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We are truly on the march, dear Brothers and Sisters.  The rollout has begun.  The operation Chinese Sunrise is under way, as surely as the sun is seen rising across the globe, and all the world will be awakening to a new era.  Whether you discover it gradually and quietly at first, as most of humankind will, or whether you are one of the intel followers who are awaiting “Redemption” as we have called it, all will feel its gentling warmth.

The massive changes in your world are flowing gracefully and quietly, with all systems carefully synchronized and aligned.   There will be no massive breakdowns or disasters as the financial systems you were once familiar with, like the Federal Reserve and SWIFT systems for instance, will appear to simply change names, to AIIB, Wells Fargo, BRICS, CIPS, asset-backed currencies, rather than the old fiat system, and so on.  For as long as needed, the basic international and domestic trading functions they served will remain, but the systems will now be transparent, protected from cabal theft, and will not allow the fees, usurious rates and debt slavery of old.

The changes are not only about economics, though.  As most of you know, we are preparing for Disclosure and Landings, when your Galactic friends will walk among you.  Many are already here, but they look so much like you that you haven’t yet realized who they are, and they have not been revealed for their own safety.  Your emergency broadcast systems have already been tested in preparation for our announcements, so you will soon be discovering much more about the next phases of changes that will unfold in quick succession.

We have all been working to the limits of our capacity and beyond to prepare for this monumental planetary shift.  Be assured that we have not left out any consideration or detail.  You will be amazed when you learn just how intricate our plan has been and how carefully we have worked with each of your teams to take every single being on Earth into account.  This is a global event, but it is also a monumental event in each of your lives.  We understand deeply how it will effect you and your family, and we have carefully planned with your Higher Selves, your higher dimensional teams, and with our teams on the ground to make this a delight for every single person.

Now, the rest is up to you.  You can receive your blessings, whether in the area of finance, governance, healthcare or energy, with suspicion, anxiety, impatience and worry, or you can dance gracefully into your new life with the faith that this is truly a God-given right and will therefore benefit all – and that means YOU.  The more joy you bring to the adventure, the greater your gifts will be, as a matter of Universal energetic balance.  Holding your Light high will always brighten your own day as well as those around you.

We have long debated in the Councils about how to help everyone make the transition from Matrix-programmed thought patterns to higher dimensional attitudes and beliefs because we see that the hold-outs are not necessarily those you would identify as cabal, but rather belong to the great community of humankind who have been so steeped in the Matrix that it is nearly impossible for them to make the leap into believing there could really be such a thing as an easy transaction, or a truly pleasant day, or a life without suffering and pain. The most important question becomes – not what shall we do with the cabal – but where is the cabal within me?

It is so ingrained after thousands of years and many lifetimes here on Earth to feel under constant attack that it has become “second nature” to live in a state of war – war with your spouse, your children, your friends, your community, your national government, other countries or religious sects, yourself and with God.  You are so used to it, you are probably laughing at the thought that everyday life is war, but we see it so clearly.  We feel the energy we know as defensive, or combative, or fearful, and our hearts go out to all of you, who are so used to being in a state of anxiety that you made up a word to describe it:  stress.

Can you now be ready to step through the doorway into a new world where there is no such thing as stress?  Can you truly accept that you are loved, deeply and constantly, by your Twin Flame, your soul family, and that you are inextricably, utterly connected with the heart of Mother and Father God?  Can you help your friends and family learn that there truly is no danger in life, because you are eternal beings, here in a human suit, and that you are in no danger because you cannot die?  Of course we prefer to fulfill the contracts and assignments we agreed to before we came, but if that should be cut short, we simply pick up where we left off in the far more expansive and delightful experience of Home, with Mother and Father God, our soul family and friends at our side.

Once we make that transition from the lower Earth plain to higher dimensions, we do not leave our loved ones to fend for themselves.  We watch over them constantly, working with their Higher Selves and the Higher Selves of their incarnated soul mates, children, friends and associates to help them fulfill the missions they came here to complete.  You see, we are in a constant flow of life, from here to there and back again.  We are not different from you, as you are not different from us.

I will not kid you about the fact that it can be as wrenching for us as it is for you to see our loved ones in physical pain or watch them walking into danger, even if it is a part of their life contract.  We still hold our breaths in a way, as your Higher Self does, when we see you succumb to fear, or make a compromise that will affect your soul growth or slow your Ascension.  We know how hard that is because we have done it ourselves when we were there.  Every soul who has incarnated on Earth in this era knows the extreme danger that presses down on everyone, making it impossible to be always true to yourself, to be always the Light you promised yourself you would be, and to strive always to bring joy and harmony into your own life.

We ask only to join with you now, to reach for the freedom from darkness we have all yearned for so long.  Let us love you, Dear Brothers and Sisters.  Let us ease your passage and lift your spirits when you feel the temptation to fall back into planning, scheming, worrying, comparing and being anxiously “practical” about your life challenges and choices.  You are not alone, and you do not need to fall back on the strategies you learned to protect yourselves from mortal danger in a cabal-controlled world.  We have already built the springboard and prepared the soft landing for you to fly to the safety of higher Light.

