Compiled by Steve Beckow


In the second part of this series, I’d like to give more extended descriptions of the cities of light that are gradually forming around the planet and will play a large role in the Golden Age of Nova Earth

In her book City of Light – Sedona, Genii Townsend painted a picture of the impact of entering a City of Light.

 Just Imagine

… entering a place of such beauty that it makes you an instant believer that anything is possible, like entering a 5-story-high gate that is encoded with your personal beliefs that make you feel like you just came home.

… experiencing healing techniques in Light modules where no drugs, knives, or needles can sever the body’s electrical lines.

… entering a “Memory Manor: building where you can release past memory hurts with no emotion attached.

… standing by a Fountain of Light that makes you feel great and sitting on benches that massage your body.

… taking a dip in a healing pool that can clear skin conditions.

… being able to balance your emotions in an Empowerment Emporium.

… seeing babies born in a Birth-aterium, laughing with the mother who had no anaesthesia, no pain and the only crying would be for the pure joy of the experience.

… entering a stadium-size building called the Embassy of Peace Headquarters where Light Being from the Universe gather to help bring forth Peace on this Earth. (1)

In An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 8, 2012, Archangel Michael described what we can expect to find in a city of light.

“But you are also approaching, they are approaching, you are approaching, coming together to build places that are of Nova Earth, places where business, what you would think of as commerce, are places of beauty, of light, of community, of creation.

“Temples of learning where wisdom is shared, not hoarded, information is the tender that is to be equally shared, where star beings from many galaxies that you have never even thought or heard of walk the streets freely and gaily, where families live and thrive, where there is no pollution, where all the needs are attended to.” (2)

According to Archangel Uriel, through Linda Dillon, the cities of Light fall under his purview. He called them:

“… a project that has begun long ago but that is coming to fruition and it is the project, very much, of the Silver Flame under my purview, and it is the Cities of Light. The Cities of Light are cities that are already in form. Now I want you to understand what I am saying; they are already in form. You do not see them in the 3rd dimension, that does not mean they are not there. And with your new 4th eye you will begin to perceive them more and more clearly.” (3)

He said they would emerge all around our planet and that we are already anchoring them.

“The Cities of Light have been and are at this point cities of the future and they emerge all over your planet. They are magnificent, you can have a vision of a crystal city, spires similar to Atlantis in some ways, but more glorious.

“And these Cities of Light are already occupied by future beings, by wingmakers, by your star brothers and sisters, by many visitors and hybrids, by humans as well. And even by your future self. But what you have been doing in the work that you have all undertaken with me, even when you did not know it, is you have been pulling down and anchoring these Cities of Light.” (4)

Uriel went over the different purposes the cities of light will serve.

“As you emerge into the 5th dimension, many of you have thought ‘How are we going to deal with our cities?’ Well many of your cities will be transformed and we would like to say ‘Of course there is a rebuilding and a co-creation’ but these other Cities of Light will also be anchored in the fullness of their beauty and the fullness of what they are for.

“There are Cities of Light that are for healing, there are Cities of Light that are for art, for creativity, there are Cities of Light that are portals for your star brothers and sisters. They are all over, they are delightful places to be, they are places where peace reigns already.” (5)

He said that the development of the cities was coming at the speed of love, which is the speed of light squared.

“The decisions that you have made as a human collective and as individuals in the last 10 years have begun to bring these cities into form and into fruition as we make this transition and Shift. Your decisions have determined whether these Cities of Light will ever be anchored in physical reality, and they are. And they are coming forward, not at the speed of light but at the speed of love, and the speed of love, dear friends, is the speed of light squared. Yes, it is happening that fast.” (6)

Finally, Archangel Michael tells us that “there are many of you out there who are very conscientiously building and working daily with the Cities of Light.” These are not pipe dreams, but tangible dreams coming true, he tells us:

