Much of what we are now seeing is high level information being told to the people via symbolism … little can be taken literally!  That seemingly insignificant ball  and what Putin and Trump do with it is telling a story that will change our world!





TRUTH is much more complete that “my truth.” We often hear, “if what I say resonants with you, then hold on to it; it not, place the concept on a shelf for later consideration. This can be confusing because TRUTH IS WHAT IS; “my truth” is my perception of truth at this moment; “my truth” is what is meaningful to me. An important question to ask ourselves as we evolve into higher consciousness is: “Am I continuing to evolve into higher conscious awareness by holding to “my truth” instead of ever-seeking more TRUTH. TRUTH STANDS ALONE & NEEDS NO VERIFICATION. “My truth” is incomplete and still mixed with illusion.

The process of consciously evolving often places us in a position of derivating from the norm. We hesitate to move forward and accept our “out of the box” discoveries of TRUTH because we fear being rejected by family and friends; being thought of as “crazy;” having to stand alone in our differences.

If we desire to ascend into higher consciousness, we have to choose: Do I want to cling to “my truth”? … OR … Do I desire to know TRUTH and seek with an Open Mind regardless of the consequences?

Earth humans stand at the crossroads. Earth is passing thru the 4th dimension (where duality is still present) on its way to 5th dimension, where illusion is no more. This excerpt from Dr. Lie’s book THIRTY VEILS OF ILLUSION is an example of the life on the 5th dimension to which many are increasingly becoming attuned.


Dr. Suzanne Lie

Excerpt from Thirty Veils of Illusion

Dr. Suzanne Lie - Illusions“As you fully return to your multidimensional consciousness, you will begin to perceive other realities. At first they will come in dreams, then they will come in meditations, and then they will fly through your mind when you take a moment to relax.”

READ MORE:  http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=2decd4fc-55ec-41d2-9d48-76ddf3c41198&c=d9bcf5f0-3739-11e3-a4ad-d4ae528ec60a&ch=daf74ab0-3739-11e3-a5f4-d4ae528ec60a


Time will become so compressed that it ceases to exist

03/13/2013 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms all is on schedule to welcome you as you awaken. You are going to awaken, so let go of your doubts, your fears, your anxieties, and focus on your intent to do so.  Your intent is essential, and every day new members join the club whose purpose is to awaken humanity and allow the illusion to dissolve.  As we have said many times, your awakening is inevitable. Disregard the naysayers who suggest that your awakening could be hundreds or thousands of years in the future.  Time is of the illusion, it is illusory, so cease paying it so much attention.  Yes, you need it to coordinate your earthly activities — and for that alone it is useful – and attend to living in each and every now moment, which is when your life is happening.

Time is like a very long tunnel: coiled tightly like a spring it takes up very little space, and yet it can be stretched out to interminable length.  Humanity is now compressing that spring which had been so inordinately stretched out.  It will become so compressed that it ceases to exist, and you will all awaken into the eternal moment of now, before which and beyond which there is absolutely nothing. A very difficult concept for you to grasp when everything you think, say, or do appears to be governed by time.  However, modern science has proved that time is illusory, that it is an imaginary concept, but nevertheless, within the illusory environment in which you appear to have your existence it remains a very useful tool.

Scientific research is doing you great favors as it demolishes outdated and confusing concepts of reality which served only to limit your spiritual evolution. For example the laws of Newtonian physics are very useful because they allow you to predict the results of mechanical interactions, and quantum physics has made it possible to invent and produce many electronic devices.  However, they also seemingly set limits to your abilities to conceptualize new technologies because they suggest to you that certain new ideas — ideas that some of your newer and younger scientists have imagined — are utterly impractical. Nevertheless, science has always moved forward and shown that ideas previously thought insane are in fact possible, and you continue to make progress because you refuse to accept limits that previous generations thought were cast in stone, absolute.

Your spiritual evolution is occurring in a similar fashion.  Many religions established guidelines which were then followed by rules which led in turn to dogmatic statements of divine truths supposedly revealed in secret to a “chosen one” by the founder, or even by God Himself.  Over time it becomes apparent that these so-called divine truths were generally nothing more than vain and wishful interpretations of the founder’s guidelines, originally humbly offered to assist others along their evolutionary spiritual path, but that his senior followers self-servingly used to establish and maintain unwarranted positions of authority for themselves.

Humanity has been awakening to the invalidity of many of these “divine truths,” which have been found to be harsh, divisive, and polarizing, in fact, almost totally in opposition to the all-inclusive, indiscriminate and unconditional Love that God offers to all His children, and which He wishes them to share with one another as He does with each one of them.

