Farmgirl and Me: Two Lightworker Cases – Part 1/3 [on overcoming domestic/spousal abuse]

Farmgirl and Me: Two Lightworker Cases – Part 1/3

Steve Beckow on September 20, 2014


I’ve published a poem today called This Manitoba Farmgirl (1) and I’d like to discuss the background of that poem as a way of getting at certain situations we face in life.

I think it illustrates a circumstance that many lightworkers face and a system of adaptation many lightworkers probably use.

I lost track of her years ago. Though she’ll probably never read this series of articles, I’m (99.9999%) certain she’d be happy that I posted it. In fact I think she’d probably say: “Steve, we’ve all just been waiting for you to get it and emerge.”

Archangel Michael has said that most lightworkers here on the planet today are embodied angels or were angelic in origin. Almost certainly Farmgirl was.

It’s almost a commonplace that the vast majority of lightworkers experienced difficult circumstances in their lives, early or late. I think those situations arise because we wanted and needed a quick education in how life was for the vast majority of people on Earth and this is the way we created ourselves getting it.

I’m going to leave aside all those people who learned how terrestrial life was and what terrestrial pain is by agreeing to endure illnesses or disabilities or live in poverty.

I’m going to focus instead on those people who learned it by agreeing to experience physical abuse (not sexual or other forms of abuse because I didn’t know them and therefore cannot comment).  Both Farmgirl and I were survivors of domestic abuse; in my case, parental abuse; in her case, spousal abuse.

What I’m about to describe here is the system of self-protective adaptation that arises from having experienced ongoing physical abuse. It’s a coping mechanism, a survival strategy.  I believe that this same system may be seen in adaptation to other forms of pain, tragedy and abuse in the lives of lightworkers everywhere, but I cannot speak to them.

Farmgirl experienced no abuse that I know of in her early life; only in later life.  She more or less escaped childhood in one piece. People who experienced abuse early in their lives tend not to have escaped childhood in one piece, so to speak.

Sociologists and psychologists say that early-learned behavior is persistent. It’s more influential. It determines how the twig is bent and the tree inclines.  Late-learned behavior is more malleable, more susceptible to change. The tree is already grown and can’t be bent as easily any more.

By the time I met Farmgirl, she was unsuppressed and un-self-protective. She had emerged from the impact of abuse.

I’d also escaped from the actual circumstance of abuse in my life but was still suppressed and self-protective.

You might consider me the “before” and her the “after,” in terms of emergence.

The difference between the suppressed and the unsuppressed person is not in the potential power of each to love. In both, it’s the same.

It’s in the actualized power to give and receive love, to see ourselves and be known by others. In this, Farmgirl was way “ahead” of me. Way, way “ahead” of me.

Her love was present, glorious, and not skewed in its expression. Mine was potential, weak, and very much skewed in its presentation.

I flew low under the radar because I was avoiding being abused again. It was a deeply-buried program; not something I was in any way aware of back in 1986.

My strategy was to remain invisible in what I did and how I lived and loved. If I was generous to someone, I’d deflect their thanks. If I said something helpful, I’d act over-modestly.

In all things, I’d minimize myself, all in an effort to remain unseen. The Arcturians remarked on this in one of my readings. They said it was a coping strategy. But I didn’t see the larger picture at that time.  (Now I do. Star brothers and sisters, thank you.)

People could not know me deeply, truly as I was because I didn’t want them to. I didn’t want to be known or seen. I had difficulty accepting love.

Insofar as I hid, I was conflicted. Insofar as I deflected, I couldn’t own my own power.

But Farmgirl was past hiding. She’d re-emerged and could own her own power, and did so with wonderful effect. A whole community had grown up around her.  She was a thoroughly-magnetic personality. I wish you could have known her and maybe you will.

But let’s leave Farmgirl aside now and stay with the conflicted, suppressed and self-protective victim of domestic abuse.

When we’re in that place, our power is locked away in a drawer, so to speak. Its expression is conflicted. Our relationships are skewed.

We usually don’t see the skew in us. We usually don’t know our position. But we’re invisible only to ourselves. Other people see it. They hope we’ll pull out of it but they can’t do the work for us.

Many people relate to us in a peculiar way. I’ve seen the expression on many people’s faces that I’ve related to. “When will Steve get it?” “Why can’t he see it?” They see me. It’s only me that doesn’t.

They know who we are in potential but they also know that they don’t – and can’t – interact authentically with a conflicted person as long as the conflict remains. “Access denied,” as a friend described the way we present ourselves.

