A Cabinet Level Department Of Peace

A Cabinet Level Department Of Peace

Dennis Kucinich

“On 7/11/2001—exactly three months before 9/11—Kucinich introduced legislation into Congress that called for a Cabinet level Department of Peace. He re-introduced this legislation—HR 808—into Congress each year the remainder of his tenure. It was never allowed to exit Committee and be put to vote. Another prominent Lightworker, Marianne Williamson, heads The Peace Alliance organization and worked closely with Kucinich to attempting to bring the Department of Peace to fruition.

Marianne Williamson

Nancy Merritt

Today, January 28, 2019, Nancy Merritt, from the Peace Alliance made this request of all of us:

“*CONTACT YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS*   *We’re asking Congressional members to sign on as original cosponsors when Rep. Barbara Lee introduces HR 1111 – Department of Peacebuilding Act.  The Department of Peacebuilding bill will come up in approximately 1-3 weeks.  *BE READY!*

During this Season for Nonviolence (SNV), please contact members of Congress to urge them to cosponsor the Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2019. SNV is the 64-day period between the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 30 – April 4). It is a *time to focus on the philosophy of attaining peace through nonviolent actions* as demonstrated by such leaders as Mohandas Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela and
His Holiness, and Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.