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What will happen to Christian teachings when the presence of extraterrestrials with us is disclosed to the public?  … what about other religions?”

I have not studied other religions in depth, but have studied 6 years in two Christian seminaries.  What I found was that  the human-developed theology is the focus, not an unfettered search for truth.

Following seminary, I used the information presented there to further my own research in a search for truth.  The following are articles that reveal the biblical characters were familiar and comfortable with members of our galactic family (to call them “aliens” makes them sound unfamiliar and not a part of the family of Mother/Father God).

Let’s take a good look at the Bible Christians profess to believe before we hamper Disclosure of Extraterrestrials With Us with our fear of them.

Disclosure will transform life as we have known it in very beneficial ways!  To fear Disclosure is to deprive ourselves of undreamed of benefits!!!

“OUR GALACTIC FAMILY & THE BIBLE” – http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/bible_galactic.htm

OUR ANCESTORS LIVED IN COMMUNITY WITH OUR GALACTIC BROTHERS & SISTERS  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/category/ufos-in-ancient-religious-art/


INTRODUCTION TO A SERIES  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/the-bible-is-filled-with-stories-of-interaction-between-extraterrestrials-earth-humans/

Does the Bible Describe Ezekiel’s Meeting With Aliens? “Paleo-Contact [Ancient Astronaut] Paleo – Theory” Says Yes

Does the Bible Describe Ezekiel’s Meeting With Aliens? “Paleo-Contact [Ancient Astronaut] Paleo-  Theory” Says Yes

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz April 4, 2016 , 1:30 pm

“It has been exactly 50 years since Erich Von Daniken hypothesized in his controversial work Chariots of the Gods that the Bible proves ancient man met with aliens, adopting new technologies from extraterrestrials. Many Biblical prophecies are, according to Von Daniken, UFO sightings described in Biblical terms. His startling theory sought to challenge the way we see ourselves in the universe and in relation to God.”

READ MORE at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/…/smart-jews-thank-extr…/…


Although Berkowitz calls the lifting up of biblical characters to a space ship abductions, I disagreeThere is ample evidence in the Bible that the ancient biblical characters were in easy communication with our galactic brothers and sisters, the angels and archangels, and the Ascended Masters.  To be in contact was a normal part of daily living for them.  The ancients were a part of our COSMIC FAMILY!  It is time we resume our role within our cosmic family!


 Galactics & the Bible



Ancient Religious art



“The Baptism of Christ” was Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder depicts a classic, hovering, silvery, saucer shaped UFO shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus.”


 Mary and space ships


“A fifteenth century fresco of the Madonna and Child depict on the top right side the image of a UFO hovering in the distance. A blow up of this fresco reveals tremendous details about this UFO including port holes. It seems to indicate a religious involvement between UFO’s and the appearance of the Christ Child. The painting is called ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’—[A Roman Catholic saint. Note man on the right]. “It was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio.” http://www.crystalinks.com/ufohistory.html



WHERE ARE YOU, GOD? A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Biblical Book of Job

Book Cover - Publishedhttp://www.amazon.com/WHERE-ARE-YOU-GOD-Interpretation-ebook/dp/B01DAL7DRS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1458694816&sr=1-1&keywords=Nancy+B.+Detweiler%2C+Where+Are+You%2C+God%3F


Planet Earth and its inhabitants are experiencing the throes of a major transition in consciousness. Many are evolving from the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, thru the 4th dimension of enhanced inner vision and hearing, to the 5th dimension of ascension into full consciousness of our true identities within our cosmic family.

Job took this same journey to ascension. We can learn much to assist us during our journey by studying a metaphysical interpretation of Job. At the end of Job’s journey, he declares: “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees thee.” The Apostle Paul decribes ascension in I Corinthians 13:11-12 – “”When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a mirror, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known.”

I have included an Appendix in which you may find a portion of esoteric astrology that may be applied to you, the individual reader. I do so in an effort to personalize Job’s story; for in Truth, Job is Everyone. Both my interpretation and the esoteric astrology reflect reincarnation as the path on which each of our souls awaken to and re-integrate into our daily lives the knowledge of our true identity as a Son or Daughter of God.


Nancy with Twin Flame, Uriel


The majority of Christians attend churches that teach according to a Creed or a set of standardized doctrines. For this reason, Christians–with few exceptions–rarely, if ever, think in terms of reading the Bible with eyes and hearts open to receiving new insights about God, Jesus, or themselves.

