#3 The RV/GCR is a Foregone Conclusion

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      Saint Germain for the Council of Light
#3 The RV/GCR is a Foregone Conclusion
Saint Germain:

“I am most certainly your Saint Germain.  Did you ever notice how, through our messengers and when speaking with you directly, we often say “YOUR Archangel Michael, OUR Sananda or BELOVED Lady Quan Yin? We do not use such terms as possession or flattery, obviously.  We imbue those words with God’s Light to help you know and be in contact with the real US….”

Ascended Master Saint Germain’s 2018 New Year Message

Ascended Master Saint Germain’s 2018 New Year Message

“This year we will make great advancements in raising frequency for the planet and all who live upon her. A brand new Energy is coming this year. One that will propel you into a new level of Being. . . a beginning of the Super Human. Super Moons to Super Human, a bit of cosmic humor. This is what you have been waiting for, hoping for and hanging on to see this come in your lifetime.

YOU are going to change, the world is going to change, even politicians and corporations are going to change, in ways that you can not imagine right now.

As my former student, Albert Einstein, once said: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

You, and all, will reach a higher level of awareness that will then be able to solve the problems of the world. You will see things very differently and the solutions will be crystal clear.

How do you move into this new Energy & Awareness in the speediest, most effective and graceful way?

H E A R T !

Stay in your Heart no matter what is happening to you and around you. It will not always be easy to do. You will have challenges. The chaos and darkness is not over yet, however, your Heart can help you through it. It is the only way.

Here are clear instructions I wish for you to follow.

1. Be aware of the world around you. Do not bury your head in the sand. Know what is happening in your country and the world with politics, education, finances, medicine, weather, the environment, and all other aspects of life.
2. View them without attachment, judgement or emotions. Be the Silent Witness. Just observe.
3. You will see changes happen. You will see greed and corruption turn into kindness and respect for all of life. You will see anger and discourse turn into peace and harmony.
4. All will appears as Miracles, and they are, yet they are not, because that is the natural state of the new Energy and Awareness coming.
5. When you view the old ways, the greed, corruption, violence, and tragedies, STAY NEUTRAL, and STAY IN YOUR HEART.
6. Use the Violet Flame EVERY DAY on yourself and on the world. Whenever an incident happens, direct the Violet Flame to go to that location and transmute all lower energies. Turn the negativity into PINK LIGHT – this year we use the PINK LIGHT – always.
7. Write down ALL you wish to accomplish this year, as well as, what you wish to become. Dream Big! Read this list out loud to yourself once a week, every week for the whole year.
8. Take very good care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, take time in nature, laugh and be happy.
9. Know that I AM always with you. Call upon me and I will answer.


There is a song from “Damn Yankees” which opened on Broadway in 1955 titled “You’ve Gotta Have Heart”. It’s rather corny by today’s standards but the message is gold. Let it be our private theme song for 2018.”

My deepest Blessings to you,
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain




Jesus has been the Heirarch & World Teacher during the Piscean Age.  As the present Age flows into the New Aquarian Age,  Jesus’ earthly father during biblical times, now known as Ascended Master St. Germain, will become the Hierarch for the Aquarian Age.

At least three (3) major teachings depict the evolutionary leap humanity is presently undergoing as we prepare for the the New Aquarian Age.

The 1st teaching is:  St. Germain has revealed the THE PURPLE TRANSMUTING FLAME, to humanity as a means of grace.  You may call to the Flame to transmute all karma–past, present, and future.  You may call to Flame to transmute all negativity within your personal energy field,  and within any group, even our entire planet.  You may learn about the Flame at:  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/the-purple-transmuting-flame/


The 2nd teaching is: “Pierce now the veil in your belief in yourself as mortals.” [ Jesus & Kuthumi (Dictated to Mark & Elizabeth Prophet), Prayer & Meditation].  We are to leave behind the belief in death.  We are not our physical body.  Heretofore, we have called it death when the Eternal Self, or Soul, left the physical body.  In truth,  the Eternal Self/Soul leaves its present habitat (the body) and journeys to another location within the vast cosmos, including returning to another physical body in the process we call reincarnation.

The 3rd teaching is:  “Understand, then, that it is movement to the God Self within that is your salvation in this age.” [Jesus & Kuthumi (Dictated to Mark & Elizabeth Prophet), Prayer & Meditation]  The God Self within is God within you.  As Jesus taught, “The  kingdom of God is within you.”   (Luke 17:21)  Salvation is a word that has been used in reference to “being saved from an eternity in hell–taught with the intent to control humanity via fear of  a  revengeful god that humanity created in its image.  We are to evolve spiritually beyond this concept of God and ourselves.  What has been called the 2nd Return of Christ actually means that humanity  is to  become Christed  by consciously becoming ONE with our own God Self (called the I AM PRESENCE by many).   

