ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist Gordon Duff and Press TV, Iran

Veterans Today


ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist

Gordon Duff  and  Press TV, Iran

August 30.2014

The ISIL terrorist organization is “one of a network of groups,” who are supported by “shadow governments” and numerous regimes around the world, including Israel and the United States, an American journalist says.

ISIL, also known as ISIS, “is one of a network of groups” that includes the juntas in Ukraine, Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Nusra Front in Syria, said Gordon Duff, a Senior Editor at Veterans Today and a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War.

“They’re exactly the same people and they work for a world coalition that some call the secret shadow government or the Bilderbergers,” Duff told Press TV on Saturday.



THE TRUTH WILL BE HARD TO HEAR: Those who reveal truth to us are not the culprits.


Those who reveal the truth to us are not the culprits.

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Within the next few weeks, Earth humans will be shocked to learn just many lies we have been told—lies that have been deliberately perpetuated, some for thousands of years.

As Gaia, the great being whose physical body we call Planet Earth, moves toward her ascension, all that is of a negative nature will be brought forth and released so that healing can occur.  A spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical wound cannot heal until the venom within it is released.

The Divine Plan for Gaia and her inhabitants is for all to ascend together.  In order for this evolutionary leap to occur, all negativity must be brought into the open, forgiven,  and released.  This renders inevitable the opening of many Pandora boxes, the bringing forth of unresolved grief, and the arising of painful memories that we have sought to repress.

We Earth humans believe we know the truth of what happened in and during our lives.   Sadly, we know only the lies we have been told.  Behind the world in which we think we live exists a very different world—a sinister world characterized by manipulation, false flag events, mind control, and often torture and/or death to any who attempt to reveal the truth to the people.  The goal of this behind the store front world has been total control of this planet and its people.  It has mattered not how many people are killed or starved/tortured to death.  There is no compassion in this world.

Governments and religions have been used to pit one group against another, creating tensions that have frequently erupted into violence and hatred.  Wars are used as the solution to all problems, with false flag events created to stimulate enough fear and hatred of the designated scapegoat, i.e. enemy, to get young people to sacrifice themselves in war.  The same persons will be found to have financed both sides of a war.  Religions proclaim themselves to be a good thing, but the amount of bloodshed running through every religious history tells another story.

The lists of crimes against the people of this planet is long.  Now, in 2012, we are to learn the truth regarding these crimes.  What we must remember is that we know only what we have been taught.  We may know bits of truth or we may know nothing of truth.  Either way, our initial reaction is likely to be shock, denial, and refusal to believe that we have allowed ourselves to be so severely and completely manipulated.

We must remember that those who reveal the truth to us are not the culprits.  The behind the scenes world has a history of killing those who attempt to reveal the truth.  We, as Earth humans, need to listen … to ponder … to discern for ourselves who brings truth and who doesn’t.  Regardless of the pain involved, we need to allow truth to come forth so all can be healed.

A very important fact to keep in mind is that we do not—at this point in time—know who are the good guys and who belong to the behind the scenes world.  We are very likely to have included in our list of respected people some who truly do not deserve our respect.  Hearing the truth can create disillusionment and the feeling that we do not know who to believe.

On a much more difficult note, we may resist, even hate, the very people who are truly here to assist our planet in moving forward to ascension.  As mentioned above, national storefront leaders do not necessarily hold the reins of power.  Much can be done in their name that does not represent their true desires.  As a result, the people can be taught to hate them with no real basis to do so and the actual culprits continue their sabotage.

The truth will be hard to hear and we may tend to response as people have for thousands of years—by refusing to listen.

However, the stakes are higher now!

We are only months away from an evolutionary opportunity that can propel us into a much higher level of consciousness—if we so choose.  But first, the old must pass away and the old includes learning the truth about Earth humans’ history on this planet.

There is a Divine Plan and it is in the process of unfolding.  There are people on our planet who are here to assist.  Some are presently in leadership roles; some are not.

Earth humans—at this moment—do not know for certain those persons who are here in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.  This and many more truths will be revealed to us in the coming weeks.

I encourage all of us to listen with open, unbiased minds.  We will be shocked, surprised, and saddened; but above all, let’s not attack those who attempt to reveal truth to us.  Instead, let’s support and help them in whatever way we can!





        This week’s show is important.  Geoffrey reports on the Illuminati’s offer to surrender if…………  He also does an excellent job of revealing how the power elite answer questions about the economy in ways that will benefit them, rather than the people.

For those of you who have had personal experience with cancer, there is a segment on how cancer can be cured without radiation or chemotherapy … the catch?  The pharmaceutical and medical profession can not get rich by using natural cures.

For the simple fact that we are all worthy human beings, we need to listen to this show and see just how adversely our lives are impacted when we simply accept what “the authorities” tell us.


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Geoffrey West

Greetings RT staff,

As one who has spoken on galactic, global and inner/peace issues, and as

one who graduated from within the UN system of education (the

UN-mandated University for Peace),  I can tell you that Annan’s plan

will not work for peace.  It MAY accomplish something that very very

loosely resembles ‘peace’ for a very short period of time, but it will

not accomplish TRUE PEACE.


First of all, ANY peace plan that has been put forth by leaders over

the last century has always been conditional.  Leaders of the world do

not understand what ‘peace’ truly is, because they do not understand the

definition of the word.