There is only One: God, and all of creation.  However, there are also an infinite number of aspects of that One, which, while living within the confines of the illusion humans experience as individuality.  And due to the overriding sense of fear that the illusion promotes, that individuality, instead of drawing you all together in harmony and cooperation, as it does in Reality, encourages distrust, competition, and conflict.  Eons of living in that inharmonious and uncooperative fashion have finally taught you how insane it is, and so you are now opening yourselves to accept the Love that your Father has been offering you continuously since the moment of your creation.

As you open to It, often in quiet desperation and hopelessness, It embraces you compassionately and with enough intensity for you to feel Its strength and Its utter acceptance of you without your being overwhelmed.  When that happens, the experience is uplifting, life-affirming, and unforgettable.  Many of you have been waiting lifetimes for such an experience as deep within yourselves you know it is possible and that it will happen to you.  And when you finally surrender, discarding any and all preconceptions of what to seek or expect, it will happen to you when you least expect it.

Hold your Light on high, share indiscriminately and unconditionally the Love that is enveloping you in every moment, for by doing so you will start to experience It yourselves.  To offer love, and to share love truly is the most generous and enlightened form of self-interest in which you can engage.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it!

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]



February 2013 Monthly Visions

Dana Colour Pic New

Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution

The video version with commentary is here


This year has had a real heaviness to it which may have left some questioning have we truly ‘made it’?  The ending of our old cycle meant one of two things as we faced the beginning of a new cycle. Collectively we had a choice: to awaken and transform our world, or to stay in our slumber and experience the demise of all living things. That was the reality of our situation. The way we were going was not, and is not, sustainable. So it was with great anticipation that we looked forward to the beginning of our new cycle. It symbolised a positive turning point and a new beginning. We knew that we did not come here to fail yet again, and so millions of people celebrated as together we shifted into a new era of consciousness, and thus a new era of awakening and global transformation.

Yet after the first dewy days of a new dawn, rather than feeling exhilaration and bliss many of us found ourselves feeling like we’d been hit with a wet cloth.  We experienced a sense of heaviness, depression and even a desire to leave the planet for much of January. We may even have wondered “Did we really choose the road of mass awakening and transformation? Am I deluding myself? Maybe we failed…again!!”  Speaking for myself, even though everything was fine and dandy in my personal world, it felt very hard to be here on Earth and I haven’t felt that way in a long long long long time. I became hyper-super aware of all the injustice that is still out there, all the lies and dysfunction that are still happening, all the mediocrity we’re still surrounded by that’s celebrated by the mass media while real issues and solution-pioneers are ignored, and part of me just did not want to be here anymore. I’m sure many of you felt the same way.

February will feel much lighter as we adjust to the new program which is: here’s the truth of your reality/world, what are you going to do about it? We will continuously be called this year to find ways to come back to our centre with revelation after revelation sending us into waves of shock at times and even further despair. We need to remember that revelations are a positive thing, even if they are challenging, because they lift what has always been there under the carpet to the surface. Revelations are an important part of the process of positive change. Revelations are part of the process of awakening into greater consciousness and awareness. So it will be a very dramatic year, and it will also be exciting to be a witness to all that is being uncovered.

Many of you will already be feeling this ‘witness’ or ‘observer’ vibe, having energetically already stepped out of the old matrix, and watching as if from the outside in as the old world falls away.  This may seem to contradict our commitment to greater conscious action, however the key word there is conscious action.  We don’t personally need to be involved in every demolition and re-construction of every building and structure on the planet. We all have our own piece of the puzzle to take care of.  Just follow your own inner compass and your own Hansel and Gretel Cookie crumbs. You may be a conscious observer for some issues, and a passionate activist for others. You may be a devoted parent who is committed to researching about the healthiest food options for your kids, or you may be a kind, loving person who is always there to extend a helping hand to others. A lot of people get confused about this fine line between taking action vs allowing thing to unfold. To me it is not an either/or situation, it is both. It is our old paradigm’s version of action that has confused us. The old version was a very masculine, aggressive, mind type of action, often coming from fear, that wasn’t necessarily in harmony with the actual, desired outcome. The new version of action is conscious, heart-based, divinely-inspired action which may at times mean that your action is to sit and be in your own sacred space. It may mean getting political. It means whatever it means for you in each moment.