Do you know the trust exercise where a person allows themselves to fall backward and be caught and safely cradled by others?  Even the dramatic gesture where a person flings themselves off a stage into a cheering crowd to be caught, safe and secure, by “strangers?”  This is your moment, Beloved Friends.  We are here, loving you, and we will not let you fall.  Allow yourself to hope and to dream, with all your hearts.  If you leap into a new kind of joy – the joy that comes from knowing we are free in Mother and Father’s love, we will catch you.  It is our pledge, our pleasure and our deepest commitment.

You have my promise.

I am your Sananda.

(Channeled & Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 27 February 2016)—Edition—56—Saturday–February-27–2016.html?soid=1114135227078&aid=PKwiZ00g–4



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (Lifted from Issue #52 of the The New Earth Times) Sananda



(Lifted from Issue #52 of the The New Earth Times)


Greetings,  I want to talk with all of you about Love.  I love talking about Love.  Yours, mine, ours.  During this time of monumental change, it is important to rest easily in Love, because it is the best life-preserver there is.  Love buoys us up, carries us through the difficult or turbulent times.  That is my experience, is it not yours?

How often when things go badly for you have you turned to an old and trusted friend who has loved you through the good times and bad?  It may not change the conditions, but it certainly soothes the ache, doesn’t it?  And have you ever boarded a bus or subway at the end of a day that left you frazzled and then watched a baby gaze around and giggle at the people who smile at him?  It can warm your heart and melt away your cares to be in the presence of laughter – especially the laughter of a young child.

We Design Our Own Life Plans

All of us knew when we came here to Earth to live out a lifetime, we knew it would be difficult at best, because the conditions on the ground had deteriorated to the point where disease, pain and suffering came into every life.  No matter how privileged a life might appear from the outside, there truly have been no easy lifetimes on Planet Earth during the span of time which includes everyone who is alive now.  We came because we wanted to help, to uplift ourselves and our beloved planet, but we knew it would not be easy.  Once we had designed our life path with the help of loving Guides, angels and soul family, we submerged ourselves in the experience of lower dimensional Earth. We always came with hope and optimism that we would be able to bring the kind of Love we remembered from Home to our life here.  We were realistic about how much we hoped to accomplish, but we wanted most of all to bring Love to those we would share our lives with.

The conditions we knew in higher dimensions were serene, comfortable, filled with delight. Here at Home we are aware that we are immersed in the loving energies of Mother and Father God, and our soul family surrounds us always with unconditional love, Light and good humor.  We work hard in our positions as overseers of our incarnated loved ones, and we serve as members of Councils which discuss every nuance of how we can work with you to alleviate the suffering and bring about change.  These Councils have been working non-stop over the last many years to help bring about the massive shift you are now experiencing, but here we live in the knowledge that time is illusory, darkness has no definitive reality, and the Light is Home to all.  This gives us great comfort, even as our hearts ache for you as you continue to push forward so valiantly into the New Day.

Some of you are feeling intensely the discomfort of the rising frequencies, but it does not stop you from focusing on your chosen tasks – to transmute and clear away dark energies, hold the Light, provide laughter or shelter or food or inspiration for those who are suffering and feeling alone or discouraged.  We are especially admiring of your efforts because we know of the mental and emotional barriers you have had to break through to accomplish your mission.

So many of you there on the ground were taught some very strict and frightening things about God and his angels, his judgments and punishments.  Humanity as a whole has had little of the spiritual comfort of the sort we enjoy in higher dimensions.  Rules, threats of punishment and isolation are a constant danger in many cultures.  Dogma commonly encouraged one to shun or attack others not of their own beliefs.  These religious and social “rules” have created barriers where Love might otherwise have flourished.  Religions, in general, have had a stifling effect on friendship or love when it tries to cross boundaries. How many famous stories have told of the Romeo and Juliet dilemma:  true love squashed because families or cultures or countries must be served before the feelings of the lovers.  All this, Beloved Family, is about to come to an end.

You Are Our Heroes

You who are reading this have done a heroic job of changing the energetic atmosphere around you.  We look upon you adoringly and respectfully; you are truly our heroes, and we know each and every one of you as our brothers and sisters.  We know each other here so well, and we know the stories of the family members we each long to reunite with as this project comes to fruition.  We hold a sister’s hand, or stand with an arm around a brother as they watch over you, their loved ones who are in the thick of the fray on the ground.  Sometimes we do what feels like holding our breaths as we watch you take on difficult and dangerous tasks, straining your physical, emotional and mental resources beyond your capacity.  On Earth as in Heaven, we have all been working beyond our capacity, in the place beyond Creation, with the heartfelt encouragement of Mother and Father and all our loving Company of Heaven.

