Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

 Yin-Yang “This Symbol (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents “everything”, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “yin” (black) and “yang” (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other…. The shape of the yin and yang sections of the symbol, actually gives you a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin, causing everything to happen: just as things expand and contract, and temperature changes from hot to cold.” [i]


Is the New Age philosophy slowing the process of ascension into Full Consciousness?

This question has plagued my mind since working on Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign in 2004—the year after the United States attacked Iraq based on false pretenses. At the time, many of us who were active in promoting the announcement and implementation of the NESARA LAW supported the candidacy of Kucinich. Why?


The United States was in the midst of destroying Iraq—the ancient cradle of civilization. Kucinich was known by those of us working for NESARA to be one of the most spiritually advanced statesmen in Washington, D.C.

On July 11, 2001—exactly three months before the events of 9/11–Kucinich had introduced a bill in the House of Representatives calling for the establishment of a cabinet level Department of Peace. The bill was sent to committee and buried. Although Kucinich re-introduced the bill each year until he retired in 2013 and the number of co-sponsors continued to grow, it has yet (2014) to be placed before the House for a vote.[ii]

In Kucinich words: “It is well known that in times of economic difficulty violence increases.  When relationships are strained by economic hardship, domestic violence, violent robbery and abuse of children and animals all increase.  When the world is facing possibly the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression, now is not the time to ignore social issues and interpersonal relationships.  Now is the time to pay special attention to make sure that our relations and health do not suffer along with our pocket books.

The Cabinet-level Department authorized in the legislation embodies a broad-based approach to peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution at both domestic and international levels.  The Department of Peace would serve to promote non-violence as an organizing principle in our society, and help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world.

 Peace is a foundational principle of this Congress and of this country.  This bill gives it a chance to have an animating power in our civic life by addressing the issues of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, violence in the schools and racial violence.[iii]

Kucinich had a long history of working for peace at all levels of society from street gangs and child abuse to international warring parties. He was awarded the prestigious Gandhi Peace Award in 2003—one of many such awards.  peace award

”The Gandhi Peace Award nominees are distinguished by having made, over a period of years, a significant contribution to the promotion of an enduring international peace founded on justice, self-determination, diversity, compassion, and harmony, achieved through cooperative and non-violent means—in the spirit of Gandhi.” [iv]


I go into some detail about Kucinich to make a point. In 2004, the people desperately wanted peace. The United States had an outstanding presidential candidate who knew the meaning of peace and how to achieve it. He had voted against the war in Iraq and was very outspoken as to his reasons why. He saw through the lies told the American people.

While working for his campaign, I became extremely frustrated with the New Age Movement philosophy. Traveling over a large portion of Virginia and making contacts for endorsements from national level New Age organizations, I constantly heard the excuse “I/we don’t get involved with politics … it’s too corrupt.”

There are millions of New Agers in the United States who regularly sing “Let There Be Peace On Earth,” often with tears streaming down their cheeks. However, with a few exceptions, they considered supporting the presidential campaign of a highly qualified Peace candidate as being involved with the negative. As they explained, “I try to focus only on the positive.”

As a former professional counselor, I know that we must evaluate the problem (the negative) in order to discern the positive (a solution to the problem). The statement so often heard in the New Age Community “we must focus only on the positive and not give energy to the negative by even mentioning it” is a simplistic half-truth propagated by the dark cabal to construct a curtain of invisibility around their nefarious actions. The cabal profits greatly by the millions of New Agers “focusing only on the positive.”

The 2004 Presidential Peace Candidate withdrew from the race due to lack of support from the very community that that sings “Let There Be Peace On Earth” once or more weekly. I continue to feel that millions of New Agers, who refused to be silent or to give up, could have made a tremendous difference in the history of the United States.

DO-NOT-EXPOSE-OUR-EVIL In fact, we saw the power of the people in evidence with the recent Israeli/Gaza Conflict. New Agers appeared to be in agreement: “You make the situation worst by focusing on it.” Yet, within a relatively short time, the following article by Dr. Preston James appeared on Veterans Today, “World Zionists Have Been Ordered to Cut Israel Loose” and to follow the procedure used for ridding South Africa of apartheid. According to the article, “It is becoming increasingly clear that the World will just not put up with this much longer and the mass divestiture and boycotting of Israel and all their products is quickly becoming the new world norm, spreading like wildfire in Europe and now even to America, Israel’s biggest military supplier and funds provider.” [v]

The cabal uses half-truths as a means of controlling the people by confusion. What the cabal says sounds desirable on the surface, but simplistic statements can easily create confusion and thereby be misleading. This was confirmed by a member of the cabal in speaking personally to Mark Passio: “As a part of the cabal’s control system, they are heavily involved in publishing New Age books that propagate the deceptions of the New Age Movement.”  [vi]

If we desire to attain full consciousness, we must work at balancing the Yin/Feminine with the Yang/Masculine. To focus only on the positive is to focus only on the Yin. We cannot create our New Earth without being familiar with the Old problems so we can determine how to take action and create the New solutions.

Another half-truth turning New Agers away from seeking a balance of Yin/Yang is “It is all illusion … it will simply pass away. In other words, no need to get involved by waking up to all that is happening on Earth. Who profits from this half-truth?

Certainly not those who truly desire to ascend into full consciousness and move forward on our journey to becoming an Adult God who understands how to create. A baby does not learn to walk by having a parent learn for him/her. A part of our Ascension process is learning how to co-create our New Earth!

