NOTE BY NANCY: Paul posted his song, SURRENDER, this morning—the 3rd day of the NEW YEAR 2016. This inspired posting of SURRENDER is perfect as we begin the New Year in which we commence to co-create the Golden Age of Gaia (the Soul name of Earth). As we dream our dream for Gaia and how we, as unique expressions of Mother/Father God, would like to contribute to Gaia’s Golden Age, SURRENDER to the unfolding of Divine Will within our lives is the path to travel. This song may act as a reminder to: “Oh I surrender I surrender to love there’s only love inside of me.”



Have you ever dreamed a dream so big that you’re scared?
Have you ever felt your heart’s about to leap?
That the life you knew was vanishing in the air?

Oh God save my heart from breaking again
I cannot take anymore
Oh I don’t know where this road will lead
It’s a path I’ve never taken It’s a road I’ve never been down before
Which way do I go?
How will I ever know?
I guess it comes down, down to faith

They say that God, God is within you
They say that God, God is where you stand
They say that sin is when you don’t see your potential or worth
So would you turn on turn on the light of your love
Oh I am as I am and we are as we are
Oh I am a Prince of peace are we?
Oh we can be the peace we want to see
Oh I surrender I surrender to love there’s only love inside of me–lyrics.html


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