Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show -10/21/15

Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show – 10/21/15

Dr. Kathryn May

Archangel Michael, Sananda, and Mother God spoke to us tonight.  Sananda assured us that the actions of the Keshe Foundation are real … that Dr. Keshe is Albert Einstein reincarnated, here to complete Einstein’s dream.  Sananda told us that Dr. Keshe has a higher being with him, incarnated as his Higher Self, but it was not time for Sananda to reveal this being’s identity.  The Council of Heaven is working with Dr. Keshe.

keshe-mehranDr. M.T. Keshe

Sananda also assured us that the the so-called, by the mainstream medias, mirages of cities appearing in the clouds over China are 5th dimensional cities with real 5th dimensional beings living in them.  He stated we will increasingly have visible proof of their presence with us.

Mother God assured us WE ARE NEVER ALONE … Mother/Father God feel ONLY THE DEEPEST UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR EACH ONE OF.  They are never angry with us … never judgmental of our actions.

Although words are missed throughout the show, this show is one I would not miss.