Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 4 Cimi, 9 Kayab, 13 Caban – June 20, 2017

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Cimi, 9 Kayab, 13 Caban – June 20, 2017

Dratzo! Everything continues to move forward in its own fashion. Those in charge of the secure counting and proper delivery of currency are confident that it is to be completed in a timely manner. The only delays are being caused by the methods chosen to finish complicated assigned tasks. We are assured that a number of procedures are being processed efficiently. Just remain patient and ready to receive prosperity funds at the right moment. Those who are managing the abundance program are committed not only to completing the RV and the GCR but as well to setting up the American NESARA Republic.

   The major mass arrests are awaiting the formal declaration of the NESARA Republic. Until then, each potential arrestee is being carefully watched and readied for this grand deed. The only thing left to do is to actually finish the back-end of delivery and permit this wondrous process to conclude as planned. We are simply assisting all who are now given these hefty tasks. We expect completion within the heavenly time schedule assigned. So all that is truly left is for you to help these energies and be patient with this immense process! Hosanna! Hosanna!

   As this complex process moves forward, we are faced with a simple problem. It deals with the sheer vastness of delivering the amount of funds to everyone involved. Those in charge are immediately confronted with how the old, outdated banking systems were set up. To move these amounts of funds requires that the older SWIFT system be abandoned and that banks change the way they normally operate. There is nothing in place yet to meet the current needs that are now required.

   As you can see, there is now a new, developing financial system that is quite capable of handling problems accrued due to the new, more prosperous reality occurring worldwide. These new requirements need this new system to be birthed and utilized as we count and deliver this prosperity to all who have had the due diligence to bring this new system to its fullest potential. This is why we know that what lies ahead is destined to be spectacular and immensely satisfying to you. Welcome to your new reality!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! What we are to talk about is the dubious fate of the illuminoids and their friends. These scalawags know how Heaven culled them from Earth’s humanity. Their fate is slowly to descend upon them. It is, as they say, not one to write home about. As we stated earlier, the rise of the Republic and your prosperity are assured. What is taking so long are the odd limits and similar accoutrements of the old order’s Neanderthal banking reality.

   Despite all the difficulties encountered, remain calm, and divinely understand that you are heavenly blessed and, therefore, are to eventually receive your sacred blessings. Those now winding their way through this morass know that you feel deep in your hearts that you are to indeed be paid the financial immensities promised you. Be well aware of this and know that the old order is finished and awaiting its ginormous fate. Do not believe otherwise. The new, wondrous reality of yours is assured its God-like reality!

   We have watched for millennia as this old order ran roughshod over you. Those times are finished, and as we have continually emphasized, an inglorious fate awaits them. So, concern yourselves not with this scandalous lot. Rather, just be wise and positively await the immense funds and new governance promised you. Do not get caught up in the special drama of these unholy roughs. Be more concerned with the freedom of your new reality and how we are gently delivering these blessings to you

   Today we have continued to report to you what is happening around this precious orb. Be ever aware of what lies ahead for you and therefore aid all by holding your most wondrous energies in place! Realize that a most precious gift is to be shortly given you. Know dear Ones, that the countless and never ending supply of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be In Joy!)

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NEW MAJESTIC DOCUMENT Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials


The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners, Ty Bollinger (Creator of THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER Documentary)

The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners

Ty Bollinger

Creator of THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER Documentary



NOTE BY NANCY:  I admit I’m a rebel; but then what can you expect, I’m an Aquarian!

A recent experience, in which I had two cataract surgeries, thankfully introduced me to medical doctors I truly trusted.  Heretofore, my trust in the American Medical Association had been non-existent.  But the doctor who most impressed me was a medically trained General Physician who uses Holistic techniques.  She does not accept insurance, so we willingly paid out-of-pocket.

I was impressed with her for several reasons, one of which I will share with you.  In performing my Pre-Op exam, she took my blood pressure.  It tested high.  Instead of assuming the results were correct and prescribing blood pressure medicine, she told me, “you are testing high, but I’ll show you how to lower it.”  She gave me a meditative type exercise to do for a few minutes and left me alone.  I did the exercise and the second time she took my blood pressure it was normal.  No prescription was needed.

