Nada: Being The Master You Are

An encouraging, educational message from Ascended Lady Master Nada

 Ascended Lady Master Nada


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Nada: Being The Master You Are

I come to you today with great pleasure and anticipation of things to come. It is a very exciting time to be alive on Planet Earth, as you have no doubt been told many times before. We understand that you might have felt dubious about those claims, because it seems as though Earth is “going to hell” as you might call it, judging by the number of sudden violent incidents, and the newly revealed criminality at all levels of government, politics, religious institutions and finance.

If you were only to pay attention to what you can see and hear around you, you might believe it to be the “endtimes,” or the prelude to World War Three, but I can assure you this is not the case. You have a saying about it being darkest just before the dawn. It is true, of course, but the darkest times have already passed. What you are seeing now is the “mop up” activity being carried out on all fronts.

We will give you the psychological explanation for why a few people (for their numbers are very small relative to the entire population) are responding with such vehemence. Those of you who have read Kathryn’s book, “Who Needs Light?” have seen the explanation about what drives “The Children of Darkness.” If you have not read that chapter, we suggest that you do. It will spare you much pain and inconvenience in your own lives, and will help you to understand the psychology behind the dark ones who are now at the forefront of all the chaos you now see in the human world.

You see, we encouraged the creation of this book for just these days, when a clear explanation of what you see before you will be of great help to keep you focused and dedicated to your path of Ascension, regardless of the distractions around you. Now is just such a time.

The dark ones who are in charge of global financial systems are having a melt-down, you might say, a veritable hissy-fit, because their most clever and carefully plotted schemes to take over all the world’s wealth, thereby enslaving all the world’s people, have been thwarted at every turn, in a way they could not have anticipated. They had become arrogant in their belief that they could maneuver and wield their power at every turn, in every arena, because they were able to pay off presidents and kings, popes, bankers, senators, journalists, generals and foot soldiers, all who would do their bidding, no matter how distasteful the result might be.

They had become experts in the psychological brainwashing that numbed their minions to the suffering they were causing, and convincing everyone involved that their actions were either justified and righteous or inevitable. The power of their grip on the imaginations of the people was indeed far-reaching, but they did not anticipate the effect of the intense waves of Light and Love being sent from our Great Central Sun. It has washed over the planet with increasing intensity since 2012, gradually awakening more and more of our Lightworkers, who then turned their gaze toward the travesties around them, with the conviction that it was time to change the unfair and destructive systems.

This awakening of the brave hearts of the Light Warriors has had a tremendous effect. It has created a slow and steady uplifting of the vibrations on Mother Terra – carrying the power to change darkness into Light in a way you have never known was possible. Of course, the dark ones in charge did not want you to understand or experience your own power. As long as they kept you insecure and fearful of their power, you would not know of the powerful weapon you literally held in the center of your being – the Power of Light, which can overcome all darkness.

This awakening has created a dilemma for the dark ones. Their arrogance is based in inflated ego, delusional thinking that grows out of fear and abuse – for they are abusive to one another, of course. As such, their “power” is illusory and insecure. They are, ultimately, the most insecure beings in the Multiverse, bereft of Love, Compassion or warmth, and thus bereft of real strength. Hence, they tend to be unbalanced, volatile and utterly self-centered in their responses – the antithesis of Light, the absence of God.

You see, you have felt paralyzed by the “shock and awe” they have deliberately and relentlessly laid out before you, causing you to be frozen with horror and fear. Everywhere around you the clues and propaganda constantly displayed itself, in violent movies, video games, “reality” television, advertisements, books, and especially “news” stories. All were designed to overwhelm you, swamp you in your predictable human fight-or-flight response. This fear response in turn creates a powerfully numbing effect when it goes on day after day, from childhood onward. Thus, you have all been emotionally beaten into submission, unbeknownst to your conscious mind.

This is the reason we have been working so hard with you in recent months, Beloveds. We see the residual effect of the relentless beating you have taken as a result of your just being present here on Earth. When you add to that the lingering effects of difficult or abusive experiences, you are left struggling to free yourself from an overwhelming quagmire of feelings that weigh on your mind, undermine your self-esteem and destroy your health. It was designed to convert you to darkness. You have all experienced yourselves, as Kathryn called it, as “a raw nerve.” We wish to help you wrestle these feelings to the ground and heal the aftereffects of this lifetime here and now.

We invite you to use the tools we have given you to free yourselves completely. You will need to work hard on yourselves, as we do. You will raise your awareness, learn to take complete responsibility for your own feelings and thoughts, and grow in Light as you go forward. It is the advancement you came here to achieve.