At the same time that January brought a heaviness born of hyper-awareness, I was aware that this hyper-awareness was a good thing and much needed for everyone to finally snap awake in a really conscious, practical way and be active transformation agents in greater and bigger ways; on a humanitarian level, political level, environmental level etc.  We are continuing to receive so many signs that something major has shifted. Mass protests are everywhere demanding a myriad of social changes, and governments are finally committing to meet some of those demands – British MP’s have voted in favour of same-sex marriage. There has been, and will be more, unprecedented outrage and a ‘no more’ vibe to attitudes and ways that have long passed their use by date. Negative comments about women breastfeeding in public triggered a ‘nurse-in’ outside a television studio in Australia. While those particular negative comments may not compare to other recent triggers for outrage (the rape of women and the sexual abuse of children for example) the reaction is linked to the same core: the rise of the divine feminine and the refusal to continue to allow the disrespect that women, children, minority groups, and other vulnerable people have continually been shown. Conservative U.S television host and political commentator Bill O’Reilly said recently, “The White Establishment is now the minority.” He said that with a grim face like it’s a bad thing, but for those who have been suppressed as a result of this establishment it was cause for celebration.

There have been major revelations of long-hidden secrets and we will see more as the months continue. Lance Armstrong finally came clean (ish) to Oprah and there is news breaking just now regarding a major drug cover up in Australian sports.  It’s been revealed in the UK that popular brands of food purporting to use beef, are actually using horsemeat instead.  There was a mainstream article that somehow skipped the censor’s brush and dared to point out the truth: that we have all become participants in a false reality that has been constructed for us.  We will become aware of this more than ever this year.


NOTE BY NANCY:  You may begin to learn about two such false realities by reading the following:  YOUR STRAWMAN https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/me-my-shadow-the-fictional-strawman-as-created-by-the-usa-inc/





 A recent media controversy in Australia highlighted the insensitivity of prank phone calls after a tragic consequence. In another case, a much loved media identity’s on-air confession about smoking, tearfully admitting to not being able to kick the habit while currently pregnant, has raised awareness of the power and dangers of addiction more than any smoking campaign ever has. All of these things are shifting our collective consciousness just as much as, if not more than, any self-help seminar.

So what’s going on? Have we made ‘the shift’ or not, and if we have why does it feel so heavy? Well indeed we have but as we’ve been saying for years: shifting into a new vibration means anything not in alignment with that vibration has to come up and out for release, collapse or transformation.  It is the era of transparency and authenticity. It is the era of truth and integrity. Whenever we make a major personal shift, we will always come face to face with all the ways in which we have been sabotaging ourselves. We will have light bulb moments about thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been running contrary to what we say we want. We’ve experienced this in our personal lives, we are now seeing it in greater numbers of people, and in wider global arena’s.  As with personal awakening and inner transformation, mass awakening and global transformation requires a confrontation with truth, and truth is what we are collectively finding ourselves neck deep in right now.

The heaviness is a result of the megatonness of truth, or rather deceptions that were disguised as truth, that are pouring out of every personal, social, political, government, military, corporate, media, pharmaceutical, religious, historical etc nook, cranny and crevice right now, spilling out for all to see and feel – and a lot of it is not pleasant. It can be downright ugly, disturbing, uncomfortable and challenging to our personal reality comfort zones.  Yet if we truly want what we say we want – a transformed world – then this heightened exposure to the current reality that surrounds us is an essential part of that process. Shifting to a higher level of consciousness involves being awake and aware to everything that is playing a part in creating our reality, to everything that is being portrayed to us as reality. We cannot change what we are unaware of. We cannot step into our power if we are blind to the ways in which power has been taken from us.  Pulling back the curtain of OZ, or the veil of illusion, is not for the faint-hearted.

Discussing and exposing the truth is often seen as negative for the very reasons mentioned above. It is often uncomfortable and challenging to hear it.  In mainstream society the truth often flies against the face of what we have been taught, or are being told, is truth. In the alternative community, it often flies against the face of the old ‘new age’ motto to think positive and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Yet there is nothing positive in remaining silent, in keeping quiet, in being blind to what is going on in the world.  Our old ‘everything happens for a reason so leave it alone’ motto is not going to cut it in this new cycle. Yes, everything does happen for a reason – we are collectively starting to realise that one of the higher opportunities of a tragic event or injustice is to act as a catalyst for action and transformation. This is what we will see more and more of this year. People being galvanised into action by small and large events, that trigger unprecedented outpourings of emotion and response, compelling individuals, communities, companies and governments alike to finally do something about a variety of issues.

