FOLKS, THE EVENTS  TAKING PLACE NOW REQUIRE  THAT  WE UNDERSTAND LIFE AFTER DEATH.  I hear people immediately respond to an unfamiliar idea with “I don’t believe that” … OR … “That’s negative and if we focus on the negative bad things happen to us.”  These two statements hold us prisoner to the 3rd dimensional understanding of the Truth about Eternal Life.  Viewing YOUR life as eternal and learning to understand the ramifications of living eternally requires a 99.9% turnaround from our 3rd dimensional concepts of life.  The following short  video of Delores Cannon’s lecture on “Life After Death” serves as an introduction to a much more open comprehension of Eternal Life.  The very meaning of “eternal” = no beginning and no end.  Think about that!  How does it change your concept of YOUR life and of all others?

Sadly, Christianity has taught “only those who are saved have eternal life.”  At the same time, Christian doctrine states that IF you are not saved, you will burn for eternity in hell.  See the contradiction?  According to Christian doctrine, Eternal Life is present whether you are “saved” or not.  (I’m familiar only with Christianity, so cannot speak to the other religions.)  However, I dare say that we ALL need to expand our understanding of Eternal Life and how it impacts the manner in which we live this present incarnation.


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ISSUE 97 Tyberonne

 Greeting Masters !

I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome each of you to a vector of unconditional

love. We speak on a fascinating topic at this moment.

Dear Human, life never ends ! There is no death in the manner you may think. Consciousness is eternal.

Many of you fear your death, more than you may wish to admit. Whether or not you spend much time contemplating life after death, all of you at some point in your life will question what will happen when you die, and what will be waiting for you on the ‘other side’. Even those who have determined that nothing exists after physical life have ironically given it much thought.

So we wish to speak on the death experience. And Masters, as you read the words of this channeled message you are offered the reception of subtle intuitive catalysts; intuitive activating codes that are part of the frequency of these sharing, frequencies that are meant to assist you in expanding your own intuitive abilities.

Your current patriarchal religions tell you that at death there is either heaven or hell. We would tell you otherwise. Dear Ones, there is no fatalistic end, with a final judgment resulting in eternal reward or eternal punishment. In fact there is ‘no end’. Life is ever expanding.

Death is not a fearful experience to dread. What you term as ‘Death’ is a rebirth into your greater reality and in many ways is quite an exquisite beautiful awakening. In truth, birth into the physical realm is far more traumatic than the return to the ‘angelic realm’. Indeed the passing from physical may be appropriately described as ‘coming home’. Certain extraordinary expansions of reality are innate to being in a far wider horizon, one that offers much greater sensitivity and understandings.