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Twin Flame, Uriel

Preface:  For years, I have worked with my Twin Flame, Uriel (just his name, not the archangel).  We communicate telepathically; he is the inspiration behind much of what I write, including this article.[i]

With the New Moon in Aquarius on January 30 and the Chinese New Year of the Horse beginning on January 31, new beginnings are moving to front stage.  Today (1/27/14), Uriel told me it was time to use his name along with mine on the articles we write together.  In stating this, I am making NO claim that Uriel is an ascended being.  However, he has incarnated on Earth only 2-3 times and never accumulated that much negative karma.  Since we are working together on our Soul Mission, I am assuming we are now pretty much on the same level spiritually.  I am simply including his name in recognition that we were partially reunited years ago and dedicated our relationship to our Soul Mission of assisting in bridging the gap between orthodox Christianity and the deeper level of spirituality required for ascension to the 5th dimension.   Many twin flames have been partially reunited—one on earth, one still in spirit.  Once our galactic family can land openly among Earth humans, many twin flames will be reunited on the same plane.

Heretofore, I have hesitated to talk about Uriel’s assistance with my writings because the general public immediately makes an assumption about any information said to be derived from spiritual realms:  “this is correct and I don’t need to develop my own ability to discern truth for myself.”  FALSE!

All information from the unseen realms, including sacred texts, must come through a human being presently residing on Earth.  That human being has hopefully sought to evolve holistically by purifying his/her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  The degree to which this purification process has taken place will vary with every individual.  It is up to each reader/listener to develop the art of discernment of truth for him/herself.

NEVER take at face value anything any channel, minister, or intuitive says.  ALWAYS sift the information through your own filters and discern for yourself whether or not it “feels” like truth.  I stress “feels” because it is important to listen with your heart; your intellect cannot lead to truth because it is totally dependent upon what you can perceive with one or more of your five lower senses.

With the above said, I will henceforth use Uriel’s name with mine on the articles we write together as part of our Soul Mission.






SUNRISE – Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2/25/04

One of the most important series of lessons we will be taught—once our galactic family can openly be with us—is the true history of our planet.  In the intervening time, we can be sure there is a Divine Plan unfolding.

Through A.D.K. Luk, in his series of books entitled “Law of Life & Teachings by Divine Beings,” the Maha Chohan explains a portion of Earth’s cosmic history.

“A Sun Council was called when the Earth had reached its lowest ebb, when there seemed no possibility for it to contribute to the Light of the solar system. At this Conference among the Suns of this galaxy, it was decided that the planet Earth would be returned to primal essence because it was contributing no Light, no music, no constructive radiation to the universe of which it was a part. It was thought best to dissolve this planet, conserving life and returning the substance of the planet itself for re-polarization into the heart of Helios and Vesta. As conservation of life is an essential part of the Cosmic Law.

Lord Sanat Kumara was One among other great and Divine Beings from other stars, Suns and universes Who attended the Council. He went home to His planet determined in His heart to help the Earth.  He did not sit in His courtyard surrounded by the magnificent Beings, the Kumaras, the Angels, Devas and His own people, in proximity to His beloved Divine Complement, Venus and just think it was too bad to see the Earth and all that belonged to it being discarded. Sanat Kumara, even One of the greatest of the mystics, had learned the Law of balance as well as Love and He pondered within Himself what He might do to sustain the Earth’s place in this system. He asked for the opportunity to give to the Earth His radiation and Light and to act through His developed capacities of thought, feeling and action, as Lord of the World for the Earth. This request was granted.


“We live but to love life free.” –Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is known in the Bible as the “Ancient of Days.”

In the words of Sanat Kumara:

“I have left Venus before. This is not the first planet which has worn the mantle of My Love. I stood on other orbs, with other evolutions, and I was returned Home victorious in every case. Sometimes one lifestream developing enough Light in his or her heart to pay My ransom. Sometimes an entire evolution developing that radiation required to meet the Cosmic Law’s demand. It is not numbers but quality that determines the radiation of Light required to sustain the place of an individual in its evolution, to sustain the place of a planet in a planetary scheme.”

***Sanat Kumara coming to Earth from Venus represents the Divine Plan for Earth.  Earth is to become an ascended planet and a shining light within our galaxy.***

Our entire solar system is undergoing a transformation process.  Earth humans are presently involved in co-creating a New Earth within a New Heaven/Solar System.  The End Times, as prophesized in the biblical Book of Revelation,[ii] have been largely avoided by the influx of Light and Love with which Earth humans—with the help of our Ascended Masters, Sanat Kumara, the Angelic Kingdom, and our Galactic Family—have enfolded our planet.  We have succeeded in converting our planet into one that has chosen to become a glorious Beacon of Light within our Solar System/Galaxy.  At this moment, we are experiencing the last vestiges of the destructive End Times of the Old Earth.