“I feel we are not supposed to sit back and use spiritual platitudes as justification for inaction, or to avoid the emotional responses that would be triggered by actually facing the realities of the world in which we live. Those emotional responses hold the key that will guide us to whatever action is most appropriate. It is through our emotional experiences that we find our humanity and ultimately express our spiritual “enlightenment.” The greatest measure of our enlightenment now lies in this question: In the face of watching brothers and sisters in extreme crisis, what are you going to do?

”- A New Kind of Enlightenment by Dana Mrkich, Insight Magazine, Jan 2007

Right now, the truth is making some people very upset – namely, those who have relied on certain truths remaining hidden in order to stay in power. There’s now even a supposed negative name for those of us who dare to question official stories and practices – ‘truthers’. It’s starting to feel like the days of the witch hunts all over again where people who voice the truth or dare to question are ridiculed or worse!  Protests are seen as low-level terrorism, while laws are being put into place in some U.S states making anyone who reports factory farm abuses a terrorist! Facebook is suspending accounts that question the official narrative of Sandy Hook following a warning from Connecticut Police that misinformation could result in prosecution.  Questioning a narrative that has so many inconsistencies as to be completely mind-boggling is a perfectly normal human reaction. It is our right as citizens to question things that are directly, or indirectly, affecting our community, country or world.  Whether it is mass media incompetence reporting staggering inaccuracies or outright deceit that explains these inconsistencies, surely we aren’t okay with either? So why are people who are asking questions being vilified by members of their family and community? It is a good sheep-herder that can train his sheep to herd themselves into not stepping outside the established boundaries!

Before we all run away from the planet in despair, the good news is that the degree of truth-repression that’s occurring right now is a direct response to the degree of truth-seeking, truth-demanding and truth-revealing that is occurring right now. Informed, courageous people are still daring to question. They are daring to reveal truth and they are having a positive impact – activists have prevented the ‘factory farm whistleblower = terrorist’ laws from passing in seven states.

No one is here to tell you what is truth and what is not, what is good for your children and family, and what is not. There is no one truth fits all sizes, however there is that which is true for you. And to find out what is true for you is one of your most important jobs right now.  Do whatever resonates best – read, research, meditate, journal, ask questions, look under carpets, muscle test. Find answers that sit right with you and let your own inner authority guide you.

Another reason for this new cycle heaviness was explained so well by the ‘grandmother’ of Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard in a recent interview with The Shift Network’s Stephen Dinan. She described it as a kind of post-partum depression that even she has felt. Having spent so long exerting so much time, energy and focus toward the ‘birth’ date of a new world, it is as if we woke up the next morning to the reality that we had a newborn in our arms (a world needing to be completely overhauled from ground up) and frankly the reality of the situation hit us all like an overwhelming blanket that we wanted to hide under for a while.

A relevant comment came through on my Facebook page that many of you will resonate with: “Initially my January started off rather light but as it’s gone on it’s just gotten heavier and heavier and I feel like I’ve stepped back 10 steps for no reason … so I’m just sitting with it and not ‘doing’ anything with it as I’m hoping it will pass very soon.”

My reply was: “I would love it to pass soon too but unlike heaviness from energetic or emotional debris that can be cleared in an easier way, what we are feeling is the physical debris, the physical reality of all the systems that have been operating in a way that is not in harmony with our hearts, souls, our health, our worth. So in this case the clearing that needs to take place revolves around action be it exposing truth and old attitudes, or participating in the creation of/supporting new systems and structures. So the heaviness is not so much an energy we need to move through, rather it is many aspects of physical reality that we have to dismantle and replace with a new physical reality. We had to get to a certain level of consciousness in order to be able to do this, but now we’re here it’s time to transfer our consciousness into action, in whatever small or large ways. I believe it will be in our daily actions now that we will find relief from the heaviness.

So a good question to ask right now in the heaviness might be: what can I do right now to find relief from the heaviness? What can I do to make me feel I am participating in the clearing/renovation process? It might be as easy as reminding yourself: Well I am recycling a lot more than I used to. I am choosing fresh, healthy, local food when I can. I am aware of the ingredients in my packaged food and moisturisers. I support local farmers and craftspeople. It might be as challenging as committing to something that you keep procrastinating about that your soul is calling you to do more of, or less of. Even not ‘doing’ anything can be a conscious action eg consciously choosing to stay in a peaceful heart-based space. When you consciously acknowledge that this is your contribution for this moment, it is in those moments that you will find relief. Another great question to ask is: what is this particular heaviness drawing my attention toward? What have I just been made aware of? Often you’ll find that the same sort of topics/events make you feel heavy, so these are clues as to perhaps what your soul would like to get more involved with at some point down the track or find more information about.”