“Do not think this is simply a pipe dream, it is not and you are seeing the fruits of this. … This is not simply something that is esoteric or etheric. Yes, it is electronic. It is ‘in space’ as you would think of it but it is tangible, it is real. …

“These are tangible dreams coming true. You are building situations where your community is coming together. No, I will not be giving away the news but these are tangible ways in which you are saying ‘We are united in heart, we are united in purpose, we are not united by those who believe they can control, we are not united by anything but love and by hope and by vision for a very different future.’” (7)

These descriptions of the cities of light remind me very much of descriptions of the temples of learning and healing on the Mental Planes of the spirit world.  (8) They exist in the Fifth Dimension and higher and are destined to play a large role in the transfer of learning and technology for us in the Golden Age fast approaching.

At the Sedona conference, we were hoping that the degree of love generated would bring to us the opening of the New Jerusalem, the city of light that stretches from Sedona to Phoenix. But evidently we’re a mite soon in our expectations, but I’m told the time is very close.


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The Coming of the Cities of Light – Part 1 of 2

Compiled by Steve Beckow

  City of Light

No development on Earth is more fascinating than the advent of the cities of light. I can trace the discussion of them to the middle of the last century. (1) However, it’s probable that they were being discussed long before that.

Genii Townsend has written two books on them and spoke about them at the Sedona conference. (2) SaLuSa said on Nov. 16, 2012 that there are twelve of them. (3)  He tells us that they’ll be used to heal millions who need help, even after Ascension. On July 22, 2011, he said of Mike Quinsey:

“Michael has now added Cities of Light to his understanding, as another facet of what is to manifest for souls on the Ascension path. As the weeks go by information of these magnificent cities will become widely known, and you will find that they are technologically advanced healing centres that will totally change you. They will not be the only ones, as there will be many ways available to you that will concentrate on raising your vibrations.” (4)

In 2010, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman revealed that one of the functions of the cities was to raise our vibrations: “You have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light.” (5)

In January of 2012 SaLuSa told us that the cities were “preparing to make their appearance on Earth.” On this occasion he focused on how “they were examples of what can be done by using our technologies for the good of all.” (6) He described those technologies as they applied to healing.

“Many civilisations of the Galactic Federation will contribute to the task of attending to your needs, and each often has their own specialised expertise. Be assured that before you reach Ascension, you will have healing that is based on Light, Sound and Colour.

“Your earthly ways are often quite crude, but we do not belittle your attempts to cater for all types of illness and disease. A lot of the new methods are understood by you, but usually lack the funding to be developed. Furthermore, there are Corporations in the drug industries that stem any advances that may replace their products and reduce their profits.” (7)

On another occasion, he said that another function of the cities was to introduce us to what life was like in the higher dimensions.

“The Cities of Light of which you are now becoming aware, will give you a sample of what it is like in the higher dimensions. Yet they are more in the nature of Healing Centres specifically prepared to help you raise your consciousness levels. You will take the fast track to remove all the vestiges of your present dimension that have kept you within it.” (8)

A few months ago, SaLuSa described them as integral parts of the process that will convert us into galactic beings.

“Everything you expected to take place will do so, and as progress is made you will find that it will take you further than you thought possible. It will be a wonderful time that will see you relieved of all of the old problems that have held you back. It is time to go speeding forward and move into a new world that reflects your upliftment into the higher dimensions.

“There will be ample facilities, including the Cities of Light, where you can be healed as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positively about them and you will be helping to manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.” (9)

In Heavenly Blessings on Aug. 30, 2012, Archangel Michael revealed that the cities of light were originally scheduled to be brought here 80,000 years into our future but were introduced earlier when our future wingmaker selves pleaded that they be brought to Earth now.

“In the year that you know as 2000 we began working with you, we began, your star brothers and sisters began, and your future wing-maker selves began working with the Cities of Light.

