Corinne Heline

Corrine Heline is one of the most fascinating authors I have ever read!

August 13, 1882 – July 26,1975

 “Born to the aristocracy of the Old South into the prominent Duke family, she received a classical and religious education that was to prepare her for her life work. She was a life-long student of the ancient mysteries devoting her time to study and meditation. The Rosicrucian Adept, Max Heindel , became her teacher and associate at Mt. Ecclesia in Oceanside, California where she met another New Age pioneer, Theodore Heline who was to become her husband  and to undertake the publication of the inspired writings that flowed through her. Her monumental work, The New Age Bible Interpretation in seven volumes, was followed by many other works interpreting the ancient wisdom in terms of the needs of the day. She was truly a New Age Pioneer, opening the way to vast new fields of investigation for those who would know and be a part of the coming world in the Aquarian age. Her consciousness far transcended that of her day, and while she had physical plane teachers, her inspiration came from the immortals who overshadowed her, the greatest being our lovely lady, the Madonna who was the light of her life from early childhood.” [i]

Corrine Heline was extremely sensitive to the inner worlds of reality. She could listen to the music of the grass growing and tune into information few of us can imagine. Her books are more timely now than when written, as the people are waking up and want to understand the inner life. Some of her books are: Sacred Science of Numbers, Music: The Keynote of Human Evolution, Color & Music in the New Age, Esoteric Music of Richard Wagner, and her Magic Gardens, from which I am sharing excerpts.





“‘Every flower bears a starry imprint,’ declared the illumined seer, Paracelsus. From the zodiac come the veritable secrets of God. The Star Angels are transmitters, and flowers become symbols of their communications. The closer our communion with the angels, the deeper will be our understanding of the mysteries of the plant kingdom and the greater our realization of the spiritual ministry of the world of flowers.

Each of the zodiacal Hierarchies creates its own cosmic flower patterns in the celestial realms. These patterns conform in shape, size, color and tone–every flower sings–with the vibratory keynote of its sign. These cosmic prototypes are perfect in every detail. In the highest heavens, they live and bloom in such wondrous beauty as to have inspired many legends which serve in a humble way to bring to earth some slight conception of their transcendent glory in the higher worlds and also the significance they hold for the peoples of earth. Imbued with eternal life, they never fade, but live and flourish with an ever-increasing splendor through the ages.

It is from these perfect patterns in the heaven worlds that the angels build the reflections which we who live upon the earth, know as flowers, and which, when so understood, become among the most sublime of earth’s teachers. Each flower is given its own special work to perform. Each plant bears deeply within its heart a message to the human family….

Each flower family was fashioned by the angels to represent some specific quality or attribute to be awakened within man. As the angelic hosts impress this ideal upon a floral archetype, its physical embodiment becomes a radiant herald of this celestial message. Flowers are thus literally a medium of contact between the Shining Ones and those who live upon the earth, their fragrance developing and increasing as a beautiful testimony to their work as mediators. As man becomes increasingly sensitive he will begin to interpret this flower language, and to the degree that he does this, and lives in accordance with its high idealism in his daily contacts with his fellowman, the perfume of our flower friends will be intensified, the colorings will grown more exquisite, and the delicate petals will have greater endurance.

Each plant bears in its life forces the signature of its stellar creation. This creative impress takes form within the heart of the seed, and one who possesses the ‘blessed sight’ can observe within it the complete picture of the plant that is later to come into physical expression upon the earth. So, too, may those possessing the ‘inner wisdom’ discern the message which flowers bring concerning the realities of heaven, and which are awaiting manifestation on the physical plane.

As a man learns to respond to the ideals instilled by the angelic beings into the hearts of flowers, he, too, will develop a quality of soul that will radiate in fragrance, rare and beautiful. He will walk in an aura of radiant light and know the glory of an immortal life that shall never fade.” [ii]



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