Christians, Trump, and Q

                        Christians, Trump, and Q


Lori Colley asks:  “Are you new to Q? This video is for Christians who want to understand Q, how “he” is related to Trump, and why the body of Christ (the church) needs to be the watchmen on the wall and pray. ”  (italics by Nancy)  I appreciate your work on this topic, Lori!



Humanity has been enslaved for thousands of years by the use of hidden meaning behind the surface words.


President Trump Validates QAnon – How Will UFO SSP Disclosure Happen? Written by Dr Michael Salla on February 23, 2018.

President Trump Validates QAnon – How Will UFO SSP Disclosure Happen?

“….  The message QAnon was transmitting was that Trump had deliberately turned his notes outward facing the camera in order to pass on a coded message.

QAnon was telling his audience that Trump was hearing the voices of the many estimated to number as much as twenty million (Q post 809), who have been following the QAnon material – “I hear you”.




Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

With Twin Flame, Uriel

You may have heard of him—Qanon.  He has taken to Twitter and attracted thousands, if not millions, of followers—serious, intelligent followers who know how to research and connect the dots in a search for knowledge and Truth.

I’m not on Twitter, so I have simply observed and marveled.

Marveled, because as I connect the dots intuitively and listen to several who research and report on Qanon, I believe his activity on Twitter is a Mastermind Plan by President Trump to keep We the People informed.   Because the mainstream media is strictly controlled by the Deep State, President Trump had to create an alternative means of keeping We the People informed.  Those who are closely following Qanon and reporting their findings by video are convinced that Qanon is in close contact with President Trump because what Qanon is communicating has repeatedly turned out to be true.

Qanon uses the Pythagorean Theorem to get We the People to think and to do our own research.  This way, we find the truth on our own and will tend to be convinced of it.  No one has to worry over those damn conspiracy theorists.   (I can call them damn because that’s what I’ve been called for the past 20 years. 😊)   Solving a puzzle or mystery has attracted many  who spend hours doing so and then reporting their findings.  A large segment of the population have focused on this Truth-finding project.

There’s another dot.  Several people who know President Trump personally or, in some other way, like a previous work relationship, are reporting on Qanon.  Dr. Jerome Corsi, who has known President Trump personally for 40 years, is an example.  Dr. Corsi has been censored by Goggle and, at least some of his videos have been deleted.   I have intuitively trusted Dr. Corsi and posted his YouTubes.  Like many of the others who have been censored, Dr. Corsi seems to have set up another account, from which he is now reporting.

In summary to my connecting the dots, I marvel at President Trump’s brilliance in creating an alternative means of keeping We the People informed.   Dr. Corsi is a former CIA intelligence agent and believes Qanon to be knowledgeable in Intel communication methods because he is using them.   And Americans love their cross word puzzles and caught on quickly to the fun of following Qanon.

In the video posted below, Dr. Corsi is giving a livestream report on some of the Qanon postings.  He has just this past week been censored by YouTube, so he joyfully greets listeners who from around the world have followed him to his new site.

I am introducing Dr. Corsi to you so those not on Twitter can also be aware that President Trump devised a way to keep you informed and to learn to think beyond the deliberately dumbed-down state in which the American educational system has rendered so many of us.

From all that I have observed, President Trump stays ahead of the game and enacts his plans well in advance.   I see in him a president who truly cares for We the People and for America.    Draining the swamp will inevitably cause some upheaval; but President Trump has already issued his executive order declaring America to be in a state of emergency, so he can declare martial law if it is needed in order to protect the people.   With military tribunals to try the Deep State members, the military will also be involved if protection for the people is needed.

We the People are now being considered!


Jerome Corsi Live Stream 03/04/18