We heard earlier in the newscast the comments made by US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the visit next week by Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who will be addressing the US Congress.

There is a growing rift between the Obama and Netanyahu.

According to Aaron David Miller, in an article appearing in the London Guardian: “If you asked John Kerry and Obama privately who they wanted to see as the next prime minister of Israel, it wouldn’t be Netanyahu. They prefer the [Israeli opposition] Labour party. There’s no question about it. This invitation-gate, as I’m describing it, has created an opening for them”

Netanyahu is coming to sell his version of truth to the US Congress, and with the help of US Republicans, including the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner has managed to sidestep diplomatic protocol by not consulted the White House, or making any arrangements to meet with President Obama.

As has been reported on CVN recently, this has put Congressional members, especially the Democratic Party members who have traditionally been supportive of Israel, in a very uncompromising position of having to choose between supporting their president, or supporting a visiting foreign dignitary, operating on his own agenda and that of the Republican Party.

We heard the report of what Netanyahu said back in 2002, and of course looking back as we now can do, nothing of what he said then has turned out to be true. He has been saying for over 25 years that Iran is a nuclear threat, and even many within Israel appear to have grown weary of his unfounded comments. Next week, he again wants to push a war campaign, and the desperation is rising, in the midst of an upcoming Israeli national election, where it remains to be seen as to whether or not the people of Israel have also grown weary of a war-mongered who has killed justified the killing of many of his own people, in the perpetuation of a zionist agenda.

Many are understandably confused about Zionism, Judaism, semitism, anti-semitism.

The original name for the people we now call Jews was Hebrews.

The energies appear to be starting to come to a head, and it will be necessary to be clear, or at least as clear as possible, on the definitions, so that anything that is said can be interpreted on the same terms by as many as possible.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, ‘zionism’ is defined simply as being: “political support for the creation and development of a Jewish homeland in Israel.”

The Jewish Virtual Library website says that ‘Zionism is a movement founded by Theodor Herzl in 1896 whose goal is the return of Jews to Eretz Yisrael, or Zion, the Jewish synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel’.

What is notable, although perhaps not obvious to most is the use of the words ‘political support’, ‘Jewish homeland’ and ‘in Israel’. At first glance, this seems like a very fair and noble act. In treating all humans fairly, one might very easily say that one supports the Jewish people having their own home.

The use of the words I just highlighted however allow for misinterpretation however. When the term ‘political support’ is used, this carries the implication that something outside of the Divine Order of things must be undertaken. The political process is governed by commercial law, and therefore rulings are based on corporate interests and not necessarily the interests for the Highest Good of the people. ‘Jewish homeland’ is what has differentiated the true Torah Jews from the Zionist Jews, because according to Judaism, the true Torah Jews were not to have a homeland, but be at home in whatever land they chose to live. Israel is a state that was created around 1947, and since that time, Israel has usurped more and more land from the Palestinians, with the support of the US and western interests, under the claim that they are the rightful God-given heirs to that land.

Evidence is becoming more abundant now, even from some Jewish sources, suggesting that the Jewish homeland is not the land now known as Israel and was the former land of Palestine. DNA evidence seems to now be validating that Palestinians are the true heirs to that land, and that the Israeli-Jewish people have more Khazarian-linked DNA, which would place them, surprise, surprise in the region of Ukraine that is now under dispute. The same thing seems to be playing out in Ukraine as happened in Israel-Palestine. Therefore, zionism by definition may be meaningful and even honourable, in application however, it became something different and one could argue that it has become synonymous with genocide.

This might explain the separation that we are beginning to see between the true orthodox Jewish people and those who are seeking to create havoc in the world based on an agenda.

The term ‘anti-semitism’, according to The Free Dictionary has offered the legal definition as being: ‘the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people’. In a spiritual sense, the most important point is that we are all ONE, and therefore in hurting any aspect of LIFE, we are also hurting ourselves. Differences based on race, religion, culture, nationality or any other, have been created by the global cabal to perpetuate this illusion of difference, and to keep people from uniting behind the true power that they are.

However, to understand what anti-semitism is, let’s look at the term ‘Semites’. According to the website, the term Semite “is applied to a group of peoples closely related in language, whose habitat is Asia and partly Africa. The expression is derived from the Biblical table of nations (Genesis 10), in which most of these peoples are recorded as descendants of Noah’s son Sem.

Another website defines ‘Semite’ as being: “members of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs, among others. Or more specifically, the peoples descended from (Sem) Shem, (the eldest son of Noah).

Therefore, anti-semitism, or one who is an anti-Semite, would be one who has a dislike of descendants of the bloodline of Sem.

This is where western leaders influenced by the zionist agenda, are trying to trip up people, and even in Canada, Harper is seeking to pass laws making it a crime to be critical of Israel, for example.

How is disliking the Hebrew people any different than disliking any other nation, any other religion, any other language…or any other part of nature, for that matter? It has been the historical indoctrination behind this term, created by a group of people seeking to fulfill an agenda that has created this historical significance that somehow the suffering that has been experienced by the Jewish people is somehow greater or more significant than that experience by indigenous people in North America or anywhere else in the world.

I, for example, could say that I do not subscribe to the zionist agenda, based on how I have seen zionism applied in the world. Do I agree or disagree with the definition on paper? Not in its current wording, but I very much support the right for humans, ALL humans, regardless of differences, to have place to live.

Those subscribing to a zionist agenda will immediately try to say that I am anti-semitic. To this I would say ‘not at all’, but the clarification of definitions would be necessary. Any opposition to Israel is immediately interpreted as anti-semitic. The puzzling irony, at least if I use Canada as an example, is that I can be critical of the Canadian leader, and I can be critical of the ‘Canada’ that is a corporate entity, existing under commercial rules created without the knowing democratic consent of its people, and yet it becomes a crime in this corporation to be critical of another corporate entity, created around 1947, that has been basing its existence on genocide and war-mongering.

I am not speaking of the general Jewish people here – let me be very clear. I am speaking of those who are following a particular political agenda that has been based on lies, frauds and crimes against humanity that have been carried out by a corporate entities, and supported by numerous other international corporate entities.

If you choose to speak up, know the definitions that you are speaking about, so you can adequately defend yourself when you are falsely accused. Perhaps the best way to hand any situation where one is confronted is to merely ask questions for clarification? What definition are you using when you say this term? Put everything back onto the person who is making the accusation. Ask them to define that which they are accusing or defending, which can put them on the spot. They may not even know the real definition and therefore they may have no understanding of what it is they are attempting to protect or condemn.

Be gentle with the accusers, and help them to awaken. Invite them to define their understanding, and then perhaps explore, through the offering of your own definitions, if there is a way to facilitate some kind of understanding where one can help another to expand one’s awareness, understanding and sensitivity.

Martin Luther King Jr. has been credited with saying: ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

There is much more history to this issue that is unfolding in the form of numerous conflicts in the Middle East, such as the establishment of, and resistance against, the Islamic caliphate. Next week, in a proper news story, CVN will attempt to explore this deeper story, to link pieces together including the issue of who is funding the mercenaries, and what are the boundaries of their desired conquest. We’ll also explore the connection to what is unfolding in Ukraine and the roots of this conflict from the Crimean War, and the birth of Zionism.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!