Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple

Matthew 8:6

Roman centurion

 NOTE BY NANCY:  The basis for this article is that the Greek word pais is the same word in ancient Greek as was used to denote a same-sex partner.

I know from personal experience as a seminary student in Greek class that we were instructed to interpret the Greek Bible in accordance with the Christian Creed.  In doing my translations, I would experiment by interpreting some Greek words with a meaning not commonly used.  Although the professor could not mark my translation incorrect, I was never given any grade but “credit”—for having done the assignment.  Before graduation, I learned that my personal seminary record contained a statement to the effect that I was very proficient in metaphysical studies.  I knew this statement was a warning to churches that might be considering hiring me as minister—this student does not abide by the Creed.  Had I applied for such a position, I would not have been hired.

I tell this story so that those who may doubt the validity of this article will know that biblical translators are under heavy pressure (i.e. loss of job and professional reputation) to conform to orthodox Christian teachings.  That you, the Christian, have never heard pais translated as a same-sex partner is not an indication that it was not so used in ancient times.  Ancient customs must be considered in making a truly accurate interpretation.

Although the GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON of the NEW TESTAMENT & Other Early Christian Literature, a translation and adaptation of Walter Bauer’s German Lexicon, does not specifically state that the Greek word pais was used to indicate a same-sex partner, it does give as its # 1 meaning – child…with reference to a relation between one human being and another.  From my own experience, I would not expect to find a plainly stated “same-sex partner” meaning listed.  (page 604)

ALSO:  It is time (2014) for all to recognize the fact of eternal life, i.e. life with no beginning and no ending.  All of us incarnate in both male and female bodies during our journey back to the androgynous beings we were created to be, as told in the Creation story of Genesis 1:27.

This article “Jesus Affirmed A Gay Couple” is excellent.  Jesus knew the Truth of our journey back to our original state as an androgynous being.  Being gay in some incarnations is a step in the direction of once more becoming male and female he created them.  We know this verse means an individual exhibiting both male and female qualities (as in the ability to use both right and left brain hemispheres in a balanced way) because in Genesis 2:22, we find the symbolic story of God separating the androgynous being into male (Adam) and female (Eve).  Earth humanity had fallen to such a low state that we could no longer function as an androgynous being.