Let us address an issue many of you have encountered in your spiritual work. You have learned of past lifetimes which might have involved traumatic events and you fear that those events have compromised your ability to heal and elevate yourselves in this lifetime. I want to assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. You have all experienced healing time between lives, and you came here to experience an echo of those times which would bring forward those feelings in such a way that you can heal them now, given the issues and people in your life in the present. You do not need to

uncover past traumas; you have all the information you need in this life, if you look honestly and clearly at the feelings you experience now.

It is a fair and reasonable system we operate under, even though you may have felt victimized or put upon by the people and events of your life. I assure you, life is not unfair when you adjust your vision from a close-up view of the details of this present life to a wide-angle perspective that includes your soul education and enlightenment. This is the most important element of your life experience, after all.

I will offer you some new information about the current state of the Universe, however. It has been a difficult time for the Company of Heaven because of some major events you may not be aware of. The Universe is expanding at a great rate. Our Creator/Source continues to create as a matter of Being – He/she cannot do otherwise. As the Universes already in place expand and become elaborated in their complex interactions, other Universes are created and ready to be populated, with stars, planets, beings of every imaginable sort, and ever-changing possibilities. We of the Company of Heaven are Co-creators with our beloved Source, the Beginning of all Beginnings.

All of you, in your Higher Selves are intimately involved, each according to his special talents and abilities, in the creation, evolution and management of new worlds, new Universes. As new worlds are created, new responsibilities and opportunities for service to the Whole present themselves.

We are now in the midst of a tremendous expansion in the Multiverse. This has presented opportunities for us as Ascended Masters to take on new responsibilities, and at times has challenged our abilities, just as a CEO of a multinational corporation might find it difficult to manage all facets of the organization simultaneously. Like the CEO, we assign important tasks to our trusted colleagues and rely on them to oversee various elements of the business.

Such it is with Source, and with the Company of Heaven. During this recent expansion in the Multiverse, the most intense period of creation taking place during what you have experienced as the past 20 years or so, there was a reshuffling, realigning of responsibilities that required many of us to be everywhere at once. In the process, some were stretched beyond what you might call their “comfort zone” – especially the younger and less experienced souls.

You see, we are really very much like you. Yes, we have greater Vision, more information, more power to manifest as we elevate ourselves into higher dimensions, but we still experience a similar challenging climb up the ladder to higher elevations of soul growth as you do. It has been a time of great challenge for all, and during this time, the dark ones were able to move quickly to solidify their power on Planet Earth while we were working hard – and successfully – to contain their reach across other parts of our Universe.

We have ultimate faith in the power of Light to overcome all darkness, but for a time on the surface of Earth, the dark ones took hold in the imaginations and hearts of all humankind in a more toxic and deeply-rooted way than we anticipated. The influx of Light you have experienced in past months was expected to wash away the dark ones’ hold on all, in both the physical and psychological realm. Unfortunately, their overweening confidence in their own power led them to unprecedented acts of brazen and impudent assault on God’s Lightworkers, as a challenge to God himself.

You have felt these currents of battle, have you not? We do not do battle in the 4th dimension in the same way you experience on Earth. Light Warriors need no hardware or technology to overwhelm darkness, but we do abide by Universal Law, which forbids violence in our response to the dark ones. However, the acting out of their destructive intentions was aimed at destroying humankind’s connection with God and with us, and to create an atmosphere of despair in which they could tip the balance in their favor. It was their intention to turn Planet Earth into their own Playground of Evil.

Creator/Source, whom I call Father, was outraged when he saw the extent of the inroads the dark ones had managed to make in a short time. We were all alerted by Kathryn when she made her stand in defense of the fair application of Universal Law to protect our beloved humankind who have been so badly mistreated by the dark ones. Other Lightworkers raised their voices as well, to plead for intervention, even while understanding that our hands are tied when it comes to interfering in certain cosmic events.

Since the difficult realization that humankind would require more assistance from us, we have stepped up our energies, pouring Light and Love into your atmosphere, and interceding where we can to assist you all in your daily lives. With the approval of Source, we are now able to move more actively in your behalf to protect and shore up the work you have done – as Sananda told you – “We have your backs.”

We are actively accompanying all our Lightworkers, adding our energies to theirs in all their endeavors in service of bringing comfort, Love and Light to you all. With Father’s nod of approval, we were unleashed, so to speak, in a flood of creativity and excitement, escalating the intensity of our activities to assist our beloved brothers and sisters of Planet Earth. With a reshuffling of responsibilities came a new rush of enthusiasm and commitment, just as you have felt in your own work. We are on fire!

You are feeling the wave of Light, are you not? It is carrying with it the foreshadowing of all the blessings to come – the abundance, the sense of brotherhood, and the promise of Paradise on Earth. Join with us, Dear Ones, so that we may join with you, for this is the way of Heaven – you must take the lead. We cannot offer our help unless you ask, nay, demand our presence in your lives. Together, we work as One, a well-synchronized organism of Love and Light.

