LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (Lifted from Issue #52 of the The New Earth Times) Sananda



(Lifted from Issue #52 of the The New Earth Times)


Greetings,  I want to talk with all of you about Love.  I love talking about Love.  Yours, mine, ours.  During this time of monumental change, it is important to rest easily in Love, because it is the best life-preserver there is.  Love buoys us up, carries us through the difficult or turbulent times.  That is my experience, is it not yours?

How often when things go badly for you have you turned to an old and trusted friend who has loved you through the good times and bad?  It may not change the conditions, but it certainly soothes the ache, doesn’t it?  And have you ever boarded a bus or subway at the end of a day that left you frazzled and then watched a baby gaze around and giggle at the people who smile at him?  It can warm your heart and melt away your cares to be in the presence of laughter – especially the laughter of a young child.

We Design Our Own Life Plans

All of us knew when we came here to Earth to live out a lifetime, we knew it would be difficult at best, because the conditions on the ground had deteriorated to the point where disease, pain and suffering came into every life.  No matter how privileged a life might appear from the outside, there truly have been no easy lifetimes on Planet Earth during the span of time which includes everyone who is alive now.  We came because we wanted to help, to uplift ourselves and our beloved planet, but we knew it would not be easy.  Once we had designed our life path with the help of loving Guides, angels and soul family, we submerged ourselves in the experience of lower dimensional Earth. We always came with hope and optimism that we would be able to bring the kind of Love we remembered from Home to our life here.  We were realistic about how much we hoped to accomplish, but we wanted most of all to bring Love to those we would share our lives with.

The conditions we knew in higher dimensions were serene, comfortable, filled with delight. Here at Home we are aware that we are immersed in the loving energies of Mother and Father God, and our soul family surrounds us always with unconditional love, Light and good humor.  We work hard in our positions as overseers of our incarnated loved ones, and we serve as members of Councils which discuss every nuance of how we can work with you to alleviate the suffering and bring about change.  These Councils have been working non-stop over the last many years to help bring about the massive shift you are now experiencing, but here we live in the knowledge that time is illusory, darkness has no definitive reality, and the Light is Home to all.  This gives us great comfort, even as our hearts ache for you as you continue to push forward so valiantly into the New Day.

Some of you are feeling intensely the discomfort of the rising frequencies, but it does not stop you from focusing on your chosen tasks – to transmute and clear away dark energies, hold the Light, provide laughter or shelter or food or inspiration for those who are suffering and feeling alone or discouraged.  We are especially admiring of your efforts because we know of the mental and emotional barriers you have had to break through to accomplish your mission.

So many of you there on the ground were taught some very strict and frightening things about God and his angels, his judgments and punishments.  Humanity as a whole has had little of the spiritual comfort of the sort we enjoy in higher dimensions.  Rules, threats of punishment and isolation are a constant danger in many cultures.  Dogma commonly encouraged one to shun or attack others not of their own beliefs.  These religious and social “rules” have created barriers where Love might otherwise have flourished.  Religions, in general, have had a stifling effect on friendship or love when it tries to cross boundaries. How many famous stories have told of the Romeo and Juliet dilemma:  true love squashed because families or cultures or countries must be served before the feelings of the lovers.  All this, Beloved Family, is about to come to an end.

You Are Our Heroes

You who are reading this have done a heroic job of changing the energetic atmosphere around you.  We look upon you adoringly and respectfully; you are truly our heroes, and we know each and every one of you as our brothers and sisters.  We know each other here so well, and we know the stories of the family members we each long to reunite with as this project comes to fruition.  We hold a sister’s hand, or stand with an arm around a brother as they watch over you, their loved ones who are in the thick of the fray on the ground.  Sometimes we do what feels like holding our breaths as we watch you take on difficult and dangerous tasks, straining your physical, emotional and mental resources beyond your capacity.  On Earth as in Heaven, we have all been working beyond our capacity, in the place beyond Creation, with the heartfelt encouragement of Mother and Father and all our loving Company of Heaven.

