Vladimir Putin and President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina Inaugurate International Spanish RT Channel

NOTE BY NANCY:  While the USA, INC secret government attempts to start WWIII, other countries are creating a Pathway to Planetary Peace via cooperate WIN-WIN endeavors.  WAKE UP, AMERICANS!  It is in your name and with your tax monies that efforts to start another war are taking place.

Futurist Trendcast

Live tele-bridge in Spanish and Russian, between Moscow and Buenos Aires.

Cristina Kirchner and Vladimir Putin jointly inaugurate the new Spanish-speaking RT channel which will broadcast 24/7 news in Argentina and beyond. Kirchner said that ‘this is a great moment as finally they have an international channel that will work outside of the Western MSM agenda in Spanish. This will be the channel that will broadcast real news, not the fake news prevalent in the Western MSM. It will express the true Latin American values without the interference of the third parties.’

Putin and Kirchner agreed on opening the Spanish channel to broadcast for the entire Latin America under the auspices of RT (Russia Today) when Russian President visited Latin America with a week-long visit this summer. Read my analysis of that visit here: New Predictions! Putin Goes to Latin America: US Creates Wars – Russia Extends a Hand of Cooperation

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