In seminary, we were taught to translate the Hebrew and Greek Bibles according to the Creed. Scriptures for Sunday sermons are listed in a Lectionary, in accordance with the Church Year and focusing mainly on the synoptic gospels with only a few selections from the Gospel of John. The sermon content is to be in accordance with the Creed/doctrines. Although we know that Jesus’ sayings were collected as just that–“sayings,” Christians are discouraged from “taking a verse out of context” and using it as a saying. I see this as simply one more method of control. Even in 2014, ministers can be fired for not preaching and teaching in accordance with the Creed/doctrines. This has very effectively frozen ministers’ and congregants’ willingness to step outside the creedal/doctrinal box in search of new insights and personal growth. Jesus made his opinion known to the religious elders when they asked why his disciples did not abide by the tradition of the elders. He answered by quoting the prophet Isaiah: “This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me; In vain do they worship me, teaching human precepts as doctrines. You abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition.” (Mark 7:5-8 quoting Isaiah 29:13)

As a result of abiding by human doctrines, Christians are not taught to think in terms of “who does Jesus say I am.” I seriously doubt the thought has ever crossed the minds of more than a handful of Christians. However, our world is drastically changing now. As 2014 progresses, Christians will find themselves at a loss to determine who they are as individuals and their relationship to God.

For this reason, let us review who Jesus taught we are and how we can relate to our Mother/Father God.


“Jesus answered, ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, ye are gods?'” (John 10:34) Jesus is quoting Psalm 82:6–“You are gods, children of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you shall die like mortals and fall like any prince.” Why will we die like mortals? Because … They [we] have neither knowledge nor understanding, they [we] walk around in darkness.”

“The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

Because I am a child of the Most High and the kingdom of God is within me, I am a child god.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray to “Our” Father. (Matthew 6:9) He made no distinction between his relationship and ours to “Our” Father. In Mark 10:17-18, Jesus asks the rich man kneeling before him: “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.” Jesus consistently treated us as brother and sister on par with him. The differences we perceive are the individual degrees of conscious awareness that we are a child god.

Although Christians have been taught that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, Jesus actually shared the same life narrative with at least 16 prior crucified Saviors. (Be sure to read the Endnote.)


Jesus recognized that we while we were living on the Old 3rd dimensional Earth, we would understand his teachings to greater or lesser degree. His reason for incarnating was to show us the Way to achieve Higher Consciousness. He grew impatient when his disciples failed to comprehend.

“Do you not understand this parable? Then how will you understand all the parables?” (Mark 4:13)

“Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

“When it grew late, his disciples came to him and said, ‘This is a deserted place, and the hour is now very late; send them [the crowds of people] away so they may go into the surrounding country and villages and buy something for themselves to eat.’ But he answered them, ‘You give them something to eat.’ (Mark 6:35-37) The disciples thought in terms of “lack;” Jesus expected them to think in terms of abundance freely given to all.
“When he had left the crowd and entered into the house, his disciples asked him about the parable. He said to them, ‘Then do you also fail to understand? Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile, since it enters not the heart but the stomach, and goes out into the sewer.'” (Mark 7:17-19)

The disciples forgot to bring enough bread with them in the boat. Jesus overheard them discussing this lack and asked them, “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not perceive or understand? Are your hearts hardened? Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember?” (Mark 8:14-18)

“…. ‘I asked your disciples to cast it out, but they could not do so.’ He answered them, ‘You faithless generation, how much longer must I be among you? How much longer must I put up with you?'” (Mark 9:18b-19)


Because the kingdom of God is within us, we incarnate as potential expressions of Mother/Father God. The Soul Mission to is allow Divine Will to unfold in our lives, not concentrate on our “little ego will.”

