NOTE BY NANCY:  Saul, through John Smallman, explains CONTAINMENT–the loving way to remove those who have/are seeking to control the world and maintain a 3rd dimensional type life on Planet Earth.  Humanity has much to learn pertaining to living on 5th dimension in an atmosphere where all is Love.  We are so accustomed to expecting punishment, revenge, and seeking what we think of as justice by inflicting penalties.  All of these mindsets are about to be disrupted and deleted from our lives!

You are on the edge of a massive disruption to normal life

09/05/2012 by John Smallman

You are on the edge of a massive disruption to what you call normal life, which will be sensational in its unfoldment while inspiring and uplifting you.  You have been working very hard to reach this point in your spiritual evolution, and you have truly earned the monumental accolades and honors that are shortly to be bestowed upon you.  You know all this, but while you stay within the confines of the illusion the memory of that knowledge remains hidden from you.  What is required of you is that you continue to hold the Light on high as you trust your Father to deliver all that He has promised you, as you truly know He will.

The Light that you are bearing before you with such forbearance and determination is a beacon to many who are aware that something strange is in the air, that all is not as it seems.  Your constancy and imperturbability are amazingly effective stabilizing influences on all in your vicinity, and on all who know you, even though you yourselves are mostly unaware of the powerful and supportive presence that your loving behavior constantly demonstrates.

Love is the power, the energy, the creative potential that gives life its spark.  Life and Love are one — a divine dependency that is infinitely fertile and infinitely abundant.  Within the illusion, you experience only the smallest intimation of what this means.  You have writers, painters, poets, composers, and performers who manage to pass on to you a mere inkling of the fantastic possibilities that life offers you, but until you dissolve your illusory reality and awaken fully, your understanding of what this truly means will continue to escape you.

You all have deep yearnings for so much more than life as you presently experience it can possibly deliver, and so you remain dissatisfied, disgruntled, in fact deeply disappointed with what it offers you.  Many of you drive yourselves to achieve and, remaining displeased with the results, drive yourselves even harder, but to no avail.  What you seek and so desperately desire is not of this world, which is one extremely good reason for changing it beyond all recognition, and that is what you are in the process of doing.

Pay close attention to the amazing plurality of information that is being increasingly promulgated all across the world, as more and more who are in positions of trust disclose much secret knowledge that has been hidden from you in order to disempower and control you.

This dictatorial secrecy can no longer be enforced, or even maintained, because those employed to file and organize information of any kind are being permeated by the divine Love field.  They are awakening to the need for transparency in all interpersonal, interdepartmental, inter-organizational, intergovernmental, and international communications.  As a result they are feeling spiritually inspired, motivated, and encouraged to take into their own hands the responsibility for releasing information that previously they would have absolutely refused to divulge in this manner to anyone unless expressly directed to do so by a very senior member of the corporate structure or organization for which they work.

The authoritarian and Byzantine groups who have been running the world and controlling its citizens are disintegrating.  They never truly trusted one another, and have always taken enormous precautions to ensure their interdependency through dissimulation and concealment.  There was never just one controlling authority, and now, as more and more secret information is released into the public arena, their distrust has intensified to such an extent that they no longer feel safe in supporting each other, and are going their separate ways.  Confusion has become endemic and is leading them rapidly to their ruin.

You could say that the end game has commenced and that it is turning into a rout — a defeat of unimaginable proportions for those who would control and suppress you.  They know neither where to turn nor where to run – indeed there is nowhere – and what is happening is totally beyond anything they could have foreseen or prepared for.  They are in total disarray.

As you have been frequently told and frequently reminded, Love is the power, the energy, the wholeness of God.  There is no judgment, vengeance, punishment, or restitution in Reality, for there is no need.  Everyone is in total harmony and agreement, being one with each other and with God in an eternal state of transcendental superconsciousness.  No one is lacking, no one wants to see another harmed or called to account, because no one would or could do anything to arouse such a desire in another.

Within your illusory unreality this is not the case.  Your laws were framed to judge the wrongdoers and to provide restitution for the wronged – if they could afford to engage attorneys and employ the law!  This inequity will change.  The divine energy field enveloping your planet and intensifying is causing a realization to dawn that the old ways were self-perpetuating – your laws have been very harsh at times, and people nearly always fought back against unfavorable judgments – and could never bring true peace and harmony.

Nevertheless, while the illusion is dissolving, a means of containment is necessary to prevent those who control and punish you from continuing to do so. Containment means just that.  It does not mean judgment or punishment, but merely the discernment and the competence to harmlessly hold and restrain those who intend to harm others.

