Mother Mary: On the First Anniversary of Freedom from Reptilian Control

Mother Mary: On the First Anniversary of Freedom from Reptilian Control

mother mary

Mother Mary:

I have been called upon to join in this wonderful pre-RV (revaluation of currencies) series of channeled messages. I was delighted to be able to take part in this historic collection of teaching lessons which will be used to lift all those who may now be sleeping to a higher level of vibration. I am honored to be one among the Great Minds who have already contributed to your awakening.

You know me as Mother Mary because of my incarnation on Earth as the mother of Jesus. Of course, this was only one of my lifetimes here on Earth, but I count it as the most important one. I was not alone in that difficult life. I was actually part of a soul project, as were our beloved Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Because it was planned to be work to awaken the masses of our time, we joined with others in one body to come here together in strength, in cooperation with those we loved. We planned carefully, aligning ourselves with one another in the body we inhabited, feeling the great flow of love we created together.

Yes, it may be a surprise to you to know these things about soul projects, but it is as natural for us as it is to you to gather your dearest friends for your birthday party. It gives one a sense of confidence and peace of mind to know you are not alone. I was the one who agreed to take the lead, as you might say, to bear the name of Mary, and to represent the group. Still, when I am asked to speak, I ask the others to join with me again, to present to the world the harmonious and loving energy we are together. Sananda and Mary Magdalene often do the same.

So, you see, when I remember that time I lived as the mother of Jesus, I remember it as a family of souls, working together to create, to support and nurture one another and the family we loved so deeply. Here in Higher Dimensions, we remain deeply connected, aligned with one another as One, in service to humankind and to Creator. It is our great wish to see every single soul on Planet Earth lifting themselves, rising to meet us here, with open arms, just as we did when we ended that life together on Earth.

This is the deep Love we wish for you to discover in yourselves, for your Higher Self is here with us, working together with the Higher Selves of your partner, your friend, you children and your boss. We consult with each other, always in Love, even when it is the one you consider your worst enemy, we smile together with deep understanding and Love as we watch you responding to each other, gauging just when it might be most helpful to whisper in your ear to encourage you to reconsider your approach, to try sending Love instead of animosity.

It is the work of your Higher Self to oversee and encourage you, to arrange contact with those who will play an important role in your life, to send you one who will lift you up when you are down, bring Love when you are feeling bereft, and provide the lessons we agreed to arrange before you came to this life. Yes, some of them are deliberately challenging and difficult, as when someone you have loved turns against you, but these experiences were mostly planned in advance. There is always the possibility of a “wild card” event, as you might call it – with free will, one of the parties could always decide to run amok, or choose a different path from the one you planned together. This we do not control, but we can influence things a bit, by sending dreams to remind you of what the dangers are, or what the other person is doing, and to give you the opportunity in your dream time to respond differently.

I will talk about dreams here for a moment, to help you understand how helpful they can be for you, especially now as you prepare yourselves for great changes. Your Higher Self plays a very important part in the creation of certain kinds of dreams. Our favorite is the “Listen up!” dream, which alerts you to the tricks and maneuvers you might expect to encounter with someone close to you. Another is the alert to show you how you are behaving, and what the consequences could be. This one is more difficult for you to absorb, because it sometimes feels like a nightmare and can leave you feeling anxious or upset. Please be assured – dreams are not accidents, or the result of something you ate. They are carefully choreographed plays, bits of drama created for your instruction.

There is an exception to this program of instructional videos as dreams. This would be the occasional nightmare which is a creation of your fearful ego, trying to alert you to danger which probably does not exist. It is a leftover from earlier times. You heard from Reginald, the Reptilian who has restored himself to the Light, describing how they inhabited the bodies of humans in order to “slow them down.” It was their habit to send thoughts of fear and dread to interfere with the creative thinking of their host. This was the source of most nightmares.

As Reginald told you last night in his touching and heart-felt presentation, they were all taken from the surface to be restored to God’s Love and Light, and they are now ready to work with you as mentors and loving friends. (BlogTalkRadio). Who but those beings of darkness, who were the creators of evil and viciousness, could be more helpful in showing you what it is you need to eliminate from yourselves and your environment? It is precisely the work they had to do here in the Higher Dimensions with the direct intervention of a team of God’s most dedicated teachers, and they are offering themselves in service to help you recover from the damage they caused when they were here inhabiting human bodies.