We are sending you help now in the form of a new leader. You will be hearing of his presence shortly, and I know you will be delighted with his Light, his power and

intelligence. He is a Son of God, sent directly to you as a walk-in to assist you at this time in preparing the world for the return of our beloved Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus in his lifetime here. He is eager to walk among you again, and will do so as soon as the conditions on the surface permit. In the meantime, help us by lifting your hearts to connect directly to Father and to us, the Company of Heaven. We are in service to you and all of Creation, the rich and diverse Multiverse that is our Galactic home.

You, Beloved Humans, are not the isolated race of beings inhabiting this small and insignificant planet alone on the edge of your galaxy, as your scientists would have you believe. It is a solar system and a galaxy teaming with life, and you are a crucial lynch-pin in the great whirling expansion of worlds taking part around you. You, behind the Veil, are a part of the most exciting dance imaginable, destined for worlds unknown and experiences unforetold.

It is my great pleasure to tell you of these things, and to speak to you of the great Love we feel for all of you, and to be with you in these magical times of growth and celebration. I too will walk among you again as Sananda’s partner and feminine counterpart, as I did in our life together long ago. You feel us coming closer, don’t you?

Hold onto your halos, Dear Ones. The time for the great explosion of Light is near. Prepare yourselves well in the days to come. Reach deeply into your own hearts to clear away all doubt, all frustration, all despair and anxiety, for these are the emotions of your dark history. Walk with me into the Light, and let your hearts sing with the joy of being alive, awake and at peace with your Self first, and with those around you next. You will help us to lead the way into the New Day on Planet Earth.

I am your Nada, in service to the Great Plan and to all humankind.

Transcribed by Kathryn May, January 17, 2015, 8 pm, New York


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Lady Nada: Finding Beauty and Fulfillment in All things

Lady Nada: Finding Beauty and Fulfillment in All things’

Lady Nada:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This afternoon Sananda and I had the great treat of spending two hours with your delightful radio co-hosts, Kathryn and Meg. ( ) It was a first for us, and possibly a first for channeled messages, because we asked Kathryn to speak for us and to carry our feelings and our voices to you while we also included her in our conversation. We joked beforehand about the Vaudeville act we were asking her to perform, but it turned out to be fun and interesting and perfectly what we had hoped for.

We asked Kathryn to show everyone how we can talk with you, even joke with you, because we see the humor in all the obstacles you create for yourselves and the irony of being embroiled in the challenges and illusions we decided upon together. Of course we have lived lifetimes here with you, so we are not strangers to the difficulties, and sometimes the pain that life brings.

In the deepest part of your unconscious mind, you remember the promise that this life is to bring – a new world, with an end to wars, an end to poverty, and a new, bright hope that each person will have the chance to live without disease or fear. It will come to pass, Dear Ones, because the foundations of that glorious life are being laid as we speak. The most dramatic change will come with the changes in the banking industry and related changes to NESARA law. It will restore the Constitution of the United States, provide similar changes around the world, and restore humanity to the legal system.

There has been such corruption and compromise within the legal and law enforcement areas everywhere on the planet. Lawlessness, or law applied with the intention of favoring those in power and those who control the wealth have been the norm under the reign of the dark forces for thousands of years now, with the crescendo toward favoritism and greed coming to a peak with the end of 2012. Since that time, progress has been made on several fronts because of new hope on the ground, increased activism to create civil courts which will truly represent The People, and the powerful wave of uplifting energy which has helped to lift all hearts.

I, Nada, have been extremely active in recent days, over-lighting an incarnation of my soul who is working behind the scenes to bring about the legal changes, while Sananda has also added his energy to the NESARA project and worked closely with St. Germain and Ra (Father God) on the Prosperity Funds as well. We always work as teams, you see. We send incarnations with the purpose of having the right person on the ground at the right time, with the right skills. It is a much more focused program in this generation, because we had very specific roles to play and knew we would be needing the exact training to fulfill our jobs.

You too are a part of this special training project. You will find yourself changing what you do every day, moving toward the things you have always felt good doing, but thought you could not “earn a living at it.” You will be finding new ways to work creative pursuits into your days, reveling in your growing imagination and resourcefulness. This, of course, is the cure for many of the ills you have experienced in the past: boredom, feelings of alienation, and frustration at having to be trapped in a job you would not have chosen if you had the freedom to do whatever you want.

