Negotiations for world peace proceeding smoothly as more bad guys bite the dust Posted by benjamin May 15, 2017

NOTE BY NANCY:  Last night I made myself listen to the mainstream media news .   It was sad to see confirmation that the Deep State (or Secret Government who tightly controlls the MSM, continues to  use fear tactics  to convince the American people to support World War III.  I post this report by Benjamin Fulford to reveal a positive outlook for our world.   REMEMBER FEAR ENERGY SUPPORTS THE DEEP STATE’S AGENDA!  WE HELP  CREATE A PEACEFUL, LOVING WORLD BY BEING PEACEFUL AND LOVING!

Negotiations for world peace proceeding smoothly as more bad guys bite the dust

Posted by benjamin

May 15, 2017

A North Korean peace deal, a Ukrainain peace deal and a resolution of Middle Eastern problems, including the Israeli/Palestinian issue are all being negotiated behind the scenes, multiple sources agree. This is why US President Donald Trump will be going to Israel, Saudi Arabia and then Rome starting on the 24th of this month, the sources say. Trump himself told Fox TV that after these meetings he would go to “the big conference of our countries that are going to help the world.”

 The details of the peace deal with North Korea are yet to be negotiated but sources close to the talks say North Korea will be offered a guarantee of sovereignty and security in exchange for publicly giving up its nuclear weapons program. Of course this will only be a face saving gesture since, in secret, North Korea will be allowed to keep its nuclear deterrent, the sources say.

 The pending North Korean peace accord is definitely related to China’s massive one belt one road (obor) infrastructure initiative since a peace accord in the Korean peninsula would allow for the construction of a tunnel linking Japan to the Eurasian mainland. Construction on this tunnel has already begun, Japanese government sources admit

The presence of delegates from the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the UK and France at China’s big obor gathering this weekend shows Western resistance to this project has ended. The fact Chinese President Xi Jinping stopped in Alaska on the way back from his recent summit meeting with Trump, means it is a pretty good guess a deal has been reached to make a tunnel linking Alaska to the Eurasian landmass.

Already, freight trains are going from London and Germany to China, cutting the travel time for goods by half and lowering costs as well.

These new land freight routes are one of the reasons the Baltic Dry Index remains stuck at a very low level since overland travel is both cheaper and faster within Eurasia. It will not be too far in the future before it will be possible to take a train or ship goods by train from New York to London via China and Russia. An underground high 3000 kilometer per hour vacuum tube rail tunnel linking London and New York is also expected to go into operation, sources in the US secret space program say.

The Chinese are also hoping to once again…. 

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I do not when the economic changeover period is to occur, but do know that plans for all that this video states have  been in the works for several years.  It is my understanding that the new economic system is imminent.

Regardless, listening to this audio can be helpful in preparing  to meet your and your family’s needs.  You will also know what is happening when it does occur.  Much work to bring about very beneficial changes has been ongoing behind the scenes for years.  All will be explained on major media outlets.