In Love and intimate solidarity, our hearts go out to our hard-working Twin Flames on the ground, the twin spark of our soul, the love that has endured throughout our eternity together.  There can be no separation between twin souls.  We could spend eternities in separate galaxies doing our Light work, but there would be no sense of isolation or loneliness, for we are forever connected by our shared heart-flame. We are like Mother and Father, who are inseparable in every way.  It could not be otherwise.

There has been a misunderstanding about the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul/twin flame.  It is very simple, really.  A twin soul/twin flame is literally our twin, the other half of our soul. Yet it is interesting to comprehend that although we share our soul essence, neither of us is less than whole.  A soul mate is just as it would sound in Australian vernacular:  A close and valued pal, friend, lover or family member.  Our soul mates are many and treasured; they share lifetimes with us over and over, helping us to fulfill the particular experiences and missions we have chosen.

We know before we come what part we will play for each other, so that the benefits accrue to all of us.  They may come as brother, father, teacher, lover or friend, as sister, aunt or closest confident.  Depending upon the requirements of a particular lifetime, they may even come as an arch enemy, a rival, a competitor, or a villain.  We choose to play these roles for each other because of the trust and familiarity we have developed over eons as a family group.

Every soul, even one who comes to this lifetime to live as a hermit, has such a loving and reliable family, always serving them whether incarnated or in spirit, and that family reaches far and wide, ultimately intertwined with every other family and soul group.  In the Home we share in higher dimensions, we are in loving acceptance of other groups who may come to interact with our family group.  This is what is happening now, with the arrival of families from all over the Universe who have come to join us in this historic Ascension of Planet Earth.  They come to learn and to Love, one and all.

The Skies Above You and the Air Around Are Filled with Love

It has been a concerted cabal program to make humankind think that all visitors from other planets must be invaders, conquerors with evil intent.  Of course that is absurd, because all ships and their inhabitants from the 5 th  dimension and higher are loving.  I want to reassure you, the story of the Ancharon Alliance and the danger, destruction, evil and imbalance they programmed and incited into this reality is not only at an end; it is not to be repeated.  At this very moment, there are billions of benevolent Galactic high dimensional beings in your skies, beaming their love and support, to assist you in your glorious Ascension.

Thanks to your tireless efforts to hold the Light on the surface and the stupendous achievements of the Galactic fleet under our Supreme Commander Ashtar, no invaders or cosmic accidents will be allowed to interfere with Earth.  Be assured that any significant event you experience in your life in this pivotal stretch on Earth is something you yourself planned.  This should bring you tremendous comfort and allow you to embrace your experiences as you go through your days.

Yes, you are still doing the clean-up and restoration, and our project to bring Light to all souls on Earth is gaining momentum.  Many of those who had temporarily aligned with cabal ideology are coming out of their hiding places to seek restoration in the Light, as the tattered Matrix crumbles into oblivion.  The day of hope fulfilled is upon us.

Sananda: Be My Valentine

Here is the inscription on my forever Valentine card to you, Beloved Earth Humans, as I stand on the deck of the New Jerusalem, in solidarity with all Beings of Light:

You are safe, my Beloveds, as never before

You are wrapped in our Love, forevermore

Dear Terra, Ascending, holds true to her duty,

Restoring dear Gaia to richness and beauty

As her children turn to each other in Love

They awaken and heal in the Light from above.

The Company of Heaven helps carry the banner,

You at one end and we at the other,

Our Bridge is resplendent, expanding Creation –

The Rainbow of Love arches over all nations.

While the HoneyLove flows from our Mother above,

We’re surrounded and safe in our Father’s great Love.

And this is my promise, Beloved Friends,

That this Valentine blessing never ends.

It is a pledge of Love that remains ever true;

Our Loving Hearts linger to usher you through

Your New Golden Age, this era foretold

By angels and prophets and sages of old.

We joyfully dance as we join hand in hand,

Peace love and forgiveness flow over the land.

I love you now and I ever will serve

I am your Sananda, I give you my word.

