Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel

Praying Hands

Mother/Father God,

I need your help with my eye condition that I may continue SEELING.

In attempting to prepare for cataract surgery, my daughter and I have run into multiple obstacles.  We became stressed out during the effort.

All along, I felt that  the time was not right … that surgery was not the answer …that healing would come via another method.  My daughter and I both felt at peace when we let go and stopped pushing.

My concern is that we are talking about my eyes, about SEEING.

My life pattern has been to pull back when obstacles prevented smooth sailing along my path.  Not that I wanted to avoid tests of faith, of which I have had many; but that I have found that when things are not working out there is another route to be taken to the perfect solution.   My life has been one long example of this truth.

Two examples stand out in my mind that from the 3rd dimensional point of view looked impossible:  my attending college “on faith” and my locating the child I had known for years that I was to adopt–finding her in a different country, speaking a different language, and having relatives who were very willing to raise her themselves.

With both examples, as I took one step after the other, the path opened up and astounded me and others at how everything worked out so smoothly … no snags occurred!  In fact, numerous people volunteered their services.

One characteristic occurs to me as a reminder:  The established system was not a help in either case … I had to step out on faith and take charge of the situation.

With my daughter, my friends in Honduras took care of the legal arrangements there; I did it here in the states.  I brought her here on a student visa … gave her two years to decide if she wanted to remain, including a trip back to Honduras to see if she wanted to leave her home country once more and if her family was still willing to allow her to do so.   When she was sure she wanted to remain in the states , she began studying for the Citizenship exam, which she passed and was, then, approved to become an American citizen.

My college career was equally full of one miracle after another.  No obstacles; only people volunteering to help.

Now, I am faced with needing cataract surgery.  The pathway has consisted of one obstacle after another.  I have felt stressed, not the familiar peace that comes when we are following the divine plan.  My daughter feels stressed too, but mainly over what the future could hold in terms of me not having the surgery and possibly going blind.

This  loving response from family members and friends is also familiar.

“Since there is no money, I am going to college on faith,” I announced.

The familiar response was, “Are you crazy?  How do you plan to do that?  It is impossible!”

“I’m going to adopt a little girl from Honduras,”

“Are you crazy?  What if she doesn’t adjust and gives you all kinds of trouble?”  “What if she has a serious illness and you end up with a huge debt in medical expenses?”

How will I do it?  With God’s help! 

Just one example –  While in college, I would need a certain amount of money … I would tell God my need … a check would come in the mail for the “exact” amount needed.  Just like I had asked an earthly parent who had the money to give to me.  I told NO ONE of my prayer requests until after God’s answer arrived.  I still wear a beautiful pearl ring that a college friend’s parents gave me for graduation from Mars Hill Jr. College–debt free.

My adventures at Wake Forest University continued as one miracle after another unfolded.

One thing my life has taught me is that God provides when we follow the divine path for this incarnation.

Now my eyes.

My life has been one long journey of helping others “to SEE” their own talents  and how they can use them to be all they can be.  For the past 21 years, I have worked to inform people of how they are enslaved and to help them wake up and SEE what they can do to gain their  god-given sovereignty and freedom.  This is my SOUL’S MISSION–to SEE and to assist in creating the Golden Age on Earth.

Because my entire life has been focused on SEEING.  I am very willing to step out on faith and know that I, too, will continue to SEE  by following within the mold my life has expressed … by leaving behind the established ways of doing things and knowing that perfect healing of my eyes is NOW taking place!

My life and the way in which my needs have been supplied illustrates the 5th dimensional Way–where there is no lack, no pain, no suffering.  May all SEE the glories of the future and assist in creating the Golden Age!