“…the Son can do nothing on his own, but only what he sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise.” (John 5:19)
“I can do nothing on my own. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I seek to do not my own will, but the will of him who sent me.” (John 5:30)

“My teaching is not mine but his who sent me.” (John 7:16)

Jesus taught us how to discern between one who is an avenue of expression for God and those who seek their own glory. “Anyone who resolves to do the will of God will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own. Those who speak on their own seek their own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true and there is nothing false in him.” (John 7:17-18)

“The one who sent me is true, and I declare to the world what I have heard from him…. And the one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what is pleasing to him.” (John 8:29)

Jesus taught us to approach our Mother/God directly–he did not consider himself a mediator and did not indicate our need for one. He did not teach, “Worship me,” but that we create our own relationship with God. “I declare what I have seen in the Father’s presence; as for you, you should do what you have heard from the Father.” (John 8:38)

“Then Jesus cried aloud: ‘Whoever believes in me believes not in me but in him who sent me. And whoever sees me sees him who sent me…. I have not spoken on my own, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment about what to say and what to speak…. What I speak, therefore, I speak just as the Father has told me.” (John 12:44-45, 49-50) As avenues of expression for the God within, Jesus taught–give Mother/Father God the glory. However, we cannot do this properly without knowing who we are–child gods who are never separated from our Source.

After washing the disciples feet–an act of hospitality in the dusty Middle East–he taught his disciples: “Do you know what I have done to you?…. If I, your Lord and teacher, have washed our feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have set you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:12-15) Loving service to others allows God to express through us and bless another child god.

Although most references to reincarnation were removed from the biblical text, loving service to others is also a means of balancing negative karma, thereby cleansing our own energy field, while loving one another.

Jesus gave us a Sign by which to be identified: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35)

Jesus taught that we are not only to perform at the same level as he did, but that we are to excel him. “The one who believes in me [in the Father who sent me] will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these because I am going to the Father. I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it.” (John 14:12-14)


Jesus did not intend that we worship him and live our lives as separated from the Oneness that is ALL life. He did not instruct us to think in terms of being sinners, unworthy of experiencing the joys of ONENESS WITH ALL THAT IS. Instead, he told the parable of the Vine: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower… I am the vine, you are the branches…. If you abide in me [in the Oneness that we are], and my words abide in you, ask for whatever you wish, and it will done for you. My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples [follow the Way I have taught you]. As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete. This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:1-12)


Although religious creeds and doctrines have taught separation and attempted to limit our access to all knowledge, Jesus reminded us of the Universal abundance … that we truly do have access to all knowledge … that we are continuously surrounded with loving beings. Jesus taught: Love one another … live in the Oneness represented by a Vine, nurtured by our Mother/Father God. As we, the branches, bear fruit, all of our needs are abundantly supplied. As we give, we receive in a continual cycle of Oneness with the Universe of Branches on the Vine of Life.

“Very truly, I tell you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you…. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” (John 16:23-24)




The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ, Kersey Graves, originally published in 1875, re- published in 2007 by Cosimo, Inc., pages 104-128. They are:
Krishna of India, 1200 B.C.; Sakia Budha, 600 B.C.; Thammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C.; Wittoba of the Telingonese – 552 B.C.; Ioa of Nepal – 622 B.C.; Hesus of the Celtic Druids – 834 B.C.; Quexalcote of Mexico – 587 B.C.; Quirinus of Rome – 506 B.C.; Prometheus of Caucasus – 547 B.C.; Thulis of Egypt – 1700 B.C.; Indra of Tibet – 725 B.C.; Alcestos of Euripides – 600 B.C.; Atys of Phrygia – 1170 B.C.; Crite of Chaldea – 1200 B.C.; Bali of Orissa – 725 B.C.; and Mithra of Persia – 600 B.C.[vii] (Dates are approximate, according to Kersey Graves.)
A list of 43 life events that Jesus shared with the Egyptian god Horus (not even included in the above list) may be found at:
The concept of comparing Horus & Jesus was first presented by Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907), an English poet and self-styled Egyptologist. These are primarily contained in his book The Natural Genesis.

You may order a wallet size at:   http://tsl.org/2009/10/chart-of-your-divine-self/


GETTING TO KNOW JESUS AS A WAYSHOWER, PART 1 – We are Interconnected Within the Divine Plan


“We Are Interconnected Within the Divine Plan”

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

In the early 2000s, I wrote a series of lessons to help Christians, and others who choose to use Jesus as an example of an individual demonstrating the Christ Consciousness, to get know him as a Wayshower

As many know, whether or not Jesus was actually crucified has recently become a hot topic of discussion.  Truth—in 2014–is pouring out, shocking many and pulling the rug out from under others’ worldview.  However, for many, whether or not the Roman government actually crucified Jesus is of less importance than their rejection of the theological reason for that crucifixion as stated in orthodox Christian teachings.  The orthodox reason is that God sent his Only Begotten Son to die on the cross to save a sinful people, whom He would otherwise sentence to eternal punishment in the fires of hell for their sins.