(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 15 February 2016)

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YOUR LOVE IS NEEDED NOW! by Patricia Cota-Robles


 by Patricia Cota-Robles


  September, 7, 2014

 (This Video is titled: Raising Consciousness)

 (If this link does not work please copy and paste it into your browser)

                        Since the beginning of 2014 the Earth and all Life evolving upon her have been

going through an intensified purging process. From outer appearances this is

wreaking havoc on every part of the globe. This cleansing is affecting each of

us individually in our personal lives, and it is also affecting the entire Family

of Humanity collectively, because we are One and there is no separation. When we

turn on the news or observe what is happening through the available media, it

seems that there is no rhyme or reason for the things that are happening, but

that is not true.

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness ever attempted in any

system of worlds. But in order to complete this shift, which is destined to

eventually return every man, woman, and child on Earth to an enlightened state of

Christ Consciousness, we must transmute the obsolete human miscreations from the

old Earth that are still causing incredible pain and suffering for the masses of

Humanity. This information may seem unfamiliar to you, but every single person on

Earth is clearly aware of this profound Truth, through the Divinity of his or her

I AM Presence. In fact, ALL of us have been preparing for this moment for

lifetimes. To confirm that Truth, take this information into the Divinity of your

Heart and ask for your God Self to reveal to you your part in this vitally

important facet of the Divine Plan. The reason this information has been brought

to your awareness during this critical moment on Earth, is because YOUR LOVE IS


The Earth and all her Life have victoriously made it through the Shift of the

Ages. Now daily and hourly thousands of people all over the Planet are awakening.

These awakening souls are beginning to remember who they are and why they have

been given the privilege of being in physical embodiment during this auspicious

moment on Earth. When our sisters and brothers awaken, they realize that they are

Sons and Daughters of God, and that all that our Father-Mother God have is

theirs. With that realization, these precious people are lifted up in

consciousness. With a higher level of awareness, they volunteer to be the Open

Door through which the Light of God can flow to transform this sweet Earth and

all her Life into Earth’s Divine Destiny, which is Heaven on Earth.

This phenomenon is causing the Light of God to increase on Earth exponentially.

As the Light of God increases on this Planet, everything that conflicts with that

Light is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light.

Unfortunately, some of our recalcitrant and fear-based sisters and brothers are

latching onto these surfacing negative patterns and acting them out in deplorable

ways. These unawakened people do not understand that we are moving forward in the

Light. They think they will be destroyed and lose their ability to exist if they

do not fight tooth and nail to resist the shift into Christ Consciousness that is

taking place. Even though their malevolent behavior is exacerbating Humanity’s

pain and suffering,their efforts are futile. We are moving forward in the Light

and there is no turning back.

The Company of Heaven, however, have revealed that YOU and I, and every awakening

person on the Planet, have the ability to reduce the chaos our brothers and

sisters are unleashing all over the world. In order to do this, we must invoke

the Light of God on their behalf and hold the sacred space for their return to

Christ Consciousness. The Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth have

assured us that by volunteering to be the Open Door for this selfless Activity of

Light, we will be able to make this purging process much less tumultuous.

The Company of Heaven want us to know that this purging would not be allowed at

this accelerated pace if it was going to cause more harm than good. The reason it

is being allowed is because there are millions of awakened people on Earth who

are tangibly aware of the magnitude of what is happening on Earth. These willing

Sons and Daughters of God, which include YOU and me, are serving as instruments

of God and invoking the Light on behalf of our sisters and brothers who are

fighting relentlessly to keep us from shifting into the enlightened state of

Christ Consciousness.

In order to make the collective efforts of awakening people around the world much

easier, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have given us a powerful

visualization and Activity of Light that will raise the consciousness of our

sisters and brothers who are so very afraid, and those who are resisting moving

forward in the Light. This wondrous Gift from On High will greatly assist ALL of

us in the process of returning to Christ Consciousness.

We have created a YouTube video with this amazingly powerful Activity of Light

and it is easily accessed through the link below. The video is titled: RAISING


                        (If this link does not work please copy and paste it into your browser)

The Beings of Light are asking all of us to empower this YouTube video daily if

possible, according to your Heart’s Call, from now through the 2014 September


Through this Activity of Light the way will be cleared for the influx of Light

that will take place September 13-18th, during the 28th Annual World Congress on

Illumination. This event is a global event, but the Lightworkers who are

physically attending will gather in the Portal of Precipitation in the Grand

Teton Mountains at the beautiful Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyoming. USA.

