Although I did not like the closing ceremony, I am open to Stephen Cook’s interpretation because he knew the lyrics to the songs; I did not.  I watched in hopes our galactic family would make themselves known.  And perhaps they did by infusing the love and acceptance of all nationalities that was palpable.  The Olympic athletes themselves are always the source of inspiration.   They so vividly demonstrate to us that “all things are possible!”

The athlete who stood out from the crowd, for me, was Dana Abdul Razak, from Iraq.  I noticed her during the Opening Ceremony’s Procession of Athletes.  I had to research to learn why I was so touched by her presence.

Dana Abdul Razak – 2008 – Beijing

Photo taken on Aug. 21, 2008 shows Iraqi athlete Dana Hussein Abdulrazak hold a Chinese knot in Beijing, China.

Iraqi women runner Dana Abdul-Razzaq has received as loud applause as champions. The Iraqi team’s only woman faced many obstacles to reach Beijing, from a sniper’s bullets to a lack of training facilities and religious and cultural opposition to female athletes.

Before the Olympics, she was told that Iraq was shut out of the international sports gala. When her coach consoled her by saying that she could take part in the 2012 Olympics, she broke into tears, “who knows if I could live that long!”

 Above photo of Dana and 2008 write-up lifted from:

 AND THEN IN 2012:


Dana Abdul Razak was one of few females granted the honor of carrying her country’s flag into the Olympic stadium in the London 2012 Olympics.


Dana competed in the Women’s 100m Heats in 2012 London Olympics

It is stories like Dana’s that make the Olympics worthwhile!