While contained they will be lovingly cared for, like the apparently abandoned children they feel they are, and offered endless opportunities to understand why they are being contained and to understand that the way forward for them is to release their vast amounts of dammed-up pain and suffering about which they are in total denial.  They will have all the time they need to do this, and they will succeed.  When they have completed the release of all that toxic waste buried deeply within them, there will be an enormous space within their hearts that will fill very rapidly with Love.

Remember, that every sentient being is one of God’s beloved children, and that He never gives up on or abandons anyone.  All will return Home.  However, those very badly damaged ones, who are or who will become contained, will not interfere with the mass awakening towards which you have all been working so enthusiastically and determinedly.  A marvelous and amazing future awaits you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

Bold font by Nancy


COSMIC VISION NEWS – August 3, 2012

Geoffrey West – Host & Journalist




How Do We Get From Where We Are Today To Where We Want To Be Tomorrow?

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 On this 7th day of July 2012, our planet hangs suspended between two worlds.  On one hand, we continue our 3rd dimensional way of life in which most must work to survive and take care of their families.  For many, life is filled with a variety of stress factors.  We yearn for more peaceful, carefree lives.

On the other hand, we are increasingly catching glimpses into the 5th dimensional world.  This plane knows only unconditional love and peace.  Those residing on the 5th dimension experience abundance and the freedom to develop their unique talents and skills in accordance with the Divine Plan for their lives.  No negativity can exist on this plane.

We experience moments in this glorious 5th dimensional world through our dreams, prayer, meditations, paintings, music, inspirational writings, and videos that reveal sublime beauty.  Now, the inhabitants of Earth have the opportunity to ascend to this 5th dimension.  Gaia, the great being whose physical body we call Earth, has called out to Father/Mother God, the Energetic Source of all creation, to allow her to cease being a prison planet, quarantined from the rest of our galactic family.  Gaia’s prayer was heard and she will ascend to the 5th dimension.  The Divine Plan also allows for all of Gaia’s inhabitants who desire to ascend do so with her.  The unprecedented part of this Plan is that many Earth humans will ascend while still incarnated in physical bodies.

Because so much information has been withheld from humanity, the above paragraph may sound to many as if I have lost my mind.  Up until this point in time, that is the exact impression those who control our world would have you think.  Now, July 2012, it is time for all to become aware of coming events and the importance they hold for each one of us.  What happens within the next six months and how each of us responds to those actions will determine whether or not we can ascend with Gaia.

If given the choice today to select between peace/love/abundance – and – to continue with the war/anger/deprivation that presently characterizes our world, the majority of Earth humans would gladly commit to the former.  Who among us dreams of continuing life as we presently know it?

We stand at this crossroads today.  For the remainder of 2012, Earth humans will be assisting in transforming our world.  Those who choose to continue their negative behavior will be allowed to do so, but not on Gaia.  As Gaia moves forward in our Milky Way Galaxy, negativity cannot move with her.  There are 3rd dimensional planets in the cosmos to which those who cling to their negative behavior will be attracted in accordance with another Universal Law Like Attracts Like.  Movement to these 3rd dimensional planets will be a freewill choice and is not to be considered punishment.

A Father/Mother God of Unconditional Love does not punish anyone.  Universal Laws are not applied to some and ignored or overridden with others.  The Cosmos is very orderly—every sowing action results in a reaping action.[i]  (See Endnote)

This is where the Universal Law We Reap What We Sow becomes extremely important.  When we plant a tomato seed, we harvest a tomato—we reap what we sow.  Reaping a tomato is what we expect.  We do not question the law in relationship to planting our garden.  We simply anticipate a harvest of tomatoes.

It is the same in our lives.  If we choose to react to life’s circumstances with anger, the desire for revenge, discrimination, and/or hatred, then those are the seeds we have planted.  Our life’s garden of negative seeds will reap a matching harvest.  At some point, we must choose to get off the merry-go-round and commit to planting seeds that yield a positive harvest—one that will allow us to ascend to the 5th dimension where suffering will no longer be a part of our lives.

In early childhood, we don’t give a second thought to the child’s need to learn to walk by falling down … getting up … trying again and again until she/he is successful.  No one can learn to walk for us.  It is the same with ascension.  No one can do it for us, including the Great Teachers, even though religion may teach otherwise.  Humanity will soon be given a major opportunity to determine how well we have learned to forgive rather than wanting to see those who have caused tremendous pain suffer likewise.

