SerialBrain2, 9-23-19… “Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle” (FULL ARTICLE)

This article illustrates what I mean by saying President Trump is playing a high level chess game that many take literally. It also illustrates what I mean by saying President Trump is needed to drain the swamp, SO THAT we can successfully create a Golden Age for Earth. I firmly believe God is in charge and President Trump is the President we need at this crucial point in time.

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One of the key points from this SB2 is how Bolton is being (was) used as a way to keep track of the cabal actions. And that spygate and the Iran drone (and, currently, Ukraine-gate) were part of a larger deep state strategy, and were done because “They knew Trump would shut down their children supply lanes and attack the core of their illegal activities”. It’s all coming out (baby!).

I’ll likely post the decode portions of the images later.

An And We Knowvideo (AWK Bitchute channel) will likely be out soon for this one.

[Kp notes: 1) A helpful archive of SB2 posts, with tools to interpret and follow along, is available at 2) “Maestro” refers to President Donald J. Trump.]

“A good advice… Never miss a Lindsey Graham interview. He’s a strong supporter of the Maestro, speaks his mind, vigorously defends…

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