We know from Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet:  Book 1 of the Earth Chronicles that the 12th planet—also known as Nibiru—is a part of our Solar System.   Although well known in antiquity, our modern astronomers only recently discovered Planet X (1983) in the vicinity of Orion’s Belt. News of Planet X was quickly covered up by the U.S. government and has remained so. Ancient records of Planet X’s periodic arrival near Earth relate stories of tremendous upheaval accompanying its passage.   Geological evidence has confirmed that periodically Earth has gone through times of great upheaval.

This time, however, the Divine Plan is not that Earth be once more subjected to great physical upheaval.  Let’s look back in time to glean more understanding.

We know from Sitchin’s book that astronauts from Nibiru came to Earth thousands of years ago in search of gold and related metals.  According to Sitchin, “the ancient texts described the Anunnaki, [as the astronauts were called], as the rank-and-file gods who had been involved in the settlement of Earth—the gods ‘who performed the tasks.’  The Babylonian “Epic of Creation” credited Marduk with giving the Anunnaki their assignments….  The Anunnaki…who landed and stayed on Earth, were known and revered by [Earth’s humankind].[iii]  Because the Anunnaki were far more advanced technologically than Earth humans, they were looked upon as gods, even though they were not advanced spiritually.

Sitchin relates how the Anunnaki manipulated Earth humans’ DNA in an effort to create a “worker” population.  He is basing his theories on archaeological artifacts, many of which are found in Egypt.  What we know for certain is that Earth humans have what our scientists refer to as “junk DNA.”   These strands of “junk DNA” are now being restored to humanity as a result of the evolutionary leap in which we are presently engaged—in accordance with the Divine Plan.

Another fact known to those of us who lived through World War II is that Germany had access to extraterrestrial technology, called at that time “flying saucers.”  A segment of Earth humans have obviously maintained contact with the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials from other planets.  We have, therefore, a scenario on Earth that includes cooperative efforts between Earth humans and astronauts from other planets—a scenario kept secret from the people.  Many of those involved in these cooperative efforts are members of the Illuminati or dark cabal.  The New World Order is a plan to control the planet, devised by service-to-self Earth humans, supposedly with the assistance of service-to-self extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki.

Many of the extraterrestrials that figure in Earth’s history have been “service-to-self” oriented, highly advanced technologically, but lacking in spiritual advancement.  Stories of abduction by these extraterrestrials have served to deliberately instill fear of them in the people.  Because the governments of our planet are hesitant to admit knowledge of contact with extraterrestrials, the people are left to wonder … to be frightened by the stories of abductions … to be frightened by stories of possible alien invasion.  The unknown can be very frightening indeed.

During the 1980-1990’s, we heard much talk of the coming pole shift that would result in major changes in Earth’s crust. For example: John White, editor of Future Science, wrote a book entitled Pole Shift (published in 1980) in which he looked at the scientific predictions as well as the prophecies of natural disasters. As the millennium approached, the prophecies to be found in the biblical Revelation were studied by millions. There we found Revelation 8:10-11. “The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter.”  Wormwood is the biblical name for Nibiru.

In 1995, Nancy Leider, spokeswoman for a group of service-to-others extraterrestrials, called Zetas, opened her website  The Zetas were aware that Nibiru would once more be approaching Earth on her 3600 yrs. orbit around our Sun.  They also knew the catastrophic history of Nibiru’s passages through our solar system and that those in power positions on Earth had no intention of telling the people the truth.  At the time, whether or not Earth humans would awaken and choose to ascend to higher dimensions with our planet was still unknown.

I followed Nancy’s work for several years and know her to be an extremely dedicated service-to-others individual.  Especially in the early years of her work, she was persecuted mercilessly—so much so that her beloved husband was forced to leave her because he could not tolerate the abuse.  Nancy had resigned a high paying job in order to become the Zetas’ spokesperson and moved back to her home state of Wisconsin.

Nancy dedicated herself to working with the Zetas in tracing Nibiru’s orbital progress toward Earth.  Volunteers from around the world assisted by sending her hundreds of photos of the red planet while it was visible near our Sun. One of those photos is included above.  She devised methods for surviving the catastrophic events that might accompany a pole shift and mapped out the safer locations to live.  Nancy and the Zetas have been an outspoken critic of those in power positions and their lack of truthfulness with the people.

In 2003, the Zetas decided to set a date on which they said we could expect a catastrophic event.  They did so in an effort to prove to the people that governments would remain silent and not warn the people.  Nancy obediently spread the word.  Governments remained silent.  They proved they had no intention of alerting the people.  They had underground buckers especially built for themselves in case of catastrophic events.   When that day arrived and nothing happened, Nancy became the target of tremendous anger and ridicule.  It was only then that the Zetas told her why they had set a date, knowing that nothing was to happen.  Momentarily devastated, she nevertheless picked herself up and has continued her work with the Zetas to this day.