Around the same time that I was writing about this heaviness, a friend sent through a beautiful short video of a young boy with down’s syndrome being mothered/patted gently by a golden labrador. It instantly lightened the heart, so add to the list of actions you can take: watch something, read something or listen to something that reminds you of all the beauty and love that exists on our planet. It was a great reminder to balance out all the heavy truth-revealing with joyous truth-revealing as there is plenty of that out there right now as well.

We are creating a new world, and there is plenty of evidence right now to show that. This evidence may not be wrapped in the pretty package we expected, but remember that the real gift is not the package. It is what is inside once the paper comes off.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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 covering ears

“However, knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes.” [iii]

This is the part from SaLuSa’s message that touched my heart the most.  I have often said that there are people out there who name no faith, religion or God, but practice and embody Light, Love and Universal Embrace more and better than those that do! I think THAT was the first “revelation” I had once I broke from formalized religion in 1985.  I met so many loving and sincere people.

Of course Christianity would always retort back “Ah, but they are *sincerely* wrong!”

It took many years for me to completely erase the damnable heresy of Orthodox Christianity that separated the human race into two distinct groups: the obedient and disobedient; the saved and the lost; the righteous and the unrighteous.  This same practice has been copied and utilized countless times throughout the world: black and white; male and female; gay and straight.

No small wonder the human race is so fractured! We have done this to ourselves, all the while knowing full well that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  A human being—divided from his/her Divinity—cannot stand either!

Growing up in an extremely artistic and musical family, I was exposed to many kinds of people, especially Gay and Jewish.  The folks who came to our home for music instruction were amazingly broad-minded and genuinely interesting, lovely people. I tasted my first Kosher brisket from a dear Mrs. Keller who lovingly cooked it for us at Christmastime.  Mr. Henssler was a gentle “homosexual” gentleman that was considerate, kind to a fault and gentle. My tumultuous childhood was filled with memories of these thoughtful people.

It was ONLY after I went to Bible College that I immediately was informed that these people were, lost, sinful, wayward, unregenerate, and reprobate.  The very people I had admired, respected and loved were immediately put on my “must convert” list.  I stopped seeing them as the wonderful God-created and indwelt souls that they were, and exchanged the truth for a lie (as Paul said in Romans 1), seeking only to love them IF they became as I was.  If they didn’t, they would burn forever.  HOW SAD!  HOW PATHETIC!  HOW FALSE!

Three of my favorite people in this life are Jewish. One, my chiropractor of 27 years; second, my partner’s Psychologist/Social Worker; and third, a piano student. These three created gems have demonstrated tolerance, inclusiveness, mercy, justice, love, giving, acceptance BETTER than I ever have!

Two of my other favorite people in life are myself and my partner, both Gay.  We have also learned that we are wonderful human beings, indwelt with Divine Spark and connected to The Almighty Source.

Thank God that what I believed out of ignorance concerning their souls and mine is not true.


 On July 9,1975, while in my second year of Music Conservatory, I had an experience of walking out of a Bible Study hosted by one of my student-friends.  Nothing seemed different or unusual about this study, and in fact, I left it thinking that I would most likely not attend another.

As I made my way onto the city street, I had a most unusual experience of “seeing” the world in a way that I had never seen it before. Everything simply appeared different.  I felt alive in a way that I had never experienced. What had happened was “mystical.”  I was loved and connected to The Universe…. and I KNEW it!

I got back to my home and stayed up the entire night, reading the four Gospels of the New Testament.  Words leaped off the page and into my soul—I was loved in a way that absolutely was for all times!

In the next couple of weeks I decided to not return to Conservatory and instead complete a degree at a Bible College about two hours from my hometown.  I was so full of joy, newness, love for everyone and felt an eternal connection with God and myself. I thought that going to a school that taught about God was going to be the next step in this magnificent life that I was enjoying.  THAT was NOT to be the case!

As I started my new path seeking to understand what this new life was inside of me, the initial joy of that sultry Summer night leaving the Bible Study faded into confusion, doubt, guilt, fear, delusion, judgment, suspicion, exclusivity and yes… even hatred.

You see, the combined efforts of professors and probably well-meaning fellow students Indoctrinated  me into a codified understanding that what had happened to me was known as being born again, and that Jesus had saved me from my sin.

They now would teach me what that means, who God is and who I BETTER be!  My school would say “this is not RELIGION, but RELATIONSHIP!”  I was to regret that I made their ideas of “relationship” mine for the years that followed!