“And these Cities of Light are not simply etheric forms but let us suggest to you and tell you, share with you that in the beginning these Cities of Light were 80,000 years in your future. The work has been done and it began with a plea, not only from us but from your future selves guiding the actions, the decisions, the choices, the dreams, the inspirations, the desires that you, in human form right now have to create Nova Earth.

“And they begged you to make wise decisions because the decisions that you have made starting at that conjunction and continuing on, almost on a daily basis would affect whether they would come to be in what you think of as a physical reality and existence.” (10)

Recently Archangel Michael named some of them.

“Now the Cities of Light emerge, many are seeing them and they have been forming all over the planet gloriously, yes the first one was ‘The New Jerusalem’, Phoenix to Sedona. But there has been one ‘The Atlantean City of Light’, ‘Terra Tralana’, ‘Idaho’, many, many … ‘Michigan’.

“We have spoken of this when we have spoken to the people of China about the City of Light that is forming there.”

Which city was Archangel Michael referring to as emerging or existing over China? In a mid-summer 2012 edition of An Hour with an Angel, he explained:

“One of the most magnificent cities of light is already emerging slightly north of Shanghai, south of Beijing. And this will be a city of light much like long ago in Atlantis, a port where the star brothers and sisters would come for exchange of cultural ideas, technology, art. It will be magnificent. So think of this, look for this, work on this.

“There is also another, a smaller city of light — and it is more of a retreat and a place of healing — near the Mongolian border in the north.” (12)

Could the latter city of light be Shamballa? We don’t know.

AAM says the cities of light can be glimpsed with our physical eyes but are more apparent to our Third and Fourth Eyes.

“This is not simply something a dream. Many of you, yes with your 3rd and 4th eye, but with also what you think of as your human eyes, are seeing and observing, coming into form in your reality, something that you have pulled into your time and space albeit fully anchored in the 7th.” (13)

As far back as 2009, Archangel Michael said through Ronna Herman that “some advanced Souls are [already] integrating small amounts of Sixth-Dimensional frequency patterns (and even higher) via the Cities of Light.” (14)

Thus the cities of light function to heal us and raise our vibrations, enabling us to ascend more easily than otherwise at the end of this year and preparing us for galactic citizenship. They are becoming visible to some now but will be more apparent later and will continue to serve their mission well into the Golden Age.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our study with some extended word-pictures of how the cities of light appear and function.


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Genii, author of CITY OF LIGHT – SEDONA is a fascinating, very talented woman.  Her highly successful career has been with puppets.  You will enjoy this interview!



COSMIC VISION NEWS – September 7, 2012


 This newscast is packed with news from around the planet that reveals progress being made in transforming our world.  Geoffrey, who earned a Master’s degree in Peace Education is pioneering in peace oriented journalism.  In my opinion, this is Geoffrey’s best show yet!



Nancy Detweiler

Painting taken from cover of Genii Townsend’s book City of Light Sedona

My prayer for this week, during which the 10th anniversary of 9/11 will be on center stage in every mainstream media, is that Earth humans will choose to think on the marvels that can be.

Let us remember the words of John Lennon as an Iraqi youth sings Imagine

Let us learn about the Cities of Light that will soon appear in the sky—Healing Centers of Light & Love.

Listen as Genii Townsend describes the first City of Light to appear in the sky over Sedona, Arizona.!

Read about Genii on the Light Center website:

Order her new book City of Light Sedona from the Light Center website or at

Ponder this question:  Is the world as we presently see it the best Creator God can do?

Recognize that the world we presently see outpictures humanity’s creation—a humanity that does not know who they truly are.

Set out to learn Who You Really Are

Let’s leave behind the world of fear and experience the rapture of learning about the world Creator God did create … of learning that Love is the only power that exists … of learning that an All Loving God created an All Loving Universe and that we can ascend into this world if we so choose!

Let’s allow fear-mongering to fall on deaf ears.  Let’s take control of our thoughts and center them upon Love & Light.  Let’s create this world of Love & Light together … Let’s live life as One!