Nancy B. Detweiler, with Twin Flame, Uriel

 Temple of Purification


DESCRIPTION OF THE ETHERIC REPLICA OF THE TEMPLE OF PURIFICATION:  Located in the etheric realm over the Island of Cuba, “the Temple of Purification is a Focus of great beauty, elegance, and spaciousness….   Those who know of this etheric Temple of Violet Fire still use its beneficial presence and activities, visiting It in their finer bodies while the physical body sleeps and drawing Its purifying radiation into the atmosphere of the Dark Star.” [i]  This quote was channeled from Ascended Master Morya in 1957 … the Dark Star = Planet Earth at that time.  Since then, Earth has begun her ascension process to the 5th dimension and becoming a Star radiating Light.

The Temple existed on the physical plane during the time of Atlantis.  It was lifted to the etheric plane when darkness overtook Atlantis, where it has remained.

“The Temple was circular in form and very large.  It was created of the pure amethysts which the people had brought from various places on Earth.  Its dome was crowned with a golden dome figure of Archaii Amethyst, life-size, about seven feet in height.  In the center of this Temple, an Altar built of the same beautiful amethysts, cradled a Focus of the Violet Flame.  This Flame was attended by the priests and priestesses of Lord Zadkiel, who continued to invoke, sustain and project this purifying essence of Violet Fire into the atmosphere of Earth.” [ii]

archangel_zadkiel_1Archangel Zadkiel

 Lady Amethyst Archaii Amethyst


 The New Aquarian Age, which Earth entered in December 2012, functions on the 7th Ray, as does the Purple Transmuting Flame.  The 7th Ray is a Ray of Invocation, granting the power to focus upon God–the Universal I AM PRESENCE–thereby magnetizing the mercy of God to Earth as a tremendous force for good.

“Rhythm of invocation, constancy of devotion to the magnetization, sustenance, and expansion of the Violet Fire through meditation, contemplation, song and decree, were the fundamental principles of the Teachers of the Temple of Lord Zadkiel.” [iii]

St. Germain, in 1957, explains:  “In using the Flame of Freedom [Transmuting Flame] and in the giving of Freedom [transmuting of Karma] there must be a great sense of discrimination.  That is why the Freedom Flame is known also as the transmuting and purifying activity because when that activity of purification and transmutation of the lower nature has taken place, then life in whatever form it functions may be freed with safety to all concerned and to that life which was imprisoned [by karma] a great sense of liberation and joy may be accomplished.”

[*************** Use the Transmuting Flame ONLY on yourself and segments/whole of the Earth–never on another individual unless that individual specifically requests that you use it on him/her.  To do so is to interfere with that individual’s freewill and Soul Contract for balancing his/her karma.*****************]

“I qualified to direct that Violet Fire in the physical world through you who are unascended, through your acceptance of It, your realization of Its potency and Its power and your experimentation with Its use.  One day when you have a conscious use of this Violet Fire and in, through, and around yourself or any part of life in distress you can see Its action and the instant and complete release and relief from that distress, it will have been worth all of your endeavors, all of your study, all of your application.  Every time you use that world [“world” likely misspelled–use that word] “Violet” Fire or Mercy Flame and every time you feel with intense feeling the buoyancy within that purification, you draw a greater and greater momentum of Its efficacy into your four lower bodies [physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies].  As you are part of the consciousness of all mankind you draw that also into the consciousness worlds of the entire ten billion souls belonging to this evolution, even though some of them are not presently embodied.”

“We are grateful in the extreme that the Violet Fire Temples provided for those who have passed on are becoming more and more popular and the individuals, particularly those with an orthodox consciousness, enter them now joyously without any sense of hesitancy or fear due to teachings of hell fire, purgatory and damnation.  Unfortunately this magnificent Violet Fire has been confused with the fire of hell and the fires of purgatory, where great suffering was assumed to be part of the soul’s lot earned by misdeeds.  As these people find that this Violet Fire is not painful and is not a punishment but is rather a joyful purification that changes the entire consciousness of the orthodox peoples when they have passed through the change called death, they joyously welcome the use of that Violet Fire through the assistance of the Angels of the Violet Fire and in the Violet Fire Temples provided at inner levels.[iv]

If possible, it is very helpful to play a tape of Strauss’ “The Blue Danube” while going to the Temple of Purification in meditation.  This music is attuned to the vibrations within the Temple.  You may even find yourself dancing around the Temple.  Archangel Zadkiel is in charge of this Temple.


It is wise to use some type of protection when opening yourself to meditation.  I call in the Shield of White Christ Light to enfold me.  You may like to use Unity’s Prayer of Protection.


The light of God surrounds [me] us;
The love of God enfolds [me] us;
The power of God protects [me] us;
The presence of God watches over [me] us;
Wherever[I am] we are, God is!

—James Dillet Freeman

CALL TO Archangel Zadkiel to transport you to the Temple of Purification.

VISUALIZE yourself entering a round temple accompanied by Archangel Zadkiel …………………..  As you enter, look around.  The walls of the sanctuary are made of pure amethyst ………………….  Though there are no light fixtures, the Temple is filled with a soft, glowing light that seems to enfold you with love ………………..  You are welcome here ……………………

A low altar, also made of pure amethyst, sits in the center of the room ………………..  A purple transmuting flame is cradled on this altar ………………………  Archangel Zadkiel invites you to sit on one of the white pillows arranged around the altar…………………….

You have come to this temple to be purified by the flame …………….  To be healed by the music and the loving presence of Archangel Zadkiel ……………………  He will direct the purification process, so just sit comfortably and listen to the music ………………  If you have a particular concern related to yourself, you may want to share it with Archangel Zadkiel, asking for healing of the concern …………….  Later, if you feel led to do so, you may stand and dance around the Temple ……………………

PLAY “The Blue Danube”

AS THE MUSIC ENDS, take one last glance around this glorious amethyst Temple.  Give thanks to Archangel Zadkiel … leave the Temple … and return your consciousness to your physical surroundings.


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