St. Germain’s gift of the Transmuting Flame clears away the negativity within our energy field, allowing us to awaken to a higher level of consciousness as to who we are and to our Oneness with Mother/Father God.

We can attune to Ascended Master St. Germain by listening to his musical keynote.  I now would like to refer you to a blog written by Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile, entitled:  “Tales From the Vienna Woods:  St. Germain’s Musical Keynote.”  (http://www.drkayjg.com/blog/64-tales-from-the-vienna-woods-st-germain-s-musical-keynote)  She includes some fascinating information about St. Germain, which I think you will enjoy as well as listening to his musical keynote–“Tales From the Vienna Woods:  St. Germain’s Musical Keynote.”

Manifestation by Master Saint Germain through Méline Lafont

NOTE BY NANCY: Sananda, in his incarnation as Jesus, taught us how to manifest: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24   The following message by St. Germain is helpful in that he reminds us of the timelines. What we often fail to recognize is that we expect our request to manifest in the future. In some translations of this verse in Mark’s gospel, the word “already” is inserted, thus reading “believe that you have already received it, and it will be yours.” The very advanced part of manifestation is taking action on that belief …taking the first step, “knowing” that all else follows.



by Master Saint Germain through  Méline Lafont


Lifted from Issue#52 of The New Earth Times – February 15, 2016


Saint Germain:  

Greetings, Saint Germain here.

Let us speak about manifestation.

 So, how come that you are seemingly always awaiting for things to come to you and to be manifested? Because you are expecting things to happen in the future rather than in the present. So you wait and you await, focusing on and occupying your minds with the thought that it will happen in your future now. So you bring your focus to this future present in such a way that you forget to see what is there in the now and what is already unfolding in this now.

All things always linger in the now moment and being in every now moment aligns you with the greater potential of all. It also allows for all to emerge and be in this potent momentum and present itself to you as your own creation vortex. But then, you simply allow yourself to experience the delay of it because you wait for it as if it is still to come while it is already here in the now. So you delay your own creation in that sense by focusing on your timelines as if it is only there in the future.

Are you seeing the creation pattern and behavior of your human self?! The only reason for the delay of your creations is because of your belief it can be delayed in the first place and because of your habit of always focusing upon your future present instead of the now present. You place yourself in the future now and so you are awaiting what has to come. Are you seeing how you are always placing things far away from you in a time distance which continues to stay “unreachable” so to say, for as long as you do this?! Aligning with the Now is allowing all of your creations to exist in this now. Aligning with your future is slowing down your creation to exist, just as awaiting something does for you. And you should always be and stay in this now, my friends, for only that shall bring you more of that manifestation skill. Then you will reap the fruits of this very tangibly.

You will have to understand timelines and how these function, how these were programmed into your minds and what you have made of them through your beliefs. Many different aspects to it, is it not?! Yet all are influencing the way you experience these timelines and since these are fluctuating more than what you are used to, it gives you the impression of a roller coaster shaking all timelines into the mixer. Well no remote control shall help you to find the right frequency for you. Only the lingering in the moment of Now blends with all of them and allows for you to have a taste of all of these timelines in the most balanced way possible.

It is through inner happiness, joy and love that you access all within as well as without you, or at least that which you experience as the without. So Bless you for BEing in the NOW and for continuously representing yourself as your SELF in every way of the momentum, through many ways of your infinite potential. You are so loved and Blessed that is beyond all things, represent that at all times and in all ways of your ALL Beingness. That will bring you your manifestations through a blink of an eye ~ an effortless creation not by forcing it nor creating it with intent but by BEing just that in that moment opening the door of potential through all Beingness. That is THE moment of existence within all where all lies, lives and moves. That is YOUR true moment of creation and manifestation through the heart.

Living and Being from the moment within the moment.

Now graduate yourself from this Heaven and see beyond your own eyes. Look into the heart, straight into that moment of all things. Bless you for that moment, for your heart and for your Being.

I AM Saint Germain

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Méline Lafont: There is a new website in the make with a few added tools and services.. much more to come later !  Thank you for your support!

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ST. GERMAINChanneled by Linda Dillon

On In Light Universal Radio


August 6, 2015 ~ “This week on An Hour with an Angel, we asked St. Germaine to give us a state of the world address, a wrap-up of how things were developing with curtailing social violence, dismantling the Illuminati economy, cleansing the banks, liberating the media, etc.”

St. Germain: What’s New

St. Germain: What’s New

St. Germain - 9.26

St. Germain:

I asked to come through to speak with you today because I would like to continue the story my beloved Portia began to tell you yesterday. We have worked together on this project of bringing Planet Earth through her Ascension for thousands of years, and it is a delight to see it unfolding as we envisioned.