Well… after one month into my courses in Old Testament, New Testament, Christology, Systematic Theology, Soteriology, Hamartiology, Greek, Church History, Synoptic Gospels and Eschatology, the simple joy and awareness of my new birth became a laundry list that could be broken into minute pieces so that it could be understood, digested, and then regurgitated in what was known as sharing the Good News.

My first rude awakening that my experience of that Summer’s night could not and should not be defined or understood on my own, came mid-term first semester when I received D minus grades on two well researched and thoughtfully prepared papers that “did not conform to the School’s Doctrinal Statement.”

*I thought the end goal of education was to learn and think deductively for myself?*  I guess not!

The President of my College remarked that “Satan seeks to devour all Christians by tossing them about by every wind of doctrine.”

To think for oneself was actually opening the door of the mind to “this Nefarious Adversary.”

The first fears crept into my being that mid-October. Reaching conclusions on my own that were contrary to my Evangelical College’s God-breathed Right vs Wrong List was to turn my back on God Himself and give my soul to destruction! YIKES!….

What I was to do in the remaining years was to simply “parrot back” by memorizing everything that the School taught.  I graduated with highest honors in 1977, a BA in Theology in hand—able to defend all doctrinal positions concerning Christendom and assured that what I had been taught was correct, un-challengeable and complete—nothing more to add!

Years followed working as a Missionary, a Christian Teacher as well as numerous positions in churches as Music Director. Those were years of “putting my education to work.”  I zealously threw myself into “propagation of the Gospel” as I rigorously and with great relish wielded my sword against all who dare question The Truth as it had been handed me.

Actually, I NEVER felt on “Solid Rock” when I did that; but fear of NOT doing as I was taught forced continuation down a path that put God “way up there” and “me down here,” and frankly “never the twain shall meet” until “Glory.”

Once, when I started to scholastically question certain doctrines, a dear brother-in-Christ, an “Elder”, remarked, “The problem with you is that you are too much of an individual; and in Christianity THERE IS NO ROOM FOR INDIVIDUALITY!”…. so…  by 1985, I was basically done with all of it- God, Jesus, The Church, Theology.

I spent several years away from formalized Christianity, discovering many things about myself, other people, the world. The bondage of the earlier years had become like a corset tightly laced squeezing the very life from me!

I KNEW that I was more than what had been taught me—— and in the years to come, through “many infallible proofs,” the *questioning soul that I am*was rewarded with countless and undeniable experiences that drew me back to that night in July 1975.

On that night, the scales fell from my eyes to actually reveal to me—not that I was somehow dirty, unworthy, and in need of salvation from my sin (as many would tell me was so in the weeks, months, and years to come)—but rather that I WAS the very essence of God already!  I simply had forgotten it!

That is why the sheer wonder and glory of those initial days and weeks after that July evening were so outrageously happy and wonderful; I simply WAS–knowing that I WAS of God.  I was IN God and God was IN me.  We were inseparable in being and Essence.

“… I will put My Law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts; and will be their God and they my people.  And they shall teach no one anymore saying ‘Know the LORD,’ for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33-34)

Within weeks, that amazing, liberty-producing knowledge had been turned into a sword of vengeance that was to divide me from my loving, empowered Godhood into a “cringing, fearful slave” reduced to mortality, ever seeking forgiveness from a “personal God” that was holding my soul in the balance.

It has only been in the recent years, and even more so in these last months, that my Birthright of the Indwelling Kingdom of God has been reclaimed as my “inheritance.”   I AM GOD! *

That is not blasphemous to say.  Who I am IS the very essence of God, and to deny such is to call a liar the VERY ONE Who made it so! I am that I am… and that’s all that I am!  Thank you Popeye for such sage words! You obviously grasped The Truth long before I did!  Amen.



 I am so comforted to know that all will ascend at some point.  How totally un-Christian of us to believe such poppycock!-haha

To know that every star, every planet, every seraph, cherub and every other created being is working in tandem and unity to bring all of this about.



 “My life right now feels as if I am in a sped-up-catch-up-mode!  The accelerated pace of spiritual learning has been unlike anything that I have ever experienced before.  It is the feeling of a “crash course” in the Cosmos!!!!!”


 NOTE BY NANCY:  Christians, this minister’s story is a great example of the joy that comes from opening your mind … searching for Truth … and remembering that Jesus taught, “The Truth will set you free!”  It would be difficult to lead a more dedicated life than this minister has lived, yet—as you can see from his story—dedication is not enough.