Addendum: Uriel and I wrote much of this article during sleep last night (8/23-I went to bed at 1AM). This morning, when I turned on my computer, I was thrilled to find this channeling and article by Dr. Kathryn May and Gabriella. I encourage you to study it carefully. Because Dr. May is a professional Clinical Psychologist, the Ascended Masters are channeling much deeper psychological information thru her in an effort to assist in our ascension process.

Addendum #2: From here on out, it will be imperative to remember “We do not know what we do not know.” Reacting to statements we have not heard before with a knee-jerk response can prevent you from learning more Truth than you have heretofore known. Instead, take new information into your heart … ponder it … discern intuitively, does it fit into your increasing knowledge of truth? … then, you can accept or reject it.

Dr. Kathryn May’s channeling/article




[ii]   You can read the history of this legislation here: and get involved in promoting peace through an organization founded by Marianne Williamson:








[vi] You can read my summary of Passio’s entire series of You Tubes on the subject here.





Thru Dr. Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie  

“Creating Your New Reality”

 You are now in the process integrating the higher frequency light streaming from  the Galactic Center into your earth vessels, emotions and neural synapses. Once integrated, this light will affect your every emotion, thought and action. Furthermore, this Higher Light is activating your 97% Ascension DNA, which is awakening your innate potential as the creator of your reality.

Therefore, we ask you to spend as much of your “time” as possible with Gaia’s planet Earth to more fully embrace the escalating electromagnetic fields of light that are bombarding our planet. The new synapses that are activated in your brains will allow you to absorb new information that was inaccessible to your formerly limited brain capacity.

In order to come into your full power you will need to release ALL of your old patterns of thought and emotion. Free of these limiting patterns you can surrender to the unknown and enter the chaos of immense change. You, our ascending friends on Earth, are NOW being called upon to undergo the process of: releasing limitation, surrendering to the unknown, entering the chaos, and acting in a novel fashion.


When you realize that you must release old patterns of limitation you are faced with the realization that YOU are the creator of your life. Since you do NOT know how you can make the best choices, you recognize that all you can do is to surrender to the chaos of extreme change. It is through this surrendering into the new patterns of multidimensional life that you release the old habits and addiction of third-dimensional physical life.

Releasing the old and embracing the new will propel you into great evolutionary leaps of consciousness. Through these higher states consciousness you can more easily remember how to be the Master of your Energy. Learning can cause a fear of failure and doubt about whether or not you can learn.

On the other hand, remembering, although frustrating at times, forces you to recognize your higher expressions of SELF, a great antidote for any fear. However, there are many emotions that you will need to embrace and release during your deep communications with your true SELF.


The earth vessel that you are wearing was created from the third dimensional elements and the fourth dimensional Elementals that enliven your form. However, Earth is raising Her resonance. Since matching the resonance with a given reality is how you adhere to that world, you will need to match your resonance with ascending Earth to continue your personal ascension.

In other words, in order to remain attached to the Matrix of Ascending Earth, you must surrender to the unknown in order to stay in entrainment with the frequency of Gaia’s Earth. Entrainment is the practice of matching your brainwaves to a desired frequency whereby you and other oscillating systems can interact to assume the same frequency of expression.

Therefore, when you match your energy field with the electromagnetic field of Earth, Her rise in frequency will pull you along in Her wake. In the same manner, your personal ascension energy field assists the planetary ascension. Through entrainment, the higher frequencies of light that are bombarding Earth change not only Earth but all Her inhabitants, as well.

The resonant frequency of any reality must be matched, entrained, in order for you to experience that frequency of reality. Many of you have begun your inter-dimensional explorations and are finding that fact to be true. What you may not have discovered yet is that you CAN DO ANYTHING you place your intention upon and then fill with unconditional love.

Your thoughts are your personal light synapses that entrain your thinking with the different frequencies of your mental light matrix. Furthermore, you can entrain your mental matrix with any possible realty by projecting unconditional love onto that matrix.

The unconditional love both opens the Portal into that reality and binds you to that reality. Unfortunately, a forgotten program is an unused program. Therefore, many of your higher frequency mental programs have been forgotten. Auspiciously, it is during this phase of ascension that your multidimensional memory returns.


There are many extreme changes that must be made during this phase of transition because the old, third/fourth-dimensional patterns are in juxtaposition with the incoming, fifth-dimensional energy patterns. These conflicting energy patterns create the chaos that precedes great change.

In order to entrain your energy with the fifth dimensional energy, you must release all your third dimensional thinking, emotions, habits and behaviors. If you choose to ignore what is going on around you, rather than surrendering to the chaos of radical change, you will remain entrained with the third dimension and will not become entrained with the fifth dimensional energies of ascending Earth.

When you must adapt in order to survive and/or stay the course of ascension, you will find the courage to enter the chaos. Happily, leaving the familiar allows you to begin the activation of long-forgotten matrixes within your brain. Fortunately, when you are faced with a new challenge, you can find the courage to enter the unknown with an open mind.

It is the open mind that is so vital. If you judge a possible shift in your thinking, you will close that door and remain stuck in patterns of thought that have become obsolete. You ascending ones are in the same situation that I was in while on the Ship. If you do not find a way to call upon your forgotten resources, you will not be able to experience the long awaited “take off” into new territories of reality.

If moving into the unknown frightens you, think how afraid you will be if you miss this moment. Fear is very illogical and can be contained by logical thinking. As soon as you speak to your fear, you are in a superior position to that emotion.  First, you have to calm your fear by telling it, “Thank you for sharing that we are in a dangerous situation. Listen to me Fear, I need you to calm down NOW so  that I can take charge of this situation.” Once you talk to your fear in an authoritative manner, your consciousness raises beyond the unconscious reaction of Fight/Flight and into the consciousness of mastery of your energy.