In Love and intimate solidarity, our hearts go out to our hard-working Twin Flames on the ground, the twin spark of our soul, the love that has endured throughout our eternity together.  There can be no separation between twin souls.  We could spend eternities in separate galaxies doing our Light work, but there would be no sense of isolation or loneliness, for we are forever connected by our shared heart-flame. We are like Mother and Father, who are inseparable in every way.  It could not be otherwise.

There has been a misunderstanding about the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul/twin flame.  It is very simple, really.  A twin soul/twin flame is literally our twin, the other half of our soul. Yet it is interesting to comprehend that although we share our soul essence, neither of us is less than whole.  A soul mate is just as it would sound in Australian vernacular:  A close and valued pal, friend, lover or family member.  Our soul mates are many and treasured; they share lifetimes with us over and over, helping us to fulfill the particular experiences and missions we have chosen.

We know before we come what part we will play for each other, so that the benefits accrue to all of us.  They may come as brother, father, teacher, lover or friend, as sister, aunt or closest confident.  Depending upon the requirements of a particular lifetime, they may even come as an arch enemy, a rival, a competitor, or a villain.  We choose to play these roles for each other because of the trust and familiarity we have developed over eons as a family group.

Every soul, even one who comes to this lifetime to live as a hermit, has such a loving and reliable family, always serving them whether incarnated or in spirit, and that family reaches far and wide, ultimately intertwined with every other family and soul group.  In the Home we share in higher dimensions, we are in loving acceptance of other groups who may come to interact with our family group.  This is what is happening now, with the arrival of families from all over the Universe who have come to join us in this historic Ascension of Planet Earth.  They come to learn and to Love, one and all.

The Skies Above You and the Air Around Are Filled with Love

It has been a concerted cabal program to make humankind think that all visitors from other planets must be invaders, conquerors with evil intent.  Of course that is absurd, because all ships and their inhabitants from the 5 th  dimension and higher are loving.  I want to reassure you, the story of the Ancharon Alliance and the danger, destruction, evil and imbalance they programmed and incited into this reality is not only at an end; it is not to be repeated.  At this very moment, there are billions of benevolent Galactic high dimensional beings in your skies, beaming their love and support, to assist you in your glorious Ascension.

Thanks to your tireless efforts to hold the Light on the surface and the stupendous achievements of the Galactic fleet under our Supreme Commander Ashtar, no invaders or cosmic accidents will be allowed to interfere with Earth.  Be assured that any significant event you experience in your life in this pivotal stretch on Earth is something you yourself planned.  This should bring you tremendous comfort and allow you to embrace your experiences as you go through your days.

Yes, you are still doing the clean-up and restoration, and our project to bring Light to all souls on Earth is gaining momentum.  Many of those who had temporarily aligned with cabal ideology are coming out of their hiding places to seek restoration in the Light, as the tattered Matrix crumbles into oblivion.  The day of hope fulfilled is upon us.

Sananda: Be My Valentine

Here is the inscription on my forever Valentine card to you, Beloved Earth Humans, as I stand on the deck of the New Jerusalem, in solidarity with all Beings of Light:

You are safe, my Beloveds, as never before

You are wrapped in our Love, forevermore

Dear Terra, Ascending, holds true to her duty,

Restoring dear Gaia to richness and beauty

As her children turn to each other in Love

They awaken and heal in the Light from above.

The Company of Heaven helps carry the banner,

You at one end and we at the other,

Our Bridge is resplendent, expanding Creation –

The Rainbow of Love arches over all nations.

While the HoneyLove flows from our Mother above,

We’re surrounded and safe in our Father’s great Love.

And this is my promise, Beloved Friends,

That this Valentine blessing never ends.

It is a pledge of Love that remains ever true;

Our Loving Hearts linger to usher you through

Your New Golden Age, this era foretold

By angels and prophets and sages of old.

We joyfully dance as we join hand in hand,

Peace love and forgiveness flow over the land.

I love you now and I ever will serve

I am your Sananda, I give you my word.

(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 15 February 2016)

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There’s Magic in the Air… by Sananda

Magic fairies“We embarked on this great mission eons ago. We always knew there would be a resolution to the challenges we faced. Is it so surprising that it should be now?”

 There’s Magic in the Air…

by Sananda



‘Twas the night before Christmas…(or however you think about the coming Prosperity)… and all across the world, people were laughing and dancing and sharing their blessings.

Picture it in your mind’s eye, dear Brothers and Sisters. You know a new day is coming, and you know it is NOW. You have prepared yourself for months, or even years, for this mythical time, when abundance will begin to spread across the globe in such a dramatic way that nothing will ever be the same again. Yes, there is magic in the air.

Feel the breathless expectation, the sense of excitement and anticipation of something inexplicably wonderful just there….in front of us.

