I am sharing this story of a trans-gender child because I once knew a trans-gender individual. We became close friends and I got to know the psychological conflicts with which she lived. As Zay says in this article/video, it feels like I am locked in a cage with no way to get out. Tears fill my eyes just to think of my friend being imprisoned. I could not settle for “that’s the way things are.” Never could … I have to do all I can to find the answer to “Why?”

My friend and I both studied metaphysics and accepted the fact of our ETERNAL SELF. I also studied Esoteric Astrology, which is based on the concept of reincarnation. As we view our lives from the perspective of our ETERNAL SELF, we come to realize that our individual Soul has experienced thousands of incarnations in many nations, as many different Personalities, and on many planets. One of the ultimate goals of each Soul is to achieve a balance between the masculine and feminine energies–the state of androgyny, one of the most advanced stages of spiritual evolution.

In order to accomplish this, the Soul incarnates as a male for numerous lifetimes and as female for numerous lifetimes. It is within the incarnation during which the Soul makes the transition from one gender to another that problems in adjusting can occur. The trans-gender individual has vivid memories of having lived as the opposite sex. It is possible that the Soul re-incarnated into the opposite sex physical body shortly after returning to Spirit, so the Soul memories are very vivid. The cells of the physical body may also retain these memories.

The same can be true of the individual our society calls “gay.” That Soul has also lived and loved as one sex and in the present incarnation is making the transition to the opposite sex in order to achieve androgyny–the balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Remember the Soul is the spiritual, Eternal Self that has incarnated as any number of “Personalities.” Identifying–through past life regressions–the Personalities we have been can be very healing in that it assists us in understanding our Eternal Self. Physical and emotional healings have been known to occur almost immediately. (Read Dr. Brian Weiss’ books) The individual making the transition to an incarnation as the opposite sex gains an understanding of why he/she feels caged in a body that feels uncomfortable and sets up a variety of “bullying” scenarios in a society that teaches “only one life to live.”

Within a belief system that teaches “only one life to live,” the trans-gender or gay individual is made to feel and is often treated as “perverted.” This is just one of the horrible repercussions of religions and the medical professions resisting or forbidding an acceptance of reincarnation as Truth. Hence, all of life is explained in terms of the physical; whereas, the Truth is that 99.9% of life is within the spiritual realms. Not accepting reincarnation is to deny the ETERNAL SELF and its multitude of experiences. We, therefore attempt to understand others and ourselves by looking at a miniscule part of who we truly are. This creates vast pain stemming from being forced by society to repress the glorious magnitude of our true identity as made in the image of our Mother/Father God, thus child gods.

As a very talented musician and song writer, Paul Luftenegger, sings of his incarnation as a gay man, “It’s Only Love.”

Understanding the concept of the Eternal Self can solve a multitude of personal and societal problems. Instead of feeling caged in, the transgender and gay individuals could understand why they made the transition from one sex to another and make the adjustment choices that best suit him/her and the lessons the Soul desires to learn. Parents can explain to the child and allow her/him to choose how they can best adjust.

The Eternal Self has eternity in which to develop the state of androgyny.