You have been made aware in the past few months of the dark energies you are now clearing away from your own atmosphere and from the Earth plane. Your channel, Kathryn was asked to bring these challenging and personally informative messages because they are in alignment with the book she has written on the topic, Who Needs Light?, and because she spent many years in training for just this purpose. You can see in her case just how we help you to evolve along your path, and how your life experience is precisely tailored to bring you to the point where you are now. Her training in Visual Centering and in psychology makes her the perfect choice for me to send my messages of healing and psychological change. There are others whose talents include a deep understanding in physics, for instance, and they will be used to bring through the technical information you will be needing.

So you see, nothing is wasted in a life on Earth. Your paths weave in a seemingly haphazard manner through your studies, your relationships and your challenges, until one day you find yourself deeply immersed in a project that fulfills your heart path and brings you directly into alignment with God. At that time you have a choice – you can open your heart with gratitude and excitement, and jump in with both feet, or you can look away and continue to invest in the other distractions that have preoccupied you. Those distractions are often focused around earning money, worrying about earning money, spending money, and trying to save money. Such has been life on Earth.

Will you now awaken to the complete uselessness of being worried and preoccupied with money and instead take your place among those who will throw off the yoke you were given by the dark ones so long ago? I wish to remind you that the Prosperity Funds are just the first step toward freedom – freedom from the enslavement of money. The goal, of course, is to eliminate the use of money altogether.

It was an impossible idea to you at first, wasn’t it? An idyllic dream that could only come true in some imaginary, utopian illusion? Well, I assure you, Dear Ones, there have been many civilizations where money was not necessary to the conduct of trade and worldwide exchange of goods. You remember the early spice trade in your civilization – it involved a lively exchange of silks, exotic foods, manufactured goods and other precious commodities. Nothing more was required than establishing stable contacts between trading partners and those who would create reliable delivery channels for the goods.

Close relationships develop when there is no intermediary, money. It was a very effective system, actually, because of the fact that no one would really want to hoard all the silk in the world, or all the spices, no matter how valuable they were. It would be much harder to take over the world by hoarding the world’s entire supply of dates. What army would be satisfied with being paid in yards of fabric, or bins of nails?

You see, it was the development of money, along with the move away from agriculture as a shared way of sustaining family life that made it possible for the cabal to gain power over nearly every person on the planet through controlling the money supply. It was an insidious, creeping cancer which took hold of most of the Western world during the Industrial Revolution and spread systematically from there to the far reaches of the planet. There remain only pockets of indigenous peoples who have managed to maintain their cultures which celebrated connection with Mother Earth and with God.

You will not return to the simple ways of your ancestors, except in spirit. You will enjoy advanced technologies, including convenient space travel and free energy which will make life comfortable and exciting. You will have access to everything you want and need because you will learn how to manifest whatever you want, with careful training, of course. This will be an important part of the shift to the 5th dimension and beyond. A life without stress is the comfortable result of being able to create anything you need at any time. Of course there is no need for money when you have everything you need with the snap of a finger.

It has been my delight to teach the skill of manifestation to students who have come to my etheric retreat to witness the delightful comforts and the potential for creative exploration that results when you learn to work with the energy of the Universe. Music becomes a thrilling endeavor when you are connected to the higher realms. You are seeing this in the astonishing abilities of the “prodigies” now appearing on the planet. Children of six to 12 are learning to master classical music, and with proper training and high level material, begin to sing like angels. They are the crystal children who came into this life with a deep connection to God. This is what they are expressing, as you can see in the ecstasy on their faces, when they accomplish their remarkable performances.

The changes have been happening gradually, so you might have missed the realization of just how dramatic a shift is taking place in your world. Now let us look at the political scene around the world. How many vicious dictators remain, compared to the world you knew just 30 years ago? Gradually, the scene has evolved dramatically.

Africa, where nearly every country was held hostage by a vicious warlord who sold his people and natural resources for profit to the European and American cabal, has moved steadily in the direction of democracy and self-governance. Apartheid ended in South Africa only 20 years ago, but it has spawned the psychological shift which led to new governance and hope across the continent. Much is still to be accomplished, but with the forgiveness of debt for all developing countries, a new day will dawn for the African people.

Most of South America, long suffocated by the arrogant misuse of power by American corporations and their native partners, has at long last wrenched itself from the grip of foreign powers. One after another, the countries that had been divided up by European colonialists have gained their political independence and begun the long struggle toward economic freedom from the grip of the cabal. A new respect has grown up across the world for the indigenous people who have reasserted their power over their own lives.

