Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.RiverPsalm 46

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Thou hast been with us always; therefore will we not fear when the earth

quakes and mountains are shaken into the heart of the sea,

Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains

shake with the force thereof.


There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of our God,

the holy place of the most High.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God shall help her in the early morning.

The heathen raged, the kingdoms trembled; he raised his voice, the earth quaked.


The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Come, behold the works of God, for he does wonders in the earth.

He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow and cuts

the spear asunder; he burns the chariot in the fire.

Repent, and know that I am God; I am exalted among the heathen and I am

exalted in the earth.


The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.”

                                                                                   —-Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta

Psalm 46 could have been written by a 21st century mystic.  It describes perfectly the world in which we live.  Shining through the devastation and uproar can be seen a “a river [whose] streams make glad the city of God, the holy place of the most High.”  What is this river?  What is the city of God?  How can we be still and “know that I AM God” while living our harried lifestyles in the midst of this planetary turmoil?  How can anyone be calm and peaceful?  And yet, to do so is Spirit’s answer to our troubles.

Amidst our planetary upheaval, we are witnessing an ever-growing field of evidence that there really is “a river [whose] streams make glad.”  This river signifies the energy of Spirit manifesting within our lives.  The “city of God” is the heart and mind in which we are conscious of God’s indwelling presence … the individual who loves God with all the heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Into this city flows confirmation that Spirit is working very actively in our personal and planetary lives.  However, in order to be attuned to Spirit’s presence, we must be still and “know that I AM God.”  Even though we humans may be creating a terrible mess, the I AM of each of us awaits the moment in which IT can make all things right.  To be still and focus on God is the means by which we learn to perceive this “river [whose] streams make glad.”

Have you noticed occurrence of synchronicities in your life?  You silently desire a particular thing and someone hands it to you.  You dream of someone you have not seen in years and he calls you.  You and your significant other suddenly write different stanzas to the same song.  You are witnessing the river of the One Mind bringing all into closer attunement with one another.

Have you experienced unusual verifications of Spirit’s guidance?  While you ponder an important issue in your life, you see Spirit’s answer written on a billboard or car license plate.  Following a mystical experience that made you wonder, “Did that really happen?” an undeniable form of proof presents itself in a way impossible to explain.  Or, your prayer is answered by a friend who calls and speaks the very words you need to hear.  Spirit is speaking to us through innumerable avenues.

Are you hearing thoughts that you did not have?  Are you speaking with authority about that of which you know nothing?  Are you writing a paragraph and then wondering, “Where did that come from?”  “Did I write that?”  The “river [whose] streams make glad” is slowly washing away our deafness to the dimensions of Spirit.  Our spiritual guides and angels are speaking to us and we hear, even when we are not consciously listening.  What appears often to be accidental can become intentional, as we learn to be still and “know that I AM God.”  Listen and you will hear!  What you hear may seem like thoughts that pop into your head.  The fact that the thoughts “pop” into your head, when you least expect them, is one means of proving to yourself that they came from Spirit.  This is especially true when deep emotional responses are also forthcoming.  Or, you may get chills—a method often used for verification by Spirit.

Are you perceiving beyond the physical?  You observe two people talking and suddenly know what they are saying, even though you are located too far away to hear their words.  The phone rings and, before you answer it, you know who is calling and what will be said.  You walk into a friend’s home and breathe a sigh of contentment—the atmosphere fills you with peace.  As you watch a friend approach, you see the faint outline of other beings accompanying her.  The “river [whose] streams make glad” is eroding the energetic wall between you and the world of spirit.  We are beginning to see and to hear beyond the physical.

We are learning that we are never alone.  Our thoughts reach out to others.  They hear and respond.  Although most of us would prefer to keep our private thoughts to ourselves, the time is fast approaching when that will be impossible.  The more sensitive we become to the world of spirit, the more easily we perceive the thoughts of others.  For, in the spiritual dimensions, communication is by thought.  No words are needed.  In a place of no time and no space, a thought can traverse instantly the universe.  The receiver is impacted according to the quality of our thought.