They’re not going to take up my way of acting and I can’t see their way to take it up.

They get to interact with the person’s conflict and suppression.  They give us some time to see if we’ll pull out in the face of their loving-kindness and support, but, when they don’t see any progress, they move on and leave us behind.

If there any other lightworkers who are emerging from situations of domestic violence and abuse, you may relate to what I’m saying. Let me stop here for today.

(You’re welcome to read ahead if you wish to. See and


(1) This Manitoba Farmgirl at Manitoba is a Canadian province. Most people I know from Winnipeg, Manitoba are very sattwic – gentle, tranquil, balanced.


A Matter of Timing or Frequency?

A Matter of Timing or Frequency?

Steve Beckow

July 25, 2014


NOTE BY NANCY: Steve Beckow recently had an interview with an anonymous Channel and his Galactic Source during which he had what I will call an epiphany. I speak for myself, and I’m sure for others, when I say that Steve’s epiphany can be ours too! Steve explains below.



I’m sure it was a monad or group soul I spoke to.  They referred to themselves in the plural.

But I’d like to report on the impact that that interview had on me.

I think for the first time I actually got that I was using the wrong criteria, the wrong set of glasses, to look at everything that’s happening in the world today. I really got it.

I insisted on seeing everything as a matter of timing. And it isn’t.

The Galactic Group I spoke to – if I may call them that – said “no” to me often enough that I got that I was not seeing matters accurately.

The galactics do not experience time. They live in a Now moment that I don’t live in. Even though I’ve experienced the timeless a few times in my life, I don’t recall the details.

They make their decisions and carry on their work based on considerations of frequency, not time.

We hold them to timing – please give us a date by which something will happen. We’re holding them to criteria which they don’t share with us. It’s as if they have to get their work done in spite of us.

I’m certain that we’re in what was called years ago “the time of separation.” (2) I’m sure that, in the face of the rising vibrations caused by the Tsunami of Love, and here I’m paraphrasing the Galactic Group, the remaining Illuminati will choose to leave the planet.

One cannot put a time to that; it all depends on frequency.  So they cannot satisfy us on questions of timing and eventually we’ll have to adopt their point of view because there is no time in the Fifth Dimension.

The Galactic Group told me they were holding open an Ascension portal that leads from the Third through the Fourth to the Fifth. But they wondered if we appreciated how difficult the task is for them. It passes right through the lower astral, the Dark Planes of the Fourth Dimension, that house all the dictators, murderers, rapists, etc. (3) They were relating to me a matter of frequency.

Not only do they work with these discordant energies, but we in our turn hold them to criteria of understanding in regards to their work that they don’t even follow. They speak to us in a language of frequency and we reply to them in a language of time. We may as well be in two solitudes.

I could not get that before but I do get it now. It isn’t fair to hold the galactics to our demands for schedules based on set times.

I don’t think we know how big a mechanism is set in motion (1) to end the reign of darkness on the planet, (2) to do it in accord with universal and terrestrial law and (3) to bring the largest number of us to a mass, physical Ascension for the first time ever.

What to do?  We may wish to stop asking them for dates as they go about their work and start asking them for frequency updates, instead. But more to the point, what they want from us is that we do whatever we can, whenever we can, to raise the frequency on the planet.

Use the violet flame. Use the topaz-blue containment box.  Ask for universal forgiveness every day. Write “love” on your food.   The Divine Mother, St. Germaine, the Galactic Group – everyone is calling out of us our utmost efforts to move to universal and unconditional love. They want us, in whatever way we can, to raise the level of vibration or frequency of love on the planet.

Our destination is marked in unmistakeable approach lights. More love, we’re on the right track. Less love, we’re on the wrong track.

Frequency determines when the Illuminati will leave. Frequency determines when we ascend.  Frequency determines when the galactics land.  Frequency determines every important step in the process underway on Earth right now.

When I shift my thinking from timing to frequency, well, it’s as if everything I knew before now is called into question. I feel like a one-year-old child. Every idea in my mind is now uncertain and has to be reconsidered. This is a new paradigm and I’m in cognitive dissonance.

Welcome to the new shape of life.


(1) See “Did the Illuminati Bring Down Both Malaysian Planes?” July 24, 2014, at Because the Illuminati is on a rampage at present, the Channel has asked to remain anonymous.

(2) See “A Time of Separation will Occur” at

(3) See “The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane” at




February 13, 2014




Archangel Michael talks about President Obama, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Tsunami of Love, and more.–obama-rv-angels











What Lies Under Fear?

