Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth


Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth

When I first began searching for some answers about life that made sense to me, very little information was available. There were no metaphysical book stores in many cities. We did not have the internet. As a result, what we believed about life was very restrictive. “Show me the proof” was an acceptable request because our knowledge was largely limited to what our five lower senses could tell us. In the early 1980s, many had no concept of our most valuable 6th sense—our Intuitive Mind.

As far as knowledge about the unseen world goes, many Westerns are only about 35 years old. However, this is rapidly changing and the doors to a fascinating, unknown cosmos is being opened for all to experience!

dolores-cannonDelores Cannon, who returned to spirit on October 19, 2014, began her work at a time when few in the Western world had heard of reincarnation. Even today, in 2015, many will state they do not believe in reincarnation … that humanity has only one life to live and we better make the most of the time we have.

We are like little chickens breaking out of our tiny shell and emerging into a world that possesses only hints of the magnitude of life as it truly is.

Listening to this lecture by Delores Cannon—delivered in the early 2000s—will give you an excellent preview of the ever-expanding understanding of life within the cosmos. She speaks of the waves of volunteers agreeing to incarnate on Earth in order to serve and, how many have a very difficult time adjusting to life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

Many of us are the parents, grandparents, and teachers of these waves of volunteers. Many are actually members of the volunteer groups. Even while we may be conscious of only our daily lives on planet Earth, we are still members of a cosmic community.

NOW is the time to walk an ever-expanding Path to Knowledge & Understanding of our Cosmic Community! This lecture is an introduction to much that we do not know we do not know!

Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth






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In this message, Matthew talks extensively about our Soul Contracts and how they unfold in our lives.



Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

 I share a portion of my Twin Flame story today as an example of how our intuitive insights can be correct, even when they sound far-fetched, plus I was not sure I wanted the new insight to be correct.

Dr. Kathryn May’s 4/22/15 radio show was mind-bobbling and opened a part of my soul’s knowledge bank that had not heretofore been conscious! Anytime I am emotionally involved in discerning truth, I research backwards—instead of trying to prove what I intuitively feel is correct, I set out to disprove my feeling. That’s what I have spent the last several hours doing. However, the more I researched, the more confirmation of my intuitive feeling I found.

Then, I remembered….

 In the early 1980s, I quit my secure, state job as a rehabilitation counselor to open a private practice in holistic counseling. I wanted the freedom to use my metaphysical knowledge, especially esoteric astrology, as counseling tools in working with the entire person. As anyone who has started their own business knows, it takes a lot of hard work and can be a real financial struggle.

During that time, while meditating, I asked to meet my Twin Flame. Immediately, I felt such intense love that tears rolled down my cheeks. Since he resides on a dimension invisible to me, I asked if there was a symbol that I could use to remind me of his presence. He told me to have a ring created with an emerald to represent him and a sapphire to represent me. The gem stones were to be set in a gold infinity shaped formation.

At the time, I simply smiled. I realized that where he resided this was a simple request. But, on the 3rd dimension ……! Instead, I cherished the memory of that experience and returned to working 24/7, in an attempt to stay financially afloat.

Through the intervening years, I went through what St. John of the Cross called a dark night of the soul. Finally, I ended up moving to Richmond and meeting John. We met on Friday at our church retreat grounds. By the following Monday, we were engaged and married a year later. John returned to spirit in late 1991.

 Decades have passed during which I have researched and written 3 books, and developed a website and a blog, for which I am continually writing. My Twin Flame has worked with me through the years on esoteric astrology and with my research/writing. It was during this time that I asked my Twin Flame his name. Researching with Uriel can be great fun because I end up on websites and have no idea how I got there. I use to try to argue with him, but soon learned to relax and allow myself to be guided. (I also quickly learned he knew more about esoteric astrology than I did!)

Today was no exception. Although it had been years since I thought of the emerald/sapphire ring, I suddenly felt the urge to research the meaning of the gem stones. I ended up on a website that offered the following information:Natural, transparent Emerald is one of four “precious” gemstones (including Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire).” [i]

WOW! So a ring containing an emerald and sapphire is a ring with one gem soul—a Twin Flame Ring!  Although unique in their color, emerald and sapphire are both of the same basic gem make-up! Within our Twin Flame Ring, the emerald would signify Uriel; the sapphire would signify me, with a gem stone set in each side of a gold infinity symbol!

infinity symbol

It is discoveries like this that so lovingly confirm that ALL OF CREATION IS ONE!