How do I know this?  In my thesis for my Masters degree in Peace

Education I found that the word ‘peace’ currently does not have a true,

broadly-accepted, holistic definition.   In fact, it does not even

really have a definition at all.  People like Johann Galtung have talked

about concepts like ‘negative peace’ and ‘positive peace’, and leaders

and researchers have tried to map (quantify) this model to use in

negotiations.  There is only peace…or that which is not peace.   How

can leaders claim to know what peace is…when the word itself is

lacking a definition?  As well, how can leaders claim to want ‘peace’…

how can negotiators claim to negotiate ‘peace’…how can researchers

claim to measure or quantify ‘peace’…how can academics claim to ‘study

peace’ … and how can institutions claim to ‘teach peace’, when they

have no idea of what it is they are claiming?


The University for Peace claims this, but the administration clearly has

demonstrated no knowledge of the holistic understanding of peace.  They

are only in it for the business of peace.  I have personally experienced

their resistance to what my thesis proposed.  They consistently ignore

me, and have not welcomed my research into the institution even though

they awarded me a Masters degree for my work.


Annan and other leaders of the world are only in it for the BUSINESS of

‘peace’ and the glory of promoting something that creates an illusion of

their ‘higher’ service to humanity and the planet.   The idea is to

market the illusion to the people of the world that leaders truly want

‘peace’, but the very nature of their power, prestige and control exists

because there is currently not peace in the world.  Who they are right

now, is dependent upon peacelessness continuing in the world.


If they had ANY true understanding of what ‘peace’ is, what it means,

and where it begins…. global conflict would cease almost overnight.

Peace can ONLY begin from within an individual him/herself.  This

evolutionary idea can only flow from one’s relation to every aspect of

LIFE, physical, non-physical, visible and invisible in each and every



Why will they eventually fail?  Firstly, because they do not understand

what ‘peace’ is, they therefore have no knowledge in the holistic

practice of this word.  Secondly, they continue to promote and use

language of separation and fear within their ‘declarations’ for

‘peace’.    They do not want peace.  They would lose their jobs.  People

would no longer need to look to them for ‘leadership’.  The people of the

world are now beginning to see, to feel and to understand this.  This is

why people are rising up all over the world.  They know (if not

consciously then subconsciously) what leaders, bankers, lawyers, judges

and politicians, journalists and others have been desperately trying to

keep hidden from the people of the world.   All these ‘meetings’ of

leaders claiming to try to solve global problems is nothing but a fraud

and scam to take more money out of taxpayers.


I’m curious why no journalist has ever done a deeper investigation into

why leaders have their G5, G8, G20 and other political pow-wows in

populated areas?  Has it not occurred to anyone that it would be

cheaper, and would involve FAR less planning and FAR FAR less

inconvenience to people living in those areas if meetings were held

on a cruise ship, surrounded by military protection?   Why should

taxpayers have to foot the bill for ‘security’?  If leaders were truly

doing their jobs honoring the people, the people would not be rebelling

to the point where security is necessary.  Leaders want people to

protest/demonstrate and if it is violent, so much the better.  It allows

the media to show the world why the costs for ‘security’ are justified.

If they met somewhere on a ship, it would not accomplish their goal.

The costs for events such as these are being ‘blamed’ on the people

because it is the people who are allegedly the cause of the problems,

but no serious journalist has researched the root causes of what is now

finally making people stand up and speak out.


The frauds, lies and corruptions are now being exposed.


On my show last night, I dissected an interview of Canadian Prime

Minister Stephen Harper while he was in London for the queen’s (no

capital letter intended, because she is no longer a legitimate monarch)

festivities.  Even after having just attended a G8 meeting, a NATO

meeting, and having formerly attended a Bilderberg meeting (and was

installed as leader the year following his attendance), he told Peter

Mansbridge (himself a Bilderberg posterboy) that leaders have no

solutions and no game plan for what is going to unfold in the future.

That would be consistent with what sources tell me is happening behind

the scenes.


I know exactly why they cannot have solutions or a game plan.  Their

pundits, their experts and their advisors are all trying to propose

solutions from within the box that created all the problems and this is

impossible.  “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep

getting what you always got.”   There is another reason also, but one I

will not share here, as it is one that perhaps scares the leaders,

bankers and others who have caused what we are now experiencing, most of



You would be wise to find some people who are ‘pundits’ in offering

perspectives, ideas and solutions from the other side.  I would be

willing to bet that you will find more listeners and viewers tuning in.

Look at CNN…their numbers are going down, down, down…. take three

guesses as to why this is the case, and the first two guesses do not count.


Mark my words…as the coming days and months unfold…you may or may

not resonate with what I have just shared, but a day will come when you

will remember this email, and you will recall that at least someone

attempted to inform the media of what is missing in the world at this

time, but also what is so badly needed.  At the same time, it is also

something that is being born within the consciousness of humanity and it

is being witnessed globally now…for those who are ready, willing and

able to see it.   It is this consciousness that is exposing the root of

corruption, frauds and lies being perpetrated by leaders of the world or

who are perhaps under the control of others.  This is the new peace that

is being born and it cannot and will not be stopped.


In peace, and in service to humanity and our planet,



Geoffrey West

Anchor, Cosmic Vision News

Visionary Consultant, Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing






        An hour of REAL NEWS, not even hinted at in the mainstream, tightly controlled media.

Geoffrey begins the news with a segment on the Bilderberg Meeting taking place in Chantilly, Virginia.  The Bilderberg Society is a power elite organization that meets behind closed doors each year.

Geoffrey also names and explains the three city-states on our planet:  Washington, D.C., London, and Vatican City.

An important show that you don’t want to miss!