Astro Alert By James Tyberonn

Astro Alert

 By James Tyberonn


 When Mars goes retro on April 17th, joined by Mercury retrograde  on April 28 there will be five planets in retrograde, for the first time in a decade. Six will be retro grade if you include the minor asteroidal planet Juno. This will undoubtedly be a very potent scenario, and many of you may feel, initially, stuck in molasses, and out of sync…not ‘yourself’. You may in such phases feel like the world is going mad, with you included in the overwhelming spin.

But this phase while relentless & exasperating on one level, can also be extraordinarily prolific in resolving karmic issues, and can result in a massive transformation and quantum leap in the higher evolution of your soul this year.

When a planet is in retro-flow, its energetics ‘flip-flop’ & are turned inward and their effect becomes far more individually subjective, and much more unpredictable.  Retrograde transits in planets do not necessarily indicate good or bad, but they almost always bring drama. Of course, the effects will vary to differing degrees with the individual, but it is a time in which unexpected change often occurs, and emotions can be de-stabilized, with extreme highs and lows. Retros change the patterned flow, and break up ‘normal’ routines.

They can be considered as a forced slow-down, a testing pause, which on the optimal over view, offer a time of contemplation and recalibration. Retrogrades force one to re-look at situations and examine the results of attitude, thoughts, habits and actions.


The sum energy can be greater than its individual parts. So it is very important to understand the challenges, characteristic particularities and pending temperaments of six planets all in pseudo back motion at the same time. By being aware of the anomalies it will help you realize why things may be out of sorts, and what precautionary steps may be taken to help you get through the sense of disjointedness that may occur in the gravity of the amalgamated irregularities.

  1. Mercury  28-Apr-16 thru 22-May-16
  2. Mars    17-Apr-16 thru 29-Jun-16
  3. Jupiter 7-Jan-16 thru 9-May-16
  4. Saturn 25-Mar-16 thru 13-Aug-16
  5. Pluto   18-Apr-16 thru 26-Sep-16
  6. Juno    2-Mar-16 thru 22-Jun-16

It is also important to understand that when multiple planets are in retrograde at the same time, there is an over-bleed commingling and an intense amplification effect in the coalescent joining. Therefore the combined result of the specific peculiarities, will be more pronounced & tangibly forceful. From April 28th thru May 9th the intensity is at apex, you will be getting six for the price of one, so hang on to your hats….you are entering the Cosmic Crosshairs!

The March tandem eclipses and equinox recently passed, are still adding an intense lingering energy, and this also adds to the topsy-turvy frequency of 6 retrograde planets. Auric solidarity is more vulnerable & can be surrendered in the emotional lows. In this ‘confusing’ frequencial phase, it is essential to keep emotions intact, avoiding temper outbursts, hypercriticism, conflicts and depression. You must guard your thoughts, and be the wise steward of your mental focus.

A brief bullet point of Do’s and Don’ts in this period:

   Do NOT : Engage conflicts, Fall Into Apathy, Feel Disempowered, Over React, Over Criticize, Do NOT Focus on Fear or Anger.

Do:  Exercise, Yoga, Cleanse, Take Saunas, Meditate, Evaluate, Focus on Positive.

Change, Wear an Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli, Examine your own code of ethics and exercise integrity.

Astronomical gravities are absolutely real, and you will feel the results, whether or not you believe in astrology. For those of you that do accept the veracity of such patterns, we are preaching to the choir. But keep in mind that human will is greater than any astrological force. And by knowing what astro-weather is in the forecast, it is easier to avoid the pitfalls.

Mercury Retrograde: All planetary retrogrades have aspects that generally apply to all signs. Mercury influences communication and travel, and in retrograde phases, these can be adversely effected. Flights may be delayed, baggage may be lost, and misunderstandings can occur. I have noted that computers, internet services and mobile devices can be a bit more prone to glitches and interruptions in such timings. Patience and attention to detail can be stepped up in this retrograde to help deal with & help prevent the depth of such issues should they occur.