Also, if you continually monitor the thoughts that you allow to stay in your mind and the emotions that fill your body, you are already becoming the authority over the energy field that you hold in your body and project out into your world. In fact, becoming the Master of your Energy is the basis of activating your multidimensional perceptions and abilities.


This chaos forces you to adapt by engaging in deep introspection so that you can call upon forgotten resources. Through this deep inner inspection you will re-connect with your multidimensional thinking. Your multidimensional thinking is coded to receive the Light Language of the higher frequencies of reality.

Then, via Light Language, you will receive all the assistance that you need in order to act in a novel fashion. Your first novel action will be to project your consciousness into the Core of any person, place or thing with which you are interacting. In order to project your mind into the Core of that which you wish to interact or alter, you must first go into the Core of your SELF.

It is through your own Core that you enter into the NOW. Your Multidimensional SELF lives in the NOW, and is in constant connection with your third/fourth dimensional expression serving as your anchor into Earth. TIME is your anchor to the physical plane. Time, as you know it, only exists in the third/fourth dimension. It is your attachment to time that pulls you OUT of the NOW of the ONE.

Within the NOW, you are also within the ONE. When you are ONE with all life, you can commune with every particle of reality and request that it agrees to follow your request. Within the NOW of the ONE, which is best accessed through your own Core, you can connect with the higher frequency of any given reality to repair what has been wounded.


More and more of you are having Spontaneous Awakenings. These awakenings often occur after a long bout of depression, anxiety, illness or “bad luck.” These awakenings occur because the multidimensional light bombarding your planet is so intense that the light quotient of humanity is raising to Critical Mass. Light quotient is not the same as majority of people. At this point, the majority of humans are still struggling through the third/fourth dimension.

However, the light of the awakened ones is so intense that it over-shines the darkness of those who are lost in the briar patch of third dimensional turmoil. In fact, an awakened person holds ten times more light than their un-awakened companions.  The differences between the two expressions of human consciousness create chaotic energy fields because the juxtaposition between the third/fourth and fifth dimensional parallel realities is causing a paradigm shift in your world. It was the same in my world when we entered this phase of ascension.

You, the awakening ones can no longer hide in your illusions. Thus, you must enter into the chaos of the many changes that are occurring within the NOW of your reality. It is the shift from the perceived safety of a familiar and apparently ordered world that is causing the Spontaneous Awakening.

The lies that you have been told, and the ones that you have told yourself to make life “good enough,” no longer work to hide your disillusionment. The “things” you buy do not give you the same pleasure, those important people you befriended are no longer interesting, that job that gave you so much prestige has become a hollow victory, and the money you worked so hard to make is gone before you can enjoy it.  “What is this all about?” you ponder.

What you may not know is that your higher expression of SELF is looking you over and waiting for this very opportunity to jar your comfortable denial. Your Multidimensional SELF gives you dreams, ideas, and opportunities for change and constantly speaks to you in the back of your mind.

“What is that nagging voice?” you ask. “My life is JUST FINE,” you say, a little too loud. But as much as you push away the growing wave of transformation, the chaos of change expands more and more until you are overwhelmed. But, what are you overwhelmed with? You do not know. You cannot understand. Your life is just as it was when you thought it was great. Why are you suddenly so miserable?

It is the Light. The higher frequencies of light are erasing the third dimensional indoctrinations and replacing them with the Multidimensional Operating System. With the download of your new mental operating system, your biological computer brain can no longer compute information in the same logical, sequential manner. Many multidimensional messages are swirling through your brain and altering your neurological circuitry. These surges of high frequency light are creating sudden crashes of old mental computations.

“Am I losing my mind?” you wonder. No, you are just uploading a new mental system, and right now you are in-between the old system of computation and the new system of Flowing with the Light. The many sequential details that have filled your brain are at right angles to the circular flow of the Light Language embedded in the higher frequency light.

Some of you know that you are awakening, and some of you have been awakened for a while. It is these awakened ones who need to connect with each other and with the newly awakening ones. In this manner, the awakened ones can learn to be fifth dimensional leaders and the newly-awakening ones can gain the assistance of those who have completed the process which they have just begun.

With a core group of humanity openly saying there is a reason for what is happening, the fear of mental breakdown is replaced with a hunger for change. It is at this point that your spiritual awakening begins, for fear has left that threshold. Many people may scoff at you, but once you have gone through your cycle of resistance, you begin to feel the unconditional love that is so much stronger than external judgment.

You remember now that there is important work to be done. You are here to assist your planet, which you can only understand once you have released your addiction to the third dimensional illusions. Through the thinning veil of illusion you can perceive and begin to enter the new paradigm of reality. In the third dimensional paradigm, REAL was comprised of third/fourth dimensional molecules organized into a physical form.

You knew this form was real because it offered resistance to your touch. You could see it with your physical eyes and hear it with your physical ears. This form had hard edges and familiar angles. However, your new mental operating system perceives energy patterns that feel alive to you. You do not know what these energies are, but you have a feeling that they are another reality, a life form or, maybe a Higher Being.

Your “feelings” are changing right along with your thoughts. “Feeling” used to mean emotions or your sense of touch. Now your feelings are similar to a new kind of perception that you experience through your mind. Furthermore, you now realize that your mind is not just in your body. In fact, both your thinking and your emotions seem to be emanating from above you. This above is not above in space, but above in frequency.