Precipitation is the Activity of Light through which unformed primal Light

Essence is drawn directly from the Universe and converted into form. This is the

frequency of God’s Light that Humanity must use in order to tangibly manifest the

wondrous patterns of the New Earth and assist every man, woman, and child in the

process of RETURNING TO CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, which is unfolding moment by moment

in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

For those of you who will be joining us in consciousness and adding your

exquisite Light to the 28th Annual World Congress On Illumination from your

sacred space on the Planet, know that as this event unfolds each day, the Beings

of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will guide us step by step through the

various facets of the unfolding Divine Plan. For this reason, we do not have a

lot of information about the specific Divine Ceremonies in advance.

The important thing for all of us to understand is that we have ALL been

preparing for lifetimes to fulfill our unique facet of this Divine Plan. I

encourage you to listen to your heart, and KNOW that you too will be guided

through each day by your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

We work in THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW throughout the week, so whenever you are

able to join in consciousness with us will be right and perfect. It does not

matter if you are joining with us at the exact same time. When we are focused in

the Eternal Moment of Now, we are ONE in perfect synchronicity.

The momentum of Light will build from the opening ceremonies on September 13th

through the closing ceremonies on September 18th . Your Divine Intention is what

matters. Know that if you intend to be the most powerful force of Light you are

capable of being during this miraculous facet of the Divine Plan, you will be.

Trust yourself!

Thank you for your heartfelt desire to assist Humanity and this precious Planet.

Your Light and Love are needed and gratefully accepted by Mother Earth and ALL

Life evolving upon her.

I truly appreciate you and the magnificent Light you are adding to the world.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any

medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings

of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial

sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to

see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.



Blossom Goodchild Wisdom on LOVE The Federation Of Light

Blossom Goodchild Wisdom on LOVE The

Federation Of Light





“The Power of Love”

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

In the early 2000s, I wrote a series of lessons to help Christians, and others who choose to use Jesus as an example of an individual demonstrating the Christ Consciousness, to get know him as a Wayshower.

As many know, whether or not Jesus was actually crucified has recently become a hot topic of discussion.  Truth—in 2014–is pouring out, shocking many and pulling the rug out from under others’ worldview.  However, for many, whether or not the Roman government actually crucified Jesus is of less importance than their rejection of the theological reason for that crucifixion as stated in orthodox Christian teachings.  The orthodox reason is that God sent his Only Begotten Son to die on the cross to save a sinful people, whom He would otherwise sentence to eternal punishment in the fires of hell for their sins.

I, and countless others, rejected this theological viewpoint decades ago.  Since Jesus is regularly proclaimed as Savior/Redeemer and therefore worshipped as such, many Christians were left in limbo without a Wayshower to guide them through the stormy waters in which they found themselves once they stepped outside the orthodox box.

Christ Walking on the WaterAmedee Varin, 19th Century

  It is for this reason that I am re-posting this series of lessons … one a day for the coming 10 to 12 days.


Part 10 of Series
“The Power of Love”

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

During Jesus’ ministry, the religious leaders attempted frequently to trick him with their questions. In the above scripture reference, one of the scribes asked, “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?”

Jesus turned the question back to the scribe, “What is written in the law? How do you read it?” The scribe answered, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus responded, “You spoke the truth, do this and you shall live.”

God’s gift to each of us is eternal life based upon our capacity and willingness to live a life of Love. A Jewish scribe was required to know religious law, to interpret the scriptures, and to teach the people. Intellectually, a scribe was highly educated and could speak truth. Many of us know a portion of truth as it is taught in the surface words of the Bible. However, as we see in this biblical story, knowing truth is not sufficient. Jesus commanded the scribe: “Do this and you shall live.” We must DO LOVE.

Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, taught that each of Jesus’ 12 disciples signified one of the 12 powers possessed by humanity. Ascension involves the development and/or refinement of each of these powers: life, elimination, order, strength, wisdom, love, power, zeal, imagination, faith, understanding, and will. (Charles Fillmore, The Twelve Powers) Learning to integrate these 12 powers into our lifestyle requires dedication to spiritual growth. The intellect can study and talk about these powers; however, it is their integration that grants us eternal life. We must DO THE 12 POWERS. Part 10 of this series concentrates on the power of Love as Jesus, a Wayshower, revealed it to us.