Mercury retrogrades also have a capacity to bring you back to earth, & offer a grounding aspect. But there is a fine line of demarcation separating coming back to ‘reality’ and over reaction into overly cautious worry going into knee-jerk fear. It is an important time to consider where you are, a time to take stock and measure, but avoid throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This can be a good time to slow down, contemplate, meditate and internalize. Make time for a calculated thoughtful over-view in order to decide how to move forward, organize and communicate more effectively.

Recommended Gemstone for Mercury Retrograde – Lapis Lazuli

Jupiter Retrograde: In generalized application, Jupiter retrograde can be a phase in which careers and finances seem to come into a slow, even seemingly disruptive period. Confidence can be mal-effected. What seemed certain may in this phase seem doubtful. You may feel anxious about job security and events may seem to pop up and justify such worry. Particularly in 2016 in the timing of Jupiter in retro simultaneously with Saturn, Mars and Mercury there will be a strong potential for over-worry and over reaction. The better response is to be aware of this tendency and use this timing to double down on efforts to use positive focus in determined creativity how to overcome any career obstacles. Analyze how to improve, and apply greater objective effort for maximum effect. Do not allow negative thoughts and fears to take command, remember you attract to self that which you fear. By taking conscious control and focusing on the positive, and visualizing in constructive co-creation, the final outcome will be exponentially more beneficial and the efforts to understand responsible co-creation is both the reason and result. You may be prompted to re-align goals and in that process discover that certain changes just ‘happen’ unexpectedly, ready or not.  Discern what really matters and go after it.

Recommended Gemstone for Jupiter Retrograde – Amethyst Ring & Pendant

Saturn Retrograde: The 2016 Saturn retro occurs from March 16th thru August 13th.  Saturn rules life purpose. Karma, structure, order and the way in which we conduct our affairs are all ruled by the ringed planet. During the 10 weeks of Saturn’s 2016 retrograde flow, expect the unexpected. Unsettling surprises, frustrations and slow-downs may occur on a weekly basis. Effective time management even for the most organized people may seem impossible. Projects that seemed online may get sidetracked by the pop-up of unforeseen tasks and unresolved issues of the past.

In this phase you may fall into self-doubt, and feel you are off track.  But this time can be wisely used to evaluate what is serving your highest life purpose, and what is not, by revealing your inner thoughts, defensive reactions, psychological structures and limiting parameters.

Recommended Gemstone for Saturn Retrograde – Amethyst Pendant

Mars Retrograde:  Mars will be retrograde from the 17th of April thru the 29th of June in 2016.  Mars rules energy, action, passion and desire. When Mars is retrograde, you may not have the energy levels that are normally yours, and everything around you, projects, love life and goals seem to go on the back burner. A temporal sense of apathy can ensue for the ten weeks of Mars retro.

Mars goes retrograde about every 26 months, which is the least frequent retro pattern of all the planets. When Mars and Mercury are in tandem retrograde, it is a time to be very careful, to think twice before engaging any conflict. Tempers can be out of line and reactions can be overly aggressive, unnecessarily hostile and based on illogical & skewed conclusions.   In this timing, it may be that you seem to dwell darkly on what you consider to be inappropriate comments or mis-actions toward you by others. This is not the time to counter, because ones thinking in this timing may not be well considered, and you may shoot from the hip in explosive counters without due justification.

This is a time to give others extra space and allow the benefit of the doubt. There is an untoward tendency to be headstrong & stubborn in relationships during Mars retro…. to be right at any cost. It is not a time to burn bridges. Rather, it is a time to pull back and reconsider your own actions. Energy is at a low ebb, but this is a perfect time to re-calibrate and look inward at where your energy is being spent, and decide whether or not your focus is appropriate, and whether or not the effort is worth your time and energy.   You may need to draw on reserves to complete projects and find sources of strength you didn’t know you had to regain momentum.

