Susan Boyle

“Wings to Fly”

“Who I Was Born to Be’




I’m glad it rained  today!  Instead of spending the day outside, I spent several hours listening to Susan Boyle and knew I was listening to a Master!  As a child in Scotland, Susan was bullied at school.  Having the other youth put out their cigarettes by pressing them on her body, she felt that no one loved her.  Her first audition on Britain’s Got Talent brought laughter when she announced she dreamed of being a professional singer.  That is, until she opened her mouth to sing!

This video takes  the listener with Susan on her journey.  It allows each of us to see that WE can move from being bullied at school to BEING ALL THAT WE  INCARNATED TO BE BY NEVER GIVING UP THE DREAM TO USE OUR UNIQUE SOUL MISSION/TALENT TO ITS FULLEST EXPRESSION!

As you watch Susan’s progress, note how she never let go of her sense of humor, her kind smile … note the kindness in her face … note how she grew from being a “plain, awkward Jane” into a poised, beautiful woman.

Each of us can grow into the beautiful man or woman we incarnated to be!  That expression may not be on a stage before thousands, but it can come as we follow our soul’s dream to BE ALL WE CAN BE!

Susan’s story is truly an inspiring one!  Just allow the video to continue to the end … about 2 hours.  It is beautiful listening!



Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

As so often happens, I was led to this video this morning, having no idea where I was being led!

Planet Earth is in the midst of a tremendous shift; it is a time well suited to making your dream come true.  Our OLD WORLD is collapsing to make room for the NEW WORLD in which every individual on the planet will count as a INTEGRAL PART OF THE WHOLE OF MOTHER/FATHER GOD’S DIVINE PLAN.

If you have ever knitted, how well you know that a dropped stitch can mean the entire article will unravel unless you manage to go back and pick up the dropped Part of the Whole.  Every stitch is essential!

Likewise, within Mother/Father God’s Creative Plan, every individual is essential!

I still weep watching Susan Boyle’s debut in Britain’s Got Talent.  As Simon Cowell told her, “you are a tiger.”  She appeared to have nothing going for her when she walked on stage as the tiger she is.  As one judge said, “Everyone was against you.”  We all judged her by outer appearance–and made a gross mistake!

Susan opened her mouth to sing “I Dreamed A Dream” and instantly she was transformed into the Earth Angel she and all of us are!

I weep watching her because she is the perfect example of how when we unrelentingly follow our dream to use the unique talent we possess within God’s Divine Plan of Creation, that dream will come true!  It comes true because without it, our role as an integral Part of the Divine Whole becomes like the dropped knitting stitch.

We may not be consciously aware of how our unrealized dream impacts the Whole, but we can be certain it does!  How many have rejoiced over Susan’s success because it gave them hope to continue on with fulfilling their dream?

As you watch Susan’s debut, observe how the judges and audience react when she walks on stage … observe the “tiger in her responding” … observe the confidence she has in her talent … the fun she is having with her “I’ll show you” attitude.

Susan is the perfect example of a case study for dream fulfillment!  Thank you, Susan, for reminding all of us, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!