Nancy B. Detweiler. M.Ed., M.Div.


 “We must once more raise the debt ceiling or we’ll have to close down the government! … We must cut entitlements! … Why is our national debt so huge? … Why do we have such high inflation?  If the stock market crashes, the country will go into another depression!” 

The trail of fear tactics is endless.  Americans think we know the answers, but we do not.  Even our Economics textbooks do not tell us the truth.  American History courses have failed to teach us the truth.

Because we do not know and are unaware that we do not know, we blame those who appear to be the reason.  We angrily ventilate:  We need to cut food stamps and welfare assistance … let the poor work like the rest of us…  If “they” would get off their butts and find a job, they would not need welfare…  Why should we work and watch our tax dollars be used to support those who refuse to work?

America is angry.  We think we know why we are angry, but we do not!  The root cause of our anger escapes us because we have been deprived of our true history.  Deep down, we sense that something is wrong, but we cannot define that something.

We try to discover the reason for our anger … God knows we try … but it is hidden.  Instead, those in power give us all types of store front reasons devised to create separation, blame, and resentment of others.  The people we think should know—our governmental officials—often do not know.  In America, truth is revealed to only those who “have a need to know.”

We blame those in government positions for being inapt at governing.  We are taught that if we do not like what is going on, vote them out of office.  We think that will be the answer to our problems, but it is not.

Somehow the same problems continue for decades … even centuries.  We are taught to be good citizens and vote … we vote every two years, but nothing changes.  We still have outlandish national debt … inflation … deflation …. economic booms … economic depressions…………….

Economic problems continue because we do not know why they occur … we think we do, but we don’t!  Americans do not know our true history.

It is for this reason—we do not know—that I encourage you to take the time to view this historical documentary.  Yes, it is long, but so is our history of one economic upheaval after another.  Surely, we know by now that regardless of who is in office in Washington, one or another of the economic problems continue.

In order to solve a problem, we must know its history … what is the root cause?

For those who believe they must focus on the positive only, please know that you can focus on an economic system that works for everyone while determining the root cause of the present difficulties.  The positive that we focus on is the end result, but in order to attain that positive outcome, we must know about and remove any obstacles and overcome any challenges that may stand between us and the desired goal.

The historical documentary, Money Masters, will reveal more historical truths in its 3 ½ hours than the 99% of us have ever known.  It reveals the root cause for all of our economic difficulties, thereby offering us the opportunity to solve the problems based on a true understanding of what has occurred.





THE ROLE OF FOREIGN BANKS IN UNITED STATES HISTORY: What they forgot to teach us in high school



Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


Americans believe themselves to be free ONLY because we do not know our true history.  This Veteran’s Today article and the full length movie, Money Masters (by Ben Still – 1996), reveals the real story behind our economic enslavement.

The false teaching—America is the home of the brave and the free is repeated ad infinitum—controlling our minds with this lie.  We live with a sense of false security thinking we truly are brave and free.  It would not be an exaggeration to state that Americans are reminded daily that we are the greatest nation in the world.

Because the true history of America has been suppressed, the bankers have succeeded in enslaving us and coming within a hair’s-breath of destroying this nation.

Let us be take advantage of the freedom we presently have (thanks to the internet) to study our true history and brave enough to face the truth responsibly!



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