Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.






 As planet Earth and her inhabitants move through this transition period ending life within the illusion of duality, we need to be super alert and listen to our intuitive knowing! Discernment is essential.

 Why? The Dark is fighting for its life and is highly skilled in presenting their dark plans in words that make it seem as if their plans will bring about paradise on Earth. Instead, their goal is to enslave totally every human being on earth. Our enslavement is already about 99% in place because humanity has simply gone along with whatever the authorities say and accepted the hardships as this is life.

 We have been taught that the United Nations is a vehicle for world peace and cooperation. Yet, the UN is working to implement a plan to bring in the Dark Cabal’s NEW WORLD ORDER via its AGENDA 21 map.

 On the surface, Agenda 21 sounds like exactly what we want … that’s because the cabal takes words like sustainability, enough food to feed the world’s population, green environment and uses them to fool the people. By our lack of independent research and our gullibility, we have supported and actually helped to bring about our own enslavement.

 No conspiracy theories or victim complex here. We have simply slept through the process, which has been evident to those alert enough to discern the harm being perpetrated upon the people. There have been many voices crying out in the wilderness! We, the people, have responded by turning away… choosing to live out our lives as best we can.

 I encourage you to read the following articles and listen to the videos carefully, with the goal of understanding what is truly happening on our planet.

Next, seek to comprehend Agenda 21 and how it is devised to enslave you and your family.

David Wilcock, in his June 8, 2012 article “The Nightmare Is Almost Over – Part 1,” indicates that the dark cabal will be defeated.

But how?

 The how involves humanity’s reason for incarnating during these momentous times. Why did we incarnate? Certainly not to sit and wait to be saved!

 Universal energy is never allowed to be wasted. Before being permitted to incarnate, each soul formulates a Soul Contract with his/her spirit guides and teachers. This process is as follows:

 1. Reading the Akashic Records (the biblical Book of Life) and the history of our individual soul’s journey through thousands of lifetimes.

 2. Deciding the status of our soul’s progress toward the Ultimate goal of returning to Oneness with our Creator Source.

 3. Asking what lessons? … what skills? … what stage of consciousness do I need to achieve in order to evolve back to Oneness with Source?

 4. Developing a Soul Plan for achieving these goals. This Plan includes the broad outline of the major events in our future incarnation selected on the basis of the likelihood being that while we experience these events, we will learn the lessons/skills needed for our Soul’s steady progression forward.

 5. Contracting with the major persons to be with us during the future incarnation: parents, siblings, spouse, children, and often a teacher or other person who will have a transformative impact upon our life. We often experience the unfolding of our Soul Contract as synchronic events in our life. Little do we suspect that the Universe knows our Soul Contract and performs as our unseen guide.

 6. Incarnating into a physical body. Immediately after physical birth, life becomes a learning process … learning to sit up … to talk … to crawl … to stand alone … to walk … to run …………on and on throughout the soul’s incarnation.

 A major flaw in our understanding of physical incarnation is that we did not incarnate to constantly be learning. Many teach that the world does not need fixing … we do not need fixing. That is true only if we understand our Soul Contract.

 The plane of duality has been perfect for learning the lessons and skills we came to learn … and for developing the stage of consciousness required to make progress on our journey back to Source. We and our spirit guides planned the Soul Contract … why would it not be perfect for us?

 What we forget is that the world needs fixing and we need fixing in order to fulfill our Soul Contract. The plane of duality has been provided because we made the freewill choice to grow spiritually by experiencing both good and evil. (Genesis 2) Through the process of fixing the world and ourselves, we develop the skills we will need as we journey farther on our Path back to the Oneness: self-discipline; discernment; balance in thought, word, and deed; telepathic communication, how to co-create a world of love, abundance for all, and world peace.

 Another major flaw is misunderstanding what it means to focus only on the positive. Let’s take the example of refurbishing a house. First, we must analyze the present structure of the house … what is needed to fix the house.? Translated into what is needed to fix the world, we must first comprehend the above information about the dark cabal and it’s Agenda 21 plans.

 What is needed to fix the house (or world) becomes the positive. Once we know what is needed, then focus only on the positive becomes the manner by which we, as co-creators, refurbish the house or world. We may fix the house by painting it. Applying the paint in the neatest, most effective way possible becomes the focus only on the positive aspect. We no longer focus on the dilapidated state of the house—the negative. Instead, we joyfully transform the house with a new coat of paint—the positive.

 We have understood the negative (the problem) … decided the best solution … and then, fixed the house (or world) by focusing only on the positive and doing an excellent job of painting the house.

 Had we, from the beginning, focused only on the positive, we would have looked away from the dilapidated house and never brought about the positive solution.


  We would miss the opportunity to perfect our skills as co-creator of the positive.


 May we pay attention to our dilapidated world and, together, refurbish it with Light & Love!