So, you see, the Lucifer Project has taken a wonderful turn, from trying to contain the dark ones who were doing so much damage in their efforts to take over Planet Earth, to the glorious project of rebuilding and renewing. You could think of it as the Marshall Plan for the whole Earth, to restore peace and prosperity to the war-torn lands and peoples who have suffered so much during “the war years.” This includes every person alive today. No one was untouched by the constant strife, the instigation of wars and the building of great wealth for the purpose of control, and perhaps the worst toxin of all, the slick and devious propaganda for the dark side.

We are now helping to alert you to all the shades and nuances you have been subjected to in the endless propaganda campaign to win over the hearts and minds of the people, without their ever suspecting they were being manipulated by the dark side. Take for instance, the deliciously appealing automobile ads which presented a luxurious large car, completely decked out with all the “bells and whistles,” which was advertised so skillfully that one could hardly stand to be without it. Who suspected that the purpose behind this campaign was to separate you from as much of your hard-earned money as possible, in order to: a) force you to work harder, b) use more gasoline, c) put you in a mind-set of competition with your friends and neighbors, whether you realized it or not, and d) create a debt in your name to a bank?

In every case, you became a tool to the dark ones, solidifying their power by filling their coffers at every turn, via the auto production, oil and gas sales, auto loan banking, and many other hidden charges throughout the production and delivery and repair phases of your car’s lifetime, to say nothing of the enormously profitable road-building industry. There is also a very good chance that the company you work for is owned in whole or in part by the 13 families behind the scenes. So you see, the deck was stacked against economic freedom no matter what you tried to do.

This system is now being dismantled, banking first. The Company of Heaven, in close coordination with our incarnations on the ground, are taking an international approach to restructuring the entire system, since the network of the cabal was so skillfully dispersed on paper that laws in one country could be ignored by moving things around to dodge legal constraints. This is why we are working closely together all around the world to oversee and complete the transition to fair, open and Light-filled new forms of governance.

You might be saying, “But this is Mother Mary speaking. We expected her to be whispering sweet and comforting blessings to help salve our wounds and heal our hearts!” Yes, indeed, Dear Ones, I will do that gladly, as I have done so many times before, but now, we are on a new path of recovery. Your convalescent time is over, and real movement is now possible. For centuries, it was our job to patch you up, lift your spirits enough to keep you going, and hope for the best. Now, we see a future filled with creative action!

Throw off the yoke you have carried, Beloveds. It is a joy for me to tell you that we will no longer just mop your brow as you toil endlessly without relief. Our work together is bearing fruit! The life of Jesus will be seen in a completely different light now. My son was not simply a suffering martyr, as you are not. We came here together, in Love, to carry the torch of freedom and mercy for all humankind. That torch has now finally been raised high, unhampered by those who would redefine the meaning of that lifetime for their own dark ends.

We are entering a new life, a new phase of evolution. You are now standing at the starting line, ready to fly, but you will need to free yourselves from your tendency to look back, searching the past for evidence of what is to come. I am here to tell you, Dearest Ones, that we must not look back. If we were to anticipate a future in the shape of what has been, I would never return to re-experience life on Earth, but we are all here, willing and filled with excitement at what is to come. The preparation for the New Golden Age has been thrilling, exhilarating, fulfilling, and now it is time for the next step into the creation of new life.

One year after the departure of the Reptilian race, we embark on the second phase of what has been called the Lucifer Project, from darkness into Light. Now the Light is transcendent; you have been freed from the prison of the past, and everything has changed. Now you must change with it, Dear Ones. Shake off the illusion of darkness and negativity; you have earned your freedom – you must now claim it.

Begin by allowing the great smile of relief you feel when you absorb my words into your heart. Yes, I come with the news of new possibilities, real hope and endless Love, which you will feel more and more intensely as the Veil thins and all the others around you awaken and begin to move at a quickening pace into the Light. We exult with you, we cheer you on, we celebrate your new freedom and the end of the long era of darkness on Planet Earth. Join us, Beloveds, and we will sing with the angel chorus, “Hallelujah! A new Savior is born on Earth, and it is Freedom, Hope and Love.”

Welcome the new children who come to Earth now, for they will be the Light and Love of the future, to live out the promise of Peace, Joy and Abundance on Earth. Above all, complete your own healing by filling your heart with the endless Love you are being sent, by me, by the Company of Heaven, and by our Creator. Let it lift you to new heights and new visions of Love, Peace and sweet companionship now and forever as we create together the New Golden Era on Planet Earth.

In loving Unity with our dear Sananda and the Company of Heaven, I love you without end. I live in humble service to humankind and the Great Project which is the Ascension of Planet Earth. Namaste, Beloved Ones. I am your Mother Mary.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 25, 12 PM, Quebec

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