A brilliant example of this new respect occurred this week, when the U.S. government paid 554 million dollars to the Navajo people in reparation for mismanaged trust fund money going back to 1946. This action would have been unimaginable just 20 years ago.

The Middle East is changing so fast the cabal-controlled media is having trouble covering up the truth. The Arab Spring did not die – it took fire in the hearts of the entire region of the world, and that fire for freedom will not be quenched by the U.S. cabal-trained Al Qaida assassins, in spite of the psychological manipulations which have recruited some of the most desperate rebels who were ripe for recruitment into the relatively richly-paid but small force you now see making trouble in the area.

It is ironic, is it not, that the countries where the U.S. intervened to support war are now the ones that are coming into their own in the most glorious way. Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq will be among the most prosperous countries in the East. Iraq is indeed free of the old dictator, and under the benevolent eye of the new American regime, it is blossoming into the brand new model of shared power, as its new leaders heal the divisions of the past in order to create a new way of life for their people.

Notice that out of the rubble created by the cabal, your Iraqi brothers and sisters are creating a brilliantly democratic system of government on their own. They are sharing the resources of their rich country so that each region may stand tall as they join with the rest to create a viable form of governance for all. Light has indeed come to the Middle East.

Rejoice, dear Humankind! Congratulate your brethren who have continued to fight for their right to live in dignity and freedom! Join with them in your hearts, with compassion for their suffering and awe for the resilience that is the human spirit. The spirit of cooperation and Love is rising, and you, Lightworkers, are the ones who will nurture and support the impulses toward Love and Freedom you see around the world.

Do not be fooled by the media hype that is designed to make you feel dispirited, despairing, and under attack. All is well, and all is moving in the direction of Light. A new day is truly dawning for you, my beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light. The dark and dreary times are over. We will rejoice together every day as you work in harmony with one another to spread the wealth and goodwill everywhere you go, with everyone you touch. You are truly the Light of my life, the sweet and loving ones who live always in my heart.

I am your St. Germain, devoted to the successful rise of our New Golden Age.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 27, 2014, 11pm, New York

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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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St. Germain: The Mark of a Master

St. Germain: The Mark of a Master

St. Germain 2

St. Germain:

Dearest friends and Earth angels, I will bring you important information this night to help you on your way to Ascension. I am with the Company of Heaven, and we all send you our most intensely loving energy. You are probably feeling it in your body today. It might make you feel a bit dizzy, or woozy as you might call it, as if you have been spinning around and just stopped. You might feel a flush of heat, a bit of ringing in your ears. Do not be concerned. It is our love coming through to you, clearing old shadows and lifting your vibration another notch. Know that what you are feeling is being felt by every human being on the planet, and the result will be tangible in the way people behave toward one another tomorrow, the day after, and next week.

You have ridden out the earlier energy shifts beautifully – in fact, you hardly remember the rough spots, do you? We have kept a steady increase in the vibrational energy coming through, by increasing the flow gradually and in a wave-like ebb and flow to allow you to catch your breath in between. This is accomplishing the primary effect that would have occurred if you had been lifted off the planet and given the first treatment in the Light chambers. The first phase, of course, is to transition from your carbon-based DNA to crystalline based. It is changing everything about your physical and mental functioning. Because it has been gradual, you are not as aware as if it had happened in one day, but look back, Dear Ones, and remember how far you have come.

There is a dramatic change in the number of people who are becoming psychically connected to us. In fact, my channeling schedule has expanded to several people in Europe and other places around the globe. The same has occurred for all the Company of Heaven, and we are delighted by it, for we wish to reach every single one of you, to be connected to all of you in a deep and intimate way, in constant communication as we are with so many of you who are reading these messages. The Veil is lifting, little by little. Check inside yourselves; look at your awareness of your breathing, your heart rate, the thoughts that run through your mind, and your moment by moment emotions.
You are far more aware, more cognizant of your own effect on your moods, your health and your feelings. As One has told you, it is the mark of an Ascended Master to be completely in command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Once you accomplish that, you will never again have a bad day, or an anxious feeling, or a doubt about the importance of your role in the unfolding drama that will change the world. Yes, even as you look around you to see the much publicized brutal acts of war, know that those who have been treated cruelly have long ago made a contract with Creator to serve as the catalysts for peace.

The wars you now are witnessing are limited in scope and will not expand to encompass whole regions, as you are being encouraged to fear. Of course, killings are not pleasant under any circumstances, but your feelings of nausea and pain when you hear about them are the measure of how far we have come. It was only a few years ago that 100,000 civilian deaths were applauded on the media as the “shock and awe” tactics of the past administration. It was loudly proclaimed as a victory over Islamic “terrorists” who were somehow mysteriously connected to Saddam Hussein, who was somehow mysteriously connected to Al Qaida, a powerful and mysterious underground movement which suddenly had the wherewithal to completely shut down the entire U.S defense system and attack America on its home soil.