I know it because I have the vision of higher dimensions to allow me to see the events just ahead of us with certainty, and the ones just in front of that with confidence, and so on. We do know our time has come, and the Shift of the Ages for Planet Earth is upon us.

Now it is my job, for I am one who has been here with you the whole way, to show you these images, these feelings, these deep understandings that will allow you to come with me, join me as we walk together into the New Earth Day. Seeing Into Our Brilliant Future, Together.

Look with me through the window of time and space, into the moments just ahead, a breath away, if you will allow it. You must let go of all the old fears and the tendency to put conditions on every moment – those times when you say, “If you are Jesus, prove it to me!” I have no reluctance about proving things to you, but you must be fully awake and in synchrony with the higher vibration of Love for you to perceive what I show you now.

We are here together in the new land. You have within you the spirit of freedom, of adventure and exploration. You have journeyed with me before, across deserts, over stormy seas, over mountains and prairies, and we have persevered, always in search of a brighter place, a new life. It will be ours now, finally. We will truly create The Promised Land we longed for in former lifetimes, for we know now what we must do.

We must join our individual minds, hearts and will, and we must do it in harmony with one another. Our visions must merge as one thought, one heart, and we must not falter or stop to question. There is no more time for doubt or any of the old negativities. Now is the time to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into the Creation of our new life on Earth, the Paradise our beloved Terra was created for.

You have lived through lifetimes of valor and great passion; you have been eliminated as I was, because of your belief in Love and Light. It doesn’t matter now what we call it; we were always searching for the highest Light, the Greatest Good, and the fulfillment of our true destiny. That time has come, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

We are the Light of the world, and we will walk gently, happily, with our growing delight in companionship and camaraderie.

Ours is the way of Peace, Joy, Compassion and Love. We no longer have to fight for what we stand for, for Mother and Father God are here by our sides, blessing our Mission and filling our hearts with HoneyLove. Let the children scatter our path with rose petals. Our battles are won. This is truly a new day because we have risen above the darkness; the time of conflict and evil on Planet Earth is ended.

Look with me across the landscape of our future together. Let your eyes open with wonder and gratitude as you gaze upon the delights we envisioned together.

Here is just a sample of the wonders ahead for us.

New technologies will produce unlimited, clean energy, and you will never again see a spewing smokestack or need to fear the devastating health effects of a life exposed to toxic fumes, effluents that poison your water and air and endanger your children’s health and normal development.

You and your grandchildren will once again drink joyfully from any river or stream, bathe in the clean and pure lakes, and swim in the gentle seas with dolphins and whales as your companions.

Extreme weather events that have been mostly a response to man-made interventions combined with Terra’s inexorable response to turbulent human emotions will ease, as human interventions are disallowed and human emotions are finally allowed to evolve toward a state of peace, harmony and cooperation with one another.

Terra and the Agarthans are With Us

Terra is working with us every moment to mediate, mollify and ease the stresses placed upon her by the constant attacks humankind has subjected her to for millennia.

She too is thrilled to join with her human family finally, to move together into a life of higher purpose – the reason we are all here now. She feels your footsteps; she knows your state of being, whether you are in conflict or at peace, and she sends her loving and nurturing energies to sustain you always.

Some of you are not aware that our beloved Terra is a high Master who has dedicated herself to this Earth Project along with you. She was joined, in the joint endeavor we call a soul project, by my Twin, whom you know now as Kathryn, and our beloved Sanat Kumara. An assignment as challenging and difficult as the one they have carried required the concerted efforts of great souls in harmony in order to withstand the pain and suffering without losing sight of the great goal we have envisioned. Now they celebrate together, the closest and dearest of friends, as they join their hearts with yours, and we ascend together.

Your brothers and sisters of Agartha, sheltered within Terra’s Inner Earth, are readying for the great ceremony of reuniting with all of you on the surface. You have long been separated, but your destinies were interwoven always. You are humans of family lineage, and you will delight in the familiarities you will see in each other, although your paths have been so separate for thousands of years. They have kept the home fires burning for you, Beloved Ones, as you went about your work of plunging deeper into darkness and finally rescuing yourselves from the depths.

What a family reunion it will be!

But those are not the biggest changes we can expect. The rise in energy, which means an elevation in the vibration all across the globe, will lift the spirits of humans, animals, the entire elemental Kingdom, and even the plant world. The greatest shift will occur immediately, when Peace truly does come to Earth.

Peace Reigns at Last on Earth

To give you a picture of how different it will be, I will give you examples from your daily concerns: For instance, extensive gun laws will not be needed, nor will the arguments continue about the right to own one, since all guns will cease to function, just as all nuclear weapons have already been relegated to the trash heap. There will be no need for activism of the kind you have used to try to stop their proliferation. No one will have to stand before a tank because there will be no tanks. No peace marches will be needed, because wars will have completely ceased.