Those of you who have been awakened long enough to become familiar with your new version of SELF, are hearing a call to put all that you know to use. You are tired of keeping quiet so “they” won’t judge you. You want to talk about what is happening in your body and in your life. You want to share your new world with other people who are experiencing the same thing.

In other words, now that your Multidimensional Operating System is integrating into your third/fourth dimensional brain, heart and body, you KNOW you cannot go back.  You don’t know exactly where you are going, but you WILL find out. Unfortunately, you are not sure how you will find out because you are still “in-between” who you were and who you are becoming.

However, your ever-expanding Unity Consciousness is telling you that you are connected to everything and everyone. You are connected to the planet, as well. In fact, you ARE the planet. It is the realization that you are the planet that allows you to remember that you are also the Higher Beings that you are hearing, seeing, touching and following into the unknown.

You don’t know where you are going, but you have remembered to follow the “feel” of unconditional love. How did you get from the frightened, disillusioned one to following the flow of unconditional love? You don’t remember, but you are not looking back to find out.



Many more of you will start to feel our presence

03/10/2013 by John Smallman

As many of you have found, interacting or attempting to interact with the energies of those in the spiritual realms can be somewhat overwhelming for those embodied as humans, and we have had to restrict or reduce the outflow of energy when we are in your presence. But soon your embodied state will no longer require us to restrain the power of our vital enthusiasm as we embrace you with our love. Our love surrounds you in every moment because, in our oneness, we are all part of the divine field of Love in which all life has its eternal existence.

It is due to the inbuilt insubstantiality of your human forms that we have to restrain ourselves as we embrace you, because the difference in energy levels between us could cause major damage to your bodies. And this restraint does mean that most of you have the greatest difficulty in sensing our presence. It is not a fault on your part – you are as you are – we just have to hold back so that you are not overwhelmed by the intensity of our energy, which is the energy that you will experience eternally once you return to, or reopen to, your natural divine state of being.

The restrictions and limitations imposed on you by your physical form blunt your senses, your awareness, which is why sensing our presence among you is beyond the capabilities of all but a very few of you. However, as the new energies that started flowing at the end of your last calendar year continue to strengthen and intensify, you will find yourselves moving more into alignment with them, which is part of your awakening process, and many more of you will start to feel or sense our presence when you take time out daily in your place of inner peace, removed from the ever-present distractions of the illusion.

You are, as you well know, spiritual beings having a bodily experience, and part of the evolutionary process that you are undergoing is an upgrading of those bodies so that you can consciously interact and communicate with those who choose to remain unencumbered by bodily forms. The joy of conscious awareness of, and communication with, the disembodied will be cause for great celebrations and feasting!

As you well know from personal experience, you are restricted and limited by your bodies to suitable environments that will support them – not too hot, not too cold, air to breathe, food to eat, etc. – and if the essentials that support them are removed your bodies collapse and die, and you have to move on. With the upgrading that your bodies are now engaged in, they will effectively become self-supporting; they will have no need of food, air, water, or shelter, and they will be able, at your wish or command, to alter their vibrational structure or energy signature to suit any environment you choose to enter or explore. Some of you have experienced this kind of freedom when dreaming or when in altered states of consciousness, but when your bodies are fully upgraded the freedom that you have experienced briefly in your dreams will be yours to enjoy permanently.

And of course, some of you may choose to dispense with your bodies altogether, choosing a state of existence in which you have absolutely no physical form, existing as pure energy, free to be instantly anywhere, unrestricted by any of your current laws of physicality. Truly the possibilities that are soon to become available for your creative enjoyment know no bounds. Your memories of limitation will fade away very rapidly as you re-establish yourselves as divine beings with divine attributes and capabilities appropriate to that state of being.

So the message for you here is: You are divine beings of absolutely limitless capabilities, just as God created you. Anything you can conceive of is possible for you – instantly – should you so desire.

Your present state of austere limitation is one that you chose to build and enter into, and those limitations are part of that concept. They have enabled you to hide yourselves from yourselves so convincingly that you have needed heavenly assistance to enable you to find your way Home. Your Father’s Love for you – for all of His creation – knows no bounds, and when He created you and gave you His infinite Power He knew that you could use it in ways that were, to say the least, unwise. Consequently, in His infinite wisdom, He ensured that whatever you did, however you used or abused the enormous power that He placed in your hands, you could never really damage yourselves, lose yourselves, or in fact actually separate yourselves from Him.

Beyond Him there is nothing – there is no beyond Him – because He is All That Exists. He could not have allowed or made it possible for any of part His creation to separate itself from Him because He would have effectively been creating a state of war within Himself, and that is impossible. However, within the illusion — your illusion, and it most definitely is an illusion — you have been experiencing an imaginary state of separation from Him for eons. Finally, you have had enough of the suffering and terror it seems to have brought upon you, and you are preparing yourselves to awaken into Reality.

Daily periods spent within, in your personal place of peace, free from the ongoing distractions with which your egos constantly bombard you, are an essential part of your awakening process. By spending time alone, quiet, secluded, you allow yourselves to make contact with us, your guides and angels in the spiritual realms, and bring into your awareness a sense of the Love, the honor and the respect in which you are held, and which is your due as divine beings, beloved children of God. As that awareness grows so does your desire to awaken, until that desire can no longer be contained . . .