I am sure the 2nd test was accurate because my blood pressure was taken just before the surgeries and throughout the surgical procedures.  No alarm bells sounded!  I came away from the surgeries knowing all is truly well with my blood pressure.

I tell this story because it vividly reveals the difference between Holistic Physicians and Physicians trained to make a diagnosis and prescribe medicine.  As the first step in her exam, my doctor had talked at length with about what had been going on in my life preceding my visit and knew the possibility of having high blood pressure existed simply due to the stress of a recent sewage back-up in my home and having to deal with thousands of dollars and four different companies while my vision was not good.  Holistic = physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  She knew high blood pressure could have its roots in mental stress rather than physical and knew how to test for a mental cause.

Should I ever need a physician again, I will return to her in full confidence.

Now for Ty Bollinger’s very important article:  The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners.


The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners

Since herbs, foods, roots, and other natural remedies have been used for millennia, I would contend that natural medicine should actually be considered to be “traditional” whereas drug-intensive medicine (which has only been used for a century or two), should actually be considered the “alternative” medicine.”

READ MORE:  https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/witch-hunt-alternative-medicine-practitioners/?utm_campaign=witch-hunt-alternative-medicine-practitioners&utm_medium=email&utm_source=maropost&utm_content=2017-06-19&utm_term





Nancy, in honor of my Father

 As I think of Father’s Day, my mind is filled with a mixture of happy and sad memories for a man who seemed unable to appreciate his own uniqueness.

 Daddy was the youngest child of a highly respected minister, known by many throughout the state of North Carolina.

 Preacher’s kids often suffer from lack of attention from the minister and spouse simply because the church can require so much attention.  I found this out when I did a year’s internship as a solo minister working on my M.Div. degree. 

I think one of the most important things a preacher’s kid often misses is the feeling of importance as a unique individual.  Even laypersons seem to recognize and excuse any deviate behavior with “he/she is the preacher’s kid.

The recognition that every soul who chooses to incarnate into a physical body does so for specific reasons, and NEVER to simply be one of the crowd, is an extremely important teaching for a well- adjusted child.  We need to know and appreciate who we are as a unique human being!

Although Daddy was an extremely talented athlete (playing on the UNC-Chapel Hill tennis team) and, as an adult, a highly respected engineer, he seemed unable to appreciate his unique skills.  He wanted to be like his father.

A part of this inability to appreciate his own uniqueness was likely engendered by being a young adult during WWII when serving one’s country by fighting on the front lines was considered a sign of high patriotic honor.  But not all men served their country by fighting; some possessed unique skills that were used to supply what was needed in order to fight a war.  Daddy’s excellent skills in engineering were instead used to draw plans for installing sprinkle systems into the war ships.  So once more, he was cast into the shadows of what the world-at-large was experiencing.

That the sprinkle system his work helped to install on the war ships very likely saved lives seemed not to be a source of patriotic pride for him.

Even though his drafting work could be recognized simply by its excellence, and not by his name, he never seemed to recognize his value.  He even turned down an offer of part ownership of an engineering company.

He wanted to be like his father, mistaking the fact that he did not have to earn the high level of respect his father did—as a minister—by becoming something his soul never intended.  Instead, he had earned that level of respect by using his own talents.  One engineer who installed sprinkles by using Daddy’s drafts, told me he did not have to look for who did the draft … he could simply see the draft and recognize Daddy’s superior work.

Shortly after being offered part ownership of an engineering company, Daddy quit work and entered a seminary to become like his father.

That’s when his difficulties truly began.  We cannot be who we are not!

Soon our family had to sell our home and return to the location where Daddy and Mother had grown up.  Daddy attempted to be a minister; but he was not talented in that area.  His life went downhill from then on, until he died at age 63 (as I remember) alone and estranged from his family. 

I tell this tragic story on Father’s Day in order to honor my Father, whose life’s expression will hopefully encourage many to follow their own unique Soul’s Mission for incarnating on Earth!

We each have so much to offer our world by being who we are rather than attempting to be who we are not!










The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed








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