This is not a distant dream. Your Galactic friends are prepared to help neutralize all such abominable weapons. No nuclear toxic waste pollution will be allowed to remain. No neighborhood anywhere will be subjected to terrorists’ bullets and bombs exploding in their streets, or the horrors of buried land mines that linger to menace survivors.

Imagine the relief and the prosperity that is possible from eliminating all wars!

No more devastated infrastructure; no more bombed-out neighborhoods; no more bombings where thousands – or hundreds of thousands – die in a single week. Imagine the wealth that has been directed into producing weapons and paying armies in every country in the world, all released to be used for creating better schools, housing, clean food, and real medical care. It is true, Beloveds. We only need to envision it together, and hold those images in our minds.

Very soon, there will be no media harangue from charities that spend most of their money on advertising, All wildlife, all animals, all children and the elderly will be well cared for. Hunger will be a thing of the past, and poverty will not exist, because abundance means plenty to eat, safe and comfortable shelter, and no need to fear having anything taken from you. Lawlessness will fade into distant memory when all basic needs are met and every soul has the opportunity to thrive and create, far beyond mere survival.

This is not a pipe dream, Dear Ones. We know it is possible because there are many such planets across the higher dimensional Multiverse – planets where peace reigns and individuals and groups live in harmony. But your Earth is so unique, so complex and so beautiful that it will emerge as something never before seen in the cosmos.

With the help and teachings of your Galactic mentors, you will learn to appreciate and use your great human gifts, your immense creativity and Life force, and you will come into harmony at last with your environment. You will discover your true history and your deep connections with the richly populated Earth where all the Kingdoms are so lavishly represented, and life will begin anew.

It has been impossible for most of you to believe that such a harmonious culture could exist without mind control or massive drugging or tyrannical constraints.  You believed the Anunnaki propaganda that humankind is innately selfish, violent and unruly. It is not true.

Humans were created by Mother and Father God to be deeply loving, peaceful, playful, creative and imaginative beings. Adventurous, yes. Evil, not at all.

You see, once the element of what we refer to as evil is eliminated, you can all find the truth within you – that you truly were created in the image of Mother and Father, and you are not inevitably plagued with inner conflicts or destructive impulses.

Initially, healing will be the primary focus, to allow all Earth beings to recover from the painful residue of anger, resentment and rage you have come to identify as part of yourselves. It is not innate in you, Dearest Brothers and Sisters. It is only the residue of injury, hurt and pain you endured, whether Inflicted or received, and you can leave it all behind.

You Are the Leaders

These months of being close, speaking with you constantly about the truth of our Mission has prepared many of you to lead the way. You will be the ones to move unflinchingly into the new prosperity without suspicion or even a backward glance because you are now prepared to lead.   You have learned a new definition of Faith, that it is not simply believing blindly in something you have been taught. It is believing in something you know you have Co-created with God. We will be reaping the rewards together of what we have built, brick by brick.

Our patience and determination has paid off, my dear friends. We have built the Rainbow Bridge between us – you there on the surface, and us here in higher dimensions. We are not different; we are just in different experiences at the moment, but we have often been in your place, as you have been in ours. We too have been “Boots on the Ground” while you cheered us on from higher dimensions. We grow closer by the moment, and I, Sananda, could not be more delighted for it.

We embarked on this great mission eons ago. We always knew there would be a resolution to the challenges we faced. Is it so surprising that it should be now?

We are not surprised with the progress you have made bringing it all to fruition, but we are constantly in awe of the grace and resourcefulness you have shown in the process.

We love you always. We admire you and delight in the celebrations and renewal of old friendships we will experience together, as our Great Central Sun (the Light of our Mother and Father God) rises to bless our new life here on our beloved Planet Earth.

Namaste, Beloved Ones. I am your Sananda.


Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, December 9, 2015


Neither separation nor living without God are remotely possible.

Neither separation nor living without God are remotely possible.

November 1, 2015 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday November 1st


Humanity’s journey towards a collective awakening is moving perfectly along, just as divinely planned. The Tsunami of Love is irresistible, irrepressible, and utterly insistent. It is being heard, felt, embraced, and welcomed into millions of hearts all across the world. The mainstream media may appear to be getting ever more raucous as it continues in its attempts to instill fear with its stories on calamities and catastrophes, but in truth the Tsunami of Love is changing everything as more and more of you welcome it into your hearts and daily set the intention to be only loving, whatever may arise.

You can only change yourself, as you well know, but because so many of you are now doing just that every day the effects are miraculous. The power of Love is infinite, but because you have free will you can refuse to engage with It. Over the eons you have denied It, engaged with It, denied It, and engaged with It innumerable times, and finally, in this present age, you have collectively chosen to engage fully with It as you let go of the doubts and fears that have been endemic. There is now no way that you can backslide, the tipping point where that was still a possibility is long past, only humanity’s long-sought awakening is now possible because it is the only possibility. Anything else, any other apparent possibility is utterly illusory! And you are releasing your grip on the illusion because you have realized that you do not need it, that it is not serving you.