You are all destined to awaken because it is your Father’s Will and yours. And into eternal joy you most certainly will awaken because no other option is available, and that is surely cause for rejoicing as you wait expectantly for that momentous event.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]


There is an enormous influx of new information being offered

March 10, 2013 by John Smallman


You are all moving very positively and determinedly towards waking up out of your illusory state.  It has been a long time since you started, and there have been many distractions along the way as your egos attempted to derail the waking process.  But your intent has always been to awaken, because you are one with God, always, and therefore your will is in alignment with His, even though, as you experience yourselves in the illusory environment that you built, that does not very often appear to be the case.  The illusion has been a very dark place and that makes it difficult for you to see clearly.

However, the strength of your desire to awaken has intensified enormously over the last five or six decades, and as a result, there has been a monumental increase in the Light shining in your darkness.  No one now remains unaware of the Light, although many are still refusing to acknowledge It.  Because the individual energy fields of the Light-bearers and wayshowers have moved more and more into alignment with Reality – the divine energy field of God’s Love – and are in fact melding and integrating with It, those individual energy fields are no longer experienced as individual, and now united, they are powerfully and constantly influencing the energy field of every single human presently embodied on Earth.  There are no exceptions: every human is being reminded of their origin and their destiny.

Signs of this energy melding and integrating are visible everywhere as people new to channeling, or conscious communication with those in the spiritual realms, receive and share the messages that their guides offer them.  There is an enormous influx of new information being offered, as more and more of you awaken to the fact that you are never alone, and that you all have guides willing and able to communicate with you.  As these new channels start sharing their messages widely, so the available information field expands and diversifies, making it very difficult for anyone to remain unaware that something of great spiritual significance is occurring.

You rightly call this time on Earth the Information Age, and there has indeed been a vast outpouring of information all over the world these last few decades. For many it is proving overwhelming – it is as though it were blasting from a fire-hose! – as they attempt to sort, organize, and separate out the parts that are of interest or concern to them.  It is a sign of things to come!

When you awaken, all information, all knowledge will be instantly and constantly available – at your finger tips.  However, as awakened, fully conscious, and completely sentient beings, you will flow through the information field with ease, alighting on any thought or concept that interests or intrigues you, and instantly fully understanding and assimilating all the information it has to offer.  In your natural state there will be no overwhelm, because you will have infinite capacity for understanding and assimilating every aspect of our Father’s divine creation, and for engaging with it in perfect sonorous harmony.

Information and knowledge flow constantly throughout creation in abundance, offering infinite, creative opportunities for those who would engage with them. Your Information Age, although seemingly impressive in comparison with what the science and knowledge bases of by-gone ages had to offer humanity, is truly paltry compared to what will soon enable you to storm across the oceans, skies, galaxies, and in fact, endless universes, as you enjoy taking part in and extending creation just for the pure entertainment of doing so.

You were created for joy, and Reality offers infinite joy to all.  On awakening, joy will embrace you as the veils of sleep fall away from your eyes and the eternal Light of God’s Love shines on and displays before you the infinite wonders that He has prepared for your everlasting bliss.  That moment is far closer than you can imagine!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]





Dratzo! Taj Jai Dan! (Happy New Dawn!) We return! A new epoch is dawning for humanity! Let us start with a brief description of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system. Meanwhile, those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world ‘in the twinkling of an eye.’ Further, the Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land. Initially these acts will: restore the Constitution; ensure the establishment of common law; and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.

Banks will be rechartered and corporations dissolved and replaced with socially responsible partnerships. Large banks and corporations are to be broken up. New documents detailing the legal requirement for full transparency between these various institutions and the public will be stressed. The people will be asked to inform themselves and become a vital part of this process. These new partnerships will be adjured to recognize the need to help Gaia and work toward redressing the many problems created by decades of global carelessness. These bodies will be publicly regulated and must interact with their now-prosperous communities to bring an end to industrial pollution and energetically promote the age of clean energy, which uses zero-point and light-beam technologies. We intend to assist you by giving you technology which takes your interactive capabilities to a new level and which permits your communities to move away from corporate agriculture and any other ‘traditional’ industries that can harm Gaia and her diverse and fragile ecosystems.

Your first priority is to enrich your community life and demonstrate your Love for your home world. We of the Galactic Federation acknowledge both the Spirit and the material aspects of our living land. Each aspect, whether ocean, sky, or landmass, is most precious to us. Your fully conscious ancestors exercised this Love every day and even the so-called primitives of your world hold her essences sacred. This viewpoint is to become yours. Your sciences have only just begun to grasp the truth of this central tenet of creation, and even ecology and related biological sciences barely acknowledge such a basic outlook. As you grow in consciousness you start to sense the Life contained in everything around you. You are to become a community of Earth stewards to your beautiful home world—a community that cherishes your living world and is grateful for all that she provides for you. You begin to perceive the great beauty all around you and to comprehend the key role that you play in sustaining this glorious creation. You begin to truly understand that all life is sacred and inextricably interdependent.

This unity is the great predicating factor in the Creator’s manifested physicality. This sacred design is seen interlaced throughout all Creation. Wherever we go, we see this constitutional unity demonstrated. It is seen in the way the solar system operates; in the way each part of life is dependent on another. It is seen in the way Heaven so graciously interacts with physicality. Everywhere, this all-enveloping rhythm can be observed. It is a source of unending joy to us and we know you deeply sense the truth of what we say. You are increasingly discovering that many of the sacred truths contained in your philosophies need to be recognized. You are also beginning to see that dogma is used to shield other truths from your awareness. You are searching for what is real and for what resonates deep within you. This search involves a growing cognizance of the quintessence that ‘makes it all tick,’ and above all, you know that something very new is required. This is why we have come, knowing that you need answers to these queries. Our role is to provide them, by using our abilities to move you, with Heaven’s assistance, into full consciousness.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come now to act as sacred mentors to all humanity. We come to manifest, in sacred time, a new reality filled with many wonders. Long ago, each of us began a grand quest to fully realize our potential and, with the immense blessing of the Creator, to rediscover our path to full consciousness. This journey was long and arduous and filled with generations of misdirection; then finally, a grand moment of utter glory! In discovering who we are, we learn about what has been taken from us. Then we began a mission to bring humanity swiftly to the wonders that took us so many lifetimes to reach. We asked Heaven to find a way for this to happen, and discovered that such a plan already existed! What is presently happening all over your realm is the start of something truly exceptional: you are meeting your many families, and they are to guide you shortly to your own mass enlightenment.

Full consciousness is a monumental blessing! It enables you to experience and express every sacred emotion, and to explore fully every action in physicality. This is a huge responsibility and is not to be taken lightly, as it can overwhelm your physical Soul if you are not properly prepared for it. This is why this metamorphosis requires a qualified mentor as well as specific technologies. Heaven knows this, and has sent us those who possess these most magnificent qualities. We graciously bless this opportunity to realize these wonderful goals for humanity. The time draws near, and now you have just passed a most pivotal test! The rest is simply timing. A divine time schedule exists, and you as a people are very shortly to become not only capable of welcoming your many families to this world but also, joyously, to become one of them!

These great blessings from Heaven are just the beginning of something wonderful! We are honored to be designated to guide you through these wonderlands and intend to start our formal mentoring once your unlawful governance is replaced. In the new, more spiritual environment, disclosure can take place and we can appear before you. You will be reintroduced to many sacred truths as they form part of your divine path to enlightenment. Ascension, or ‘donning the cape of full consciousness,’ requires carefully choreographed instruction. You will learn to become the dance that is the magnificent realms of Creation. This is something we are familiar with and can easily teach you. Once you begin, you will quickly acquire a certain level of proficiency, which you can then build upon as you watch your world shift, your consciousness expand, and your interaction with the divine realms dramatically increase!

Today, we continued our discussion about what is happening around your world. Each day brings you closer to your divine destiny. You are shortly to meet your space and Inner Earth families and be returned to full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “His answer to Lightworkers who have been at this for years.”


“His answer to Lightworkers who have been at this for years”


Man on beach


Ya know Nancy, I have watched “Crossing Over” so many times that that film seems etched in my brain; yet, I watch it again and then I get another piece of the puzzle and think “Wow, the new way of thinking is just breaking in *in* me!”

If we have been in The Iron Age for so long where humanity is at its darkest, and then we round the corner and enter Aquarius (Bronze Age), then isn’t humanity 25% more awakened as we move towards The Golden Age (which is 100% Consciousness!)?

I keep thinking that we are at the beginning of the awakening.  If man was living at tops 100 years in the Iron Age, will we not see increasingly people live longer, eventually up to 1000 in this Age?

Are we not at ground-breaking Consciousness-Awareness 101?

Are we not the firstfruits of them that sleep?

Would not total awakening to complete Consciousness simply be too much overload for us?

When I consider that in 5 months I have learned all this (and it IS a lot!!!!!!!), is it not all-Loving to realize that Ascension really IS a process lovingly engineered and managed for us to not choke on meat before we digest milk?

I am still realizing anew daily how Gaia and I connect.

I look into the skies and I see the unusual cloud formations and think “Wow, the Galactics really ARE there!” and I am here at this point to see this (even if others may not at the moment).

I still am wrapping my head around my body being my best friend and co-creator!

You [Lightworkers] have known these truths for a long, long time; but to me, these are all still “rattles and toys” in my beautiful new play pen!!!!!!!!


 NOTE BY NANCY:  To be sure people understand, those Lightworkers who have worked “out on a limb” for years comprehend that it takes time for people to adjust.  What we so wanted to see on 12/21/12 was a definitive sign that Earth truly had ascended … that all we had been sharing for years was indeed to come to pass.  We had been walking in blind faith and wanted to see the Light with our physical eyes.  And to be honest, we wanted confirmation that we had discerned Spirit correctly.

Thus, the source of our initial disappointment.

By New Year’s Day 2013, I wager Lightworkers will be back at work, as optimistic over Earth’s future as ever!  My prayer is that many, many more will be joining our joyful march into The Golden Age of Aquarius!






No one will be able to remain unaware of what is being offered to them

12/19/2012 by John Smallman

Humanity will enter into a state of unexpected peace and contentment, turning to amazement and exhilaration as it awakens into the New Age which is almost upon you.  There will be no disappointments for those who have been waiting hopefully and expectantly as they have held the Light and the intent to bring it into being. God always honors his promises most magnificently, and in Reality — His heavenly Domain — joy can only grow and intensify.  Hold to your faith and trust in Him during these last few moments before Heaven on Earth is delivered.

Heaven on Earth is something that people have been hoping and praying for for eons, and some of them, just a few, have experienced a brief and enticing sense of what that means when in deep meditative states of prayer or contemplation. Humanity’s interest in things of a spiritual nature has grown enormously over the last few decades, largely due to the ongoing encouragement of many who returned to the earth plane purely to be here and help you all to raise your awareness of your spiritual nature at this point in your evolution.  Those interests, along with the time spent in prayer and meditation to which they led, have brought about an opening in your collective minds and hearts leading to acceptance of and a strong desire for spiritual knowledge of an order never seen before among humans.

