NOTE BY NANCY: Years ago, when my Twin Flame first appeared, I could feel him in the back of my head … I could hear him talking. I have always felt out of place on this planet; but Uriel’s (just his name … not the Archangel Uriel) shock at how shallow life is on this planet made me even more discontent. Although I loved knowing he was a part of me, I finally had to ask him to pull back. I kept a journal of our wonderful “off world” experiences together. At the time, in the latter 1990s, people became frightened if I mentioned Uriel. They assumed I was losing my sanity. I ended up destroying any written evidence of Uriel’s presence with me out of fear that I would be ruled incompetent and committed to a mental hospital without my consent.

Recently, as the awakening increases, I have wondered how to continue to fulfill Uriel and my Soul Mission of Bridging the Gap Ministries between traditional Christianity and the massive spiritual awakening now taking place. I am aware that many, like me in the 1990s, remain silent out of fear of being considered crazy or possessed.

In the 2000s, we are realizing that our 3 tiers worldview—heaven, earth, and hell—is far from Truth. Earth humans have been severely limited in our awareness of a cosmos teeming with members of the ONE Family of God. Ascended Masters, our Twin Flames, and our Star Brothers/Sisters are with us in a variety of ways. The ways in which they can communicate with us is unlimited, except by our own unwillingness to receive them. They (like us, but we don’t yet know it) can be in various places at the same time. Those Ascended Beings can become the Higher Self of Earth humans in order to assist them in accomplishing a goal while continuing in their higher dimensional work at the same time. There are no limits.

Christians have interpreted the biblical affirmation “All things are possible with God” to mean just that, while thinking in terms of the all things are possible as relating to what we believed was our 3rd dimensional reality. All of that is changing!

Thinking of the massive changes and new levels of awareness now emerging, I resonated strongly with Lisa’s energy report for July 11, 2014. I include excerpts from this report … may they both comfort and encourage us all to let go and let God reveal this marvelous community in which we truly live!


Excerpts from Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara) energy update for July 11, 2012.



Challenge, challenge, challenge your human mind in every moment to let go of ANY BELIEF that things are the way they once were, or that “this day” will be the same as before. EXPECT FOR MIRACLES AND MAGIC and awesome to occur, LOOK for it, EXPAND your mind, don’t believe limits, FIND ANOTHER WAY, let go of any, any, any thing/one that represents your “Old Earth” reality.

New Vision has been activated for many so that seeing beyond the illusion can occur. BELIEVE what you know inside, the weirder and more insane it seems, the more real things truly are….

When you worry of what you are letting go of, you are letting go of all that no longer makes sense. That which kept you in prison and now is just one “hot mess of confusion”…. Safe causes suffering now, habits of the human no longer make sense. Take a hard look at what you are grasping at and ask why you desire the old way over the magic that awaits you beyond all of that.

WE are here and waiting … come join us in the reality that you’ve been seeking since you incarnated here into a reality created of old programming that is now obsolete …

You are a STAR BEING and have been activated whether you know it or not.” (Excerpts from Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara) energy update for July 11, 2012.