figs, blueberries, and plums.

Your Cell Salt utilizes albumen from the food to help build up and maintain the body’s bony structure. When there is a deficiency of this cell salt, albumen is not retained and used, but passes out of the body through the kidneys. Among the disorders resulting from such a loss are kidney troubles, rheumatism and acid indigestion. The unused albumen may also cause skin eruptions and boils. If it accumulates in the ear, it can eventuate in deafness.

 Capricorn does not readily give in to illness and, if you exercise normal prudence about health matters, you will probably live to an active and healthy old age. Yours is a sign of longevity.

 When illness does strike, it tends to become chronic. Capricorn tends to brood over his/her ailments (as well as many other things) and to hold on to them, often becoming hypochondriacs. Their belief that their condition is hopeless becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

 Your principal health problems are likely to be impeded and irregular function of organs ruled by Capricorn and Saturn [ruler of Capricorn]. Circulation of the blood through the tissues may become sluggish, elimination may be restricted, so that toxins and waste matter build up in the body, and there may be a tendency toward reflex action to the stomach. The formation of calcium deposits in the bursa [is a tendency of Capricorn. “A bursa is found where there is movement of a joint causing two tissues to rub against each other.  For example, behind the elbow or in front of the knee, there is a bursa to allow the skin to move without rubbing against the bone.  These movements should be smooth and effortless.”]

 Rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia are also disorders which fall under [Capricorn]. Capricorn also directly influences the function of the gall bladder … challenging aspects to your Capricorn Sun [or, I suspect, Capricorn Ascendant] can cause an insufficient flow of bile. If Saturn is located in Capricorn in your natal chart, this condition is extremely likely. The late Dr. William Davidson reported that much epithelioma and skin cancer have their roots in this often-overlooked tendency.

Capricorn tends to be somewhat aloof, consciously or unconsciously imposing a barrier between themselves and others. Even when your work brings you in close contact with others, you will retain within yourself a secret place of solitude into which the most intimate acquaintance or loved one is never allowed to penetrate.

[On the other hand], you may be hypersensitive and take offense at things said or done in all innocence by those around you. Capricorn has a tendency to hold a grudge and to be unforgiving. Remember that resentments held over a long period of time can have neurotic consequences. Ultimately, the psychogenic poisons this creates will result in digestive upsets through over-acidity.

One of the best auguries for good health in Capricorn’s case is a robust sense of humor—the kind that demonstrates the ability to see the lighter side of life. Moods of anxiety and depression can be detrimental to your health.


 AQUARIUS – Birth date falls between January 21 – February 19 WaterbearerAquarius

Aquarius Cell Salt – Sodium Chloride This Cell Salt is supplied in the following foods: cabbage, spinach, asparagus, celery, radishes, carrots, corn [not GMO], lentils, ocean fish and sea food, strawberries, apples, and figs.

Aquarians generally enjoy good health, but there is the ever-present need to purify the blood with the proper dietary regimen aided by vitamins and minerals.

When illness does come, It is often quite sudden and may be brought on by irregular habits, by tensions you have allowed to build up or that result from suppressed emotions, and by pushing yourself beyond the safe limits of physical endurance.

You are more sensitive than most to the changes in planetary configuration and may experience puzzling psychic disturbances as a consequence. Be on your guard against despondency and melancholy, which can undermine your general health.

Aquarians often have a tendency toward varicose veins, swollen ankles, and muscular spasms in the legs. In later decades of life, you may develop high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries unless, during your early years, you take measures to prevent these conditions. Aside from following a fairly low-fat diet, one of the easiest and effective ways to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system is a program of daily exercise in the open air. Generally speaking, Aquarians are not enthusiastic about exercise for heath’s sake, but it is extremely important in helping you keep fit.

Aquarians sometimes suffer from strange or uncommon ailments of mysterious origin, which are difficult for orthodox practitioners to diagnose or treat. In such cases, the services of a medical astrologer are invaluable. He/she will be able to determine, from your natal and progressed charts, the nature of the peculiar condition, as well as the kind of therapy needed to cure it. Aquarians are the forerunners of the new cosmic cycle.

Leg cramps are a common complaint of Aquarians, partly because of poor circulation and partly from want of daily exercise.

Aquarians can exert a strange and calming influence over persons who are emotionally upset. Even mental patients respond to your quieting presence. However, you may be unable to transfer to an individual the same intense love and solicitude you feel for humanity at large.

Domestic crises and inharmony do take their toll on the hypersensitive Aquarian psyche, often resulting in various psychosomatic ailments. The most common of these are neuralgia, nervous disorders, kidney troubles, and uncommon or obscure illnesses that are difficult to identify.

