Amy Goodman: How the Media Is Running This Election

NOTE BY NANCY:  I post this message by Amy Goodman for educational purposes only.  I continue to believe that the 2016 Presidential Campaign is “for entertainment only.”  Segment from May  6, 2016 Cosmic Vision News.



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

2016Just in the last 24 hours I have discovered two factors related to the 2016 Presidential Campaign that hold the potential to change life as we know it on Planet Earth!

Americans must be very careful in selecting the candidate they support.

The first factor = Many are clamoring for a Female President; however that Female needs to be top-notch in every way or we defeat our goal in electing one. One very recently announced she was running on the Green Party ticket—Dr. Jill Stein, an Internal Medicine Physician, Reformer, and Environmentalist.[i]

Dr. Stein’s candidacy—whether or not she is aware of the potential repercussions—bring to center stage the need to understand the true intent of the United Nations’ Agenda 21. The Green Party is a part of Agenda 21. Foster Gamble, founder of THRIVE, has researched and written about Agenda 21. In his words: “My research reveals that Agenda 21 is a dangerous plan that appeals to our glaring need to protect the environment, but actually threatens to move us even closer to a police state…. It naturally appeals to many environmentalists because on the surface it seems to address critical issues, including combating deforestation, conservation of biological diversity, control of pollution, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, and achieving a more sustainable population.[ii]

Sounds great, right?

This is a perfect example of how Americans are led—with WORDS into their own self-created prison cells. The words and stated intent sound exactly like what is needed; however, the devastating results of our imprisonment comes with the methodology. I seriously doubt members of the Green Party are aware of the methodology—I can’t imagine them consciously becoming consenting advocates for their own loss of freedom.

Foster lists some examples:

*A ‘Wildlands Project’ to “protect wildlife habitat and corridors” – “This project allows people’s homes and land to be legally taken from them in the name of conservation, similar to the way “eminent domain” works now. Note that nothing about corporate pollution, fracking, coal or nuclear waste is addressed, nor the lack of choice people would have over their housing.

*“Monitoring of everyone’s activities through “Smart Growth”, the federal Real ID Act, and the installation of “Smart Meters” on homes around the world to oversee and regulate energy consumption…. In reality ‘smart meters’ are a danger to our health (they emit harmful radiation); allow for increased surveillance of our homes (every time a light bulb, appliance, or TV is used, that information is sent to your utility company — and can be shared with other companies and the government); and any appliance can be turned off remotely.

*Population control – “Agenda 21 promotes forced sterilization and forcefully limiting the number of children per family.

*”The adoption of Common Core Standards (CCS) in public schools around the country. The stated goal is to mold children into “equals” by nationalizing standards, which proponents say is to lessen the “achievement gap”. In practice it allows the lowest common denominator nationally to determine the standard locally — an essentially socialist model of citizenship.

“Agenda 21 seeks to make these policies involuntary. You and your family could be forced to fund Agenda 21 through taxation….” [iii]



The second factor = the possible candidacy of Andrew D. Basiago, “team leader of Project Pegasus and the founder and president of MARS…. Andy served in Project Pegasus at the dawn of the Time-Space Age and was one of humanity’s early Mars explorers.

He is a prominent figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such truths as the fact that the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events and has used time travel to place a secret US presence on Mars.

Andrew D. Basiago is on a crusade as a lawyer and statesman to have the US government disclose its time travel secrets.

Andy believes that lobbying the US government to declassify its secret teleportation capability, so that teleportation can be adopted globally as the leading form of civilian transport, is the most important environmental cause of our time.

He is calling his truth campaign “Project Pegasus” after the secret US time travel program that he served in during his childhood as one of America’s early time-space explorers.[iv]

In 2016, Andrew D. Basiago will be a candidate for President of the United States under the banner Andy 2016 – A Time for Truth.” [v]

In a February 1, 2016 article written by Alfred Lambremont Webre, the message is confusing. Is Webre quoting Andrew Basiago, who is known to be planning to run in 2016, or is Webre speaking for himself?

I switched from running in to reporting on the 2016 race because the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election has been pre-determined by a combination of CIA secret time travel pre-identification, pre-grooming, and social, political, virtual, and technetronic technology and power Matrix that we call the ‘Shadow Government.’

I can provide a greater social service by making this secret time travel government more widely known as a journalist protected by the First Amendment, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and international humanitarian law, than inside a legal box running for CEO of the USA Corp, headquartered in the District of Columbia, the military City-State of the three City-State Empire of Vatican, City of London, and District of Columbia, aided by specific Grey, Draco, and Archonic groups, known as VatLonUSA.[vi]

Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush may be the CIA time travel identified (and groomed) President in 2016 (or not)?

So far we do not have any leaks or whistleblowers to come forward as to the identity of the CIA time travel identified (and groomed) President in 2016. One guess that it may be Hillary Clinton came last week when Obama apparently scared Romney out of the Presidential race after only one tweet, in the parlance of post time travel politics. Or was it Jeb Bush that scared Romney out of the GOP race?[vii] [viii]

At any rate, the potential for many revelations to be made during the 2016 campaign is definitely present!

Americans—in 2016 more so than in any other presidential campaign in American history—need to study in depth each candidate and not allow the news media to dictate for whom we vote!

As the truth about America unfolds, we will realize just how miniscule our level of knowledge truly is!