I, and countless others, rejected this theological viewpoint decades ago.  Since Jesus is regularly proclaimed as Savior/Redeemer and therefore worshipped as such, many Christians were left in limbo without a Wayshower to guide them through the stormy waters in which they found themselves once they stepped outside the orthodox box.

Christ Walking on the WaterAmedee Varin, 19th Century

It is for this reason that I am re-posting this series of lessons … one a day for the coming 10 to 12 days.

BE SURE TO READ THE INTRODUCTION TO THIS SERIES FIRST.https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/getting-to-know-jesus-as-a-wayshower-introduction/

   Part 1 of Series
“We Are Interconnected Within the Divine Plan”

Christ-centered metaphysicians teach that Jesus incarnated to be a Wayshower, to reveal to us our true natures, and to show us the way back home to full knowledge of ourselves as Jesus’ brothers and sisters, Sons & Daughters of God. Jesus taught: “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12) He taught us to call God “Abba,” an Aramaic word that translates “our Father” and signifies the level of intimacy we indicate when we use the term “dad.” Jesus also offered encouragement to us as we live on the physical plane: “I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world.” (John 16:33) Jesus incarnated to show us how to conquer the world with all its error thinking and adherence to non-truth.

In order to comprehend the role of Jesus in our lives, we must first understand who he is. We must know that life on this planet extends backward for millions of years. We—like Jesus—first set foot on planet Earth as very advanced Sons and Daughters of our Mother/Father God. As the 1st chapter of Genesis states, we were created in the image and likeness of God; thus, we were spirit beings (without a physical body) who volunteered to come to Planet Earth to experiment with freewill and its various manifestations. Freewill is the capacity to select options for self, then to experience the consequences of our decisions. Some of us made choices that resulted in forgetting our true identities as Sons and Daughters of God.

Genesis 2 relates the second creation story in which humanity took on a physical body. In doing so, we lowered our energetic vibration to the 3rd dimensional level (or physical plane). We became enmeshed in forgetfulness and spiritual blindness. We began to feel separated, even alienated, from God. The narrative of humanity being cast out of the Garden of Eden reveals our choice to experience the plane of duality, synonymous with the 3rd dimensional plane. Adam and Eve (representative of those Sons & Daughters choosing to experience the 3rd dimension) symbolically ate of the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. In other words, they chose to live with an awareness of duality: good and evil, light and darkness, male and female. (Evil is live spelled backwards. Thus, evil is the type of energy that is created when we turn our backs to God.) The Bible is the story of humanity’s struggles on the plane of duality and the awakening process by which we are resurrected into full knowledge of our true identities.

According to the hidden wisdom now being unveiled to the general public, Jesus is one of the Sons of God that managed to retain an open channel of communication with the realms of Spirit throughout many physical incarnations. Glenn Sanderfur, in his book entitled Lives of the Master: The Rest of the Jesus Story—based on the Edgar Cayce Readings—depicts the soul of Jesus present within several biblical characters, such as Enoch, Melchizedek, Joseph, Joshua, Asaph, and Jesus. The soul of Jesus incarnated as personalities who assumed a leadership role in guiding Earth humans through periods of transition and change.

During his incarnation as Jesus, he achieved a level of attunement to Spirit that allowed “the Father” to use his body as a vehicle through which to work and speak. Jesus repeatedly attempted to turn the attention away from himself and onto the Father. “Jesus said to them, ‘… the Son can do nothing on his own, but only what he sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise.’” (John 5:19) Again, Jesus said, “I have not spoken on my own, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment about what to say and what to speak.” (John 12:49) It is essential that we remember these words of Jesus as we get to know him as a Wayshower. The majority of the words attributed to Jesus were actually the Father speaking through him. Not making this distinction is the basis on which many of the misinterpretations of Jesus and the Bible are founded. Thus, for the majority of Christians, Jesus became one to be worshipped; one to whom we could not hope to relate on equal terms. As some have awakened to the presence of our indwelling God, Jesus has been placed on a shelf as no longer relevant. To do so is to deprive self of an inspiring Wayshower. In this series of lessons, we will look at the ways by which Jesus approached life on physical plane in an effort to better integrate Truth into our lifestyles. Jesus explained to the Roman officials ruling Palestine, “For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth.” (John 18:37) What is this Truth?