Love IS All That Exists. God is THE field of Love, the field of divine energy in which all that He creates has its eternal existence, without break or interruption. There is nowhere else, and there is absolutely no need for anywhere else because no one needs or could ever possibly need anything that He has not already provided. Separation, the illusion, was an attempt to live without God, and neither separation nor living without God are remotely possible. So all that is required of humanity, of all of God’s children, is that they awaken from the dream or nightmare that has apparently caused them so much suffering; and that awakening is inevitable.

Your beingness, your nature, what you are, is Love which is inextricably and eternally connected to your Source. That truth alone is all that you need to know, remember, and focus upon. Doing so will bring you only joy. You were created to experience eternal joy, and that truly is the only experience available. Experiences other than that are unreal, illusory, and will pass away, dissolving without a trace as you awaken.

Before you awaken fully into that state you will move into a most amazing state of peace, happiness, and contentment where you will find yourselves totally safe, totally unthreatened, and surrounded by innumerable loved ones with whom you will delight in reacquainting yourselves. There will be a celebration of LIFE, of being, of existence that at present you cannot possibly imagine, because it will be unlimited, whereas your present state is severely limiting by your choice to be separate and limited.

Within the illusion all is temporary, momentary, in no way at all is it lasting. Every pleasure that you experience there passes away quite rapidly, leaving you yearning for more. Suffering also passes quite rapidly, but, because of choices you have made, it can, when very intense, appear endless. And so you yearn, everyone of you truly yearns for a return to God and the joy of being One with Him, because the illusion, apart from being unreal, is so utterly unsatisfactory an environment for a child of God to inhabit.

What God offers you in every moment cannot be spoken of meaningfully, its meaning has to be lived fully consciously and constantly. The illusion hides that state from you and presents you instead with something totally inadequate. The fact that it does that is useful because it disables any sense of lasting satisfaction in anything you do. Frequently you may imagine an event, an achievement, a meeting, or even a gift that could satisfy all your deepest longings, but when it occurs it never delivers the joy for which you had hoped, it is always lacking, and so you are forever seeking more.

More is what God offers you. Unimaginably more. More that will satisfy you utterly and completely for all eternity. Deep within yourselves you know this, and so you keep looking, seeking, for the magic or miracle that will make your dreams come true. Well that constant seeking has brought you to this point in your awakening process, the point from which only motion towards is now possible.

When you chose separation, your Father, in His infinite Love and Wisdom, provided you with the return path Home, an unbreakable connection to Him, a faint memory that could never be lost, but only temporarily hidden under the thin veil that is the illusion. And that memory meant that you could never be satisfied while you remained asleep and dreaming the illusion.

Always you have sought more than the illusion could provide, demanded more than the illusion could render, but due to confusion, for dreams are by their very nature confusing, you spent eons attempting to satisfy your desires from the enticements and enchantments that the illusion appeared to offer you – position, power, wealth, accolades – but all of them have failed you, miserably. And it is that constant dissatisfaction or failure to achieve fully what your hearts desired that caused you finally to turn within.

That turning within is indeed a triumph, because it has shown you that all that you seek, all that you could ever desire can only be found within you. Yes, many of you have intense doubts about that, but outside of yourselves there is no hope because that is the illusion. Reality is within you. It does need persistence and resilience on your part to remove the veil that hides It from you, but you have all had moments when you have sensed It, and you will not now cease your search until you arrive Home.

Your arrival, therefore, is your divine destiny, it can be delayed, but it cannot be avoided, so rejoice in the knowledge that your salvation, your return home to unconditional Love and acceptance is a divine promise that will be honored, because God’s promises are always honored. Let go of any remaining ideas of doubt and fear that are attempting to persuade you to resist Love, suggesting to you that in this insane world Love cannot work. Those ideas are the insanity, only Love works, and you do know that!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Dismantling the Matrix by Sananda

Dismantling the Matrix

by Sananda

 Drawn from THE NEW EARTH NEWS – Issue #37 – Sunday, 10/25/15

Sheldan Nidle’s 10/20/15 article already posted.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, they are coming in, by the hundreds of thousands – refugees from the Matrix. Even some of the ones we called “Cabal” are deciding it was better to risk being refugees of the old system rather than to remain in the darkness.

We are prepared, with organizations on the ground to welcome them, but it is keeping us all at maximum effort for the time being. We are using every kind of creative solution, including some FEMA camps, with good provisions. We will be accepting help from people who receive their RV blessings soon, so it will more than fill the gap of what is needed. We anticipate that there will be many who are willing to be foster parents and host families for those who were captives, as soon as people are not working long hours.

Everything will change. Everything is changing – for the better. Many have wondered how the necessities of life will continue to be fulfilled once so many people are freed by the Prosperity funds causing many workers to leave their jobs. As our beloved Sheldon Nidle has reported, there will be holographic Light people to fill the important jobs after the RV/GCR. They are prepared now, having shadowed the ones who will be leaving their jobs. These helpers are holographic projections, who will keep everything running smoothly as the incredible transition of surface Earth unfolds.