Someday, I might have such a ring created!









The following on-going series of channeled message thru Dr. Kathryn May are explaining how darkness came to exist through eons of time. What humanity has been taught is very simplistic and leaves out the extended story told in these messages.

 The time has now come for humanity to begin grasping an understanding of life that extends throughout eternity. We often speak of eternal life, but in most incidences, the definition assumed is from this day forth. The past is often thought of as extending backwards only to the day the egg and sperm united in our Mother’s womb.

 With this view of life, we can hardly conceive of the eons in which our souls have lived. For this reason, viewing life through the lens of only one physical plane life … only one planet on which intelligent beings live … is like opening a photograph book and viewing the 1st page only. We have no idea what discoveries we’ll make by studying each page of photographs!

This on-going series of messages will take us through a photograph book of eternal life!

Part One: Mother Source Tells the Story, Never Before Revealed, of Our Great Fall and Present Ascension

 RADIO PROGRAM – 4/22/15 – Divine Mother Tells the Story of the Fall of the Archangel Sisters

 Part Two: The Fall of the Archangel Sisters, and the First Phases of Earth’s Descent Into Darkness



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Batz, 9 Kank’in, 11 Ik – April 21, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Batz, 9 Kank’in, 11 Ik – April 21, 2015


Selamat Jarin! We come at this time to inform you about what is currently happening in your reality. The dark oligarchy that is running your world is fading. Yet it still maintains points of power, which it is using to delay the transition to a new reality. The vital key to this is to manipulate the exchange of monies from one international bank to another. A consortium of several governments and a collection of preselected private banks mostly control this process. By narrowing what is acceptable, this consortium can delay or even prevent what can pass through this critical gateway. In this case, the series of transactions that enable the various loans and funds required to either provide you monies or even change governments can be interfered with (in some cases stopped or even stolen). These cruel tactics have either stalled or prevented the various promised prosperity programs to be put in a pre-delivery mode. Recently, certain agreements along with a number of key arrests caused panic among these oligarchs, as the threats from the international legal system seemed to be bringing this vile scheme to a close.

Arrests have so far been on several levels beneath the key oligarchs. Current legal cases are now forcing them to rethink these vile plots that have continually delayed these deliveries. Currently, a new way to circumvent these dark cabalists is being negotiated between the ancient families, Ascended Masters and those involved in the ever-changing legal system. The leaders in this counter process are the major BRICS nations and the legal team led by a number of extremely courageous individuals. Our assigned liaisons are making sure that a number of these steps are carefully coordinated between all affected parties. Our mutual goals are to create a new, transparent international banking system and a complete delivery of prosperity funds, along with the interim rise of new governance. The next step in any world filled with rising consciousness is to move from limited distribution of wealth to a mass-based prosperity. The cabal understands this and for too long has been allowed to carry on it’s “bullying”. You need to go quickly beyond money and putting “artificial value” on goods.

Technology available to you has been sequestered simply because it can swiftly create these conditions. Once you move beyond the need for a limited economy and move into total abundance, the economic underpinnings of your global society become obsolete. What is then needed is a moral means to truly understand how each individual freely interacts with each other and how such a society works. These things are to be covered by the four social laws and by the very nature of galactic society. The point that we make is that those who know how to move you and your societies forward realize what lies ahead. The dark is simply a very strong curmudgeon, using its last days to stall the inevitable. Once new governance is in place, disclosure can permit us to implement the divine plan given to us by Heaven. This process then permits us to land and allow our mentors to bring you up to speed on what full consciousness entails. Then, you can use the Crystal Light Chambers to complete your transformation and end your long journey from the night back into day!

This process is actually going to permit you to jump ahead by centuries, which such an evolution normally takes. You have this heavenly dispensation since you are ending a most unjustified plunge into limited consciousness and Gaia needs your help. She is watching as her ecosystems shrink and transform. This process requires you quickly to return to your former full consciousness status. Hence, we were recruited by Heaven to assist your Ascended Masters and the Agarthans. Know that you are a vital aspect of the Creator’s divine plan. We are in divine service to this plan and were given a number of goals to accomplish when we arrived here. The first primal point is one of no direct interference. We were therefore obliged to gain the trust, confidence and friendship of those who are now our earthly allies. This procedure took nearly 12 years to achieve. Presently, we understand well the difficulties of how this transformation is to happen. We simply ask for your continual positive support in what is a very sensitive series of matters.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive on this day with some very interesting news! The path to receiving your blessings is being cleared by our associates. These most gracious Beings have used their resources and skills to forge agreements and alliances with both various ancient families and certain key nations. These blessed activities are in appropriate time, making it possible for a new more transparent banking system to be manifested. We are grateful for their knowledge and their abilities to forge groups that are ready to bring you a very fair banking system and a means to finally deliver those trusts set up by us long ago. They tell us that we are getting very close to the actual deliveries of these funds. In addition, these funds are expected to provide the legal way to give you new governance. Meanwhile, we are told by Heaven that a new wave of energies are permitting a whole host of preliminaries needed to prepare you for your Ascension in your living Crystal Light Chamber.

As this procedure prepares to gain steam, we must advise you that a potential for bodily pain exists in your lower chakras. Be aware of this and be ready for what is in all probability now happening to you. Your numerous Angelic body guardians are primarily doing this work. If at any time these pains seem overwhelming, please consult with your health and healing professionals. Your assigned medical teams are regulating your condition. They are to work with you up to a certain point. This is why we suggest the above. Nevertheless, be prepared to have your health care professionals slightly confused by what they see. Most of what is occurring is in essence, energy transferals. Such massive change is usually something, which is foreign to them. Hence, be ready to ask anyone who does work with this type of processing to assist you. Additionally, be ready to call on us for needed assistance.

All of these changes are part of a greater transformation instituted by Heaven decades ago. Our part in this is to advise you, and when needed to help you in this process. Once many governments and their interference are disabled, we fully intend to appear widely in public and bring comfort and healing to you. The public has been taught to disbelieve in our existence and to keep our appearances to a minimum. We need to be able to tend to and guide the people. Each of you is precious. You are here and therefore encountering those changes mandated by Heaven. Your limited consciousness bodies are fragile and what is taking place can be somewhat of a shock to you. Be ever aware of this and just know that much of what is happening to you is a mystery to most. Call upon us, dear Ones, and know deep in your heart that you are truly Loved by us!

Today, we carried on with our weekly message. It is essential that you stay positive despite the constant feeling within you that either nothing is changing or else that somehow the coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen. Overcome this disbelief and know that this realm is really changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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The purpose of your lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities.

The purpose of your lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities.

April 21, 2015 by John Smallman


Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday April 21st

Here in the spiritual realms, the formless arena where the potential for creativity is infinite, we watch over you with intense loving interest as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer.  You have heard that many times before but I assure you it is true, it can only draw closer, there will be no backsliding because it is humanity’s collective intent to awaken and that intent is in total alignment with the Will of God.

It does seem to many of you who are working consciously and valiantly towards this major event that it has been delayed, and others among you sometimes doubt the authenticity of the various channelings you read that continue to uphold and present to you the inspiring vision of your imminent awakening.  Please release your doubts because all is on schedule as divinely planned.

Try and understand that the illusion, in which you are immersed as humans, uses time quite flexibly.  It seems from your modern scientific measurements that time is a constant, but in fact this is not the case, like the illusion, of which it is an aspect, it is illusory, it is not what it seems.  It does not operate as a constantly flowing medium like a river to the sea, but is more like an ocean in which events occur, events that may not be related in time or place but which nearly always appear to be connected like cause and effect.  It is a very confusing medium, especially as it appears to be so consistent and unalterable.

You have all experienced time as moving slowly, normally, or rapidly depending on what activity it was that you were engaged in, but then you have tended to dismiss the experience as illusory and of a purely personal nature.  And of course it was!  Every single one of you, every human, has their own deeply personal experience of life in the illusion.  There are of course many similarities, but basically the experiential and illusory state that each human undergoes is deeply personal and is never repeated, it is truly unique.

Time is not fixed, it shifts, but the field in which it operates shifts with it, thus giving it an unreal impression of stability.  So, the moment of awakening has not been delayed, quite the contrary in fact, it is approaching faster than ever because the collective intent to awaken has intensified, and it is that intent that is bringing it about.

You all – and there are no exceptions here – incarnated at this moment in Earth history to assist one another in your awakening process, but the environment of the illusion is so incredibly dense that the vast majority of humans have utterly forgotten why they are on Earth.  Many are seeking guidance from religious organizations, from self help “experts,” gurus, and a varied assortment of therapists and personal growth workshops and seminars as they desperately attempt to find a deeper meaning in their lives than just earning a living.  Earning a living is essential for 99% of humanity, and for 90% it is a grindingly boring chore that many seek to escape from through a variety of addictions that only temporarily ease the stresses and anxieties with which your human lives present you daily.

Your nature is Love.  At the deepest and most real level of your being, your center where your true Self is aflame with the Light of God’s Love, you know this.  The effervescent You, that God in His infinite Wisdom and Love created for all eternity, is always alive and well.  However, once you chose to experience the illusion of separation from your Source you temporarily closed down your access to your true nature to make the games in the illusion seem very real, and in that you succeeded extremely well.  You do get intimations of your true nature from time to time when your meditative practice takes you deeply into yourselves, but mostly you are seemingly caught up in the distractions of the illusion – the egoic drives that so frequently set you in conflict with one another.

Life is beautiful!  Unfortunately the illusory experience with which it seems that you have to absolutely engage with in every moment for the sake of survival distracts you from this wondrous truth as you struggle with the ugliness and anxiety that life as a human entails.  Yes, of course there are moments of joy, of pleasure, but they are but brief and infrequent rewards for your good behavior, or so it often seems.  And yet most of you know that good behavior has little to do with rewards – the sun shines and the rain rains on everyone.

As small children it was suggested to you that this was the way the world works, but as you grew and matured it became obvious to the majority that this was most definitely not the case.  Nevertheless, because you had been so well trained to behave well – frequent punishment and shaming for misbehaving, infrequent rewards for exceptionally good behavior – you do tend to put on a mask or a front of good behavior that is culturally and socially acceptable.  Beneath that mask you may fume, rage, or sink into depression.

The purpose of your human lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities, your divine potential.  And each one of you has your own unique gifts awaiting discovery and development.  But, of course, many of you were educated, went to college or university and obtained professional qualifications to enable you to earn a living, and you are now perhaps trapped in careers that bring you very little satisfaction apart from enabling you to pay the constant stream of bills in which life as a human buries you.  How, you ask, do you get out of that trap and give yourself the time and the space to allow your creativity to blossom?

Well, the trap is the illusion which for many is indeed a nightmare, and your awakening is essential and imminent.  And it is all of you who are making the awakening happen.  You have been asleep, unaware, and unconscious for far too long as the games that the illusion has presented you with have engaged nearly all your faculties.  And those games are games of sickness, suffering, conflict, betrayal, and war.

Games like that automatically lead to fear and distrust, and to a belief that you can only survive by being strong, powerful, and dangerous, so that no one will dare to attack you.  And those games and beliefs are based on your belief that your bodies are all that you are, and that when they die, you cease to be.  That instills within you enormous fear because it mightily enforces your sense of separateness and aloneness, and, in the end, your utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

Therefore to understand that it is indeed an illusion, that you are all divine beings eternally alive in the Presence of God, and at One with Him and with each other, is a most wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring realization.  Remind yourselves daily of this great Truth, in fact remind yourselves hourly until it becomes truly true for you and remains constantly in your awareness, as it will.  And then you will awaken.  That is divinely assured.  Focus on Love, your true nature, and open your hearts to receive the constant and abundant flow that is offered to you, and then share your joy as you feel that Love, by sharing it with everyone with whom you interact.  That is why you are on Earth at this moment, and you do know this.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



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