The birth narratives, found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, reveal much Truth about the universe in which we live. Matthew’s gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus. This genealogy is far more than a recitation of family history. It is packed with mathematical formulas that relate universal truths. One easily discernible message is that Jesus incarnated to be an example for all people, not to any one particular race or religion. Jesus’ relationship to our universal human family reveals the interconnectedness of all of us. On an energetic level, our individual mission is one that impacts the whole universe. Like Jesus, each of us incarnated to fulfill a unique role—a vital role within the overall universal plan. No human being stands isolated on an island. No human being incarnates with nothing to contribute to the divine scheme of ongoing creation.

Each incarnation is organized and planned in cooperation with the group of souls accompanying us. In Luke’s gospel, the birth narratives inform us that Elizabeth and Zechariah agreed to become the parents of John the Baptist. Elizabeth conceived after she and Zechariah were advanced in age. In the ancient Middle East, to be barren of children was considered a disgrace for women. Divine timing required that Elizabeth endure this disgrace, just as we often feel that we are enduring more than we bargained for. Divine timing is the means by which the universal plan unfolds. It cannot be rushed.

John the Baptist contracted to prepare the people for Jesus and his ministry. His was the soul of the prophet Elijah. Along with his mission of preparing the people, John also planned to pay the debt of negative karma he incurred as Elijah—that of killing the prophets of Baal. This debt was paid when King Herod ordered John beheaded. You and I incarnate to perform a mission and to balance any karmic debts lingering in our energy field. The contrast between Jesus and his relatives—John the Baptist, Elizabeth, and Zechariah—is that Jesus was more consciously aware of his mission at an early age. Some of us let it be known, from the time we are old enough to talk, what we want to do with our lives. Others of us have more trouble attuning to our purpose. But, the bottom line is: all incarnate with a soul plan. Our lives are not random; they are not an accident, regardless of how consciously or unconsciously our parents planned the pregnancy. Our parents are not happenstance. The close personal relationships we experience throughout any one incarnation were planned on the soul level. We have all agreed to meet and sojourn together on this planet for a span of time.

Another truth revealed in the birth narratives is the mutual cooperation between beings in spirit and those of us living on Earth. The angels played a major role in guiding Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph in their preparations to bring forth John and Jesus. Archangel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and to Mary, announcing the forthcoming birth of sons. Gabriel instructed them to name their sons “John” and “Jesus.” Names denote the universal mathematical vibration on which the individual will carry out the soul’s mission. Even though our parents consciously knew nothing about numerology and the extreme importance of naming a child, their souls carried memories of the plans made before they incarnated physically. They also communicated with our souls while they slept—prior to our entrance into a physical body. The vast majority of us find that our names are indicative of who we are and what we are about. Once in awhile, an individual will discard the given name because it feels so incongruent with who she/he is. Not often. The universe knows intimately each of us and our parents are guided in the fulfillment of that knowledge.

The energy vibrations, on which we are functioning during this incarnation, are imprinted in the mathematics of the universe and within the energetic influences of the stars at the time of our birth. Our life plan is imprinted in the palms of our hands; it is revealed in our handwriting. The Wise Men of the East could read the story of Jesus’ birth in the configuration of the stars. Our births onto this planet were orchestrated in cooperation with the assistance of the universe. In ways we cannot fathom, we are immersed in the interconnectedness of all of creation.

Mary and Joseph were attuned to the world of Spirit. Archangel Gabriel communicated with them in person and through dreams. Both were committed to following the guidance of the angels. Mary agreed to her pregnancy, knowing that those around her would question her fidelity to Joseph. Joseph obeyed the angel’s instructions to marry Mary even though he knew his family and friends might not understand. Allowing truth to unfold in our lives, regardless of the external consequences, can be a challenge. Truth is: Allowing divine order to unfold in our lives is the way by which we cooperate with the universal plan.

The birth narratives disclose another universal truth. The failure to carry out the agreed upon soul contract by any one of the individuals involved could have interrupted the process. Zechariah could have divorced Elizabeth because she was barren. Mary could have said, “No” to becoming pregnant by immaculate conception. In her day, women were stoned to death for adultery. How were people to know the truth about her? Joseph could have refused to marry her; thereby, creating an unbearable scenario for Mary. John the Baptist could have chosen another life career and failed to prepare the way for Jesus. At any number of stages, Jesus could have reneged on his commitment. All had freewill. Consider the domino effect that could have occurred had any one person revoked his/her soul’s commitment.