The Greek word translated “to do” means “to make, to undertake, to bring about, to produce.” We often hear the comment: “I’m tired of doing; I just want to be.” This statement is often an expression of weariness due to our hectic lifestyles; however, it can lead to confusion. The Greek work translated “to be” means “to exist, to live, to be available, to be present with.” In effect, be Love, so you can do—or bring about—acts of love. Jesus’ words and life demonstrated the importance of being love and doing acts of love, being faith and undertaking acts of faith.

The scribe quoted the greatest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” Who is this God? The God indwelling each of us—our I AM PRESENCE. To obey this commandment means to love God with all that we are.  Love of God is to consume our lives. Love of God, self, and our neighbors is to leave no room in our heart for hate, revenge, jealousy, or resentment. During this incarnation, our love for God, self, and others is to be the guiding light on our soul’s journey. There is to be no room for self-serving or harmful behavior. We are to saturate our minds with thoughts of love, leaving no room for clinging to victim-hood or negative thoughts. The greatest commandment leaves room for neither compromise nor exceptions. TO BE LOVE IS TO DO LOVE.

Why would being and doing love be the criteria for eternal life? A very helpful book, Twelve Powers In You, by Williamson and Knapp, gives a practical answer to this question. Each of the 12 powers are linked to specific parts of the physical body. The power of Love is centered in the heart, which means it is also related to blood circulation and to the organs that work to purify the blood—the liver and spleen. Our immune system is greatly impacted by our ability to express love. Blood pumping through the heart is the physical foundation of life. Love manifesting through our physical plane lives is the foundation for eternal life and good health. Medical studies are revealing a link between love and the immune system: those who are involved in a loving community tend to be healthier and to live longer, the benefits of loving a pet is now evident among the elderly, and the rewards of participating in a career that we love result in people working far beyond the normal retirement age. Love plays a major role in the healing of self and others. Researchers have found that persons—who feel loved and supported—have fewer blockages in the arteries. On the other hand, impediments to our release of the love energy within us can create clogging in our circulatory system. Dr. Knapp, a medical doctor and co-author of Twelve Powers In You, believes the key to healing any circulatory disorder is Love. As we love God with all of our heart and with all of our soul and with all of our strength and with all of our mind, we ensure good physical health and eternal life.

The scribe asked another question of Jesus: “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus answered with one of the most familiar of biblical parables, yet one of the least understood in terms of integrating that understanding into our lives. Think of those persons we are taught, by our society, to hate and fear. Consider the words of the Peace Song: “With God as our Father, family all are we.” Who is our neighbor? The answer is radical. Our neighbor includes those we are taught to hate and fear.

In the parable, an unidentified man is traveling, likely on foot, from Jerusalem to Jericho. On the way, he is beaten, robbed, and left by the roadside to die. The dilemma within the parable encourages us to assume that the man was Jewish. Traveling along the same road, three persons see the injured man. These three persons represent three possible responses to the question: Who is our neighbor? They denote our own conflicts as we debate within ourselves how to respond to a member of God’s family – our neighbor. I use Williamson’s interpretation, as found in Twelve Powers In You.

A priest is the first to arrive. As he passed by the dying man, the priest thinks to himself: “I will pray for him, but I don’t want to get involved. I choose to maintain my high consciousness and see everything as perfect, not look upon this man’s troubles.” In that moment, was the priest being love? Doing love? Or, was he creating a blockage in his arteries by hiding behind what sounds like a statement of truth: “I want to concentrate on the good and see everything as perfect, not focus on the negative and look upon this man’s injuries?”

A Levite follows close behind. In biblical times, the Levite was a priest in charge of administering religious law. He, too, ignores the dying man, thinking to himself: “If he got beaten and robbed, he must be reaping the result of his negative thinking or behavior. So, why should I help?” In that moment, was the Levite being love? Doing love? Or, was he clogging an artery to his heart? Restricting the flow of love from our spiritual heart (the etheric heart chakra) to others restricts the flow of blood to and from our physical heart.

Neither the priest nor the Levite disliked the injured man. He could have easily traveled to Jerusalem, from Jericho, in order to worship in the temple where they served. Possibly, they had seen him in the temple and recognized him. They passed by simply because they did not want to get involved with the problem at hand. They wanted to be love, but failed to do love.

The third person to come upon the dying man was a Samaritan. At that point in time, intense hatred existed between Jews and Samaritans. Jews considered Samaritans—who were also descendants from the 12 tribes of Israel—inferior and impure because they intermarried with persons of a different religion. Samaritans were not allowed to enter the temple in Jerusalem. Most Jewish travelers went around Samaria rather than be in the company of Samaritans. A Samaritan coming upon an injured Jew had reason to keep walking. If he had been the one lying by the roadside, the Jew who hated him would very likely allow him to die.

Regardless of the racial hatred toward him, this Samaritan strives to be love, to do love. He responds from the heart with compassion; he sees the dying man as his brother, not his enemy. He chooses to be fully alive by expressing loving kindness. He touched the man with love, not repulsion, as he bound his wounds and lifted him to his own donkey. He was present with the man as he walked beside the donkey. The Samaritan was love. When they arrived at an inn, the Samaritan undertook the care of the injured man. He spent the night being present with him. The next morning, he gave the innkeeper enough money to pay for his continued care, even promising to stop by on his return trip and pay any additional expenses incurred. The Samaritan acted out love with no thought of return. Were the two men to meet again in Jerusalem, the Samaritan knew the man he had assisted would enter the temple and leave him standing outside—forbidden to enter. The Samaritan knew he would not be invited into the man’s home, nor would he be allowed to share a loaf of the Jewish man’s bread. To share bread with another was a sign of trust and friendship. Jews and Samaritans could not be friends. The Samaritan knew that even though he had loved, cared for, and befriended this Jewish man, he would be considered unfit to worship with him or to eat with him. Love knows no such limitations. The Samaritan chose to be love and to do love.

We have heard the saying: “Love is not love until you give it away.” If we fail to give away our love, we end up blocking the good in our own lives. Rather than cling to fear, resentment, and hatred; rather than accept society’s teaching that “they (those differing from us) are our enemies,” we are to BE love and to DO love. Love has the power to heal both self and others. Love, as the eternal life-giving force, must flow in a never-ending circle—from God > to us > and out to others. Love—flowing eternally—removes the blocks to perfect physical health, strengthens the immune system, reveals our Good, opens the passageways to communication with those who are different, and shows us the path to worldwide peace and familial love. Love is the greatest harmonizer in the universe.

During this time of planetary upheaval and transition into full consciousness, we have the opportunity to use our power of Love to calm the forces of destruction within nature and to stop the devastation of wars. How? By loving the instruments of destruction, we can neutralize their harmful potential. Love is the greatest power in the universe.

Jesus, as a Wayshower for the power of Love, neutralized the harmful potential of a storm on the Sea of Galilee (Luke 8:22-24). Every facet of nature possesses angelic overlords. Jesus knew this truth and spoke to the angels within the storm. He commanded them to be calm; they obeyed and stilled the turbulent waves. Jesus demonstrated the power of Love by speaking from his stance of Being and Doing Love.

Love is all that is. As we lift our consciousness to a higher plane, we can know that what appears to be destruction is, in reality, paving the way to a greater Good. That greater Good is that all of us come to know the tremendous power in which we live and move and have our being—the power of Love.

The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.
And, all is well.


Go in peace, knowing that the Kingdom of Love is within you.

“Love is my ability to know oneness with all and to desire that good comes to all. Love is my ability to share, to draw together. Love heals, harmonizes, renews, prospers, and unites.”Twelve Powers In You




I signed into facebook this morning to find this absolutely astounding photo greeting me. It was made by Kari Palmgren. Standing in her garden this morning in the small town of Halden, in southern Norway, the photo depicts Heaven’s Good Morning greeting to her.

 WOW! What a reminder that we are not alone!  LOVE IS ALL THAT IS!  ALL ELSE IS ILLUSION & PASSING AWAY!

253304_538874409489549_1374829419_n Used with permission of photographer, Kari Palmgren

Halden, Norway








  NOTE BY NANCY: 2013 is already demonstrating humanity’s intense desire for change. We are realizing that we have given away our innate power as created in the image of our Father/Mother God.

 We have allowed ourselves to submit to the will of others … to allow others to dictate what we will think … what we will believe … how we will feel … what we will be. We have accepted the lies we are taught in every area of our lives as the way life is … we have asked: why bother? What can we do about it?

 There are numerous examples in our present world of what we do not want. At the same time, we are unsure as to how to proceed in creating the world we would like to see … a world that works for everyone.

 A major block is that very sincere people are unknowingly supporting the very individuals, beliefs, and methods that enslave them. We have so allowed others to tell us what to think that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves … how to live from our hearts and tap into our innate knowledge of how to BE LOVE … how to create change without coming from a fear based motivation.

 We easily get caught up in attempting to solve a problem through win-lose methods. Competition has become our modus operandi … we have been taught to live with a belief in the fear based lie, survival of the fittest.

In order to bring about loving, peaceful, creative change and build a world that works for everyone, we must wake up to the ways in which humanity has been led to support beliefs that actually create separation … hatred … and competition. Think about it … competition is integrated into the majority of our life experiences. We strive to be on or support the winning team … we strive to make the top grades in our class … we are in competition to be hired for a job … we remain in competition to hold on to that job. The ways in which competition permeates our lives are endless.

What are the results of competition? We live in an atmosphere of fear of losing, which keeps us enslaved to working hard to be a winner. Do we ever ask: “Who determines who wins and loses?” Does the criteria for winning allow me to be truly who I am? Am I peaceful and secure in what I am doing? Or, do I feel threatened by something or someone?

Keeping humanity in a constant state of needing to strive to make a living, to feed our family, to maintain a home … i.e. to be a winner, is one of the subtle ways the Illuminati has enslaved us. If we do not conform, we will end up without a job, hungry, homeless. We are controlled by fear.

Happily, we are beginning to see examples of people choosing to cooperate together to create a world that works for everyone. Instead of fighting against what we do not want, we are beginning to learn that we must understand the problem in order to solve it, then focus our attention on positive solutions. As we take back our innate power to be co-creators with God, we can cooperatively work together to create a better world. Having taken back our own power, we no longer feel the need to fear anyone or anything. Instead of sticking our head in the sand and pretending the problem does not exist – or – becoming entangled in the problem, we see and understand it; then, look through the problem to a positive solution.

Humanity assuming its own power: to create … to think independently … to use our individual unique talents … to cooperate with others … to BE LOVE; this is the way to overcome the Illuminati Cabal. We possess the innate power to simply turn away from the fear mongering and to create a world in which Love, Peace, & Abundance for All exists.


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Love is the new technology, the new science, the new politics, the new economics

March 6, 2013 by John Smallman


Once you start to accept your true nature as divine beings – spiritual beings having a human experience – the changes necessary to bring healing and renewal to the planet and all the sentient life forms she supports will move ahead very quickly indeed.  You all have issues with that, because, as humans, you see those around you operating from their egos ninety -nine percent or more of the time. As you become increasingly honest with yourselves, you are acknowledging that you also must continue working and intending to release your own disruptive egoic attitudes that are so very human and that can be so very destructive. Because of that, it is very difficult for you to recognize and concede that truly every human is a divine being . . . they just do not behave as if they were divine! – that is, as you ego-driven humans imagine divine beings would behave.  And you do have a point.  Nevertheless it is true, and your hearts will soon take over from your egoic reasoning, and acknowledge and embrace the inalienable fact of your divinity.

Your intent to awaken is intensifying daily.  When you take time out daily (as you must) in your personal space, your place of peace, and hold that intent, even momentarily, it sends out loving energy waves of enormous power which interact with every sentient being on the planet, wherever they are and whatever their spiritual intentions and beliefs, and it impacts and modifies their energy fields to bring them increasingly into alignment with the divine energy field.

Change that will benefit all of humanity is occurring worldwide as a result of the intent that those who are spiritually oriented are holding.  All of humanity wants change because your present ways of interacting are crushing your spirits and destroying your relationships — and you have had enough!  The human collective is ready for major change.

