President Trump: “It’s Time For Our Troops To Come Back Home”

NOTE BY NANCY:  Our world leaders are working toward GESARA’s official announcement and implementation.  Soon we will know WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING AND WHY!!!  The best way to understand GESARA is to know that the NESARA LAW will be implemented on a global basis in all countries who meet the requirements and choose to implement them.  World Peace is one of those requirements; thus the withdrawal of American troops by President Trump.

Although I am not certain about the amounts of money to be given to each individual, I post this explanation of the National Economic Security & Reformation Act (signed into Law in 2000) because it includes details that I did not include in my History of NESARA because I could not verify them; but have seen them in print from numerous sources:

My “History of NESARA”:

The goal, however, is to end poverty on this planet via a global  jubilee–a requirement of NESARA/GESARA.  The end result, eventually, will be that money becomes obsolete.


returning home



The Hidden Power Behind Syrian President Bashar al-Assad


The Hidden Power Behind Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

First Lady Asma Al-Assad: Syria’s National Treasure and “Joan of Arc”

The Most Courageous Woman in the Mideast Firmly Stands With the Bravest Head of State

Asma Al-Assad: How Western Media Turned “A Rose in the Desert” into “A Cheerleader for Evil”

By Sarah Abed
Global Research
The Rabbit Hole

Asma speaks of the Prayer Hall in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria.

1893 – Prayer Hall rebuild by the Ottomans after a severe fire.


History of the mosque: 3000 B.C.E. – Aramean Temple to the god Hadad.
1st century C.E. (A.D.) – Temple to Jupiter
193-211 – Restored under Septimus Severus
379 C.E. (A.D.) – Church of St. John the Baptist under the Emperor Theodosius.
636 – South wall became mosque shared with Muslims after Damascus was taken by the Arabs.
708-715 – Ummayad Caliph Al-Walid built the Great Mosque in the present shape. The Christians were compensated with four permanent church sites elsewhere within the old city.

(Photos by Nancy Detweiler … short history of mosque taken from seminary travel seminar notes)




Proxy Galactic War in Syria

NOTE BY NANCY: Cobra gives us an overview of the events on Planet Earth.

Proxy Galactic War in Syria

October 19, 2015

Excerpts from Cobra’s report:

“…. Pleiadians and allied races were always supporting the Earth population in their fight for freedom against Chimera/Draco/Reptilian suppression. Slavic people, especially Russians, were usually quite open to Pleiadian guidance and support….”


“…. Pleiadians and allied races are now backing up Putin in his mission to clear Syria of the Islamic state mercenaries. Those beings actually belong to the Reptilian warrior caste which came to planet Earth thousands of years ago through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating in human bodies….”

“…. The situation in Syria is the geopolitical turning point for the planetary liberation. Iranian military is proudly showing their underground military bases:

While on the opposite side, Saudi Khazarians are on the run:

Far away from the attention of the mainstream media, masses in Europe are beginning to rise in their fight for freedom….”




SEPTEMBER 1 & 7, 2013

When you click on the URL below, look to the top of the blog post … you will see two titles in smaller font … they are both on Syria and speak to how humanity can be very helpful in calming the situation.



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

While looking through my Middle East photos, I came across some of Syria and felt a surge of sadness wondering what is left of this war-torn, ancient country with all of its historical sites.  Considering the massive destruction of Syria and its people that we see on television, I want to share a portion of the important role this country has played in our religious history.

Although Syria was the country in which our tour group appeared to be closely observed by the man assigned to ride with us on the bus and we had a scary evening in a restaurant one night, the Syrian people were very kind.  I think our seminary professors who could speak fluent Arabic were frightening enough to the Syrian officials that they were uneasy about us being in the country—were we spies using the guise of a touring seminary group?

Damascus – January 1993

 While exploring downtown Damascus, some of us got lost from the rest of our tour group and the bus.  A strange man, who spoke English, offered to help us find the bus.  He walked many blocks with us before we found our group.  I’ll never forget his kindness because being lost in a strange, bustling city in which you do not speak the language is definitely not fun.  His kindness touched our hearts.

Shopping area in Damascus


A Street Called Straight

Acts 9:11

 On the Street Called Straight, we visited Giovanni Art Shop in which I purchased a hand embroidered with silk thread white table cloth and napkins.  Several of us went in together and purchased a quite expensive piece of white silk material hand embroidered with gold thread from which we had a seamstress make our ministerial stoles.  I love using these items in my home and was always proud to wear the stole as a minister.  They remind me of the people of Syria and the kind hospitality we experienced there.

Hanania Chapel built over the ancient site where Ananias healed Saul of his blindness.

Acts 9: 11-25

A postcard picture of the Damascus wall over which Saul was lowered in a basket by some of his followers to prevent his death.

Acts 9:25

Ummayad Mosque Prayer Hall – Damascus

Village of Ma’aloula – where the Aramaic dialect spoken by Jesus is still in use.


An infant baptism in Ma’aloula

 While touring Ma’aloula, we entered one of the churches not knowing that an infant baptism was in progress.  When the parents saw us, they invited us to join them and treated us like invited guests.  I get tearful remembering that momentous day for this Syrian family and their eagerness to share it with a group of seminarians.


Ancient ruins of the city of Tadmor in Palmyra – built by King Solomon.

I Kings 9:18, II Chronicles 8:4

A Tower Tomb in Palmyra – pre-dates the Roman era, thus

over 2000 years old.


Interior of the Palmyra Tower Tomb

In between the painted panels are shelves on which the coffins are placed, allowing many to be entombed in the Tower.  Note how well the painting has been naturally preserved in what is now a wilderness tower over 2000 years old.

A shopkeeper told me, “Tourists appear not to know how much biblical history took place in Syria.  They seldom include Syria on their travel route.”

I’m very glad the seminary tour group with whom I traveled knew to include Syria.

I salute these kind people and pray that peace will soon reign in Syria!

Children on streets of Aleppo

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