Truth is: This same domino effect happens when we renounce our soul’s contract. Those lifelong dreams that nag at you, the inner soul urges that pull you in one direction while your sense of duty and practicality push you in another, those “if only” yearnings that arise in our consciousness when we are free to allow our mind to wander in the ethers—listen to them. Heed their importance in the unfolding of your life’s role in the divine plan; follow Spirit’s guidance no matter how senseless and frightening it may feel to do so. The innermost part of our being knows our soul’s plan—our individual truth. To deny the knowingness that we possess intuitively is to start a domino effect in our lives and in the lives of others. The universe is impacted, to greater or lesser extent, by whether or not we carry through on our soul commitments.

What Truth do we learn from the birth narratives? We are an integral part of the whole. Our lives are extremely meaningful and valuable within the universal scheme of things. Using our freewill to choose to renege on our soul’s contract with our companion souls might disrupt the life plan of numerous others.

Jesus and the stories of his birth proclaim our true worth—every individual is interconnected with all other Earth humans and with our universal family as a valuable part of the overall divine plan.

The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.
And, all is well.

Go forth into the world, knowing that you are a most valuable part of God’s unfolding creation. In the prayerful words of the Psalmist: “Your eyes beheld my unformed substance. In your book were written all the days that were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed.” (Psalm 139:16)

Instructions for getting and interpreting your soul’s map (your astrological natal chart) may be found on my website:  http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/index.htm





Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Jesus teaching

The fact that Jesus was never crucified is being revealed to the masses via various sources.  This researched truth has been available for at least 100+ years, but it is only now (2014) coming to public attention.

While this Truth can free Christians to get to know themselves and our Mother/Father God as the magnificent, divine beings ALL are, it holds the potential to be devastating to some Christians.

Christians have been taught to worship Jesus, to think of Jesus as their Lord/Redeemer/Savior.  Mass … Communion … the Lord’s Supper—all based on the crucifixion of Jesus–are considered to be the most holy of religious rituals.  Christians are taught the blood of Jesus, shed for you, is God’s gift to sinful humanity.  Those who refuse to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior—even those who know nothing about Jesus—will be punished by God with an eternity in hellfire. 

John Calvin’s double predestination  theology is still taught in many mainline churches.  Double predestination = God created humanity … some He created to go to Heaven … the rest, He created to go to hell.  There is no way to know for which place you were created, so don’t worry over it.  Just live the best life you can.

Is it any wonder that Christians can be some of the meanest people on Earth?  Admit it or not, fear rules their lives … what if they backslide and die without being forgiven?  What if a woman makes me sin by causing me to lust for her?  What if I lust for my handsome minister?  What if my child dies before he/she is baptized?  Would an innocent child be sent to hell?  We wonder, “did my loved one go to heaven or hell … she/he was so good … surely she/he went to heaven.  Many Christians feel vulnerable … at the mercy of an unpredictable God.

Let’s be honest, Christians, these are questions that creep into our conscious awareness, whether or not we choose to admit them.  God has been portrayed, in the Bible (which has been grossly manipulated by deleting sections and adding sections) and in tens of millions of sermons, as a violent, unforgiving, unfair, unpredictable tyrant.  How many hellfire and damnation sermons have you heard?  How many times have you closed your mind to anything not specifically stated in the Creed or Catechism —out of fear of being excluded or excommunicated?  Soul memories of the horrible tortures inflicted on heretics during the Inquisition are present within many Christians.  Many of us do not know that the cells of our physical body carry memories of prior lifetimes because reincarnation is another fact not taught in Christianity.   How could anyone truly believe in such a God and not be afraid?  Christians say, “I’m saved; I have nothing to worry over.”  I don’t believe them … they are voicing what they hope is true, not what they unequivocally know to be true.  I spent 6 yrs. in two seminaries and heard the word heretical  almost daily.

I grew up in the church.  At an early age, I realized something was terribly wrong with what I heard there—how could God be Love and be so mean at the same time?  By age 10, I had publicly dedicated my life to missions, i.e. to protect people from this mean God.  I suspect that Christians focus on Jesus (and/or the Pope) because they are taught that Jesus/the Pope are the Mediators between God and themselves.  Secretly, they welcome a wall of protection between themselves and a vengeful God!

Having the Truth revealed that our loving Mother/Father God did not resort to violence and child sacrifice as a means of salvation is extremely freeing!