Recommended Gemstone for Mars Retrograde – Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine  or Blue Topaz

Pluto Retrograde: Pluto retrograde lasts from April 18 to September 26, 2016. The transitory retrogrades of the outer 3 planets are often far less intensely felt than the retros of the inner planets, Mercury thru Jupiter. But in this phase of 2016 with 6 planets in retro, Pluto will be felt far more in this combined energy amalgam. This year’s Pluto retrograde will absolutely tug at you, in a more overt and rather unforgiving crucible, in deep exploration of your inner truth. You may have episodes of low self-esteem in Pluto retrograde, a tendency to concentrate on guilt and mistakes you have made in the past. This can be excruciating, but can be optimally managed by purging what does not serve you. This is an important timing for prioritizing and re considering life purpose and realigning appropriately to your divine self.

Recommended Gemstone for Pluto Retrograde- Rotate Azurite with Lapis Lazuli. Only use Crystalline Natural Azurite for meditation in this phase, afterward wear Lapis Lazuli.

Juno Retrograde:  During a Juno retrograde cycle, our ability to live up to our commitments is on trial….and loyalty, fidelity and balance of power is tested.

Juno is a planetoid asteroid, discovered by German astronomer, Karl Ludwig Harding, in 1807. It is included in astrological measures because it does indeed project significant gravity waves. It is in retrograde in 2016 from early March thru the June solstice, significantly moving direct on June 22nd.  This Juno retro is a time in which relationships can become rather testy at best, and meltdown at worst. Important relationships are put to the test, to measure if they meet mutual optimal expectations, and to be either worked out or released if they do not.

Recommended Gemstone for Juno Retrograde – Rotate Azurite with Lapis Lazuli. Only use the Azurite (pendant) for meditation in this phase, afterward wear Lapis Lazuli.


The ongoing April & May planetary retrogressions have many complex meanings, not just one, and many potent nuances. This timing is intricately embellished with intrigue and suspense. The 2016 flux of 6 retrogrades is potentially teeming with unexpected surprises, and the planets may act in very atypical fashions, in unusual ways. No doubt many astrologers will consider this time to be one in which major global events may occur. My focus in this article is to emphasize the personal effects on an individual level.

I would be remiss not to mention that Auric Maintenance is requisite during this time of mass planetary retrogrades and this intense micro retro phase is occurring within the macro 7 year phase of crucible astrology. It is easy to get overwhelmed. All unresolved energy is surfacing across the planet. It is a time in which the world seems to be going mad.

Remember that anytime one falls into emotional lows, or negative emotions of fear, anger or apathy, such emotions will fragment the auric field and disrupt auric circuitry. The result is energy bleed, and loss of grounding. Negativity can more easily attach to an open aura, and lead one into anxiety, fatigue, and illness and into downward spirals of depression.

So to re-emphasize in summary, the present astro gravities are such that any worry, any fear, and any anger may be unduly amplified…. and potentially blown out of proportion. That however, does not mean that self-evaluation in areas of erroneous behavior, unproductive goals and misaligned relationships are not to be carefully reviewed. Rather it means that you should ensure that the inner evaluation be made from a positive creative stance.   It is essential you do not allow yourself to fall into a guilt ridden depression and spiral downward into self-persecution, hopelessness and apathy. It is important to avoid negative focus, to keep a constructive attitude and make a concerted effort to secure and maintain a balanced & positive attitude. And that will require wisdom & effort!

There will be a sense of uncertainty, confusion and a tendency of doubt. It is a time in which logic is somewhat skewed & wrong decisions can seem right.   It is a time in which unwarranted angers can spring up, and unjustified feelings can seem justified. Avoid listening to naysayers, consider the source, and be cautious on whose advice you choose to hear. Be patient and do not force major decisions or burn any bridges!


Make a concerted effort to think positive, exercise and meditate! Things will look brighter the sooner you apply positive focus! As Edgar Cayce stated, human will is stronger than any astrological force. By being aware of astrological gravities it is easier to understand the surface tendencies related to them, and thus circumnavigate around and beyond them. And be aware that retrogrades (and all astrological alignments) have a positive as well as concerning aspect. And to close, remember nothing is happening that is not without divine purpose. This extraordinary phase, while relentless & exasperating on one level, can also be extraordinarily prolific in providing opportunities for growth, in resolving karmic issues, and can result in a massive transformation and quantum upshift in the higher evolution of humanity both on the individual and mass levels.

James Tyberonn – Copyrights Duly Reserved 2016