SNIPPETS from IRELAND: Land of the Pharaohs – Your true history


IRELAND:  Land of the Pharaohs

Andrew Power

“The parasitical elite… can only retain power over us by keeping us in ignorance of who and what we really are, and that is accomplished by obscuring our true history.”

Snippets from this book will allow you a synopsis of our true history.

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*According to Conor MacDari, in his book Irish Wisdom, p. 142. Hebrew was jargon for Irish. (page182)

The history of the Israeli tribes is an essential part of the Orange Order’s imagery and heritage, as well as being integral to the chronology of ancient Ireland. (page 183)

So it was with that other great anti-establishment, anti-authority, ‘Aryan’ teacher Jesus, 1,300 years later. Jesus, Aryan? Esoteric literature reveals that he was ‘born of Gentile parents through whose veins flowed Aryan blood.  From the same source, we gain knowledge of Jesus’ travels to India, Tibet, Assyria and Greece before returning to Egypt to begin his studies.  When Jesus was ready for His entrance into the supreme college and monastery of the Brotherhood at Heliopolis…The records show that He was surrounded, as we have stated, with every comfort and convenience, and that for his study he was given many of the rarest manuscripts containing the texts of ancient doctrines and creeds. (page 185)

Nefertiti’s importance is recorded on one of the boundary steles at Akhetaten:  Queen Nefertiti, like her mother-in-law Queen Tiye, enjoyed a prominence that had not existed in the past.  (page 187)

{Nefertiti’s husband was Pharaoh Akhnaten.]

It has been implied she [Nefertiti] was Indo-European (Aryan) by race, as was her husband [Akhnaten] who was also part Israeli, Ahmed Osman reveals he lived with the Israeli tribes in Goshen for an unspecified number of years. (page 187)

Akhnaten’s great intellect and compassion for all manifestations of life shines out from the inspiring hymns he composed to the ‘God of his Heart’, represented by the Aten disc. The following two hymns of praise are typical examples of his tribute to this one living and sole reality. Centuries later some of these hymns found their way into the Hebrew psalms and into the present-day Christian Bible.   (page 188 – where you may also read the two hymns)


Compare this sample from one of Akhnaten’s hymns…

How manifold are thy works! They are hidden before men O sole God, beside whom there is no other Thy didst create the earth according to thy heart.

With Psalm 104…

O Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all, Thy earth is full of thy riches.  (Page 189)


Akhnaten believed that all living beings came from the one ‘self-created’ source, the one true Reality, and therefore everything had to be inter-related. He was the first man in recorded history to publicly assume the designation ‘Son of God’ when he wrote, ‘no one knowest thee save I thy son’.  In Egypt, or elsewhere in the world at that time, the religion he promoted must have been too much for established thought, not least for the politico/religious ruling class: It was he who began a very strenuous attack upon the heathen [Amun] priesthood of Egypt which held the [minds of the] masses in slavery, and it was he who established the world’s first monotheistic religion, for Akhnaten declared that there were not many gods, but only One, ‘the ever living, sole God’. (Page 190)

Akhnaten’s mother was Tiye; her parents were Yaua, (Osman proposes this was the Patriarch Joseph) and Thuya. Rosicrucian records reveal Tiye was a descendant of the ‘Atlantean’ tribes that came into Egypt. These tribes are later documented in the Bible as the Israelites, some of whom our story identifies as the Scots-Irish. What was certain about Akhnaten’s mission was his attempt to rescue his people from their priest-ridden oblivion and guide them into the light of consciousness. His methodology included teaching about the one reality, or the one universal God, a god ‘not just for Egypt…[but] a God for the whole world’, as symbolised by the Sun Disk he called the ‘Aten’. Akhnaten knew the importance of the Sun to all life on earth, as did the architects/astronomers of Newgrange [Ireland] in whose minds these teachings were nurtured. (page 191)

His worship of this ‘power behind the sun’, a faceless God, originated and was carried into Egypt from northern climes with the ‘Atlantean’ tribes and carried out from it by the Egyptian-Israeli tribes. (page 192)

The argument from a radical Christian viewpoint. Rev. Robert Taylor, in his book The Diegesis, was candid enough to recognise that the Christian religion was uniquely Egyptian and did not originate in Jerusalem; conceivably the reason he was jailed in 1892.  (Page 194)

Surely, then, it is only for want of moral fortitude, and an unwillingness to embrace truths contrary to preconceived prejudices, that hinders man from seeing truths so evident, as that this Essenian or Therapeutan sect itself were, as Eusebius has honestly admitted them to be, Christians; that Alexandria, and not Jerusalem, was the cradle of the infant church.  (page 194)

Rev. Taylor writes elsewhere in his book… ‘…it was here that the Essenes dwelt principally, long before the coming of Christ.’ —Mosheim, vol. I., p. 196. It was not the first glance, nor a cursory observance, that will sufficiently admonish the reader of the immense historical wealth, put into his hand by this stupendous admission… ‘Bind it about thy neck; write it upon the tablet of thy heart’—EVERY THING OF CHRISTIANITY IS OF EGYPTIAN ORIGIN.  (page 194)

The theory of Moses and Akhnaten being the same person …  With these clues, and taking into account what the Mystery Schools teach, it looks certain that Moses was an Egyptian. Moreover, there is little doubt the teachings of Akhnaten and Moses, because they are so similar, must have come from the same source. If they were not the same person, they certainly were contemporaries; both products of the schools of the ‘Great White Brotherhood.’ (page 195)

Having established a working hypothesis that the connections between Akhnaten and Ireland are through the mysterious Egyptian-Israeli tribes (Atlantean in Mystery School teachings), we will build on this by introducing into our story Akhnaten’s daughter, Meritaten (Meretaten-Tasherit).  (Page 195)

Evans in her book Kingdom of the Ark, Meritaten was, or became known as, the mysterious Princess Scota; female warrior leader of the tribes that fled Egypt toward the end of her father’s reign. Princess Scota gives her name to the race that became known as the Scots-Irish. It was she that led her people back to Ireland to complete the cyclic migrations of our mysterious race.  (page 196)

Within the highest echelons of the Orange Order that there are officers who know their heritage reveals Ireland’s Egyptian-Israeli connections and is much more profound and ancient than a relatively recent, minor religious squabble. The Orange Order’s traditional history is lost in the complexity of chronology where it entangles with other semi-secret orders, but we can trace it with a fair degree of certainty through the Israeli tribes to Akhnaten’s Egypt.  (Page 203)

Nel, whose mothers’ ancestors came from the island of Erin. They, or (more likely) their descendents, migrated to Ireland via Scythia, Greece and Spain. Other of the Israeli tribes, like Dan and Ben, that journeyed north were absorbed into continental Europe. This can be seen in many European place names. This royal family, which included a Princess Scota and their retinue, eventually arrived in Ireland, conquered it, their descendants becoming the High Kings and Queens at Tara, then a beautiful city ‘so famed in Irish legend and ballad as a city of inestimable wealth, of palaces, marble halls, harpist and song’.   Nowadays there is only a huge mound to be seen.  (Page 204)

My speculation that it was a descendant of the original Scota who finally arrived in Ireland finds agreement, or at least inferred, with Irish historian Peter Berresford Ellis, who states there were at least two Scotas.  It was a possibly a descendant of the original Scota that met her nemesis in Ireland. According to Lorraine Evans the original ‘Scota’ was Akhnaten’s daughter and it was this Scota who was matriarch of, and gave her name to, the race we claim are now the Scots-Irish. This means a direct descendent of the Pharaohs of the 18th dynasty established, or in fact re- established, their ancient race in Ireland (Scotia). Princess Scota’s sons, Heremon and Heber Scot, finally captured all of Ireland from the Tutha and later the Picts (an aboriginal race that inhabited Ireland and Scotland), and divided it between them. Heremon took the north (Ulster) and Heber Scot the south.  (Page 204)

Traces of these extraordinary Egyptian-Israeli tribes who fled Egypt can be found all over Europe along the routes of their return to their ancient homeland, the British Isles – the true Promised Land?  (page 207)

The migrations from Egypt to Ireland were well established in the Scots-Irish psyche, and in their symbols and rituals. Given what has been revealed thus far, it is hardly surprising to discover that the people who built the pyramids were the descendents of the people that had built Newgrange [in Ireland].  (page 208)

As the ancient tribes left Egypt, many of their Sages (Great White Brotherhood) went with them, leaving a core to carry on the teachings in Egypt (White Lodge), and it was this priesthood (according to some authors later known as The Priory of Sion) that spawned all modern secret societies we are familiar with, and some that are not so familiar.  (page 208)

Almost all-major advancement in science and the arts has come from student/initiates of the Mystery Schools; initiates like Isaac Newton (English astronomer, mathematician and philosopher), Michael Faraday (considered to be the father of physics), Benjamin Franklin (statesman, author and celebrated inventor) and so the list goes on to include other great individuals such as De Vinci, Galileo, Descartes, Debussy, Fludd (the ‘father of freemasonry’) and John Dalton, expounder of ‘Dalton’s Law of Proportions’.  It was the same Mystery Schools that gave birth to the Greek Classical golden age that produced such philosophical geniuses as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many other great thinkers and practitioners of the Arts and Sciences. Many of these Greek scholars had at some time in their lives made contact with one of the Egyptian centres of learning such as that of Alexandria. Plato was only the latest of many Greek philosophers who went to Egypt to study. According to the Christian bible it is also where Mary and Joseph took Jesus for his safety after the threat from Herod. It was here also that he was later to be instructed by masters of the Great White Brotherhood.  (pages 208-209)

It is obvious that the fledging states of America were established using the teachings that Bacon and Akhnaten taught, which are also Templar and Rosicrucian teachings. It is a fact that most of the American founding fathers were Mystery School initiates, probably Masons and Rosicrucians.  Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body—unseen and for the most part unknown—and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestle-board setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception.  (page 210)

The American Republic was established to reflect the glory of free conscious Beings manifesting in a divine universe.  (page 210)

The parasitical elite… can only retain power over us by keeping us in ignorance of who and what we really are, and that is accomplished by obscuring our true history.  (page 214)

Ancient records show when their race poured southward in recurring waves, and over aeons of time, into Iran, Iraq and finally entering Egypt, they demonstrated their awesome knowledge by building the pyramids and birthed Egypt’s Golden Age. Proposals put forward suggest it peaked in the eighteenth dynasty with the reign of Akhnaten, but subsequently collapsed. Akhnaten/Moses then led the Egypt-Israeli tribes out of Egypt to begin their return journey home, his daughter giving her name to these tribes that birthed the Scots-Irish-British nation.  It has long been a mystery to Egyptologists, although for political reasons some will deny this, how the Egyptian Pharaonic age seemed to arise, already developed, from nowhere  (page 215)

The British Isles and Scandinavia admittedly comprise one of the oldest land surfaces of the world, and, as there is reason to believe from archaeological and other evidence, one of the first inhabited by primeval man.  (page 215)

And so far from these ancestral Britons having being mere “painted savages roaming wild in the woods”, as we are imaginatively told in most of the modern history books, they are now on the contrary disclosed by the newly found historical facts to have been from the very first grounding of their galley keels upon Old Albion’s shores, over a millennium and a half of years before the Christian era, a highly civilized and literate race, pioneers of Civilization, and a branch of the famous Phoenicians. (Waddell)(page 216)

Ideas from various non-establishment authors suggest that the northern peoples pre-date the middle-eastern civilisations by some time, demonstrating Northern Europe as the cradle of civilisation. However, that is only half the story; we also accompanied them as they turned north, their original exodus by this time having been forgotten by the masses, looking for the land of their ancestors after being ejected from Egypt and hounded from the ‘Holy Lands’. On their eventual return to ‘Ireland’ they rediscovered the ark that had preserved the seed that saved humanity and made possible the repopulation of the Earth. The returning tribes, under the direction of their Sages, excavated, and restructured the ark into a model of a virtual womb, complete with a model of the cycle of fertilisation, to commemorate the human races’ survival [at Newgrange].  (page 216)

Newgrange was discovered in 1699.  (page 216) newgrange

An Irish Blessing – Roma Downey feat. Phil Coulter