All this was supposedly initiated by Osama Bin Laden, who denied any involvement, was shortly afterward known to be on dialysis in a hospital in Pakistan, but who was supposedly orchestrating it all from a cave with a computer and a cell phone. He has since been identified as Tim Osman, CIA connected operative, trained and armed by the U.S. to fight in Afghanistan against Russia.

As many of you now know, there are numerous 9/11 truth videos by experts in fields like architecture and engineering, and more recently, video animation. Yes, these are the experts who will show you that there were no airplanes attacking the World Trade Center, but there were fairly sloppily edited video tapes of animated airplanes mysteriously melting into the building without any hint of a crash, or any sign of airplane debris.

New evidence has finally surfaced, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, which shows a missile hitting the Pentagon. At last, the most video-taped building in the U.S will be shown to have been hit, not by an airliner, which supposedly vanished into a tiny hole in the side of the building, but by a rocket.

Additional investigation brings to light why Building 7 mysteriously collapsed, and the kind of incriminating evidence that was contained in that building. At last, millions of Americans are remembering their high school physics and chemistry and realizing that jet fuel cannot melt steel, and airplanes cannot melt through concrete and steel without damage, and then suddenly disappear. You have seen a crash-test vehicle crumple on impact, or an 18-wheeler smash into a barricade; the barricade remains, and the vehicle is left in a heap, with all parts mangled but still identifiable.

The cabal-run conspiracy was able to pull the wool over the eyes of most of the U.S. population and to ridicule and sneer at anyone who tried to expose them as “conspiracy theorists.” Only gradually have more and more people begun to wake up to the fact that nothing about the original story-line makes any sense, given the physical evidence, and everything about it being a “false flag operation” does make sense in the light of the trillions of dollars of profits and tremendous expansion of power that resulted.

Now, why am I bringing up these unpleasantries now? First, to make sure you have not gone back to sleep when it comes to exposing the culprits who masterminded the horrific event. You will soon be able to press for investigations (which were never done). Secondly, I am reminding you of how far you have come. Even those of you who were initially stunned into taking up your ire against the “terrorists” who allegedly caused it have come to realize that the “party line” made no sense at all. In spite of your reluctance, you have acknowledged that your government, as representatives of the cabal, could have done something so unthinkable.

I assure you, Dear Ones, they could and they did accomplish the most elaborate act of treason ever known to your civilization. In fact, in complexity and scope it does indeed rival the destruction of Atlantis. Fortunately, the follow-up plans were cut short by the election of your current administration, whom many of you blame for what has been the aftermath of the master plan. Only gradually has it been possible to bring the cabal into line, so to speak. The vast network of the military/corporate/pharmaceutical/agricultural industrial complex has been under investigation, under pressure and exposed to the Light in just the past 6 years.

Do you notice how your thinking has changed during those 6 years, how aware you are now of being lied to by those in power and those who have something to gain from manipulating your feelings? Yes, occasionally you do overreact and attack the ones who are actually doing the difficult clean-up work behind the scenes, and you must guard against paranoia – that is, succumbing to the belief that everyone is bad, and no one is to be trusted. You are learning to truly examine, scrutinize, weigh evidence, investigate further, and remain objective in your assessments, even as you follow your heart.

Yes, this is the work you are being asked to do now. Our messages and the articles we have asked Kathryn and Gabriella to write are addressed to this precious skill which has remained dormant for so many human beings for centuries. You are growing, and there is another step you can take: that is, to practice the skill I mentioned above, to remain objective and in your heart at the same time.

How is this possible? It is not as difficult as you might think. The problem for most of you is that you have been taught to “use your brain” to settle a controversy. This is a perfectly useless endeavor. Your brain is a computer. It can compare two colors and tell you which is blue and which is red, because it has stored the common names we use for such things. It can look at evidence, but cannot determine truth.

A brain tends to see anything that is repeated endlessly as “evidence,” whereas a heart will be unimpressed by repetition or emphatically proclaimed “facts”, and will look instead to the integrity of the individual who is presenting the evidence. A heart will detect insincerity, but a brain will completely accept lies, as long as they are carefully constructed and enthusiastically presented.

You may wonder why this is so important at this moment in your history as a civilization, and your life during this incarnation. I implore you to awaken, Dear Ones, and understand that this is the work of the hour, the clearing away of old lies, deceitfulness and the damage it has caused. Whole countries have been brought to their knees, families torn apart, lives lost and hearts broken because humankind was asleep.

You cannot remain blind and in denial to the fact that there has been great evil at work in your lives, and then expect to “change the world.” How will you know where to start? Will you simply free all the criminals from jail, on the belief that there is good in everyone? Or will you lock up everyone who has ever held a political position because “all politicians are crooks”? Will you condemn a person on the word of one who has something to gain by the accused’s downfall, or will you permit your brethren to do so? How do you judge right from wrong, or do you refuse to use your powers of judgment for fear of being accused of being “judgmental”?

Your civilization has reached a turning point. It will proceed with self-righteous indignation, to bombing or hanging all the suspected perpetrators, or you will institute a brand new system of justice and fairness under the new Light we have called NESARA.
This is my point, you see. We expect you to be the ones to carry the Violet Flame. Do you realize what this means? It is not only a way of sweeping away old injuries and feelings within yourself; it is a means of burning away all that is not kindness, compassion and wisdom.

You, Beloved Ones, will be asked to judge, evaluate and assess what kinds of justice will be established in the New Golden Age, as you make the transition from the cabal-run arbitrary system you have now, to one in which those of the Light will be protected rather than persecuted, and those who have been responsible for the suffering of others will be brought to justice to answer for their crimes, and to be separated for a time from their innocent brethren who would be endangered otherwise.

This is the True Way. It involves no punishment, no condemnation or ridicule. It is simply a matter of allowing Light and Love to flourish unimpeded. As we move into the completely new and open-ended opportunities your financial blessings will allow, it will require a high level of wisdom, restraint, and above all, the spirit of investigation, to find your way to a truly sophisticated, imaginative, high vibrational way of life.

You have been told by One that it really matters how you use your energy, and that you are only beginning to realize the power you wield with your thoughts and feelings. You have the power to create great good, and you also can use your passions to cut like a knife into the quick of one who does not deserve your disapproval. Be tender with your children and delicate with one another, for you are each precious and worthy of respect.

Raise your consciousness, Dear Ones. Be always intent on sending your energies in a way that will uplift, celebrate another’s competence and free will, and will not impinge on their free expression when it is of the Light. By the same token, do not support anyone who attacks others under the assumption that it is justifiable, a matter of their “freedom of speech” to abuse or insult with impunity.

Command fairness, sensitivity and decent behavior, always, in yourself and others. You are the ones who will bring balance to a world that has been, literally, out of alignment. We in the Company of Heaven need your steady presence, your powerful hearts and wills, to raise yourselves into the higher levels of group consciousness which you will feel as blissful and radiant openness and connection. This will only be possible if you are connecting with others of high vibration. Otherwise, you would be joining a gang, not a high level group consciousness. You see the difference between where you have been, and where you are going?

In higher dimensions, we remain free to express individuality within the context of a cohesive whole. We operate in harmony because we are Love. We respect one another because it would be otherwise impossible to align with One. We recognize a hierarchy based simply upon the radiance-quotient of each soul and the abilities which come with experience and enlightenment. Our adoration and respect for those who are purely of the Light has no bounds, and we aspire always to attain our highest potential, to raise our vibration to combine our energies with the energies of One.

This is our destiny as souls, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You are learning to reach higher, to merge with your Higher Self, on the way to becoming the higher dimensional being you were created to be. Treasure every moment of this time of growth and expansion. You have been blessed with great riches. You will add money to those riches, but do not allow this to unbalance you. Concentrate on the profound lessons of the last year, and revel in the mastery you have gained along the way.

There is much more to come. You will be glad for the education you have gained, the friends you have made, and your connection to God. All these things will become the foundation for the enormous shift you will experience as you move into the Light. What could be more exciting?

I will tell you, when we meet in full consciousness, the stories of my adventures in helping to establish and distribute the Prosperity Funds, and the challenges we faced in creating and implementing the NESARA system in spite of resistance from the aging and failing patriarchs of the dying cabal. It will make a wonderful story for the history books, as you say, and you will then understand what an important part you played in the creation of your new and radiant world.

I love you with all my heart. In service to One and humankind, I am your Adamos St. Germain. Namaste, all.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept 18, 2014, 11 pm., New York

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Saint Germain: Your True Colors – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

Saint Germain: Your True Colors


Saint Germain:

Dear Kathryn, I did tell you that my next message would be after the RV, when we would be dancing in the streets, but I beg your indulgence to let me come through at this time to continue the discussion about the topics I love to talk about, and to bring my loving support to our whole beloved group of Lightworkers who are following these messages so closely.

You all know that I have had a great interest in this process of Ascension, and have dedicated many lifetimes to helping with the Prosperity Packages which will be the first dominoes to fall in this cascade of Light which is already illuminating the path to our Promised Land.