Meanwhile, knowledge of the end of numerous fractal cycles occurring around December 2012 was spreading.  We learned that the Great Soul overshadowing Earth—Gaia—had requested that she be relieved of housing a plane of duality (good and evil) and allowed to ascend to higher dimensions.  Gaia lovingly offered to take all those Earth inhabitants who so chose to ascend with her.

Not surprisingly, the possibility of ascending to higher dimensions has seemingly created less enthusiasm than the news of Nibiru approaching Earth has created fear.

Much has been learned during this journey of awakening the people to all that is happening on our planet and within the cosmos.  We have been so brain-washed and controlled with the statement “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t” that good news is shrugged off as too good to be true.  Think about it … if the people begin to believe the good news and focus their attention upon it unfolding, then the cabal’s control by fear is no longer possible.

Earth is a freewill planet.  Each of us have the innate power and freedom to choose the manner in which we want our lives to unfold.  Even though there is much good for humanity—such as the NESARA LAW and a new equity based economy—waiting in the wings, to this point in time, the good has been largely ignored by the multitudes.  People are waiting for proof of the good … not giving it much, if any, thought until tangible proof appears.

On the other hand, people are anxiously searching for news about the FEMA camps and falling for the false flag events meant to hold us in fear of the ever-present phantom of terrorists intent on harming us.  Many are fearful of the Comet/Spaceship ISON and the approach of Nibiru.

What is not admitted publically by governmental officials in the majority of countries on this planet is that things have changed.  According to Sheldan Nidle, who communicates telepathically with members of our galactic family, the Anunnaki turned to the Light in the mid-1990s and requested that the dark cabal stand down and cooperate with the efforts of those Earth humans working for the Light.[iv]  No longer backed by the Anunnaki, the dark cabal has been left alone.  The Anunnaki now assist the Light. 

We no longer hear stories of abductions.  The dark cabal is falling apart.  However, the people still do not know the truth.

We find it difficult to grasp the truth that a Divine Plan is unfolding that will impact our entire Solar System and beyond for good.  And yet, it is.

Earth humans are becoming consciously aware of our service-to-others galactic brothers and sisters. Many members of our galactic family are already present within Earth’s environs. Together we will re-create our planet and solar system to one that functions on the God Ray of Love/Wisdom. Our solar system will once more include 11 visible planets orbiting our Sun. This restored solar system will include the following planets, listed from close proximity to our Sun outward: Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Planet X [Nibiru]. Pluto will once more be Neptune’s Moon.[v]

Nibiru’s inhabitants, the Anunnaki, have turned to the Light and are presently assisting in defeating the same dark cabal that once followed their orders to gain control of Earth humans through the establishment of a New World Order.  Nibiru is included in the Divine Plan for transformation of our Solar System—as a member of the New Heaven functioning on the God Ray of Love/Wisdom.

Earth’s inhabitants are privileged to be incarnated during this cosmic historical event—the Ascension of an entire Solar System!  We are making cosmic history, not repeating the past with all of its upheaval!

However the coming months unfold, the Divine Plan is that all Earth humans, who so choose, ascend into full consciousness and assist in co-creating a New Earth and a New Heaven/Solar System.  We are to create a galactic society and become a planetary member of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Ascended Masters

The next step in our individual spiritual evolution is to become an Ascended Master possessing full consciousness!

[i]   You may learn more about the Twin Flame relationship and mission at:

[ii] Prophecy is based on the energies as they are manifesting at the time of making the prophetic statements.  Prophecy = probability.  Humanity, created in the image of God and thus co-creators, possesses the power to change prophecy.

 [iii]  Zecharia Sitchin, The 12th Planet, pages 326-328.

 [v] Sheldan Nidle, Your First Contact , pages 220-221.




Article In The Canadian National Newspaper



I post this article, audio by David Wilcock,, and audio of  David’s interview of Ben Fulford because it offers a tremendous opportunity for LIGHT WORKERS to use our prayer power to heal the New Madrid fault line running beneath the Mississippi River and thereby prevent an earthquake that is predicted.  HAARP technology is predicted to be the cause of this earthquake.

As we move toward ascension, a major lesson we are to learn is that we are One with God … that All power dwells within each of us as manifestations of God upon Earth.  All negativity is temporary and part of the Illusion in which we have lived on Earth and we, as child gods, possess the power to heal Mother Earth.  We possess the capacity to render harmless any technology used for negative, harmful purposes.

I invite you to listen to the two audios by David and respond with your God-given power to defeat darkness with Light!  You may do so at the below listed URL.  David’s introductory article is first … as you scroll down the article, you’ll come to a paragraph entitled NOW FOR THE MJ3s and you’ll see the two audios.


Matthew’s message is instructive for all … especially those who are ministers.  As more truth pours forth, your congregations will be turning to you for guidance in understanding and to relate unveiled truths to what they have been taught in churches, synagogues, and mosques.

The next weeks will see much hidden truth being unveiled to the public.

You may read Matthew’s message at: