If the Kingdom of God is within each of us, as Jesus taught (Luke 17:21), then the manner in which we relate to others is actually the way we relate to God.


Thanks to Sierra Neblina for posting this morning the very picture I needed for an illustration!

I awoke this Easter Monday morning with the lessons of the night still in mind.  If the Kingdom of God is within each of us, as Jesus taught (Luke 17:21), then the manner in which we relate to others is actually the way we relate to God.

This truth seems too far out for many, including multiple Bible translators, who have translated the Greek word entos meaning both within and among as “the kingdom of God is in your midst or, among you.

Reading Luke 17:21 translated as the kingdom of is among you appears to confirm the orthodox teaching that we are “separate from God and each other,” especially for those who believe the Bible is the literal Word of God.

For many, believing in the “Bible as the literal Word of God” results in not questioning what the surface words convey.

Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta takes precedence.  The Peshitta is the text of the Church of the East which has come down from biblical times without any change or revision.  In Lamsa’s translation, Luke 17:21 reads:  the kingdom of God is within you.  Jesus primarily spoke Aramaic.

Why am I making such a deal over translations?

Because the translators have largely determined what those who believe in the literal Word of God unquestionably accept as truth.  Thus, the prevalence of believing that humanity is separate from God and each other.

Thus, how we relate to God … and … how we relate to our fellow human beings is of no unifying relevance for many—God and humanity have become separate entities.  We have forgotten who we are!

Sons and Daughters of Mother/Father God, whose very stream of life is God!  ALL ARE ONE!  Knowing this Truth compels us to BE & ACT WITH LOVE toward all of humanity, regardless of how contorted the individual expression of God within has become.

Paul Luftenegger’s phrase:  “Hold hands with your heart” also appeared on facebook this morning as a perfect explanation for the above illustrative painting.

Knowing the Truth of humanity’s Oneness with God will also assist us in recognizing DIVINE GUIDANCE within the synchronicities that occur within our lives.

So, what is the message of the synchronicities of this Easter Monday?  For me, the message is confirmation of my awakening thoughts:  If we love God, then we are compelled to love others … if we fear God, then we tend to fear others—we readily think in terms of “enemies” … if we view God as a God who punishes, then we believe in punishing others … if we believe God is violent, then we will tend to accept violence as “part of life,” even use violent modalities to punish others.

On this Easter Monday, we can experience resurrection to a more loving relationship with ourselves, humanity, our cosmic family, and Mother/Father God!  Knowing truly who we are prepares us for resurrection into a New Life—a Life of Unconditional Love … a life of Oneness with a loving Mother/Father God and all of our siblings wherever in the cosmos they may live and whatever their physical appearance!

–Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel