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Our loving Mother/Father God created a glorious, loving world in which her/his god-children could live and evolve into Adult Creator Gods. All of creation is conscious and has something to teach us, if we will listen, because the Love energy of Mother/Father God is present within all of creation … it is the breath we breathe, the life force granting life to all created form.

Humanity can listen to the Word of Mother/Father God by attuning to a tree, a flower, a sparkling flowing stream. Nature is Mother/Father God’s Bible. As we listen to nature, we listen to beauty … to love … to healing sounds. Our souls are nourished by the color vibrations within nature. Nature, as Mother/Father God’s Word, teaches: God is Unconditional Love … God is beauty … God is ever-present with us as soothing, loving, healing energy.

In contrast, reading the Bible, believed by many to be the Word of God, we read of violence … of revenge … blood sacrifices. We often feel fear, apprehension, dread of getting too close to God. However, interpersed throughout the Bible are nuggets of inspiration—there is nowhere where God is not present. Sadly, many tend to view the Bible as the only, complete and therefore final word of God. When that is the case, we close our minds and hearts to receiving the gifts Mother/Father God offers us through nature. In fact, the teaching that the Bible is the only and complete Word of God led to the “God is Dead” theory in the 1960s. “If God no longer speaks to us, then He must be dead” was the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn.

One of the inspirational stories within the Bible tells of Jesus healing a blind man by making clay of the dust of the Earth and his spittle, then placing it over the blind man’s eyes. Jesus used natural substances to heal.[iii] A woman touched the hem of his garment and was healed by energy transfer.[iv] He spoke, and the Roman centurion’s servant was healed.[v]

Listen to the angelic voice of a 9 yr. old girl … feel the healing energy in her voice … become conscious of yourself and people in the audience shredding tears—tears of healing and thanksgiving for God’s gift of healing sound coming to you through an angelic child, Amira Willighagen. Music and sound can be an instrument of healing. Amira has never had a voice lesson. She is using a talent she chose to bring with her into the present incarnation.

Unknowingly, many turn away from God’s natural supply of healing modalities and the avenues through which they can listen to the Word of God. Every facet of nature is cared for by an angelic spirit.

Tree angel[vi]

Angelic god of trees

 mountain god


Angelic god of a mountain

  god of ocean


Angelic god of the Pacific Ocean

 Feel the beauty of a loving Mother/Father God as you walk in nature. Corrine Heline, a clairvoyant and daughter of the family who founded Duke University in North Carolina, interpreted the entire Bible at the hidden wisdom level. She has also written that she can hear music as the grass grows; she hears instrumental music and sees its color vibrations filling the air. Mother/Father God’s Word is beauty, love, healing, peace. We do God a terrible injustice when we proclaim an unforgiving God of violence, who clings to grudges for eternity. One and the same God cannot create such unfathomable beauty and healing while at the same time displaying the violence, the anger of the God portrayed in the biblical text.

Precious gemstones are another of Mother/Father God’s gifts of healing. All of Mother/Father God’s creation has purpose and some level of consciousness. As Physics 101 teaches: “Everything is Energy.” To be characterized as Inanimate simply means not capable of life as humans know it. We can communicate with all things. I long ago began naming my cars and thanking them for being faithful and dependable. At one point in my life, my car ran for several days on an empty tank of gas. (Just one of many unexplainable miracles in my life—the gas meter was not broken.)

tumbledhealingstonesflickr“Color carries the properties of light so it has the capacity to penetrate everything, even our bodies, and it initiates balancing mechanisms. This makes it a very effective healer. For centuries, color has been determined to dramatically affect health, inner harmony and even emotions. With the effective use of its medical or healing properties, it has established a holistic healing method called color therapy.” [ix]

The more we study nature, the closer to our Mother/Father God we become. The Word of God in Nature is gentle, loving, healing to our energy field or aura.

Sorrowfully, the acceptance of the violent, vengeful, punishing God presented to us by religion has led to the human creations resembling our view of God. We turn our backs on all the gentle beauty of nature and instead, commit acts that are destroying our planet. We experience violence in nature because one of the Universal Laws is “Like Attracts Like.” As a result of not knowing and understanding the Universal Laws, we tend to blame God for so much of what happens, often accepting it as punishment.

Our loving God Parents did not create us as beings separate from them. All of us are connected to our God Parents by an umbilical cord of Light, the silver cord mentioned in Ecclesiastes.[x] We are not just our physical bodies. We are Divine Beings—temples of our indwelling God. This chart of our Divine Self reveals what are interpenetrating parts of our being—our lower bodies—the physical, emotional, mental (our lower mind-the intellect); our Higher or Christ Self, including our Intuitive Mind; and our I AM PRESENCE. The Silver Cord extends from our heart chakra to our Higher Self to our I AM PRESENCE We have a direct connection to our indwelling God. We are never alone or separated from our Mother/Father God. Divine-Real-Self-Presence-WhyamIhere-ElizabethClareProphet-www-tsl-orgWe forget, or do not know, that each one of us is an integral part of our loving Mother/Father God’s Divine Plan for the Cosmos. Yes, within the constantly expanding cosmos, each of us has a Celestial Name.[xi]

planets 2[xii]

Talking with the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, God reveals to him: “Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you; and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to the nations.[xiii] Jeremiah is relating his own experience; however, each of us have, likewise, been lovingly prepared for each incarnation. Our Spirit Guides assist each of us in planning which talents our Soul desires to develop and use; which lessons our Soul plans to learn, and through which experiences we choose to learn them; and anything else we want to accomplish during the forthcoming incarnation. Not a single one of us is an accident; we are known by Mother/Father God prior to leaving the heavenly realms and we enter physical incarnation possessing a unique Celestial Name and Soul Contract. As an additional indication of Mother/Father God’s Unconditional Love for each of us, our Spirit Guides make sure we do not take on more for any one incarnation than we can successfully accomplish! The only way we can fail is to refuse—knowingly or unknowingly—to walk the Path our Soul has mapped out for us. At that point, failure can alert us that we have veered off our Soul’s Path, or that we are not even attempting to follow our Soul’s Path. Asking our Intuitive Mind, “What am I to learn from this experience?” can be a very helpful way to stay on our Soul’s Path!

Our loving Mother/Father God did not leave us without a way to know our role in the Divine Plan. We can look to the heavens. All human beings are born into physical incarnation under one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Biblical zodiac[xiv]

 As you read about each sign below, notice that the zodiac signs take you through the process of spiritual evolution, which is achieved in a spiraling circle, taking us through each of the 12 zodiac signs numerous times—granting us the opportunity to enhance our spiritual maturity via each incarnation’s basic soul purpose and taking as long as we need. This process of spiraling growth is what Jesus referred to when he stated: “He who believes in me [i.e. wants to achieve Christed Consciousness] shall do the works which I do, and even greater than these things he shall do, because I am going to my Father.” [xv] In other words Jesus knew his ascension was approaching. The hidden wisdom within the biblical story of Jesus’ life was a symbolic physical manifestation of each stage required in our own ascension process. Our loving Mother/Father God sent a Wayshower to Earth to reveal to us the Pathway to Ascension.[xvi] Spiraling growth

Each sign reveals in a general way the Basic Soul Purpose of the particular lifetime. The Basic Soul Purpose for each zodiac sign is:

Aries – To establish a separate identity; to be a “birthplace of ideas.”

 Taurus – To establish a sense of true meaning and value in life.

 Gemini – To learn through a variety of experiences.

 CancerTo find and stabilize your own inner anchor.

 Leo – To search for wholeness within Self, the developing of a strong sense of unique individuality, the knowledge of Self as a Part of the Whole.  Leo’s inherent creativity is to flow from the well of self-awareness in an individualized form.  Leo is to be all he/she can be.

 Virgo – The search for meaningful service.   Virgo works to create/implement forms for the externalization of the Soul onto the physical plane.  Virgo asks, “How can I express the Christed Consciousness within my daily work and lifestyle?”

Libra – The search for the soul mate.  Libra is learning to perceive right values and to make perfect judgment in dealing with others.  Libra is attempting to balance the polarities of life, especially as they relate to the masculine and feminine energies.

Scorpio – A Scorpio incarnation is an arduous one involving the search for transformation.  Scorpio incarnated to win the battle of Armageddon within self, to engage in the struggles between the lower self’s desires and passions – and – the soul-centered Self.

Sagittarius – The search for wisdom.  Sagittarius offers the opportunity for the individual to orient self to some lofty objective—one which will unfold a still higher goal and grant a conscious direction in life.

Capricorn – A Capricorn incarnation is one of initiation—the “gateway through which the Accepted Disciple, having walked the Path of life through nine tests (or zodiac signs), is now ready to culminate her/his journey and ascend to the Mountaintop.” (Alan Oken) Capricorn is the pathway to Transfiguration.

Aquarius– An Aquarian incarnation is one in which he/she is to be the “Waterbearer” to humanity.  Aquarius’ goal is the figurative “baptizing” of others with his philosophy of life.  When the traveler reaches Aquarius, the meaning, beauty, and function of the group becomes increasingly apparent.  Life is led as a conscious service to humanity and to “Those Who Also Serve.”

Pisces – A Pisces incarnation is one in which she/he struggles with duality, especially the struggle of fusing the personality with the Soul/Higher Self.  Pluto, as her/his soul level ruler, provides the necessary destruction of old forms from previous incarnations so that renewal may take place as the soul returns into a new cycle as Aries.  Pisces is both the culmination of a cycle and preparation for a new cycle on the spiritual evolutionary spiral.

Note that the first 4 zodiac signs’ basic Soul purpose involves the stages of growth that prepare us for higher and more complicated service to others. It is right that each of us first take time to develop into a mature adult as preparation for greater service. Remember, our Soul growth occurs through the zodiac signs at an ever-higher level of the spiral. Being born into Aries does NOT mean you are a less mature Soul. It means you are ready to begin a new cycle of growth. Competition is not a part of a loving Mother/Father God’s Divine Plan.

the new youThe New You

 The ways in which our Mother/Father God reveal and demonstrate their Unconditional Love for every one of their children are innumerable. It is time for us to re-vamp our concept of God from One who partakes of violence to One who is Absolute, Unconditional Love revealing Self through the Word of Nature in its unending variety and beauty!

As we transform our concept of God, we will also transform our planet into one of love, beauty, and peace. Our concept of God directly impacts the way we behave toward our planet and its inhabitants!




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