To look on the internet, the individual seeking Truth would most likely believe all the disinformation listed there.

I have neither worked on publicizing the NESARA LAW for the past 18+ years because I thought it might be true nor voted for President Trump because I hoped he would work tirelessly to drain the swamp of all those who hold back the announcement of the NESARA LAW and deliberately sabotage the rights granted to all Americans by the Constitution FOR the United States of America.

And yet, to mention either name–NESARA or TRUMP–often stimulates a fire storm of “How can you believe this?’ or “How can you support him?”

President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises.  Draining the swamp takes time because no one wants the guilty ones to walk free due to technicalities.   The last I heard, there are approximately 30,000 sealed indictments since October 2017.  Of course, we don’t know who they are until they are unsealed; but according to previous numbers, 30,000 is far above normal, which I’ve read is between 12-1500.  (Here, I’m merely stating what others interested in this research are saying.)  Something IS happening to create this high increase in indictments.

I worked as a member of the NESARA Take Action Teams for approximately 2 years before it was signed into LAW under Navy Seal Gunpoint on October 10, 2000.  Flyers were translated into various languages and the Take Action members took them to large gatherings and distributed them.  Dove invited natives of countries all over the world to create banners for NESARA and European Take Action members held 40 demonstrations displaying the banners for international tourists in front of the Peace Palace in Hague, Netherlands.  Letter campaigns were conducted to swamp political leaders with requests to make an official announcement and implement NESARA.   We were informed that large box loads of letters were delivered to the offices of political leaders in D.C.    Secretaries are required to make note of each letter received, so the politician is assured of seeing them.

The campaign for NESARA was conducted very much like a presidential campaign, with Dove being very strict in requiring that no member gave out any disinformation.  As I remember, Dove sent out updates on a DAILY BASIS to Take Action Members.  These were also posted on the ONE OFFICIAL NESARA WEBSITE, to which we were to refer people–This Website Only, so she could be sure people were reading the truth, not disinformation.  (If she can see the internet now, with its swarm  of DISinformation about NESARA, she is brokenhearted.  She worked day and night for NESARA and many of us felt she gave her life for it.  A human being can take just so much resistance before the body is adversely affected and gives out.

I’m sure it was no coincidence that I felt intuitively guided to request, save, and post on my website & blog photos of demonstrations in front of the Peace Palace in Hague, Netherlands.  The demonstrators often sent out updates on their activities and with which political leaders they had spoke about NESARA.  That the concept of NESARA became Global is the result of the publicity created by these demonstrations and the tourists who learned of it requesting the same for their home countries.  The Global NESARA is called GESARA.

“The Peace Palace is an international law administrative building in The Hague, the Netherlands.[1] It houses the International Court of Justice (which is the principal judicial body of the United Nations), the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), the Hague Academy of International Law and the Peace Palace Library.  (

You can view the photo gallery of the demonstrations at:

The NESARA advertising trucks Dove and her financial donor, hired while spending a week together in Washinton, D.C.  The trucks drove around D.C. during a heavy tourist season to publicize NESARA and hopefully gain support for the official announcement and implementation of the NESARA LAW.

Enjoy the photos and know that NESARA IS REAL!