Many have asked, “Saved from what?”  From our own misguided beliefs … from clinging to beliefs out of fear … from believing in a god that does not exist … from believing in a hell that does not exist.  Humanity repeatedly loses its way.  Many Avatars have come to Earth to show us the way back home … to reveal to us who we truly are.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors:  Christianity Before Christ, Kersey Graves, originally published in 1875, lists the following Avatars:  Krishna of India, 1200 B.C.; Sakia Budha, 600 B.C.; Thammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C.; Wittoba of the Telingonese – 552 B.C.; Ioa of Nepal – 622 B.C.; Hesus of the Celtic Druids – 834 B.C.; Quexalcote of Mexico – 587 B.C.; Quirinus of Rome – 506 B.C.; Prometheus of  Caucasus – 547 B.C.; Thulis of Egypt – 1700 B.C.; Indra of Tibet – 725 B.C.; Alcestos of Euripides – 600 B.C.; Atys of Phrygia – 1170 B.C.; Crite of Chaldea – 1200 B.C.; Bali of Orissa – 725 B.C.; and Mithra of Persia – 600 B.C. (dates are approximate according to K. Graves)  Each of their life narratives contain the same stories as that of Jesus.

Freed from a religion that deliberately rules by fear, all of our loving Mother/Father God’s children (child gods) may drop the chains of fear and joyfully seek the Truth about the Source of our Being … about the cosmos filled with our Star brothers and sisters … about who we truly are!  The days are over of living with a tragic misconception of who we are … who God is … and who Jesus is!  We are freed to explore!  No more need to be afraid of heretical beliefs or teachings!

Jesus taught us, “The Truth will set you free!”  From personal experience, I can say, “The spiritual journey to Truth is the most exciting and freeing you will ever embark on!  Christians can join those who seek to attain the Christed Consciousness!


A Musing Minister Responds

man in natureRESPONSE #1:
I am in full agreement. I am convinced that once one understands that one is a multi-dimensional being—an eternal soul always connected to Source—who has lived many  times, then all of the dogma drops away, whether it be same-sex unions or Jesus being  crucified.

I remember after my awakening first hearing that Jesus was not crucified, and my spirit  simply said, “Oh… yes….. Now let’s move on!!!” Hahaha!  We ALL really do know the truth of everything, but when one is not awakened to it, we walk in darkness and need  to see a great Light! Once we are aware of who we are, the rest just falls into place!

I have discovered that unless you are awakened, it is like communicating in Greek, and  the fear, guilt, etc. that people have bought into grips them and makes them not want to  trust that they are co-creators. That is very, very, very foreign to Christians inculcated  with orthodox beliefs. Telling a Christian that Jesus was not crucified flies in the face of  2,000 years of indoctrination.

It actually is a foreign concept for a Christian to truly believe in “unconditional love!”   They will say they believe in unconditional love, and in the very next breath say, “How can God love me?” Christians really do not love themselves. They have been taught  that to love self is prideful.

Again, until a person can grasp reincarnation (for lack of a better term), life appears a  true uphill battle. Once a person can understand that they have done this living life on  Earth (and elsewhere for that matter) all before *countless times over and over* then perspective totally shifts.

Once one can understand that they ARE God and that all of this that we experience is  but illusion, life becomes one big adventure … the guilt drops away … the love is  always present.

People thrive in love, but decay and whither in guilt.

Response #2:

Well you have got me on a roll now!  I am going to just free-associate right now, like journaling and let my guides do their jobs!

In Harry’s Xmas Eve sermon he stated; “The only way anyone can be happy is when they put self aside, deny self and put Jesus first, Others second, and you third.  That is true joy!”  This statement totally incapsulates the entirety of Christian dogma as understood and taught by so many.

JOY, as defined by Harry, puts self at the very bottom of the list, which keeps Christians from abiding by Jesus’ own words when he states, “The kingdom of Heaven is within.” Christians are NEVER told to “go within”, but to always “look up” … as if God is “out there somewhere” disconnected from the human experience, and that Jesus, through his crucifixion restores God and man.

How surprising for a Christian to learn that they were never “disconnected” from Prime Source in the first place.

