“A 9/11-LIKE DAY”


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This was just one of those days, so reminiscent of the first Sunday after 9/11.  There were people in my two Churches that I had not seen for ages! It is not yet Christmas and Easter is still four months away!

Yes, the killings in Newtown, Connecticut had everyone packing into the pews ….. and why?  FEAR!

Furrowed brows, down hearts, glum looks, sobbing.

“Where is God?”

“How could a God of Love let this happen?”

And the old stand-by “What is happening to this world?”

I expected Ward Cleaver of “Leave it to Beaver” fame to walk in and add his fueled classic:  “Now this would not have happened in my day” to an already stoked and blazing fire!

Perhaps the most fear-laden remark I heard today was from an older soprano in the Choir who threw up her hands, declaring:  “Where is God?  He is nowhere near any of us!”

I answered, “God is in you.  You are God.”

She stared at me, “Really?  Well I hope so because this just isn’t working anymore!”

Hmmm…… awakening comes sometimes at a very costly price!

At the first service, a sermon was not even necessary as the congregation wanted to talk:  “Was the child depressed?  I heard he had autism.”

“This is just the fuel atheists’ need to attack Christianity”….. Now that was a good one!

One elderly lady remarked “I have always been a supporter of the Second Amendment so that people could bear arms; but we have just got to do something!

I don’t think I will support that position any longer!”  Hmm…. Out of the mouth of babes.

Trust me, I am not callous about these killings in Connecticut one iota.  But if I saw  anything today, it was again how people unaware of their Godhood have no hope.

Perhaps the icing on the cake was to hear that Westboro Baptist will go and picket the funerals of the slain. I even saw a Christian Channel on YouTube dedicated to God’s Judgment upon the slain of Connecticut as well as the Filipino people hit by the tsunami.  What love pours forth from those not awake.


NOTE BY NANCY:  What my minister friend experienced today in his two churches is very much like what another friend and I encountered following 9/11.  People were awakening and seeking more.  My friend opened Unity Spirit Center, a place where people could come and discuss whatever they chose without fear of repercussions.  Then, 9/11 occurred.  People rushed back to their former churches, fearfully grasping for the familiar, even though the familiar had not worked for them previously.

Like the Musing Minister, I am in NO WAY callous about the killings.  But, what I observe is that religions have failed miserably in teaching “the kingdom of God is within you.”  People can easily be scared because they have been taught a God who is separate from them, who is vengeful, and who punishes unmercifully.

When an event like 9/11 or the killings in Connecticut happens, people immediately feel that God is far away and can do anything God wants to do.  They feel shattered because God appears to be so unpredictable and so distant.

“What will God do next?” they cry.



 On December 17, 2012 An Hour With An Angel will have Archangel Michael present to answer many questions, among them why the killings in Connecticut.  You may tune in at 8 PM EST at:


And we know that those who love God are helped by him in everything for good.”  Romans 8:28 – Lamsa’s translation of the Aramaic of the Peshitta

Of course, it is difficult to honestly love God when we have been taught such terrible lies about our Mother/Father God.  Let’s allow the killings in Connecticut to be a teachable moment.

Consider what you would have preferred regarding the children and adults who were killed.  Any feelings of LOVE WITHIN YOU are coming from the God of Love who dwells within you.  “The Kingdom of God is within YOU!”  Anytime you express love, you are expressing God within you.  YOU are a part of God … there is absolutely no way you could live apart from God.

What YOU would have preferred to happen is what God would have preferred.  And in the very near future, we will learn that God has helped every individual to realize good from this experience.

Already, we are seeing a ballooning of Love Energy on this planet.  People are being kinder to each other … playing songs of Love in their homes, cars, and business establishments … expressing Love in a myriad of ways.

Those souls who left this plane are rejoicing to see the good that is being created by their return to the higher realms.  People in grief are much more open to the world of Spirit … they are very likely to feel a degree of Love beyond anything they have ever experienced.  And then…………..

Within days, the plane of duality will no longer exist on Earth.  Earth and all her inhabitants, who so choose, are ascending in consciousness to the 5th dimensional plane of Unconditional Love and Peace.  There will no sorrow or pain on 5th dimension.


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