You are bringing Love into every aspect of inter-human relationships by your intent that Love shall prevail.  And, of course, Love always prevails! There is no longer anywhere on the planet that is completely closed to Love, because Its seeds have been sown worldwide and are springing up enthusiastically throughout the entire global population as the prayers and loving intentions of the wayshowers and Light-bearers — a group that is constantly growing and expanding — sweep across the planet in an endless succession of great waves, embracing all in their path.  There is no escape from Love!

Obviously, this is not immediately apparent as you observe the violent and pernicious conflicts (only some of which are being reported by the mainstream media) that are still happening at every level of society, and in every racial, religious, political, economic, philosophical (and on and on) organization all across the world.  But this is no longer able to be kept quiet, swept under the carpet, and generally ignored, because whistle-blowers everywhere are courageously standing up and disclosing what those who have held the reins of power for so long have so vehemently determined to hide.

As the truth breaks out from behind the screens that were erected to hide it, amazing acts of Love will take place all across the planet as people discover that those with whom they have been fighting are not — and never have been! — their enemies.  They have been outrageously misled by those in power, and were persuaded by them that the conflicts in which they were so ruthlessly engaged were essential if peace was to be established on Earth.

As the veils hiding the truth are removed, enormous changes will occur very rapidly; in fact, the first are already occurring.  Humanity is ready for world peace, and it is only those who would control and subjugate you who wish to prevent it from coming about.  They no longer have the power or the ability to maintain the state of endless conflict to keep you afraid and divided.  War is passé; it is no longer fashionable; and it needs to be swept away, along with all the accoutrements that make it possible.  The first signs of this are evidenced by governmental financial shortfalls that are necessitating enormous contractions in their military budgets.

Love is the new technology, the new science, the new philosophy, the new politics, the new economics.  All will embrace It.  However . . . ‘new’ it is not!  It is your original state — the state in which you were so lovingly created and to which you are excitedly and enthusiastically returning.  Nothing can prevent the Golden Age from blossoming, absolutely nothing!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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Nancy B. Detweiler


  Today, I opened my e-mails to find these heartwarming stories from my two sisters.

 This sister is extremely talented in crafts, while also being a poet.  She created handmade “Hug” Pillows to contribute to various organizations.

 “Yesterday was a rewarding day…I took “Hug” pillows to the Cancer Treatment Center and they were really thrilled with them and I plan to make many more. (I get lots of hugs with these deliveries).  Next I took “Hug” pillows to the lady that cuts my hair for her grandchildren who are going through a bad time—they were taken from their parents.  Next I visited my neighbor whose husband is in Hospice House. He is not expected to live but a few days.  We had a long talk and that is when she requested a poem for the funeral bulletin. They also want a poem about a Grandfather.  I am working on it but it is much harder to write since I have very few memories of Grandpa.”

 This sister works for WorldVenture Mission in Littleton, Colorado.

I wanted to send you this link to one of our ministry projects. Dave Terpstra and his family are WorldVenture missionaries to Mozambique and have worked with several people from the U.S.A. to start a business to help girls and women who have been sold into the sex trade. This is a huge problem all over the world, including our country.

You should be able to get to the 3-part video at the link below.

This is one of the reasons my life has been so enriched by what I get to do and the people I know. It is a great example of what a few people can do with a God-given vision!


 And then, there is me …

An earlier e-mail this week notified me that my profile page on LinkedIn ranked in the 1st percentile for number of views in 2012.  My blog posts are automatically posted on my profile page at LinkedIn.  My writing is an act of love, as I do not offer paid subscriptions.

 And last, but far from least, my brother.

 My brother is a Math Professor at a Community College. He has touched many lives for good as he is the kind of professor who truly cares for his students and will go the extra mile—or two or three—for them.  He is constantly researching better ways to make math interesting.  His students say they have never before experienced a professor who can make math funny!

Bottom Line:  I am struck by the number of people whose lives four siblings can touch by simply using our talents in loving ways.  We all love what we do and others are pleased with what they receive. 






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 Lush mountains in northern Iran