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“The United States Constitution, drafted in 1787, did not explain citizenship, but it did mention “citizens of the States” and a “citizen of the United States.” Citizens of the United States became entitled to the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution and its later amendments. ”  (

In  public schools across this nation, our children daily “pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands”  But do we know that that the Republic to which we pledge allegiance was hijacked by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913?

American citizens are the only permanent office holders in our nation.  Why was the office of “Citizen” not defined in the 1787 Constitution?  Written only 11 years after the people who chose to live in America declared their independence, why were not the RESPONSIBILITIES OF CITIZENS enumerated?

240 years after declaring our Independence, many Americans are feeling despair over the state of our nation.  An almost exclusive focus has been on fighting wars “to maintain our freedoms,” as the people are erroneously told.  Little do we know how many of our freedoms have been silently and secretly removed from us by a secret government.

American citizens appear to not be aware that there is much we can do to improve the condition of our nation.  Few seem to know that there are very beneficial programs sequestered from public knowledge that could transform this nation  and its citizens overnight.

American citizens can create a new nation by becoming familiar with these sequestered programs and to peacefully join together in demanding that they be made public.  IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS CITIZENS to see that every American benefit from the sequestered work of individuals and groups to solve the problems of our nation.  It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to do our own research and not simply acquiesce to the mind-control techniques of terms/phrases such as conspiracy theoryIf it sounds to good to be true, it likely isn’t trueconspiracy theorist.  Sadly, it has become a sign of “I’m too smart to buy into that” for many Americans.  No research is done.

The question frequently comes up, “How can I prove it?”  This, too, is a form of mind control.  The really beneficial sequestered programs cannot be proven for the very reason they have been sequestered.  Americans are left with only the most powerful gift our Creator gave to us–our Higher, or Intuitive, Mind.  The number of whistleblowers is growing daily.  It is the CITIZEN’S RESPONSIBILITY to use the god-given gift of our Higher Minds to discern Truth.

I’ll list a few of the very beneficial programs that are presently sequestered and their benefits withheld from American Citizens.

NESARA/GESARA – you can begin your research at:

SECRET SPACE PROGRAM – You can begin your research at:

ET PRESENCE WITH US –  An excellent place to begin researching is:  Be sure to watch the documentary SIRIUS.

U.S. Government has a SECRET SYSTEM FOR STALLING PATENTS:  You can begin research here:   The term National Security is frequently used to stall the release of patents.

VERY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES exist, but are not publicly announced.  They include:  free energy, food replicators, technology that can cure every illness/disease, replicators that restore limbs, replicators to build houses, etc.

This YouTube video gives an explanation of one type of replicator:

Old jobs may be lost, but new jobs will be created.

THERE IS TREMENDOUS REASON FOR AMERICANS TO BE ENCOURAGED!  But Americans must WAKE UP and get to know what is simply waiting behind the scenes for American citizens to demand be announced to the great benefit of ALL!

Our nation is in the condition it is for two basic reasons:

It is controlled by a Secret Government.

Americans appear to have no idea what the RESPONSIBILITIES OF A CITIZEN TRULY ARE.