This opportunity will come through learning about the dark cabal families who have controlled our world for eons.  In order to maintain control, countless heinous crimes have been perpetrated on humanity.  These crimes against humanity are about to be revealed.

The dark cabal members have been given numerous chances to surrender … to voluntarily step down from their positions of control.  Most have refused to do so.  This means that they must be removed in order to pave the way for humanity to prepare for ascension.  A part of their removal will be to disclose to the people all the crimes committed against us.  In most cultures, the 3rd dimensional manner of response has traditionally been to demand retribution and punishment.  To see the criminal punished has been considered a means of closure and healing for the victims.

We are in the midst of a planetary historical event—that of removing the dark cabal and their sinister plans for a New World Order.  This removal will take a variety of forms.  Some will likely be arrested in the 3rd dimensional manner.  Others may be contained—a rare technique not used since the Galactic Wars that is in accordance with the 5th dimensional concept of unconditional love.[ii]  Those whose crimes have been most atrocious may be taken off-planet and placed before a Galactic High Court.  At the appropriate time in the very near future, humanity will be informed about the actions now taking place in secret.  The Akashic Records will be consulted as proof of the crimes committed—proof that is irrefutable and can actually be viewed as the behavior initially took place.[iii]

This process of learning all the ways by which humanity has been controlled and made to suffer will present humanity’s greatest challenges—to listen and to forgive.  Just as a life review follows each soul’s every incarnation, so—at this momentous point in time—must a life review of the 3rd dimensional plane of duality be made because Earth will shed her 3rd dimension and ascend into the 5th.  This life review—the story of humanity’s manipulation and enslavement—will be planetary.  All of Earth’s inhabitants will be given what could be termed a final exam on living in the 3rd dimension.  In order to successful pass this final exam, we must show evidence that we have learned the lessons of forgiveness and now possess the capacity to hold all of humanity within the energy of Unconditional Love.  This, in no way, means that we approve of egregious behavior.  It does mean that we intend to cleanse our energy field of all negativity in order to ascend to the 5th dimension.

The Universal Law we reap what we sow reminds us that every individual reaps whatever he/she has sown.  You and I are not responsible for ensuring that the dark cabal reaps what they have sown.  Universal Law automatically unfolds within each human life.  God does not punish and humanity need not attempt to punish.  Every soul lives in the garden they have sown in accordance with Universal Law.

By the same token, each of us live in the garden we have sown.  Ours is the freewill choice to plant the seeds of forgiveness and reap life on the 5th dimension – OR – to sow seeds of revenge and hatred, thereby reaping more time living elsewhere in the cosmos on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

How do we get from where we are today to where we want to be tomorrow?

Via successfully passing our final exam—extending forgiveness and unconditional love to our brothers and sisters in the dark cabal—regardless of their deplorable behavior.  By remembering that at some point in our history of numerous lives on the plane of duality, we, too, have committed acts that caused others to suffer.  For in order for humanity to evolve through attending Earth’s Plane of Duality Schoolhouse, we all have agreed in one incarnation or another to play the role of the bad gal or guy.  Initially, agreeing to play the role of bad gal or guy was done in love.  We loved humanity, or a portion of humanity, enough to play a dark role that would assist our brothers and sisters in passing through the lessons of Earth’s Schoolhouse.  The problem occurred when some got stuck in the negativity and came to prefer their positions of power and control—when they lost their way.

NOW, it is up to us to respond to the news of our enslavement in ways that will allow the perpetrators to gradually be restored to their former status as our beloved sisters and brothers within the ONE FAMILY OF GOD.


Another informative article along the lines of the above is Geoffrey West’s article on “3rd Dimensional Arrest & 5th Dimensional Containment.”  Geoffrey read his article on the July 6, 2012 edition of Cosmic Vision News.  I feel that it is important to also read and study this article, so I have posted it on my blog beneath the URL to CVN News.


[i]  One of the fallacies of religious thought is that reincarnation has often been denied.  Therefore, when seemingly bad things happen, those who suffer are thought to be subject to punishment by God.  Many often ask:  “Why would a God of love allow that to happen?  What did I/he/she do to deserve that?  Why is God punishing me/her/him?  God had nothing to do with it.  Before each of us incarnated, our Soul—with the wise assistance of our Spirit Guides—created an overall Soul Plan, or Contract, for the approaching incarnation.  This Plan is based upon the lessons we need to learn in order to ascend to higher consciousness.   The lessons have as their foundation Universal Law.  If our energy field still contains negative energy, we are likely to attract matching energy into this incarnation.  OR, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, our Soul may insert into the Soul Contract events and persons who by the type energy they carry assist us in learning the necessary lessons.  Another possibility is that the Soul planned particular events for the purpose of service to others. Selfless service to others is one excellent way to transmute or balance negative karma.  Selfless service is also a means of Being Love in the world.  We never know the Soul reason for anyone’s particular circumstances in life.  What we can, however, be sure of is that God is not punishing anyone. The entirety of humanity lives and moves and has its being in the energy of Unconditional Love—there are no exceptions! 