About the Revaluation of Currencies (RV/GCR): Alongside our tireless boots-on-the-ground teams, we are working our way through all the steps needed to make this financial transformation a sure thing. We wish to insure you that it will be safe, easy, and completely what was intended originally: Prosperity for all, distributed in such a way that it cannot be siphoned off by the cabal. It has been a tricky process.

Often, as we completed one element of the plan, we found there were five other elements that needed to be completed before all would be secure. For instance, it became clear that the changes in law and the courts that would be provided by NESARA would be required almost immediately, to protect all who are coming forward with abundant resources.

Previously, it was an invitation to the cabal to make trouble for all those acquiring new prosperity, to stop their projects, had we not competed the clearing away of all the leverage and power the old system still provided. Of course, none of this was a complete surprise to us, but it has taken longer to dismantle the Matrix structure than we had originally projected. The last vestiges of the cabal personnel proved to be more persistent and more determined to cause trouble than we had hoped. We had many back-up and contingency plans, and we have had to employ many of them, but the most effective projects have been the “hand-to-hand combat” carried out by our courageous Boots on the Ground. These ground troops have used every opportunity to block nefarious actions while providing a loving environment in which to provide a win-win situation for anyone sensible enough to accept it.

However, we have seen such levels of irrational denial and belligerence that we are convinced the damage accrued from living long lives in the throes of the dark Matrix have made a segment of humanity deeply irrational. The “leaders” of yesterday are more and more insanely power-hungry and rigidly committed to destroying anyone who stands in the way of their delusional lust for control over the entire planet. Now I will tell you of our greatest “secret weapon” in the chess game to restore Earth to her pristine glory as elegantly as possible. It is you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You are learning how to wield the greatest force available to humanity: your will, and your heart-felt intention to create Peace on Earth.

You are learning day by day to use your creativity to Co-create the Paradise we have envisioned together, and it is working, step by step. I will use the example of our beloved Kathryn and Christine to illustrate what is possible.

Like many of you, they have committed themselves utterly to carrying out whatever assignments the Company of Heaven has given them, and it is having an enormous effect. All of you have jumped on board the “Glory Train,” adding your cumulative energies to the great wave of Light that will bring it all Home. Your contributions in the forms of your steadfast devotion to uplifting yourselves and all along with your efforts to daily meditation are pushing through the last barriers of dark energies. It is truly historic.

We asked you on our radio show this week (link below) to join with us each day at 3 pm EDT to push higher and higher, creating the energetic portal through to higher dimensions, the Rainbow Bridge that is your pathway to Ascension. The entire Galactic contingent in ships circling your beautiful planet, billions strong, have joined to bring Peace on Earth and to address basic issues as they arise. It creates a lull each day around 3 pm in the “Frequency War” that the cabal has waged these past weeks and months on the entire population of Earth. You must be aware, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, of this diabolical yet ultimatley ineffectual attempt to disorient, confuse and divide the people of Earth. It is one of the most sophisticated programs the cabal has instituted to try to reclaim control.

Those who worked for the cabal, many in conditions of abject slavery, have created designer frequencies to attack individual Lightworkers, using their “advanced” psychological understandings of each of you to stop you in your tracks. They send out the frequencies of doubt, insecurity, guilt, fear, exhaustion, despair, even nausea, or any of the negative emotions they can find that might reproduce an echo to your individual past emotional difficulties. It is an attempt to literally bring back the darkest hours for each of you, reprising the worst moments of your childhood, or the deepest despair of your adult lives.

Do not fall into the trap, Dearest Ones. Call on your Higher Selves, your Twin Flame, and your connection to me or to Mother and Father God or to your closest Ascended Master, to remind you to shore up your Faith, your inner strength and your absolute commitment to truth. You are the brilliant Masters on the ground, our counterparts in every way. Together we are a formidable team.

Each day, as the frequencies rise to an excruciating pitch for Christine, our point person in this “Project All-y All-y In Free,” she and Kathryn communicate with the cabal members who are listening to every word they say and monitoring their every move. They speak openly to the operators assigned to attack them and who send frequencies which would cause heart attacks or organ failure if it were not for the protection of the Galactic Federation and the Arcturian Medical Teams.