During these last weeks leading up to Ascension, I encourage you to “Seek and you shall find” much joy, excitement, and peace in knowing beyond doubt that you are finding Truth.  You will know when you find Truth … there will be no nagging “but what ifs?”  You will REST IN TRUTH!






[i]   My minister friend is presently employed as a Minister of Music, while also being qualified tp serve as a pastor.  He has agreed to assist me anonymously in leading Christians to open their minds to asking questions and exploring outside the traditional Christian literature for answers to their questions that satisfy and bring a deep sense of joy into their lives.

[ii]   Painting lifted from:  http://miriadna.com/preview/553

[iii]   SaLuSa, November 14, 2012.

THE TRUTH WILL BE HARD TO HEAR: Those who reveal truth to us are not the culprits.


Those who reveal the truth to us are not the culprits.

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Within the next few weeks, Earth humans will be shocked to learn just many lies we have been told—lies that have been deliberately perpetuated, some for thousands of years.

As Gaia, the great being whose physical body we call Planet Earth, moves toward her ascension, all that is of a negative nature will be brought forth and released so that healing can occur.  A spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical wound cannot heal until the venom within it is released.

The Divine Plan for Gaia and her inhabitants is for all to ascend together.  In order for this evolutionary leap to occur, all negativity must be brought into the open, forgiven,  and released.  This renders inevitable the opening of many Pandora boxes, the bringing forth of unresolved grief, and the arising of painful memories that we have sought to repress.

We Earth humans believe we know the truth of what happened in and during our lives.   Sadly, we know only the lies we have been told.  Behind the world in which we think we live exists a very different world—a sinister world characterized by manipulation, false flag events, mind control, and often torture and/or death to any who attempt to reveal the truth to the people.  The goal of this behind the store front world has been total control of this planet and its people.  It has mattered not how many people are killed or starved/tortured to death.  There is no compassion in this world.

Governments and religions have been used to pit one group against another, creating tensions that have frequently erupted into violence and hatred.  Wars are used as the solution to all problems, with false flag events created to stimulate enough fear and hatred of the designated scapegoat, i.e. enemy, to get young people to sacrifice themselves in war.  The same persons will be found to have financed both sides of a war.  Religions proclaim themselves to be a good thing, but the amount of bloodshed running through every religious history tells another story.

The lists of crimes against the people of this planet is long.  Now, in 2012, we are to learn the truth regarding these crimes.  What we must remember is that we know only what we have been taught.  We may know bits of truth or we may know nothing of truth.  Either way, our initial reaction is likely to be shock, denial, and refusal to believe that we have allowed ourselves to be so severely and completely manipulated.

We must remember that those who reveal the truth to us are not the culprits.  The behind the scenes world has a history of killing those who attempt to reveal the truth.  We, as Earth humans, need to listen … to ponder … to discern for ourselves who brings truth and who doesn’t.  Regardless of the pain involved, we need to allow truth to come forth so all can be healed.

A very important fact to keep in mind is that we do not—at this point in time—know who are the good guys and who belong to the behind the scenes world.  We are very likely to have included in our list of respected people some who truly do not deserve our respect.  Hearing the truth can create disillusionment and the feeling that we do not know who to believe.

On a much more difficult note, we may resist, even hate, the very people who are truly here to assist our planet in moving forward to ascension.  As mentioned above, national storefront leaders do not necessarily hold the reins of power.  Much can be done in their name that does not represent their true desires.  As a result, the people can be taught to hate them with no real basis to do so and the actual culprits continue their sabotage.

The truth will be hard to hear and we may tend to response as people have for thousands of years—by refusing to listen.

However, the stakes are higher now!

We are only months away from an evolutionary opportunity that can propel us into a much higher level of consciousness—if we so choose.  But first, the old must pass away and the old includes learning the truth about Earth humans’ history on this planet.

There is a Divine Plan and it is in the process of unfolding.  There are people on our planet who are here to assist.  Some are presently in leadership roles; some are not.

Earth humans—at this moment—do not know for certain those persons who are here in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.  This and many more truths will be revealed to us in the coming weeks.

I encourage all of us to listen with open, unbiased minds.  We will be shocked, surprised, and saddened; but above all, let’s not attack those who attempt to reveal truth to us.  Instead, let’s support and help them in whatever way we can!





Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Allow the circle to symbolize Earth humans’ actual brain power.  On average, we use only 10% (the red) of our brain power.

Allow the circle to symbolize Earth humans’ potential conscious mind.  On average, we are conscious of only 6% (the green) of what our limited brain power usage can make available to us.