[ii]  Geoffrey West, Host of Cosmic Vision News, has written an excellent article in which he explains the difference between a 3rd dimensional arrest and a 5th dimensional containment.  He also reads this article as part of the June 6, 2012 CVN Newscast.

[iii]   “The Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.   It is completely available everywhere.”




Geoffrey West

Host & Journalist

 This week’s edition of Cosmic Vision News is packed with exciting and thought-provoking information!  You haven’t heard a newscast until you hear this one!

During this CVN newscast, Geoffrey reads an article that I feel needs to be read and studied.  It is for this reason that I am posting it below.


Geoffrey West

Host of Cosmic Vision News


It has come to the attention of CVN that there appears to be a lot of

emotions being stirred up about the issue of ‘mass arrests’ and the use

of ‘containment’ that was offered by Archangel Michael on a recent

episode of An Hour With An Angel.

Cosmic Vision News would like to gently offer some thoughts for

consideration, as you search for the answer that is most meaningful to

you personally.

CVN has spoken in the past about everything being energy, and how

energies act and interact upon other energies. Science has proven this.

Science has also proven that we are all ONE, and that the essence of

every aspect of LIFE in physical, non-physical, visible and invisible

form is connected to what most would consider a Divine Creator. Some

people remember aspects of past-lives and those memories are of being

both a good individual or one of the darkness. The evolution of each

individual appears to follow the learning of lessons throughout each

LIFE-path. The sooner and more quickly a soul learns these lessons, the

sooner a soul can move on to the next experience and lesson for its own

spiritual growth.

This program on at least one occasion has spoken about how all humans

learn and use what James Redfield has called ‘control dramas’ and what

Eckhart Tolle has called ‘pain bodies’. When things do not go our way,

each human will resort to a particular control drama or pain body to

protect, preserve and justify one’s perception for accepting

something as one’s truth.

Truth is subjective, and relates to one’s opinion or feeling in a

specific moment of ‘now’ that was formed according to one’s uniquely

different and equally beautiful filters that are a part of one’s LIFE-path.

As we heard earlier, NASA is now officially acknowledging that the

potential exists for multi-dimensional and time travel. Near-death

research has supported the existence of a LIFE beyond the physical form

we currently know.

Most know, or at least are becoming aware, of the fact that the

galactics and celestials are not allowed to operate under the same laws

that we do. The laws by which they operate are universal and Divine.

If we immediately respond by seeking revenge, where is the energy

transformed? When will peace ever be restored if there is not one or

more individuals willing to be the stronger and more Light-filled beings

who are willing to demonstrate the courageous step of ‘taking one for

humanity?’ If you knew that your choice to forgive another could help all

of humanity or that you could have your revenge and take whatever

consequences…which would you choose? Is your faith and belief in Divine

Creator strong enough to see you through that choice? Is forgiveness not

what Divine Creator has often taught through many religious texts?

Nelson Mandela forgave his captors for 26 years of imprisonment upon his

release from jail in South Africa.

Last week, CVN shared a story of Dr. Quantum, a story about

perspective. Most of us, living in a 3D reality, are unable to perceive a

reality beyond what we currently know. Therefore, all choices and

decisions are based upon what we think we know and accept as truth, in

that moment…until something else changes. ‘Modern’ Humanity has never

really known any other way of dealing with crime except to arrest and

punish. The only way for most of us to envision such a global change as

the one we are undertaking is to envision a ‘mass arrest.’ It is

what most of us know. It wasn’t always this way, however. Many

aboriginal, First Nation and tribal cultures practiced a form of

containment known as banishment. In being banned from a tribe, one was no

longer recognized as being a part of that group, and therefore would

have to exist on one’s own away from the direct support and love of that

community. The self-reflection while in banishment may bring about a form

of vision quest, to reconnect and remember one’s true being in order to

learn the necessary lessons. The intent was never to harm, but rather to

help facilitate healing through tough love.