This is true for all of you, Dear Lightworkers. You are all under the protection of your angelic teams and the Ashtar Command, whether you realize it or not. As we monitor and modulate the incoming frequencies, we carefully document the conversations that vary day by day, but always address the fact that Kathryn, Christine and the family of Lightworkers across the globe are volunteers, offering their loving intentions to bring all the souls – everyone who has come to incarnate on Terra at this time – to their rightful Home, within the embrace of Mother and Father God. Unlike those who have been initiated into the cabal network, they have not been viciously tortured and enslaved. They express their own free will when they wish for their Brothers and Sisters who have been damaged by their lifetimes in the dark Matrix to be restored to the Light. Christine tells of her ability to see them even as they send their attacks, and her genuine love and compassion for them, who but for Grace, would have joined as a programmed minion like them. Kathryn speaks to them directly of the torture they have endured, the disillusionment they must feel at learning it was all based on lies, and the hope that they will simply walk away, leave it all behind in favor of Freedom and an invitation to come with everyone else to the “after-party” – St. Germain’s glorious gala celebration. The operators and their bosses are reminded that no assault can stop Kathryn and Christine because they, unlike the cabal, are truly inspired by and protected by Mother and Father God (and of course by Archangel Michael, Ashtar, the Arcturians and me).

In the same way, each of you are now directly under the protection of your Twin Flame and your Higher Self, in conjunction with the Company of Heaven. The cabal operators on duty are told by Christine and Kathryn, as each new shift comes on, that they too could be protected in this same way if they only do one thing: Put their hands on their heart, and say inwardly, silently, (no one has to know), “I don’t know if it is real, but if there is a Mother and Father God, I want to come Home. I want to come to the Light.” At that moment, they are instantly provided the protection of their standby angelic teams, who arrange with the Ashtar Command and the teams on the ground to give them safe passage out of the underground chambers and secret hiding places, into the protection of loving beings who will bring them to safety.

Conversations alternate from challenges from Kathryn to reassurances from Christine. They remind the operators to read their instruments and see that the “kill” frequencies do not kill them because they are protected. They often speak to the operators in deeply empathic tones about the dilemma of the “privileged” cabal leaders. Their refusal to stop the violent attacks – most intensely felt by sensitive Lightworkers – are proof of the dangerous and deadly programs that must never again be allowed to fester on any planet, in any system. We are constantly reminded in these days that only someone who had been tortured mercilessly themselves would believe it was a good idea to torture others. Their deepest feelings are rage and vindictiveness, because of their own pain and history. They cannot believe in Mother and Father God’s Love because they have never experienced unconditional Love in their own lives for a very long time.

Since Christine, with her thin veil, can follow the frequencies back to the individuals and groups sending them, she reminds them that names, places, dates and all events transpiring now are being documented as part of the record, the history of what the end of the Matrix really looked like. This will stand for all time as the clear evidence of the kind of irreparable damage to humans that has been caused by the evil programs that were instituted under the long reign of the Anunnaki and their minions. Although the Anunnaki, the Reptilians and others who perpetrated darkness on Earth are gone from the planet, and mostly have returned to the Light, the cabal humans who remain are evidence of how vulnerable humankind really is to damage by torture and mind control. No one comes away from a lifetime of systematic abuse without their sense of self being splintered into shards; they are a collection of attitudes and beliefs without access to the smoldering ember of God’s flame deep in their hearts. In order to recover from the unspeakable abuse they have suffered, these damaged beings must be convinced to reach deeply into themselves to find that small spark that remains, take hold of it and reconnect to their life force which is Love.

Throughout the days and weeks of negotiations and coaching from us (whom they initially ignored) and through our Lightworkers on the ground calling out for them to come Home, more and more of them are turning toward the Light, asking for safe passage to come to Mother and Father God.

They continue to stream out of the underground cities, the brothels and the “training” nurseries, and few complete their transition without tears of gratitude and relief. It is the first time since the Fall into lower consciousness that humans on the ground have been able to work in such conscious harmony with us in higher dimensions on such a grand scale, creating the pathways moment by moment that will bring all to the Light. It is truly a miracle of synchrony, shared intentions, and deep Love for each other and for the Mission we have volunteered to sponsor.

It is working, Dear Brothers and Sisters. We are moving the mountain, together. Each day as Mother and Father increase the bright energies flooding the planet, it becomes easier and more fulfilling to maintain the full-out charge into the Light, hand in hand, working as One mind, One heart and One soul.

Beloved Lightworkers, as I have said before, you have no idea how powerful your energies are now. Some of you are still wondering what your Mission is, and how you will carry it through. Well, I am here to tell you, you already have. Every time you smile, every time you raise your eyes to Mother and Father God and speak the truth of your hearts, every time you feel the Love flowing from your heart to another being, you are lifting all of us. Remember, Dearest Ones, that genuine laughter and playfulness are balm to tired souls – yours and others’.

It is truly a New Day, Brothers and Sisters. Our momentum is unstoppable. Our Love is unbounded. We have overcome the darkness and inertia of thousands of years of control and programming. You, by overcoming these forces within yourselves, have created the Miracle of Light that was needed to bring us to this glorious tipping point.

I speak for Mother and Father God and the Company of Heaven when I say we are with you every moment, every step, and we are carrying the banner of Freedom for all on our beloved Terra.

I am your Sananda.


Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, October 4, 2015


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