Needless to say, Earth humans function at a very low level when we consider our true capacity as human beings made in the image of our Creator God.  Why?

The Genesis story explains in symbolic terms.  We chose to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  God warned us that if we ate of this fruit, we would surely die.  The above graph illustrates the way in which we died—we began to function on a much lower level than we had previously known.  We left the paradise of the Garden of Eden in order to experience life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality—good and evil.

We have journeyed for thousands of years on this plane.  The Universal Law—We reap whatsoever we sow—continued to be in effect.  Therefore, as we sowed negative karma, we created the necessity of having to return to the plane of duality in order to reap the results of our negative behavior.  For eons, we have lived on the wheel of karma—returning again and again until we learned to live lifetimes in which we sowed enough good karma to balance the negative sown in previous incarnations.[i]

Now, in 2012, we come to the end of the cycle of Earth’s plane of duality.  This magnificent being, Gaia or Mother Earth, will no longer house the plane of duality.[ii]  She has chosen to ascend and once more become a planet on which the Garden of Eden characterizes her existence.  We Earth humans have the opportunity to ascend with her to the higher dimensions from which we came.  However, the Universal Law of freewill is still in effect.

No one is required to ascend until they wish to do so.   Those who do not want to ascend in 2012 will be lovingly taken to another planet within the Cosmos where they can continue to grow and learn on a plane of duality.  There is no divine judgment or punishment for choosing not to ascend in 2012.  All Earth humans will eventually ascend at the point in time each chooses.  The only requirement is that 51% of the negative karma accumulated has been balanced.  At that point the individual has crossed the line into being more Light than darkness and the Law of Grace dissolves the remaining negative karma.[iii]

During these remaining 9 months of 2012, Earth humans will be shocked to learn how much we do not know.  For that reason, each of us will best manage our own adjustment period by beginning immediately to explore outside our traditional way of thinking.  To cling to plane of duality beliefs or doctrines is to stand in your own way and make the rest of this year more difficult for yourself.

Heretofore, we have attempted to live cooperatively on this planet by recognizing that every individual has decided what truth is for him/herself.  We frequently use the phrases my truth or your truth.  We have decided what truth is for ourselves with the 10% of our brain power that we use and the 6% of our conscious awareness of the life around us.  For the most part, we are dead to the far greater life that exists in our cosmos.  For this reason, we know little, if any, of The Truth.

In this same manner, all sacred texts and all religions were written or formulated using 10% of our human brain power and 6% of potential human conscious awareness.[iv]  We have lived and created our present planetary societies, religions, governments, educational systems, and scientific endeavors with this same very low level of functioning.   In comparison to our galactic family’s level of functioning, we are barbaric.

The present turmoil on planet Earth is evidence that Earth humans are coming back to life, resurrecting from the dead.   Our conscious awareness is expanding.  We are realizing that truths formulated in our dead state come no where near unveiling The Truth of the cosmos in which we live.  We have created a god in our own image with the propensity to take revenge, to punish, to require blood sacrifices, to be unpredictable in meting out rewards and punishment, and to go to war and kill entire populations—including women and children.  Our present world mirrors the concept of god we have codified within our sacred texts and religions.  We have yet to awaken to The Truth that Creator God is Spirit—the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

A God of Unconditional Love can BE nothing else … can THINK nothing else …  can DO nothing else … can SEE nothing else.  Creator God, omnipresent  throughout the Cosmos, is Absolute Unconditional Love.  There are no exceptions.

How do we know what we do not know?  How do we learn The Truth?

The kingdom of God is within us.

Meditate on the above circle … seek to understand how little of our true selves we use.  Allow the circle to symbolize the Cosmos in which “we live and more and have our being” within the loving energy of omnipresent Creator God or the Source of All That Is.

Allow the circle to symbolize who we truly are as child gods of our Heavenly Father/Mother God.  We are far greater beings than we suspect.  We possess within ourselves all we need to color the entire circle:  red to symbolize activation of the remaining 90% of our brain power … green to symbolize expansion of our conscious awareness to the point of acquiring full consciousness.  At that point we will have ascended to higher dimensions of existence where we live consciously within the energy of Unconditional Love.  Where we, too, offer unconditional love to all others.

The Truth can only be known as we open ourselves to expand into all that we truly are!  Then the plane of duality’s your truth and my truth become meaningless.  There is only The One Truth that far exceeds any semblance to truth we have formulated on the plane of duality.

The One Truth – We are One With All That Is!

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