Steve Beckow

January 10, 2014

Fear-33 Written prior to Archangel Michael’s description of the tsunami of love on An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 9, 2014.  You may hear this show at:


I often hear it said that what underlies anger, rage, hostility, etc., is fear. But what underlies fear?

Well, as far as I can see, attachment underlies fear. I’ll have to amend that statement later but let me look at it from a general standpoint for a minute.

Mostly what we fear is loss. We fear we’ll lose something we’re attached to – our spouse, our children, our house, our car, our job. We consider these things as basic to our wellbeing, happiness, and satisfaction and of course they’re not. That is one of the illusions of the old Third.

It isn’t that it’s bad and wrong to attach to these things. It’s just that it has consequences.

In the face of our illusions, we constrain ourselves not to act courageously lest we endanger, risk or lose what we attach ourselves to. We become passive and malleable. We fit in. We give way. We don’t stand up for what we know is right or good. We become part of the crowd, banding together for a security we never attain.

Seven Ways to Banish Fear

Fear is not something innate within us. It’s a temporary condition that stays as long as we allow it. Here are some suggested ways of banishing fear.

(1) Let go of the attachment. Whatever it is you’re attached to, reconcile yourself with the possibility of its loss and come to peace with that. Fear now has no place to cling to.

(2) Stamp your foot and tell fear to be gone. What we don’t realize about fear is that fear is afraid of us. Show it who’s boss. When we turn our face against fear, when we stamp our foot and say “No!” to fear, fear flees. It flies away. You can try it and see.

(3) Expand your chest as far as you can and feel the substantiality of your being: take courage from that. If you’re into karate, use your kiya to banish fear. Or growl at fear. It will go.

(4) Take a stand on something. State exactly where you’re at with it, whether you have to speak through your fear or not. Fear is not equal to your stand.

(5) Use Sanat Kumara’s magic phrase. Sanat told a friend in a reading that he was going to give her a magic incantation that would banish fear. What was it? “Shoooo!”  And it works.

(6) Give your fear away to the celestials or ascended masters. That is working more and more these days.

(7) Love your fear. Love the frightened child within you. Offer to let Big Betty take care of Little Betty. Take fear under your wing.

Attachments that Don’t Bind

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Yes, because in the higher dimensions we can create what we want and nothing need ever be lost.  Moreover, we have no attachments in the higher dimension – well, no attachments of a certain kind. And that’s where I must make my amendment, my caveat.

There’s nothing wrong, as far as I’m aware, with attaching yourself to the Divine or anything divine. No negative results ensue.

There’s only one degree of the compass that doesn’t lead to more karma and that’s the degree that points directly to God. There’s only one thing we can desire without violating the law of our nature and that’s God and all things godly. (OK, two things.) Attachment to God, which we usually call devotion, does not harm. Attachment to the divine qualities doesn’t harm. Attachment to those who serve God, to the Divine Plan, to the love of all, etc., doesn’t harm or bind. In fact it liberates,

I’ve said that the basic spiritual movement is to turn from the world to God – to turn from material pleasures and pursuits to service of the Divine. That involves letting go of our attachment to the impermanent, the merely sensual, the baser impulses, etc., and embracing the permanent, the higher pursuits, the finer impulses, etc.

And when we do so, we find that all the divine qualities are solvents that dissolve fear. Fear cannot stand in the face of love and you see this every time a truly loving person confronts an angry or fearful person. They calm down in the face of love.

I’m not saying this is easy to do but, whether easy or hard, it works nonetheless.







Archangel Michael speaks mostly of the tsuname of love energy to take place at some point in the very near future, which will be transformative for all–in one form or another.  There will be a very large scale “putting down of weapons” with people saying, “I can’t do this anymore.” 





JANUARY 2, 2014


 Very interesting … Linda begins the show by sharing a little of her regular night journeys to the Neptune Mothership.  Archangel Michael and then, Ashira—Commander of the Neptune—explains communication between a galactic and Earth human.  Ashira told us that many galactic are now living among us on Earth.  Look into the eyes of those you feel may be galactic.  Their eyes will sparkle and there is an inner light that shines forth.  You will feel very comfortable in their presence.

 Hopefully, we will have more of this kind of show as we learn to acclimate to heart communication and to feel at ease with our galactic brothers and sisters.  Ashira assured us that they will not create conditions of fear.  They are aware that many have had negative experiences before the negative extraterrestrials were removed from Earth.  The galactics want to build trust through their communications with us.–how-to-communicate-with-the-galactics