Aquarians are very susceptible to mental suggestion, whether it is received from persons close to them, or in the form of hypnosis, given by a hypnotist or self-administered. This sensitivity can be used to great advantage in the practice of autosuggestion, by means of which you can overcome all psychogenic illnesses, and many that are not. [Unity calls this use of autosuggestion using positive affirmations, such as “I am healthy and strong because I am one with God’s healing, revitalizing presence.” Another Unity affirmation for good health or healing is: “I have instant access to God’s healing power within. I am whole and well in mind, body, and spirit.”]

[Sadly, as Garrison point out, our modern day society “is suffering the ill effects of induced suggestions from that most diabolical of all hypnotists, the television screen” as outlined in the beginning of this article.]

Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius. The physical effects of Uranus include a tendency to poor circulation, especially in the blood vessels in the kidneys and of the legs. Because of this, the Aquarian diet should be supplemented with Vitamin C and bioflavenoids—including rutin—to strengthen the body’s venous system. Vitamin E is also helpful in the prevention of vascular troubles, especially after the age of 35.

Fresh fruits, such as oranges, lemons, apples, pears, grape, and pineapple should be represented in your daily menu.

When Uranus has challenging aspects, there is a tendency for the parathyroid glands to be affected, so that they secrete insufficient hormones to insure a normal calcium-sodium balance. The result is increased nervous tension, irritability, and fatigue.

The calcium reserve must be replenished by eating calcium-rich foods, such as milk, hard cheese, mustard greens, turnip greens, soybeans, blackstrap molasses, and almonds.

The Cell Salt of Aquarius—Sodium Chloride—is familiar to everyone as common table salt. In the body, this cell salt performs the function of attracting water, which it carries along the intestinal tract and through the tissues.

When there is a deficiency of Sodium Chloride in the body, water—which makes up 70% of the human organism—is not properly controlled and distributed. The effect of such an insufficiency may be the development of dropsy, catarrh, diarrhea, and in extreme cases, delirium.

***Unfortunately, you cannot remedy a deficiency of Sodium Chloride by simply adding more table salt to your diet. Ordinary salt will not enter the bloodstream because it is too coarse to be absorbed by the fine tubules of mucous membrane which normally assimilate such elements. In fact, too much table salt in the food can result in eventual hardening of the arteries, skin diseases, stroke, and kidney troubles. The proper way to supplement your supply of the Aquarian cell salt is to eat foods which provide it in an assimilable form which can be extracted by the digestive organs.***


 PISCES – Birth Date falls between February 20 – March 20. Pisces


PISCES CELL SALT – Phosphate of Iron. Pisces requires a high-protein diet, which will provide the energy for the proper functioning of cells in your body, without encouraging the Piscean predisposition to retain water in the tissues. In addition, protein foods nourish the skeletal muscles which help give you an erect posture. The moment your daily menu is balanced toward fats and sugars, your posture will begin to suffer. If you go long enough without adequate protein intake, you will note a clearly defined sag in your physique. Your shoulders will begin to go round, and your arches will have a tendency to flatten out.

You can be reasonably sure that your internal muscular system suffers a similar fate. The abdominal muscles will become flabby, adversely affecting the stomach and bowels, and the other internal organs supported by them. Digestion will be impaired because the intestinal walls do not properly perform their function of passing the food along by means of an undulating motion.

You can insure an adequate amount of protein if you include in your daily diet such high-protein foods as lean meat, eggs, fish, cheeses, yogurt, and nuts.

Good health depends to a large extent upon having an adequate amount of Iron-phosphate—your Cell Salt—in the blood. The body’s vitally necessary supply of oxygen is carried by molecules of this cell salt, which have a chemical affinity for that element.

When there is a deficiency of iron-phosphate, you are like to suffer from anemia, low blood pressure, depression, glandular disorders, dropsy, and dull, throbbing headaches. You may find that you are short of breath following any kind of exertion; or that you tire easily and experience a feeling of general fatigue.

Dr. George Washington Carey, who made extensive studies of biochemistry, including its relation to astrology, wrote that “when these oxygen carriers are deficient, the circulation is increased in order to conduct a sufficient amount of oxygen to the extremities—all parts of the body—with the diminished quality of iron on hand.”

Fortunately, iron sulphate is present in a great variety of ordinary foods. However, Ada Muir, an authority on the subject, advises that foods eaten for the purpose of overcoming a deficiency, rather than maintenance, should not be cooked, since cooking liberates the iron, which is usually throw away with the cooking water.