Another marvelous way in which the “river [whose] streams make glad” is manifesting is through the reuniting of twin flames.  Several years ago, during meditation, I attended a ceremony on higher dimensions in which thousands of twin flames were reunited.  First, Ascended Master St. Germaine used the transmuting flame to cleanse away residual negative energy in our auric fields.  Then, he introduced Ascended Lady Master Nada, who presently works with twin flames.  Nada called forth all those twin flames who are ready to commit consciously to fulfilling their mission together—one requirement in qualifying for ascension.  Thousands came forward.  Each couple kneeled before Nada.  Placing her hands on our head, she blessed us with light.  As she did so, she provided intuitive insights concerning the mission to which we are intentionally committed.  Following the blessing, twin flames merged into one.  This merging is one of absolute, total love that is unlike anything we experience on the physical plane.

Later, I learned—via meditative insights—that because our planet is in such dire confusion, a dispensation has been handed down by the Karmic Board, on which Nada serves.  This dispensation grants permission for all twin flames to experience the intense love felt during a merging, regardless of the level of spiritual maturity.  For many, this merging is brief and experienced on an unconscious level.  (Many of our twin flames reside on other than physical dimensions.)  The goal is to allow all persons to feel—on the soul level—a moment of unconditional, total love.  Hopefully, the soul’s experience will filter into the consciousness of every human being as the yearning for something more than all the negative energies in which we are presently immersed on our planet.  It is the “river [whose] streams make glad” calling forth the higher Self of all humanity.  Calling us to move from hate, fear, violence, and deprivation … TO … love, peace, equality, justice for all, and harmonic cooperation in re-creating the environment on our planet.

Psalm 46 reveals this “river [whose] streams make glad” flows through the chaos to the heart of all those who choose to be still and “know that I AM God.”  Though our planetary society may appear to be falling apart before our eyes, there is an alternative.  We, as a human family, can make the intentional choice to come apart from our hectic lifestyles and the turmoil that confronts us daily.  We can create the means for all to be still and “know that I AM God.

In the stillness, we come to know that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  In the stillness, we come to know that God “makes wars cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow, and shatters the spear; he burns the shield with fire.”  Turning to God, instead of to the military, could bring about a much different ending to our planetary story.  We have access to a “a river [whose] streams make glad.”  Why not turn inward and allow this spiritual river to flow through our lives and make all things right?

Why choose only what we can see with our physical eyes, when we possess the capacity to close our physical eyes and to behold God working wonders in our world.  God can make wars cease, IF we allow God to manifest through us.  Human beings are the physical plane vehicles through which God seeks expression.  When we work solely on the physical, guided by our physical plane senses, we choose war.  When we turn inward and allow God to express through us, we choose to break our bows and destroy our spears.  When we are still and “know that I AM God,” we choose to cease all wars.

For the “Lord of hosts is with us” in our efforts to cease all war.  “God, not our politicians and military, “is our refuge and strength.”  “A river [whose] streams make glad” is the means by which all things are revealed to us.  We need not walk through life, clinging blindly to the false security of human efforts.  We have available to us the true Source of all security, justice, and peace.  In myriad ways, the river of Spirit seeks to flow into our lives—to awaken us to this Truth.

“God is our refuge and strength … He makes wars cease to the end of the earth.”



Genesis 2 depicts symbolically the creation of twin flames.  The Creator separates Eve from Adam; they are two parts of the same flame.  Through the eons, twin flames may incarnate on the physical plane or may choose to remain on other dimensions of existence.  According to the choices we make, we often become separated from our twin flame.  Throughout the eons of physical incarnations, we yearn for the intense love we felt when joined with our twin flame.  Now … to be consciously reunited with our twin flame is a reward that must be earned.  Only Spirit reunites twin flames … at the perfect time for each twin flame’s spiritual advancement.  We can hasten this reunion by undergoing the initiatory process required of us all.  As we mature spiritually, we assist our twin flame in doing the same, regardless of the dimension on which our twin flame resides.

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