President Trump: “It’s Time For Our Troops To Come Back Home”

NOTE BY NANCY:  Our world leaders are working toward GESARA’s official announcement and implementation.  Soon we will know WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING AND WHY!!!  The best way to understand GESARA is to know that the NESARA LAW will be implemented on a global basis in all countries who meet the requirements and choose to implement them.  World Peace is one of those requirements; thus the withdrawal of American troops by President Trump.

Although I am not certain about the amounts of money to be given to each individual, I post this explanation of the National Economic Security & Reformation Act (signed into Law in 2000) because it includes details that I did not include in my History of NESARA because I could not verify them; but have seen them in print from numerous sources:

My “History of NESARA”:

The goal, however, is to end poverty on this planet via a global  jubilee–a requirement of NESARA/GESARA.  The end result, eventually, will be that money becomes obsolete.


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