Iron-phosphate foods which can be eaten raw are lettuce, strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, almonds , walnuts, and raisins.

Some cooked foods rich in Iron-phosphate are spinach, beef liver, lima beans, and lean beef.

Pisces women and children are more likely to experience iron-phosphate deficiency than are Pisces men. Women lose it through menstruation, and children require extra amounts for growth.

***When taken as a therapeutic supplement in tablet form, phosphate of iron has to be triturated with milk sugar up to the 6th potency before it can be absorbed by the mucous membranes and pass into the blood.***

 The mineral for Pisces is organic iodine. Pisceans have a higher than average deficiency of iodine.

 A severe lack of iodine causes enlargement of the thyroid glands and an associated condition called myxedema, characterized by extreme dryness of the skin and a disturbance of the body’s temperature control system. You may feel cold when other people are warm, for example.

Menopausal women and adolescents are more likely to suffer iodine insufficiency than are male Pisceans.

The best food sources of organic iodine are: sea foods and ocean fish. [Seaweed is now a more popular source than it was several decades ago. I recently discovered seaweed chips at: Their statement about seaweed as a super food is relevant here: Seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. It’s a great source of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and it’s also rich in many minerals including iodine, selenium, and iron. It can contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk and eight times as much as beef. Researchers say that the chemical composition of seaweed is so close to human blood plasma that perhaps its greatest benefit might be in regulating and purifying our blood system. Our chips contain 30% of RDA Vitamin A and 140% B12, making them excellent sources of Vitamin A and B12.” I notice that some brands of seaweed chips contain quite a bit of sugar, so you will need to check the amount on each brand. I have written Ocean Halo to ascertain whether or not they add sugar to their chips. I will update this paragraph when I hear from them. Seaweed chips can potentially make a great snack.]

As a Pisces, your health problems most frequently stem from emotionally induced conditions, rather than exposure to germs or other factors outside yourself. Even when you appear calm and relaxed you may be quivering with anxiety or quaking with apprehension within. Such states adversely affect the functioning of your endocrine system, thereby laying the groundwork for those ailments to which you are predisposed.

When you fall ill, you have a tendency to be pessimistic about your chances for an early recovery. Talking about your symptoms with family and friends can cause you to focus your mind on the idea that you are indeed ill. This idea, passed on to the unconscious mind, is self-fulfilling, so to speak, and without any physical reason for it, the course of your illness takes a downgrade.

According to Dr. William E. Davidson, Pisces is associated not only with the feet (which is common knowledge), but also dominates the duodenum—the widest part of the small intestine which leads directly out of the stomach. It appears, said Dr. Davidson, that calcium is absorbed at that point in the gastrointestinal tract, so that when Mars has challenging aspects in Pisces’ natal chart, he/she is likely to have some degree of duodenitis, with the resulting tooth cavities which often require fillings early in life.

Inadequate calcium in the blood also has an adverse effect on the sympathetic nervous system, producing irritability which, in turn, causes the emotional upsets that pose a constant threat to Pisces’ health.

Generally speaking, the diseases of Pisces are often obscure and difficult to diagnose. They require the attention of a doctor who is careful and painstaking in his examination, before he prescribes treatment. A general practioner, i.e. family doctor, will most likely be the best physician for Pisces, rather than a specialist.

Piscean afflictions include tumors and fungus growths, mucus in the lungs and intestinal tract, glandular disorders, softening of tissues, tender or swollen feet, and conjunctivitis [pink eye].

Accidents will most likely affect the feet. Thus, you should guard against injury to the feet by the proper shoes, including arch supports, if prescribed by a competent chiropodist. Do not neglect deep cuts and scratches, especially if you were born between March 12 – March 20. Serious infections such as tetanus can ensue, if wounds are not treated promptly.


Omar Garrison was a former science editor and newsman. He based his work on private interviews with doctors who quietly employ astrology in their medical practice. Garrison also gleaned information from texts long out of the reach of even professional practitioners. He has brought together in this absorbing and informative book—Medical Astrology—all available information on the subject [copyright is 1971], from ancient sources to data of the latest space age research. [A fascinating book for the professional astrologer and the novice.]

Of course, research continues, especially relating to natural, holistic healing modalities. I encourage all to stay up-to-date regarding credible research in regard to nutrition and good health. As you do so, keep in mind your individual body’s needs in accordance with its astrological influences revealed in your natal chart, especially relating to your Sun Sign and the Sign in which your Ascendant is located. The free esoteric astrology lessons I have posted on my website explain how to go about getting a computer print-out of your natal chart.