In bygone ages there was much superstition, and those with well-developed intellects often preyed on those superstitions to manipulate the uneducated and impoverished by claiming to have direct access to God or the saints and even the power to influence them.  With the growth of science and education across the world there are now far too many well-informed and intelligent people among you for those who would control you – by attempting to place the fear of God within you – to be able to continue their manipulative practices and frighten you into submission.

Much essential questioning of basic religious dogmas has been taking place during the last sixty or seventy years that has exposed their false aspects and the frequently dishonorable intentions of the proselytizers who uphold them – however, all religions and spiritual organizations do have some truth to offer. Previously, and for eons, the leaders or patriarchs of religions and spiritual organizations have sought temporal power over the populace by claiming to offer a path to paradise to those who would serve them and their interests with unquestioning obedience.  And, of course, the same attitude prevails in some of them today, as well as in the military where the dogma is patriotism and love of country.

Dogma and unquestioning obedience have caused, and continue to cause, much suffering and damage across the world.  However the growth in true spiritual awareness of an educated populace is causing the foundations of all those manipulative and controlling organizations to crumble, and their rulers, leaders, presidents – whatever you like to call them – will not be able to sustain or maintain their dishonorable empires for very much longer.  They have absolutely no place or reason for being in the coming New Age.

You are, as you well know, spiritual beings having a bodily experience, but for a long time you have focused most of your attention on those physical bodies and the environment they occupy while paying very little attention to your true spiritual nature, even though it is by far the most important and significant aspect of your beingness.  That is changing very rapidly indeed now because the energies contained within and communicated to you from the field of divine Love enveloping you all are intensifying daily to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to awaken presented to them clearly and succinctly in a way that is quite unmistakable to that individual.  No one will be lost, forgotten, or able to remain unaware of what is being offered to them, nor of how magnificent that offer is.  God takes the greatest care of His own, and you are all His own!

As the countdown to your awakening continues, focus on being lovingly aware of the true nature hidden within the physical bodies of all those with whom you meet and interact.  The awakening is for everyone, because all are divine spiritual beings have a temporary physical experience which is coming to an end as you prepare to return to your heavenly Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

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Dratzo! We return to report that much continues to happen on your world. Those in charge of bringing in the changes are preparing for the long-anticipated moment when this grand change will be given the celestial green light. Until that point, these sacred secret allies are finishing up any pertinent details that remain outstanding, under the watchful eyes of both our liaison personnel and Agartha’s. The dark cabalists are also preparing in their own way for the inevitable; they know full well that their vast tapestry of deception is shortly to be unveiled. One aspect is the fiction being spread around the world that some form of economic ‘recovery’ is underway. To the contrary, what is being kept closely under wraps is the truth of the monumental extent of the hidden debt that really exists and which ensures the demise of the present system. This massive liability cannot be ignored for much longer. We have therefore asked that the new financial system be in place and able to take over at a moment’s notice, and this has been done. Some last-minute details cannot be completed until Heaven gives us the go-ahead to begin the changes in government and the accompanying new financial system.

Our sacred allies are now equipped with various instruments of legal leverage, enabling them to effectively force the dark to desist and depart. And yet, in an effort to bolster their cover story that all is normal, some of your cabal leaders have hinted at constructive financial changes being proposed. Despite being fully aware of the extreme fragility of the immediate future, they persist in maintaining their fiction of ‘business as usual.’ However, this vaudeville performance will end once the date chosen by the Light arrives. As we await this sacred time, the dark is still able to ‘run’ the governmental system that has brought war to your nations so many times in the past. Rest assured that we are monitoring all such attempts presently being pursued. We continually remind the dark that we will forestall any large-scale conflagration from breaking out anywhere on the planet, especially the many trigger-points in the Middle East. Included in this are the various rogue nations sponsored by the dark, which are making efforts to destabilize your world. Our diplomatic corps is constantly making unannounced visits to those governments which obey the manipulative dictates of the cabal.

Maintaining a degree of stability on your world prior to the official announcements is another of our current activities. We know that the time for a formal disclosure is getting near and that your world must face the fact that major Earth changes have a scheduled time-slot. These are some of the reasons why the dark must soon be replaced with new governance which makes disclosure a major policy objective, and this we intend to ensure. As you know to your cost, your present governments are ruled by special interests that are unwilling to sanction a full and formal disclosure of our benevolent presence and indeed, this has been a major obstacle for us since the start of this mission in the early 1990s. Now we are at the point where those selected to legally replace top-level personnel in your controlled regimes can do so. In short, the time for the long-awaited massive changes is fast approaching. Our liaison personnel are preparing the announcements that will change your world and open the door for us to officially address you, thus beginning the countdown to first contact!

The moment when we make our announcements about first contact and full consciousness is the key to this entire mission. We have waited patiently for Heaven to instruct us to begin the formal direct contact with you. At that time we are going to introduce you to the Agarthans of Inner Earth and to your Ascended Masters. We will also begin the wide-ranging teachings concerning your true origins and history. When your individual Federation mentors land on your shores, you will start being prepared for your return to full consciousness. As we have often told you, all this is ready to go. All that is needed is the right conditions on Earth and a formal disclosure by your new governments. We know from our medical teams that you are more than ready for our various announcements, and once the prosperity kicks in the rest of the mission will go like clockwork. Another aspect that is more than ready to go is Gaia, who wishes to start the reconfiguration of her surface world. Then it will be time to create her brilliant new and pristine reality.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Dear Ones, the blessed treasury of Heaven is preparing to distribute its immense wealth to you! Long ago, we began a program to create a series of world trusts which were eventually to release their treasure to you, the world’s Lightworkers. The planned schedule for this was abruptly halted about 11 years ago when the dark sprang its evil scheme upon you, known as 9/11. These dark ones then proceeded with their global domination agenda by rolling out their fabricated wars in the Middle East and the Himalayas. Part of their infamous plot included the accumulation of a vast debt and the theft and misuse of some of the largess with which our good works had provided them. What they did not anticipate was that the sheer outrageousness of their greedy schemes would furnish us with the means to toss them legally into the dustbin of history, which is what we are now doing. Our sacred associates have drawn up accords with most nations of the world which pledge to end the onerous tyranny of the dark.

