REMEMBERING: Our Journey Back In Time!

REMEMBERING:  Our Journey Back In Time!

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

On October 19, Scarlett drove and I rode to Lockport, NY, to meet Kay for the first time.  We were driving to see Kay because she and her husband, Ron, had driven 3 hours toward Virginia on September 20th, only to have Kay’s spinal condition become so painful they had to turn around and return home.  Scarlett and I decided not to miss this opportunity to meet Kay in person and immediately began to plan to travel to NY to see her.

At the time we planned the trip, Kay and I already knew we were Soul Sisters.  Kay and Scarlett also felt they were Soul Sisters.  Scarlett and I had been good friends for years.  Knowing that Scarlett is an excellent Healing Touch channel, I introduced her to Kay via the internet.  She had been praying for Kay and talking with her on the phone for a couple of years.  Scarlett and I both felt there had to be connection between us, but had not yet become conscious of the type of relationship we previously had in an incarnation.

During the two years of our close Soul Sister relationship, I intuitively became aware that Kay and I had been Twin Sisters.  When I told Kay, her immediate response was, “I can’t wait to meet our Mother!”

On the drive to NY and all during the 1st day of our visit, I could not remember Scarlett’s name.  From years of experience, I had learned that when I was having trouble with a name, it usually meant I had known the individual in a prior lifetime by a different name.  In order to call them by their present name, I had to think about it first.  I could not automatically use their present name.  In Scarlett’s case, this only began happening on the way to NY.  I could not remember her name or any name for her, even though we were close friends and I had edited her 1st book as the 1st edit.  I had had no trouble remembering her name before we embarked on our journey to meet Kay, both of our Soul Sister, we thought.

Since the drive to western NY took 12 hours, we did not see Kay and Ron until the next morning.  As former Twin Sisters, Kay and I felt totally at home with each other.  We hugged … compared our heights (I am about an inch taller than she is), then sat on one of the sofas and held hands while Ron and Scarlett talked.  It was marvelous to be together with our twin sister again!

Kay Johnson-Gentile & Nancy Brooks Detweiler

Scarlett taught us that viewing the photo upside down makes it easier to see the similarities in our faces.  This photo confirms for me that we have been Twin Sisters.  We truly resemble each other, even though we are no physical kin in this incarnation.

After having met Kay’s son, Chris, for lunch, we rode around the village of Lockport, then returned to Kay’s home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon, talking.  Kay, Ron, and Scarlett enjoy British comedy; I do, but watch very little now.  Kay told us she felt as if she already knew the city when she visited London.  Scarlett dreams of visiting London.  I told them that my paternal family name—Brooks—was prolific in England and that my paternal grandfather had written a genealogical history of our Brooks family coming from England.  (For the genealogical researchers:  E.M. Brooks, History of the Brooks Family of Union County.  We all had a fascination with Britain (England).  Then, it dawned on Kay and she turned to me:  “We were twins in England!”

Nancy, Scarlett, & Kay

It was time to leave and allow Kay to rest, so Scarlett and I enjoyed a dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.  We continued intuiting information about the past life in which we both felt deeply embedded while visiting with Kay.  This weekend visit (October of 2017) felt like it held deep significance and that the three of us—Kay, Scarlett, and I—had come together for a Soul Reason.  We studied the photos made earlier that morning.  It was during this time that I realized Scarlett had been our Mother.  Kay’s eagerness to meet our Mother had been fulfilled!  I felt a surge of joy, which means for me—a correct intuitive knowing.  Scarlett concurred and immediately texted Kay, asking her to think about that possibility.

Although, I did it partly in fun, it was easy to call Scarlett “MOM!”  I could easily remember that name; it felt right!  Also, Scarlett’s Astrological Sun Sign for this present life is Cancer—the zodiac sign for Mother.  Scarlett’s Ascendant is Aries, which demonstrates the 1st Ray’s desire and ability to LOVE, to bring the new to life.  Kay and I are both Aquarian, with the very sensitive energy of Pisces on our Ascendant (Kay’s Ascendant is Pisces; I have the zodiac ruler of Pisces, Neptune, in a close conjunction to my Virgo Ascendant.  With both of us being Aquarian and having strong Pisces energy, Kay and I have similar personalities—sensitive, caring, and creative–and Soul Missions oriented toward assisting people.  The details of our Soul Missions can differ; but, that we would be very much world oriented is the same.  We would both want to share our talent/knowledge with the world, as is evidenced by our website/blogs and being published writers.  Kay has traveled all over the world in a variety of capacities, including a UN Goodwill Ambassador, using her musical talent; I have traveled at length on four continents and adopted a child from Honduras.  We would both be most interested in the less affluent people.

Scarlett having Cancer as her Sun sign is naturally maternally oriented and talented in assisting others to be all they can.  Cancer is intelligent and can easily find self-fulfillment in caring for/teaching others along the lines of how the world operates.  Scarlett is attuned to the need to include all people, without discrimination, when granting opportunities and benefits.

Kay, Scarlett, and I are writers in this present incarnation.  We innately want to share what we know and have done so via writing and teaching—Kay and Scarlett on the university level, as well as Kay on the elementary level.  I have taught classes in my home and workshops during yearly conferences of Spiritual Frontiers.  Kay has also shared her extraordinary talent in music with the world.

Kay, Scarlett, & Nancy at Niagra Falls with Canada side in the background

Kay’s husband, Ron, Kay, Scarlett, and Nancy – Ron is such a kind man that we would gladly place him in the previous lifetime too, although I am not aware of anyone feeling that he was.

Why am I telling this story?

We all have Soul Families and will be meeting them as the time is right!  I encourage you to be alert and think in terms of Divine Order unfolding in your life.  Nothing happens by accident!  Being alert to following your Intuitive Guidance (whether or not you know the reason why) can fill your life with many wonderful surprises!  Soul family members will move into your life at the exact right time.  Kay had been reading my website and decided to write and tell me she thought we are soul sisters.  She was hesitant, even somewhat apologetic.  Although I answer letters sent to me on my website, I had never before really tried to get to know the letter writer by seeking out information she/he had supplied on the internet.  I did so with Kay because I felt the intuitive urge to do so.  Had Kay ignored the intuitive urge to write me, we may have missed the opportunity to be reunited.  After reading her website/blog, I knew I wanted to meet her and the rest is history, as I related above.  Had I ignored the intuitive urge to find out more about Kay, I would have unknowingly cut off the opportunity to begin being reunited with my Soul Family.  Had Kay ignored the intuitive urge to write me, we may have missed the opportunity to be reunited.  LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!  Observe the little things as they unfold.  For example:  I receive many letters from readers of my website … that was not what was different.  The non-intrusive, little intuitive urge to follow up was what I mean by observing and taking serious the little things as they unfold.

During this time of transition into the New Aquarian Golden Age, many have met members of their Soul Family and will continue to do so.  But, it requires being alert to the opportunities that cross our path and daring to take action to meet those members, if only by writing letters and phone calls.  Our Higher Mind, or Intuitive Mind, does not lie to us; it is dependable.  Whether or not the experience is lasting and positive depends upon the Soul Reason for being led together.  You will understand Why as you LISTEN & OBSERVE!