The admiralty system of law often has several definitions for one

word. Many times, this definition is not always the same interpretation

that most people have come to know, and this is one of the reasons why

admiralty law has been so effective against the masses A legal

definition for the word ‘arrest’ is as follows:

“A seizure or forcible restraint; an exercise of the power to deprive

a person of his or her liberty; the taking or keeping of a person in

custody by legal authority, especially, in response to a criminal charge.”

“An arrest may occur (1) by any act that indicates an intention to take

the arrestee into custody and that subjects the arrestee to the actual

control and will of the person making the arrest; or (2) by the consent

of the person to be arrested. There is no arrest where there is no

restraint, and the restraint must be under real or pretended legal

authority.  However, the detention of a person need not be accompanied

by formal words of arrest or a station house booking to constitute an


Those choosing to live in 3D energies may interpret this as ‘seizure’ or

forcible restraint and most see handcuffs as being this. An arrest may

occur by any act that indicates an intention to take the arrestee into

custody (jail) and subjects the arrestee to the actual control and will

of the person making the arrest (admiralty law). There is no arrest

where there is no restraint and the restraint must be under real or

pretended authority. With admiralty law, it is pretended authority.

Let’s look at it now from the higher, 5D perspective to see if the same


Those choosing to live in 5D energies may interpret this as seizure and

forcible restraint within the container of Light and Love. No handcuffs

required. An arrest may occur by any act that indicates an intention to

take the arrestee into custody (containment) and subjects the arrestee

to the actual control and will of Universal and/or Divine Law. There is

no arrest where there is no restraint, and the restraint in this case is

real authority, Divine Authority.

An argument could be made that containment and arrest are the same,

except the application is different; one being 3D and the other being 5D

and more reflective of the energies of the New Gaia.

Therefore, it could be understandable if one is not fully comprehending

a higher dimensional concept such as ‘containment’, and how Divine Law

brings back to each soul all the feelings of pain that have been

inflicted upon another for the purposes of learning who one is. If one

learns those lessons and chooses to come back as a better individual,

soul evolution has occurred. If the free will to drop further into fear

and negativity results, that soul will continue repeating experiences in

lifetimes until the soul remembers why it wanted that lesson. It wants to

remember itself as a Divine expression of love.

In his message from the Galactic Federation earlier this week, Sheldon

Nidle may also have hinted at the higher dimensional form of containment

in these words:

“The layers of control with which the cabal dominated you are

rapidly disintegrating, and as these layers lose their effectiveness,

the unbelievable extent of the avarice and illegality of their

institutions begins to be revealed. Heaven has graced us with an amazing

tool which permits us to monitor these miscreants, and in this regard we

note that those who deeply wish to enslave humanity are in fact a most

incompetent bunch! Their many procedural errors and unwarranted

overstepping of their authority plainly brought about their present

predicaments, and the mountains of illegal debt are the direct result of

this unbridled avarice. In this, Heaven provided a most effective means

for us to subdue them, and the addition of our Inner Earth and Space

cousins has sealed the deal for humanity! We are very grateful for this,

and deeply bless all in Heaven for her wondrous gifts and for our

deliverance from the dark.”

Science is also beginning to support the existence of what some sources

call the Akashic Records. There have been hints by the galactics that

this is one tool by which they will be able to prove all the crimes

committed by the dark cabal and others choosing to cause harm while

living in fear and negativity.

Archangel Michael revealed that the containment is not getting off easy,

as some are now suggesting. In some ways, going to jail would be getting

off easy, but that would only delay the inevitable. When one is

immediately faced with all the negativity and all the pain that one has

attempted to inflict upon another, that individual will be experiencing

extreme pain while going through the withdrawal of the energetic

addictions that caused that behavior.  That energy will not subside

until the individual chooses to make choices that are love-based.

Can you remember a time in your life when someone has thrown back at you

a particularly painful memory that you were responsible for? Did you feel

badly? Did you feel or wish in that moment that the other individual

would let go of that and forget it? This might be a good 3D

interpretation for trying to understand containment. Of course, because

it is still 3D, it may not have the energies of love, but the concept of

negative energies that one has put out being reflected back with feeling

and emotion is the idea.

That would be the kind of torture that would have a soul begging for

death, to try to escape the pain of those memories. Death however, may

not remove the need to learn the lessons of those experiences.

Why would you be willing to risk your own soul evolution by seeking

revenge upon another who will already be going through his/her personal


Forgiveness does not mean the soul will no longer experience justice.