This process, dear Hearts, has taken longer than we desired. Nevertheless, that sacred moment has now arrived, and many exciting events are to happen. We are busy planning with our associates the final, divine thrust that is to stop the cabal in their tracks and allow us to propel them toward their just desserts. They will be replaced by persons who are well prepared to execute the schedule of bold plans that will produce a new economic system and new governance; in short, a new societal support system that is geared to producing the new You. This fully conscious individual will be able to apply their talents to transform Gaia by reuniting her surface and Inner Earth realms. You will also be able to graciously greet your spiritual and space cohorts, and be capable of joining them to create your new star-nation. It is indeed to be a wonderful, mind-expanding adventure!

Heaven has often talked to us about the grand mission that has been bequeathed to you. It involves the fact that this galaxy has been held hostage to a dark coalition called the Anchara Continuum since time immemorial. Its abysmal plan for total galactic dominion has only recently been abandoned, due to the Continuum’s decision to join the Light and sign the Treaty of Anchara nearly two decades ago. This present moment on your planet is to witness the last remaining remnant of this dark objective (your total subjugation) being laid to rest. It is your destiny to come into a new state of Beingness and take up a variety of sacred obligations, among which is to complete the transformation of the formerly dark star-nations into the Light. In this, you will be provided with numerous advisors who will assist us all to complete this noble undertaking successfully. We welcome this and look forward to aiding all of you in your return to full consciousness.

Today, we explained more of what is happening around you. Many sacred individuals and their associated groups are coming together to create a new global society that will establish freedom, honor your full sovereignty, and ensure a humongous, universal prosperity! This time will transform you and allow you to manifest a most glorious future! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

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DECEMBER 17, 2012











ON WEDNESDAY, 12/19/12.


You will recognize yourselves as most wondrous, divine beings

December 16, 2012 by John Smallman


The moment for your awakening — the most significant event ever to occur in human history — is almost upon you.  Many of you are feeling anxious as naysayers suggest that nothing of note will happen; and within your illusory environment, an environment that seems to you very solid, very real, almost permanent, it is all too easy to buy into those negative energies.  Don’t!  Ask for help from the spiritual realms when you pray or meditate; you will receive it in abundance, and then you will find yourselves experiencing a sense of peace and trust that will replace any anxious or worrying thoughts that have been disturbing you.

You are going to awaken unless you make an extremely forceful decision not to do so and then maintain that decision, despite all the Love that is flowing into your energy field nudging you towards wakefulness.  Your constant intent, since the moment of apparent separation, has been that you will, when you hear God calling you, awaken from your depressing and exhausting dream world into your Father’s divine Reality where all that He creates has its existence in everlasting joy.

And you have been hearing His call and you do want to wake up.  Because it is His Will and yours that you do so, therefore no other outcome is remotely possible. There are very, very few on the planet who have not yet started the process of aligning themselves with God’s Will, because all have been influenced greatly by the vast influx of divine energies that are flowing in to assist you in doing so.  It is often a choice, a decision that most of you made well below the level of limited-conscious awareness that you experience as embodied humans. If you want to awaken, and yet are only conscious of a fear that you may not, then relax.  You have made the choice and you will wake up.

God wants your eternal happiness, and there is absolutely no judgment of you that He has made that requires anyone to undergo punishment, mortification, or sacrificial suffering of any kind.  He is Love.  There is only Love.  Nothing that is not in perfect alignment with Love exists.  Release those utterly unreal worries and anxieties in the certain knowledge that you are to awaken into the New Age of limitless joy, where you will recognize yourselves as most wondrous, divine beings, shining brilliantly in the reflected glory of your Father’s infinite Love for all of His creation.

Your place, your home, where you belong, is in the Presence of God, which is not in an awestruck state prostrate before Him, but co-creating with Him happily in an ongoing series of delightful and uplifting adventures.  You are loved by your Father in a way that is impossible to describe in any meaningful fashion, and His joy is to know that you are experiencing the state of divine bliss that He created for that sole purpose.

He awaits your homecoming, your awakening – because you truly have never left home, Heaven, His eternal Presence – with the eager anticipation of a father expecting the imminent arrival from a long and arduous journey of his dearly loved son.  Your reunion – our reunion, because all of creation is waiting enthusiastically and expectantly for this wondrous event – with God will glory in the exultant pleasure of that vibrantly alive and unchanging instant.

Be excited, be enthusiastically anticipatory of the divine wonders that will greet your awakening on that momentous occasion.  It is very close, you can almost feel it, touch it, see it, and hear the jubilant strains of music that are to greet your magnificent celebratory arrival at the venue that has been prepared so lovingly for this absolutely entrancing event.

Your journey is almost finished, so continue to hold your Light on high as you offer only loving encouragement to all those with whom you interact between now and that grand moment, because, of course, you are bringing them home with you to the divine Presence that is your Father.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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