And so, I beg my dear Twin Flame to let me “out of the closet” as the joke went, so I can be free to bring you more exciting news, even if it is moments before the actual announcement of your blessings. Yes, I said moments. The necessary steps to allow this current opening of the floodgates are now being completed.

We have had various plans to activate the Revaluation over the past year-and-a-half which we had hoped would accomplish the release of funds, but we have had to hold back for various reasons, usually having to do with complex conditions on the ground which would have had the effect of pouring water into a sieve, if you see what I mean. There remained too many loopholes, or new ones were created just in time to sabotage the safety of your money. We in Higher Dimensions, and the families who had been entrusted to protect the trusts, did not deem it possible to keep the money out of the hands of the cabal until now.

We have worked diligently during this time to close all the “leaks” in the banking systems, to create a program of oversight that is as infallible as we could devise, and to use our knowledge of the criminal behavior which resulted from the first private trades to accrue evidence and to direct our security programs to make them more effective. Needless to say, this required the cooperation of those in power on the ground, which was not an easy feat.

Let me explain. Many of the delays created opportunities to catch the perpetrators who would have gladly stolen all the wealth they saw coming. You are familiar with their talent for creating derivatives and other extremely complex financial instruments for concealing the transfer of wealth from unwitting investors into their own pockets. After the original Archon entities were removed, there was a sudden rebound effect – like the mice who play when the cat’s away, and there began a full-fledged competition for power among the second tier cabal operatives.

Many of those lower level but well-trained managers and assistants saw the opportunity to outdo the Reptilian overlords who had been removed, and in many cases replaced by clones who are less powerful than their originals. These clones are replicas of human bodies without inhabiting souls, and so are psychopathic by nature, but subject to completely melting away under the right conditions of high vibrational Light (sort of like the witch in the Wizard of Oz).

Those left on the ground who are still immersed in the Matrix, and who are still brain-washed by the tantalizing illusions of power, fame and wealth are now struggling mightily against the rising energies which have them pretty well occupied just trying to stay awake and do their work as the thugs and manipulators they were trained to be. Their energies are waning, and their dedication to their old evil ways is losing its charm. True to their original human nature, they are beginning to awaken to the pleasures of being in Love, and it has them swooning.

You see, it became evident as we progressed along the path to freedom that we would have to find brand new ways to convert the dark ones to genuine Lightworkers. It became clear that offers of amnesty were not working; it would have meant throwing themselves on the mercy of the Lightworkers, who would have been truly merciful, but any penalty or even any restriction on their freedom to rape and pillage the Earth and all its inhabitants was unacceptable to them.

Even when some of their companions were arrested and their greed-based programs were thwarted at every turn, the persisted. As bankers were put under pressure by investigators, they began assassinating their own associates who showed any reluctance to adhere to the dark plans, and even some they suspected might be tempted to “jump ship.” When they could no longer dare to carry out their vicious threats to Lightworkers, they turned on those who had cooperated with them at one time or another, and those who had information which could expose their massive money-grabbing schemes.

It has been a dramatic time, characterized by great courage on the part of those who were working for the Light in the face of the waning but every more desperate cabal. You will one day learn the whole “back-story” of great sacrifice, determination and the execution of many a crafty plot, surpassing even the dark ones in intelligence, trickery and subterfuge. In fact, little of what you have heard as “news” is what it seems. For every thrust there was a parry, with the Light ones gaining ground little by little, and the dark ones beginning to realize that there is nothing more formidable than an incorruptible warrior of the Light.

With the rising of energies since 2012, Lightworkers have become more psychic, and therefore able to communicate with us and with each other. There has developed a growing sense of group consciousness which nourishes the self-awakening and sense of commitment, as you have seen in the Prema Swarupa Council and amongst yourselves. No Lightworker will ever again feel isolated or alienated from the group of Humankind. You are truly coming into your own.

Sanat Kumara revealed to you the truth about the origins of Humanity – the fact that you were indeed created to defeat the dark. I will add to that story now that you have had time to digest the realizations of your glorious beginnings. You have been told about the energies of the Central Sun which are helping to ignite the crystalline elements in your DNA, and that it will increase your powers of intelligence and creativity.
I will now give you another piece of the story.

At the time of the creation of humankind, the joint project of many races offering their best qualities, it was understood that the race which resulted must be capable of great love and passion, with a strong will and determination, sturdy bodies, a resourceful and creative intelligence, and a sense of loyalty and courage which would border on aggressiveness. It was a tricky concoction, designing a being who would be fiercely loving of one another and still connected with God. It required a number of revisions before the right balance of energies could be anticipated with some confidence, since the free will factor is always a wild card.