Be purposeful in your direction, Dear Ones. Do not forgo a chance to express your best abilities, even if it means doing volunteer work to satisfy your taste for a particular kind of work. This is a wonderful way to bring a little adventure into your life, and to connect with others whose hearts are open to being of service. You will find enormous fulfillment and joy – the feeling of purpose which lifts your heart and satisfies your soul. It will also help you to turn your attention away from the anxiety which working for money brings into your life. Think of your acts of service as your entertainment, your nourishment, and a big leap along your Ascension path.

Monday, July 28

These messages we have brought to you in recent months always present something of a challenge in each one, or new information that will cause you to open your eyes, perhaps with a start, and reconsider everything you have always thought to be true. You are used to thinking about such an experience as a comedown, or proof that you were wrong about something, or a blow to your ego, which always wants to be “right.”

Here is my challenge, Beloved Ones: Change your point of view 180 degrees. Assume that possibly everything you believed was wrong. Turn your world upside down and look at it from that perspective. Begin to look for the opportunity to find something you believed was true, and entertain the possibility it is wrong. Do it just for fun. An idea, after all, has no substance or weight. It is not something that belongs to you or gives you worth. It is just a thought, a construct of the brain putting words and images together.

Be silly. Construct magical and fanciful explanations for everything, but make sure that your descriptions are genuinely funny and positive. No playing on the dark side here, like deciding your mother is really Darth Vader (unless she really was. Just kidding). Keep it light. Maybe you were really the bastard child of the King of Whatever, and you were given to your parents to raise until such time as they will come to crown you Prince of Whatever. Maybe the reason you had trouble reading in school is because you have a hidden talent for playing a recorder with great feeling, and you were just too shy to try.

Maybe your earlier lifetimes as the Jester of the Court prepared you for a career as a stand-up comic, and you will only need to uncover the funny bone in the center of your brain to be truly amusing and entertaining to others. Perhaps you were a Troubadour who sang love songs in praise of God and the woman you loved. Uncover the talent for writing songs and rhymes to delight your friends. Perhaps you were a brilliant seamstress and clothing designer, in great demand by those in the know. Experiment with your design abilities, in whatever medium attracts you, no matter how odd or unusual your tastes might seem. Clay? Scraps of fabric? Metal? Wood and paper?

Look at your hands, Beloved. What do your fingers long to touch? What do you want to build? Feel your throat. Breathe the love I am sending you down through your crown chakra. Let it flow downward, soothing all feelings of shyness or doubt. Let is pour down through your throat to ignite the inspiration to speak with eloquence and beauty. Vow to use your voice to uplift others; connect to the Love in your heart so that every word is surrounded and steeped in Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.

When you go out into the world to speak your truth, tell everyone of the joy you feel when you are on your path, singing the praises of Life, enjoying the company of all you meet, no matter who they are or where they have been. They each have a story to tell and a lesson to teach you. Look for the lesson in every encounter. Search for the story behind the story, the true Heart of the person you have just met. Dismiss all preconceived ideas about what the person’s dress or skin color or gender tells you, and approach with a blank slate with a huge question mark on it. Where has this person been? What do they know about because of their life experience that you don’t know?

You will find adventures around every corner, Dear Ones. A walk to the corner store can be a phenomenal delight. A chance encounter with a small child on a subway can fill your heart with a sense of awe and appreciation for the beauty and wonder of humanity. An affectionate lick from a friendly dog can tickle your heart connection to the animal Kingdom and the wonders it offers. Perhaps this dog before you is really a psychic healer in disguise. Perhaps he is performing his wonders with you.

Perhaps if you take a hike in the forest you will be able to sit quietly on a log and speak with the trees and let them tell you the history of your part of the world, or you will call upon the fairies and have the delight of seeing one flutter around you out of the corner of your eye.

Yes, of course there are fairies, and there are elves and there are angels, why would there not be? If humankind can imagine them, then you can be sure they have been created somewhere in the Universe. The creatures and beings which are created from Love are everywhere, on many levels or dimensions, in various degrees of visibility to the human eye. On the other hand, those thoughtforms which were created from fear with intensity of feeling and thought were also “created,” but they do not remain in reality once the energy of the thoughts and feelings are removed. They have no “staying power” because the are not real, whereas all beings created by God are real, lasting and a charming, beautiful part of our reality.

So, you see, it is a very nice system which guarantees that beauty remains, while darkness and negativity melts away. The quality of your environment depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Search everywhere for beauty, even on a grey day when everything seems to be going wrong. Search especially hard then, and the flower you will find blooming in the crack in the pavement will have special resonance for you. Listen for joy in the call of a bird; feel the wind’s caress on your face and know it is Us, reminding you of our Love.

Our Love for you is endless, everywhere and in everything you see and touch. Look for it, and you will feel our great affection for you, for we are One.

Until we speak with you together again on next Sunday’s internet radio show, ( I bid you Fare Well,


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May July 28, 2014, 10 PM, New York

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