Harry went on to state that “Original Sin cut us off from God’s Love.”  Oh really?  Well this is a doctrine that, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps on giving … more guilt, more separation, more lack of power and response-ability.  Especially in Presbyterianism, which is a direct result of John Calvin’s teachings, humanity is “not capable of any response toward God, because that ability to love and respond to God in any fashion is rendered mute due to our identified sin with the first Adam.”  Basically all people are “f–ed!” Now, if one believes this, they see no good in themselves at all.  Christians just love the phrase: “I am only human” … “There is only ONE who is without sin.” Christians love to say how needy and bereft of goodness they are because they have been taught that this is a spiritual response of true humility, and humility is a virtue!  Even when I compliment Harry on anything in his life, his response is: “Well, Praise the Lord!” This response alleviates him from ever having to accept or acknowledge that he is capable of ever doing anything well, thus upholding his own feelings of lack within himself, never seeing that all that he knows of God is actually also true of himself.

When a person realizes just how powerful they are, I have found that they actually fear the responsibility they attach to being powerful.  I like the term “response-ability;” i.e. I HAVE the ability to always respond, because the kingdom IS within me and that kingdom is all-loving, all-powerful, all-knowing.

I can imagine how plantation slaves felt when they were told “Well, you are free now…. enjoy!” Captives only really experience the joy of release IF they allow themselves to be free.

Recently I had a good friend state, “You always seem so confident and that’s annoying to me!”  I actually received such “praise” as a compliment.  I thought it was one of the nicest things anyone could say to me.

Repetition is THE necessary component in drawing me away from the illusion that I had always been taught is the reality.  I now know that the reality is everything that is “within me.” I create every moment of my wonderful existence … and guess what?  I am doing it with God!” I know that God and I have never been apart.  Also, I know that every loved one, the angels, my guides, etc. are with me too.

Just like Jesus, I took on the human experience, and once I did, I forgot and veiled what was really true about myself in order to have an experience on this Earth Plane.  Jesus reawakened to who he was no more than I did to myself.  His mission was one thing, and my mission is another; one is neither greater than or less than…. each is an incarnation that is connected with Prime Source.  All Jesus did was to remind us of who we really are.

Once you know who you are—an eternal soul having many incarnations … always as an expression of God—life as you have been taught it is never the same.  There is no one more essential, more necessary than…. YOU!


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Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple

Matthew 8:6

Roman centurion

 NOTE BY NANCY:  The basis for this article is that the Greek word pais is the same word in ancient Greek as was used to denote a same-sex partner.

I know from personal experience as a seminary student in Greek class that we were instructed to interpret the Greek Bible in accordance with the Christian Creed.  In doing my translations, I would experiment by interpreting some Greek words with a meaning not commonly used.  Although the professor could not mark my translation incorrect, I was never given any grade but “credit”—for having done the assignment.  Before graduation, I learned that my personal seminary record contained a statement to the effect that I was very proficient in metaphysical studies.  I knew this statement was a warning to churches that might be considering hiring me as minister—this student does not abide by the Creed.  Had I applied for such a position, I would not have been hired.

I tell this story so that those who may doubt the validity of this article will know that biblical translators are under heavy pressure (i.e. loss of job and professional reputation) to conform to orthodox Christian teachings.  That you, the Christian, have never heard pais translated as a same-sex partner is not an indication that it was not so used in ancient times.  Ancient customs must be considered in making a truly accurate interpretation.

Although the GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON of the NEW TESTAMENT & Other Early Christian Literature, a translation and adaptation of Walter Bauer’s German Lexicon, does not specifically state that the Greek word pais was used to indicate a same-sex partner, it does give as its # 1 meaning – child…with reference to a relation between one human being and another.  From my own experience, I would not expect to find a plainly stated “same-sex partner” meaning listed.  (page 604)

ALSO:  It is time (2014) for all to recognize the fact of eternal life, i.e. life with no beginning and no ending.  All of us incarnate in both male and female bodies during our journey back to the androgynous beings we were created to be, as told in the Creation story of Genesis 1:27.

This article “Jesus Affirmed A Gay Couple” is excellent.  Jesus knew the Truth of our journey back to our original state as an androgynous being.  Being gay in some incarnations is a step in the direction of once more becoming male and female he created them.  We know this verse means an individual exhibiting both male and female qualities (as in the ability to use both right and left brain hemispheres in a balanced way) because in Genesis 2:22, we find the symbolic story of God separating the androgynous being into male (Adam) and female (Eve).  Earth humanity had fallen to such a low state that we could no longer function as an androgynous being.