Forgiveness is merely a choice to release one’s desire to react in

hatred and fear, and to not be held as a slave to the energies attached

to that experience.

As time goes on, this lesson will become clear. The test however, is in

deciding whether or not your faith or belief in what you want to

experience in your future is strong enough to accept and live with that

choice…whatever that choice may be.

The message from the Celestials at this time is that Gaia will no longer

tolerate energies of negativity.  Gaia will shake off any

energies that are not ready, willing and able to resonate and exist at

higher vibrations of love and Light.

The galactics have said that they cannot interfere with individual free

will. If there are souls among humanity that still have karmic issues to

balance and resolve, the galactics cannot and will not interfere with those.

Therefore, it is very possible that some listening to this program will

feel very strongly a desire to seek out revenge for acts committed

against them. One has the free will to do so. What is gently being offered

is to weigh the consequences of what one is wanting to do, against the

opportunity to be a part of a New Earth. If one is willing to learn the

lesson, and do one’s best to forgive another, help will be there to

participate within the energies of the New Gaia, unless one has decided

at a higher level to not participate. If one is aware and accepts the

potential consequences that come with choosing to act in vengeance or

any other energy of negativity, there will be consequences, and one of

those consequences may involve leaving Gaia later because the energy of

that individual will no longer be in balance with the higher energies to

which Gaia will be resonating in the very near future.

What will you choose, and are you able to accept consequences relating

to that choice or those choices?

The information being presented at this time seems to paint a rather

strong picture supporting the creation of a New Gaia, a healthy, loving

and prosperous planet with no negativity. The shifting energies will not

allow negativity to exist at the higher vibration.

Containment may be considered a 5D rehab centre, so to speak, where 3D

addictions are broken with love and Light and not through energies of


If you wish to arrest people and see them harmed in retribution, this is

your free will, but also know that with great creative power of the

God/Goddess within you that also brings great responsibility and

accountability to that choice.  If you are placed in containment for

those choices, the energies and emotions will be reflected right back to

you.  Later, at the end of your LIFE-path, there may also be an

experience of a review of all things done during that LIFE-path,

possibly resulting in the painful review of the harm and suffering

inflicted upon others when your lesson was to learn more about love in

the first place.

Global peace and healing begins with a choice — and this choice can

only be made by YOU! – definition ‘arrest’ – Sheldon Nidle update





JULY 2012


Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon on “An Hour With An Angel,” speaks to the world about the mass arrests, which he prefers to call CONTAINMENT.  Archangel Michael explains that the language we use can determine the emotions with which we color our actions.  The term arrests denotes violence, revenge, and punishment.  He asks us: Do you want to build your new world upon a foundation of revenge?  Do you want to waste time with 3rd dimensional trials and punishment?  Mother Earth herself has stated, “No.”

Archangel Michael explains that the arrests actually began on June 25, 2012.  However, the method being used is called containment.  Containment is a very rarely used cosmic means of removing the influence of negative entities by placing them in an energetic container or box made up of Light and Unconditional Love.  As long as the contained one acts in accordance with love, he/she is fine.  But when that individual chooses to act with negativity, the negative energy goes nowhere and is, instead, reflected back to its source.  By containing political heads of state, corporate executives, educational & religious heads, and others included in the term “the dark cabal,” any power to influence our world, to stand in the way of movement forward for the people is neutralized.  This containment cannot be terminated until the individual is absolutely cleared of all negativity.  Contained, they can no longer interfere with disclosure of our galactic family’s presence with us … with converting to a new equity oriented financial system to the benefit of all … with the unveiling of the 6,000 patents for advanced technology that already exists and will render humanity’s lives 100% better … and much, much more.

This “An Hour With An Angel” show is profound to the point of needing to listen to it a second time to even attempt to truly hear what Archangel Michael is saying.


Geoffrey West follows the first hour with a special edition of “Cosmic Vision News” in which he continues to talk about the mass arrests, i.e. containment.  His guest on the show is Bill (Wood) Brackbroder.  Bill is also profound in his level of knowledge and his ability to relate it to the life experiences we all share.  Bill has actually seen and is working on some of the advanced technology that we will all soon come to know.


Due to the importance of the content of above two shows, In Light Radio’s “Let’s Talk 2012 & Beyond” will discuss further the CONTAINMENT, i.e. arrests.  David Schmidt and Sierra Neblina’s show is oriented toward including you, the listener.  You may call in with your comments and questions.  It airs July 3, 2012 at 9 PM (EDT)

 All In Light Radio shows may be found in the Archives Listing.