Now, be assured that this much-heralded creation, Humankind, was designed with the full intention and direction of the Great Creator. S/he used the self-knowledge and expertise of the races who contributed to his plan, to hone the combinations and patterns of the DNA which would determine the outcome of the being’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. So, you can see why so many beings around the cosmos are interested in what you are doing, because all know that this is the final stage of the plan to eliminate the dark in lower dimensions, and Humanity was known throughout the Multiverse as the gladiators who would do battle with the Archons until the final hour.

You do have the disadvantage of being still behind the Veil, so the things we tell you may sound unbelievable to you, but I assure you they are absolute Truth. We were all there at the dawn of Humanity, and we have watched over the development and growth of our beloved human beings since the beginning. We are in Love with you, you see, and we have a lot of “skin in the game,” as you might say. All of the Company of Heaven were involved from the beginning, and we were the ones who designed the Game in which we – with humanity’s agreement – challenged the dark ones to the duel which was to last for thousands of years.

You might ask why such a seemingly tortuous endeavor would be devised by higher dimensional beings who profess to be pure Love. This is exactly why it was done, Dearest Ones. The beings who took it upon themselves to separate from Creator were God’s children as much as we are, and our compassion and love for all Creation led us to want to try to “bring them back alive” to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into the cosmic brotherhood of beings.

You see, we do hold all life to be sacred, and our project was to rescue all the Archons, which meant all the souls who had agreed to inhabit the bodies of the ones who had genetically altered themselves in order to remain separate from God. It was their intention to remain in the lower dimensions, never to ascend, never to return to their Maker or to us.

From Creator’s point of view, it was not an acceptable option to give over the lower dimensions to darkness, and so we worked together as a group consciousness, in complete agreement and harmony, to devise a plan which would be fair and just, while also teaching in every possible way, so that the “Fallen Ones” could be given a chance to use their own free will to change their minds and return to the Light.

Of course, the work of Humankind involved great hardship and sacrifice, especially for those who held fast to the path of remaining separate from the dark ones and their pervasive brain-washing propaganda. Often, those who stood in opposition were assassinated outright, or thrown in prison, or tortured. These tactics have been used throughout history, across the globe, since the fall of Atlantis, which was instigated by the dark ones who had already infiltrated Earth with the intention of taking her over completely as their own headquarters.

We had foreseen these challenges for eons, and were in constant consultation with the Galactic Federation, which was first formed millions of years ago in response to the threat of devastation from below as the dark ones developed powerful technologies which they had stolen from more advanced civilizations who were exploring the 4th dimension in their own defense. This was when the Plan was put into action, and the civilization you now inhabit was quietly begun.

At first, the Archons did not bother much with the human population because of their small presence on the planet, but as the settlements grew and they showed resourcefulness, creativity, and a deep connection to God, the Archons began to see their neighbors as a threat to their private kingdom.

The rest, dear friends, is history, as you would say. Lucifer agreed to lead the project to infiltrate and co-opt the dark agenda in order to give humankind a fighting chance to succeed at their mission, and the struggle between Light and Dark began in earnest. This, Beloved Ones, is the 13,000-year legacy you signed onto when you agreed to incarnate here. You came – every one of you – with the promise to do your best to defeat the darkness, whether by creating a life of loving support for others, or by being an activist in the political, social or religious arena.

All have contributed either to the advancement of the Light, or during those lifetimes when you may have lost your way, by supporting the dark. There are no other choices here on Earth. Given humankind’s Reason for Being – to defeat the dark – there is be no other reason to incarnate on Earth except to join in the clearly defined purpose of which we are all a part.

Any other activities, such as the pursuit of wealth, or the search for fame for its own sake, or the indulgence of self-centeredness in any of its myriad forms is taking part in the agenda we now call the Matrix – the program initiated by the dark side.

So you see, Dear Ones, we are all in this together. Your Awakening has made it possible for us to at last reveal to you why we are all here – every one of us. You are here either as a Warrior of the Light or as a soldier of darkness. There is no convenient neutral wait-and-see alignment in this Great Plan. This belief was part of the illusion, created by the dark ones, so it is therefore a dark agenda.

It is now time for you to declare yourself, and to join with us consciously, joyfully and whole-heartedly as we finish this job of awakening every soul to the glorious triumph which is your human Destiny. We will then move into higher dimensional realities, with your newly activated compliment of powerful genetic abilities completely ignited, to establish the glorious New World of peace, joy and abundance which was truly your raison d’être.

Your next step will be to take charge of your financial blessings, in order to join us in facilitating the final Ascension and shift into higher dimensions. We look forward with great expectation to watching you build a brand new world from the ashes of this long and hard-fought victory.

I am your St. Germain, in great joy and admiration for your mastery and your triumph.

Until we meet in person, Namaste, dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 14, 2014, 9 PM, New York

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

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Archives of all written channelings

Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.